A Bedtime Story

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It is late afternoon on a warm spring day in 1942. I am a young soldier going off to war. You are a lovely lady going to New York to start a new job. We are standing on the platform waiting for the train. We have never met, but I can’t help but stare at you. You are so beautiful! You glance my way and our eyes meet.

Embarrassed at having been caught staring, my face reddens and I look away. But I watch you out of the corner of my eye and when you look down at your purse, I look at you again. The fading sunlight on your hair is captivating.

You pull something out of your purse, but drop it on the platform. Quickly, I move to pick it up. As I kneel at your feet, I notice your slender legs and ankles. As I slowly rise, my eyes travel up your legs, noting the seam on the back of your stockings. A gentle breeze ruffles your dress around your legs. My eyes move over the curves of your body, over your waist, over your breasts, up to your face. I hand you what I now see is lipstick and as you reach for it, our hands briefly touch. I see that it is the lipstick you are wearing and I notice how delicately it lays on your full lips. At the touch of your hand, my breath catches and our eyes meet again. For a long, long minute, we hold the look. You smile at me and say thank you. I try to respond but my throat has tightened and no words come. It is as if I am in a spell.

Just then the train whistle blows and the spell is broken. People begin to move toward the train and we are jostled apart. Looking quickly around me I find my bag and board the train. I move as in a daze to my seat and sit down. My hand still tingles where you touched it. The image of your smile, with those luscious, full lips, is seared into my brain. I look out the window as the train pulls away from the station and try to think of something else – my home, my family, where I am going. But it is of no use. I can only think of you. I raise the hand that you touched to my face and feel the tingle there. I see your legs again, your full breasts, and I drift into a daydream of what it would be like to hold you in my arms and kiss those sweet lips. As I fantasize about you, I become aware that the evidence of my thoughts is becoming more obvious. I shift nervously in my seat, suddenly thinking that everyone must see and know. I place my bag in my lap to try and hide my arousal.

As I look out the window again, I realize that night has fallen. Most of the passengers around me are asleep. In the reflection of the glass, I see you move by. At first I think it is merely my dream, but I turn my head and see that it really is you. You do not look at me as you walk by and I allow myself to watch you. I can see the soft curves of your body moving under your dress. The sway of your hips seem to invite me to follow and I know that I must. As you open the door to go into the next car, I rise from my seat and make my way down the aisle, still holding my bag in front of me, hoping everyone is asleep and that no one will notice.

I go into the next car, which is the dining car. I glance down the length of it. There are very few people there. My eyes search and find you. You are sitting alone at a table with your back to me. With my heart beating in my chest, I slowly walk towards you. When I am slightly behind you, I stop, afraid to go on, afraid not to. I stand there for a moment looking down at you. I do not understand why you do not turn, surely you can hear the sound of my beating heart. As I look down at you, I realize that I can see down the front of your dress. I am barely breathing, as I watch your breasts rise and fall with your breathing. My eyes linger on your smooth creamy skin. Being so close to you has drawn me into the spell again. The rest of the world has ceased to exist.

Finally sensing my presence, you turn slightly to look at me. Again my face reddens at having been caught staring. You catch my eyes and know where I have been looking. You smile. There is kindness in your eyes and just a hint of something else. The blood is pounding in my head. A part of me wants to turn and flee, but my feet will not move. I am frozen in place, helpless in your spell. Without saying a word, you gesture for me to sit. With great effort, as if in a dream, I sit down at the table across from you. You speak and the sound of your voice resounds in my head and throughout my body. It is the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. You tell me your name. I look into the deep pools of your eyes, feeling them draw me in. My throat is so tight I can barely breathe. You ask me my name and I struggle to find my voice. It cracks just a bit as I speak çeşme escort and you laugh gently. That laugh echoes in my ears. It is actually even more enchanting than your voice. You reach across the table and touch my hand. But you do not take your hand away. You leave it there letting your delicate fingers linger on the back of my hand. My skin under your touch feels as if it is on fire. As I look into your eyes now, I see what else is there. It is a desire that matches mine. Without another word, you rise, take my hand and begin to lead me back to the sleeping car.

Hand in hand, we step out of the dining car onto the platform between the cars. The night air is cool and the sky is full of stars. I touch you, you turn to me. The edges of your hair glow in the moonlight. The wind blows it gently around your face. I place my hand along side your cheek. You tilt your head slightly and press against it. You smile and the invitation is unmistakable. Our bodies are very close together, almost touching. I see your breasts straining against the material of your dress and I notice that your nipples are erect. Emboldened by my desire, I pull you to me and kiss your delicate, succulent lips. Their moist softness makes me lightheaded, and as the train jostles us, we hold one another, bodies pressed tightly together. Wanting you to know just how aroused I am, I press my hips against you and you press back. Your lips part slightly and I slip my tongue in your mouth. The touch of your tongue ignites the flame of my passion. My hands begin to trace the soft curves of your body, moving down your back, brazenly across your ass, caressing the tops of your thighs, moving up again to touch your breasts through your dress. You moan deeply, but break our kiss and pull out of my arms. You are still smiling though, as you brush back your hair and smooth your dress. Then you lean close and whisper to me. I feel the slight brush of your lips and the heat of your breath on my ear. I am still feeling dizzy and slightly drunk with desire. At this moment I am completely at your mercy, so strong is my hunger for you.

Moving on feet I can no longer feel, my heartbeat ringing in my ears, my every nerve ending tingling, I follow you into the sleeping car. You lead me to your berth, slide back the curtain, and pull me in. Throwing your arms around me, you kiss me. Unable, unwilling, to contain myself any longer, I kiss you hard and passionately. Again my tongue pushes into your mouth, more forcefully this time, as my hands move feverishly over your body. The pent up passion I have felt since first seeing you threatens to burst forth and wash over us both like a raging flood. I find the zipper on the back of your dress and pull it down, letting my fingertips slide across your skin as it is bared. With one hand I pull the top of your dress forward off of your shoulders, while my other hand slides up your thigh, under your dress. Now the dress hangs loose on your body, your breasts are out of it, the only thing keeping it from falling to the floor is my hand, under it, on your thigh. I slide my hand down your thigh and your dress slides down your body until I pull my hand away and it falls. Now you stand before me wearing only your bra, your panties and your stockings. You smile lustfully at me, reach behind you, and undo your bra. As you pull it away and reveal to me your magnificent breasts, my body begins to tremble. I reach to touch them with shaking hands. They are so incredibly soft that I close my eyes so that I can sense them through my fingertips. I graze your nipples with the palms of my hands, feeling their wonderful stiffness. With a lust that consumes me like a wildfire, I lower my head and rub my face all over them. My lips move to your nipple and close around it. My tongue flicks the tip of it and rolls it around in my mouth. I begin to suck it, gently at first, then harder, pulling on it with my lips. My hand caresses your other breast and I pull its nipple with my fingers. Your hands are on the back of my head, holding me to your breast, while you roll your head from side to side and moan. As I feast on your breasts, my hands slide down your body, catch the elastic of your panties, and pull them down your legs. Leaving you with your stockings on, I pick you up and carry you to the bunk.

I carry you to the bunk and gently lie you down on it. I kneel beside you and begin to kiss your breasts, rubbing my face across them, feeling your hard nipples against my cheeks. I close my eyes and rub them lightly over your nipples, letting my eyelashes tickle them. You are moaning and your body rocks escort çeşme gently with the movement of the train. Fascinated, I watch as your breasts move. I reach out and place my hands on them, almost reverently. They are so incredibly soft and the contrast of their softness and the rougher surface of my hands as I slide them over you builds a heat. I can practically feel the sparks, as real as those that fly from the train’s wheels as it hugs the rails and carries us through the night.

I move you around on the bunk so that your legs are hanging over the edge. I lift your left leg and hold it beside my face. I kiss your toes; I kiss the bottom of your foot; I slide my cheek across the top of it, up along your ankle and the calf of your leg. Still holding that leg, I lift your right leg and kiss that foot and those toes and that ankle and that calf. I put your legs on my shoulders, slide my hands down your thighs, and gently part your legs. Barely breathing, my throat thick with desire, I gaze at your beauty. I can see your lips, glistening and parted. I can see the swollen bud that is your clit. My mouth waters and I know that I must taste you. I look into your eyes and see my answer there. Groaning in lust, I kiss my way down along the tender flesh of your inner thigh, moving closer . . . closer . . . closer. Finally, I reach out with my tongue and I slide it ever so slowly across your moist lips, from the bottom up to the top, drawing the flat of my tongue across your clit. Then, using just the tip, I begin to circle around and around. You taste so unbelievably wonderful!! I become lost in the wonder that is you. I know that the train could crash at this moment and still I would not move from where I am.

Time seems to stand still as I touch and taste the splendors of your body. Your wetness on my face, the sounds of your arousal inflame my passions even more. I kiss and lick and stroke – my entire being focused on bringing you pleasure. All of my senses are heightened and tuned to you. I feel the softness of your thighs against my face as your legs quiver around my head. I hear the soft sounds of your pleasure coming from deep within you and escaping your lips despite your attempts to quiet them. I breathe deeply of the scent of your desire, letting it fill my lungs with your fragrance. I drink in the essence of you, feeling it slide down my throat and spread your warmth throughout my body. Sensing your growing excitement, I concentrate on circling your clit. I flick it. I tease it. I pull on it gently with my lips. Your hips begin to move up and down on the bunk. You begin to catch your breath in gasps. My hands slide up to caress your breasts. Holding them, fondling them, as my tongue dips into you and slides over you and dances across you. Your hands are on the back of my head, pulling me to you, your fingers entangled in my hair. I know the moment has arrived. You tighten your legs around my face. You lift your hips up off the bunk. My tongue flies across your clit. My fingers pull on your nipples. At that moment, the train whistle pierces the night and your scream merges with it and echoes throughout the car and rings in my ears and sends a thrill to the depths of my being. I feel the crest of your orgasm peak and continue to lick, more gently now, as you slide back down. I lift my head and smile at you, more pleased than you can know that I was able to pleasure you. You put your hands on my face and pull me up to kiss me deeply and passionately. At the touch of your tongue on mine, I know that I can wait no longer. I stand up and begin to remove my uniform. You stare intently at me as each piece of clothing is removed, until, finally, I am naked before you.

I swing your legs up onto the bunk and move between them. My body is trembling, so great is my desire for you. I pause and look down at you. You are so very lovely. My breath catches in my throat. The moment for us has arrived. Knowing that the moment had arrived at last, I move my body over yours. You are so incredibly lovely, that I pause, and savor the anticipation. I am trembling with desire for you and every nerve in my body is stretched almost to the breaking point as I lower myself between your legs. Holding my breath, I touch your moist opening with the head of my swollen, pulsing cock. I watch, fascinated, as the drop of precum from the tip spreads across your clit, mixing with your wetness. Unable to wait any longer, and with an overwhelming passion stronger than any feeling I have ever known before, I put my cock against your lips and they open up and draw me in. Wanting this moment in time to last çeşme escort bayan forever, I slowly push, sinking inch by inch, into the depths of your passion. You spread your legs wider, then wrap them tightly around me. Your hands touch my face and you pull my mouth down to yours. I kiss you long and hard and passionately. My tongue moves in your mouth as my cock moves in your pussy. I feel your lips grip my shaft and caress its length as I begin to thrust in and out of you. You move your hips to meet my thrusts. Our bodies slip easily into a rhythm and move as one.

A distant part of my brain is aware that the train is rocking on the tracks as it speeds through the night and that eventually it will reach its destination and we will part, perhaps never to see one another again. But for now, for this moment, all I care about is being with you like this. The intensity of the passion inside me begins to mount. I thrust faster now, pushing into you harder with each thrust. My balls are slapping your ass. I feel the tightness of your legs around me. I hear the sounds of your gasps and the wet noises of our bodies moving together in this most intimate of dances. My mouth moves from yours down to your breasts, where I kiss the soft flesh and suck on the hard points of your nipples. Then I lift myself on outstretched arms, throw my head back, close my eyes, and give myself over to the sensations building within me. From every part of part of my body, I feel the rush. My entire being is centered now in my cock, as I thrust harder and faster into you. You put your hands on my arms and your hips begin to buck. I know that you are feeling it too. Together, we are riding the tidal wave of pleasure that is about to break. Climbing ever higher, we finally reach the summit. For one incredible, delicious, instant we hang on the edge . . . then with the force of a thousand explosions, we cum together, crying out one another’s name. With a strength I didn’t know I have, I drive myself into you again and again, my cock throbbing and pulsing.

Your cries of ecstasy ring in my ears and my mind is flooded with images – of you standing on the platform with the sun on your hair; of your smile as I handed you your lipstick; of the sway of your hips under your dress as you walked past me on your way to the dining car; of my first glimpse of your breasts as I stood behind you and looked over your shoulder; of the lust in your eyes as you stood up and took my hand; of your nipples straining against your dress as we kissed in the moonlight; of that first breathtaking moment when I finally saw you naked before me. Now, the sight of your face contorted with pleasure and the blush that spreads across your breasts as you lose yourself in your orgasm is burned indelibly into my brain. I know that for the rest of my life, I will always remember what you look like at this exact instant.

Though it seems to last forever, gradually my orgasm subsides. Struggling to catch my breath, I slow my thrusts until I am still within you. Your body twitches beneath me and I feel you quivering around my still pulsing cock. I lay my head on your breasts and you cradle it there, your arms around me. Drained by the intensity of our pleasure, we drift together into a dream world of sleep.

From somewhere seemingly far, far away, the train whistle blows. I struggle to open my eyes and find that I am lying beside you and you are in my arms. The realization that I am actually with you nearly overwhelms me. I look and see the first rays of the sunlight from the breaking day streaming through the window. They dance across your naked skin and I touch you softly. You stir, open your eyes, look up at me, and smile. Then, almost immediately, there is a sadness there and I know you have realized what I have. Our time together is drawing to a close. We are arriving at our destination where we must part. The sight of my uniform on the floor reminds me of where I must go and what I must do.

Though neither of us wants to, we rise silently from the bed and begin to dress. The conductor passes by calling out the name of our station. The train begins to slow. We gather our things and make our way down the aisle to the door. As the train pulls into the station, I feel an ache deep inside me. We look at one another. You smile at me again. I put my hand alongside your cheek, caress it softly, then lean over and kiss your sweet lips tenderly. My lips linger on yours, as my mind imprints their softness and taste on my memory. I know that that kiss will linger on my lips for a very long time. Slowly, sadly, you turn to go and I watch you disappear into the crowd. I stand there for several long minutes, then turn to go in the opposite direction.

Later that night, I lay in my bunk on the ship that is taking me to war, and as I drift off to sleep, you fill my thoughts and I begin to dream . . .

Copyright by The Gentle Man, 2002

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