A Birthday to Remember

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I had known Jon for about 3 years. He was a partner at my firm and was in his late 40s. An attractive man, he had the build of a football player, and didn’t look a day over 40. He had this boyish charm about him that made him fun to be around and easy to talk to. As a result, he became a mentor and confidante to me, and one that I very much relied on as I navigated my way through the company. I was in my late 20s, and was well on my way up the corporate ladder. I was fantastic at my job, so my upward trajectory had nothing to do with my looks which are certainly more than passably attractive.

Jon liked to have a good time, so he often took the team out for dinner and drinks, sometimes leading to late nights at the bar, tequila shots, and raging hangovers for all. On my 30th birthday, a small group of us had gone out for celebratory drinks, Jon included. I hadn’t seen him in several weeks, so I was happy to spend much of the evening catching up with him. There were some things going on at work that I had been wanting to talk to him about to get his advice.

After a few hours of work talk, the rest of the group started looking for more entertaining pursuits. We ended up at a piano bar with live music and strong drinks. At one point most of us went up on stage to sing a less than on tune version of Def Leppard’s Pour Some Sugar On Me. A slower song came on as we were hopping down off the stage and as Jon reached up to assist me down the steps, I kept hold of his hand and urged him to dance with me. A proficient ballroom dancer, Jon twirled me around making me laugh with delight. Too much of a type A personality, I normally find it difficult not to lead, but Jon made it seem easy.

After closing down one bar, we made our way to the ‘late night’ haunts that Jon and I had frequented all too many times. The rest of the group had bailed, claiming it was too late, so it was just the two of us. At this point, I will admit to having consumed more than enough alcohol to qualify me as pretty darn drunk.

At one point a young couple approached us and introduced themselves. We chatted politely for some minutes before the guy blurted out ‘ my girlfriend thinks you really hot.” It took me a beat before I realized that he was talking to me rather than Jon. I smiled at the compliment. The girl in question was pretty. She had long brown hair and the kind of flawless white skin that made her look like a doll. For whatever reason, perhaps for the shock factor, perhaps because it was my birthday, I don’t know exactly what my reason was – I leaned forward and kissed her.

It wasn’t my first time having kissed a girl, though I prefer men to women in the bedroom. The kiss was nice. Her lips were soft and smelled faintly of strawberries from her lip gloss. I pulled away, licking away the lipstick that had transferred over to my mouth. I glanced around manisa escort and realized that we had attained an audience. Half of the bar had turned their attention to the two girls kissing. A bit concerned about Jon’s reaction, I glanced at him and was met by what I can only describe as an exasperated look, gentled by a slight smile. As if he could expect nothing less from me. There was nothing in his expression that resembled the unbridled lust that was radiating from the other men in the room.

Shortly thereafter, I decided to call it a night. Jon ordered a car and accompanied me back to my apartment. I found nothing out of the ordinary with this. Ever the father figure, Jon had done the same thing several times previous – preferring to make sure I get safely home before heading home himself. Only once, and we had both been really drunk at the time, had he ever done anything to cross the line of friendly co-workers to something more. That time, he had tried to talk me into going to his apartment to see some new gadget he had purchased. I politely declined, and we’d never spoken of it again.

As we got into the car, the late hour finally caught up with me. Yawning, I comfortably leaned against Jon’s shoulder as the car navigated the darkened streets of the city. Again, this was not out of the ordinary. I had always been very comfortable around Jon (probably due to how often we’d been crammed into the back seat of a taxi together). He gently stroked my hair away from my face and pressed a kiss to the top of my head. There was nothing sexual in his action, just a comforting gesture that I had grown accustomed to (particularly while out drinking with him).

We sat comfortably in silence for the duration of the trip and before I knew it we were pulling up to my building. Jon got out first, and then helped me out of the car. Usually he would wait until I got inside before pulling away. This time was different. He took my elbow and escorted me to the door of my building. The taxi pulled away as we stepped into the entryway. I was curious but not exactly upset over this development. I had never really considered Jon in a sexual way. He was a great friend, certainly, someone I very much trusted. We entered the building in silence and I let him into my condo.

“Thanks for inviting me in,” he said, with a grin.

“Didn’t really give me much of a choice, did you?” was my tongue in cheek reply.

Choosing to ignore him standing, large as life, in my foyer, I dumped my purse off on the counter and dropped my keys into the bowl by the door. As I made to move past him down the hallway that led to the bathroom and bedroom, he snagged my arm and pulled me to a stop in front of him. I refused to look him in the face, and instead stared with unreasonable interest at the tiled floor. With a sigh, he lifted his escort manisa hand to my chin and raised my gaze to meet his own. His eyes were warm, but cautious as he searched my face for… something. Uncomfortable with his scrutiny, I nervously wet my lips with my tongue and watched his eyes flick down to my mouth to watch the action.

“I want to kiss you.” His voice was soft, yet firm. His fingers were solid on my chin, still holding my face in place. He gently smoothed them down my cheek, tucking my hair behind my ear.

“It is not a good idea.” I jerked my face away, and took a step back to distance myself from him. What followed was a litany of reasons why him kissing me was a bad idea. Top of the list was the fact that he was, technically, my boss.

He listened while I rattled off my list, saying nothing until I had wound down. “Are you done?” he asked.

I opened my mouth to reply, but was met instead with his lips as he covered my mouth with his own. Too shocked to do anything but stand there, my brain started to register details. He smelled like aftershave and a hint of cologne. His lips were soft on mine, nipping lightly at my mouth. When I didn’t resist, he took the kiss deeper and I felt his tongue flick out to seek entry. With a sigh, I let him in and kissed him back with surprising passion. I lifted my hands and tangled them in his hair, pulling him harder against me. My body arched into his, loving the feel of his larger masculine frame against mine. at 5’7” I am tall enough that not too many guys make me feel small or feminine, but he did.

Without waiting for permission, he lifted me into his arms and strode purposefully down the hallway to my room. Never mind that he had never been there before, he unerringly found the right room (it was a small one bedroom, so he had a 50/50 chance of getting it right). He placed me on the bed and crawled on top of me, placing kisses along my clothed stomach, chest, and neck until he reached my mouth once more.

With little finesse or fanfare, Jon yanked up my dress and his fingers found me wet and waiting. Even I was shocked at the extent of my arousal. My body apparently recognized what my mind had not. I was seriously attracted to this man.

Impatient with the layers of clothing impeding us, Jon pulled away long enough to strip down to his boxers. I returned the favor, pulling off my dress and bra, leaving me in nothing but the sexy black lace panties that I favor. Jon said nothing, but the look of male appreciation was evident in his expression. He pulled my panties off of my hips and tossed them onto the floor and in a single motion he thrust two fingers into my heat. He stroked me roughly, and my hips followed the thrust of his hand seeking more. With his free hand he plucked at my hardened nipples with delightful pleasure/pain manisa escort bayan and soothed the ache with the wet heat of his mouth. It felt amazing, but it wasn’t enough for me to orgasm and I told him so.

Jon pulled away to remove his final article of clothing, and held himself above me. This time I met his gaze without hesitation. “Put my cock in your pussy.” The dirty words turned me on unbelievably, but I wanted to play.

Boldly, I stuck out my chin and replied, “make me.”

“Make you?” confusion and some hesitation entered his voice, but I held his gaze and nodded. “Make me.”

I pushed my hips upward and twisted, not to help him in his effort but rather to buck his body weight off of mine. Quickly he understood the game, and his hands grasped my wrists – hard manacles of flesh and bone. Pulling my arms above my head, Jon anchored my wrists with one of his hands, leaving his other hand free. I struggled to escape but his grip was firm. So easily caught, but thankfully Jon didn’t rush things. He stopped to play with my nipples again, squeezing them with his fingers and watching the rosy peaks harden. My hips arched up again, though at this point I wasn’t sure if i was trying to buck him off, or invite him in. Probably a mix of both.

I could feel his cock resting against my hip, pulsing with heat. Finally, he moved his hand from my breasts, and stroked them down my stomach and between my legs. Again, he did the unexpected. He pushed his fingers into me again, driving my excitement even higher. My arms were still pinned above my head, and I could feel sweat start to bead between my breasts. My hips arched into his hand, closer now to my orgasm than I had expected, but still needing more.

Finally, he lowered his hips between my legs, pushed the head of his cock against my wet opening, and thrust hard. We both grunted with the effort, and I met his gaze as he held himself still inside me for a brief moment. I wrapped my legs around his hips, but he reared back and, letting go of my wrists, untangled my legs. He grasped my thighs and pushed them back and apart, towards my stomach. I was completely open to him, and he took swift advantage.

There was no gentleness to his fevered thrusts. This was a fucking, pure and simple. And I loved it. His fingers dug into my hips, pulling me hard to meet his own. My hands clawed at his back, pulling him closer, urging him to go faster, harder. I could hear the wet slapping sounds of his hips against mine in time with the banging of my headboard against the wall. Orgasm rushed upon me and took me by surprise. My inner walls tightened around him, and as the last waves of pleasure cascaded over me, Jon thrust once, twice, three more times before finding his own release.

Our skin cooling, we fell asleep in each other’s arms, waking several times in the night to find release again.

When I saw him the next day, I was on my way out of town to visit a client. We chatted for a few moments and then said our goodbyes. He pulled me into his arms, pressing a quick kiss to my temple and I left with a smile and hopes of a repeat performance sometime soon.

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