A black neighbor looks after me…

      Yorum yok A black neighbor looks after me…

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A black neighbor looks after me…
On those days my loving husband was away for at least a full week and he had let me home alone. Worst of all; he had not fucked me properly before leaving and so I was totally aroused and horny for cock…
The third day without Victor, there was a knock on the door very late night.
But I knew who it would be: the black guy who was visiting her mother in the house next door.
He had been flirting with me constantly for the first day he knew my husband was out of home. He had seen me sunning at the back yard in our pool or making some gardening; so, he was aware of my curvy body; since I wore tiny bikinis every time under the burning sun…
He had called me earlier, saying he would come to check everything was going fine at my house and to say goodnight.
I was a little excited, yet a bit afraid too of his presence at my own house.
I opened the door and let him in. He was wearing a white t-shirt and a yellow yoga shorts. The contrast on his dark brown skin was very erotic…
His eyes looked directly at my boobs and I wondered if he would notice how hard my nipples were under the thin fabric of my t-shirt…I thought he did.
We sat down on the sofa and he just stared at me, saying nothing. But he did not waste any time; he put his hand behind me, he slipped it under my t-shirt and started rubbing my back, putting his fingers down my shorts in the back too.
I heard him moaning softly with desire and his eyes were burning into me. Then he asked me directly if I wanted a back rub to relax. He warned me he would not do anything I did not want him to do.

Then I struggled with myself. But finally I got up and led him into our bedroom and I lay down on the marital bed, flat on my belly.
The güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri huge black guy lay down next to me and started gently rubbing my back under my shirt. He just kept massaging me and I did not stop him at all.
I knew what was going to happen. Down between my thighs, I could feel my pussy was getting swollen and wet. I wanted and needed to be fucked and I was hoping this guy had a nice big black cock, long and hard…

As he rubbed my back; I told him I had just been purchasing some stuff at a sex shop in the afternoon. He was curious and asked me to show him what I had bought.
I got up and brought the bag from the closet. I took out a brand new black dildo and showed it to him.
I had also get a silver bullet and the black guy said he had never seen this kind of toy; so, he wanted me to show him what this thing could do.
I explained him it was a clitoral stimulator and he insisted asking me to show him how it worked. I was a bit shy at first, but then I stood in front of him and put the silver bullet between my legs, on the outside of my shorts, trying to demonstrate for him how it worked.

That turned him on and he grabbed me and pushed me down on the bed, on my back. I just lay there and he unbuttoned my jean shorts. I let him do it and smiled to myself, knowing there was no going back now.
I knew I was going to be fucked. The guy took the silver bullet from my hand and turned it on. He licked it with his tongue and started rubbing it all over my pussy lips.
Soon the bastard found my clit and pushed down on it with the silver bullet. He was making me moan and for me watching his black hands fondle my pussy was too exciting. Then he gave me güvenilir bahis şirketleri back the bullet and told me to do it to myself. He slid my shorts and thong down to my ankles.
I used the bullet on myself while he watched me. He looked at me in my eyes as I moaned with pleasure; rubbing that little vibrator against my swollen clit. Then he lifted my t-shirt and started sucking on my hard nipples. I begged him to bite them and he did…
That really turned me on even more and I started moaning louder.
After a few minutes he got down between my legs and took the black dildo.
He rubbed it along my pussy lips as I stimulated my clit with the silver bullet. That was too erotic. He pushed the tip of the huge dildo into my wet hole and my pussy squirmed around with pleasure. It was incredibly delicious.
I felt myself getting so wet and slippery inside and then I felt the dildo, hard and stiff… He was rubbing it up and down my slick pussy, while I pleasured myself with the other little toy.
That made me twitch and I quivered as I came screaming loud…
Then I discovered what I thought was my new dildo rubbing against my sticky wet pussy was really his hard black cock… The bastard was ready to enter me, to fuck me. At the same time as I realized it was his cock and not the dildo, he was pushing himself deep inside my very wet and swollen cunt.
He grabbed my ass with his hands and lifted me a bit off the bed as he fucked my pussy. He really filled me up and was giving me a good fuck.
Then he then lifted my legs over his shoulders and kept fucking me hard.
I loved being pounded hard with his stiffened black cock and I begged him to fuck me even harder. And he obeyed me, starting to pump my canlı bahis şirketleri cunt very hard.
Suddenly he pulled out of me and I groaned in relief; but then he turned me over on my belly. He stood at the end of the bed and he grabbed my hips, pulling my ass down to meet his cock. I was moaning and begging him to put his big black cock back in me, but he told me to get up on my knees.
Then I stuck my ass up and pushed my pussy out towards him.
I needed my cunt filled with his hard black dick.
He grabbed my hips and plunged into my wet cunt again.
I was moving my buttocks all around, trying to take all of his long cock inside of me. He held my hips and he really pumped my cunt roughly; he banged his cock hard into me…
His cock moved so deep inside of me and it really drove me crazy.
I told him I needed to be fucked… and fucked real hard.
He rocked me. He pounded into me so hard that I felt my insides start to explode with the pleasure…
When he finally came, I felt it with an intensely deep thrust of his cock and then I came again all over his cock too. It was a hard cum, mixed with a bit of pain but I loved it…
The guy fucked me like a bull, like a big black bull. He gave it to me hard like I was his bitch in heat.

After he came; he pulled out of me and we both lay down on the bed.
As we recovered our breath; he confessed that he had wanted to fuck me so bad, since the first time he had seen me in my back yard.
That time there were not much foreplay and no oral sex except for me licking his cock clean after he came in my wet cunt.
He finally dressed and left. But first he asked me if I liked in the ass.
I just giggled and then he smiled, saying next time I would take a nice hard black dick up my ass…
After he left, I called my beloved husband. Victor was glad to hear my voice and I told him our old neighbor’s black son was looking after me.
Victor laughed and told me that I could surrender my pussy to any black bastard I wanted; but my very tight asshole was made up to be looked after only by him…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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