A Blast From the Past

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Today I’m a well respected member of the political circle here in Washington D.C. I have the power to get just about anything I want from the movers and the shakers here. I project to the public a very conservative face. I guess that is what I am. Most of my speeches are geared towards the conservative side of things. They say when you’re young you tend to be more of a liberal, and as you get older you tend to move to the conservative side. I can saw that is what truly happened to me.

Although I’m in politics on a national level, most people outside of D.C. don’t even know me. I moved here from Big Lake, TX a small little rural town in West Texas, where every one knew me as the town freak. Although I grew up as a Black middle class girl with parents with conservative views, I fucked a lot in my high school days. I guess you can say I got it all out of my system. Today I’m Mrs. Gloria Gejdenson mother of three and the wife of a prominent business man here in D.C.

After I lived here for five years I got to know a lot of important men by giving many of them what all men want, sex and lots of it, one of those people was Glenn Mavens, he help me get my name change and new S.S. # and the works. So five years after I left Texas I was a new woman. Later that year I got into Georgetown Univ. with the help of someone who really loved the magic I was capable of making in the bedroom.

After I finished my studies and I married my husband a year later and embarked on becoming the woman I am today. I pretty much left my freaky life behind me and forgotten about it, until one night a few weeks ago. My husband had gotten some courtside seats for the Washington Wizards, the pro basketball team here. The game was awesome; it had been years since I had attended a basketball game. In high school I loved it, that’s why I become a cheerleader. I didn’t care about the cheering; I was enthralled by the game.

After the game was over the kids got too got in the locker room to meet some of the players, I had to stay out because many of them wasn’t completely dressed. As I stood out side the locker room I was approached by one of the assistant coaches who were sitting on their bench earlier.

“Excuse me are you waiting for a player?” He said.

“No I’m waiting for my husband and kids.” I said.

“Oh okay, have a nice evening.”

“Thanks you too.”

He walked into the locker room with a puzzled look on his face. About ten minutes later my family walked out with the assistant coach I had talked to.

“Oh Dan this is my wife Gloria.” My husband said.

“Hi Gloria it’s nice to meet you.” He said.

“Same here Dan.” I said. He still had a puzzled look on his face.

“Ray is something wrong?” I said.

“I’m sorry but you look so familiar, do you have a twin sister in Texas.” Ray said.

“No I don’t think so, why you say that?”

“You look like a girl I went to school with, her name is Yvonne James.”

“No that’s not me, sorry.”

“Oh well they say we all have a twin somewhere.”

“This is so true.”

“Well Mr. Gejdenson it was nice seeing you again and meeting your family.”

“Hey call me Dale, Dan.”

“You got it, I’ll see you later.”

As he walked away my mind went back in time and I thought about the guy I went to school with name Dan Bailey, I wondered if it was the same one. On the way home that’s all I had on my mind. Once home I waited until my husband was asleep and I hit the internet. I went back and got Dan’s last name and ran it through the system, sure enough it was him. He had played basketball in college and a few unproductive years in the NBA. He became an assistant coach with the Wizards two years ago.

Wholly shit my past had stared me in the face and had recognized me. I was distraught and scared at the same time. I didn’t want to be exposed, I wasn’t that crazy teenager from Big Lake, I was a mother and wife and a productive member of society.

This couldn’t bahis firmaları be happening to me. I was finally overtaken by the severity of the situation and I headed to bed. I lay in bed and as I closed my eyes I doze off to sleep and into the memories of that one night that stands out in my high school career.

* * *

I woke up in the middle of the night startled, I had dreamed about one of my sex moments in high school and it seemed so real. I got up and got me a glass of water. My husband was still asleep. I sat at the island in the kitchen and the memories of fucking Bradley came rushing in my head. I tried to get it out of my mind but I couldn’t. The more I thought about it the hornier I became.

I tip-toed back upstairs and went to my secret compartment in my walk-in closet and retrieved my best friend Joe (My vibrator) and went back down stairs to the garage. I got in my car and let the seat back and thought about that day in the boy’s locker room.

* * *

It happened one day after we had cheerleading practice. We had gotten done, but I stayed

around to watch the guys play. A few minutes of watching and I headed to the restroom. The girl’s rest room was located two doors down from the boy’s locker room. As I walked passed the locker room Dan Bailey was standing in the door.

“Hey Yvonne what’s up?” He said.

“Hello Dan, why aren’t you on the floor?” I said.

“Oh my dick out grew my jock and the straps broke so I had to put on another one.”

“Yeah right, I bet you don’t even need a jock.”

“What are you say? Are you saying I’m not packing?”

“So how big is it?”

He grabbed my arm and pulled me into the locker room and sat me on the bench. He pulled his shorts down revealing his jock. I reach in and pulled his cock out and stroked it as I looked up at him.

“Oh yes this is nice. You want me to put it in my mouth don’t you?”

He nodded yes and looking up at him I eased his cock into my mouth, the sweaty salty tasted was appetizing indeed. I slurped and sucked on his thick young cock for ten minutes. He picked me up and turned me around and pulled my panties down. I got on the bench on my knees and braced my self by leaning forward against the lockers

I felt his cock touch my pussy, when suddenly we heard the rest of the team running to the locker room. He grabbed me and we went to the back in the training room. He was trying to get me out through the back door of the training room. But I stopped and took all my clothes off.

“Fuck me now, fuck me right here.” I said.

“What if someone come in here?” He said

“I don’t care, but if someone comes in I’ll fuck them too.”

That’s all he needed, he bend me over the training table and pushed cock up in me as I clutched the other side of the table. His sweaty body was slapping against my body and I could feel beads of sweat cascading from his body and dropping on my back. He pushed all he had up in me and my moans and groans got louder. He grabbed my right leg and put it on the table and put his right hand in front of my leg and lean against me I fucked my pussy with vengeance. Without realizing it my moans began to summon players from the locker room.

With cock buried deep in me, Tim and Larry came in and stood in front of me.

“Bro what’s up, is this all yours or community property?” Larry said.

“Get in where you fit in.” Dan said.

They both took their cock out and fed them to me; I alternated sucking and stroking bout their cocks. Dan’s cock ripple in my wet not so tight pussy, he slammed three hard strokes up in me then pulled out and shot his man liquid over my back. Larry came around and put his five inches of cut cock in my drenched pussy, as I took Tim in my mouth and suck his cock with the sole mission of making him cum.

“Oh God I’ve wanted to fuck you for a long time Yvonne.” Larry said.

“Yes Larry it’s your pussy, make it hurt, fuck me deep.”

“Yes take kaçak iddaa this big cock, you cock lover, take it deep baby.”

As I sucked on Time cock, I saw the rest of the team come in they had their cocks in their hands like it was a pussy assault weapon. Larry grabbed my hips and pulled me up and back, he fell back onto a small bench with his cock still up in me. Tim came over and put his cock back in my mouth. I took Steve cock with my right hand and Ronnie’s with my left and started to jerk them off as I sucked Tim’s cock.

Larry let out an “I’m cumin” so I jumped up and turned my back to the guys and sucked Larry’s cock. As his cum splashed inside my mouth I felt a cock entered my pussy. I swallowed all Larry’s cum. I looked over my shoulder and Steve was the one all up in me. Tim walked around in front of me and stroked his cock until his cum slammed against my face as his cum assaulted my face.

Steve pulled out of me and spread cum over my ass as I rubbed my pussy. Ronnie grabbed a towel and wiped the cum from my body and leaned me over the table and kicked my legs open.

“She’s ready for you Sidney.” He said.

“Yes I’m ready Sidney, fuck me with you fat cock.” I said.

Sidney put cock in me if though he was mad at me; he started to fuck me with the precision of a jack hammer, hard, fast and furious. Ronnie, Rodney and William was in front of me jerking themselves when I took Ronnie in my mouth and within seconds he cum coated my throat. Seconds later Rodney and William hit each side of my face with their man juice. Sidney cock dropped out of me and he came around in front of me and shoved his cock in my mouth.

Don with his long skinny cock in his hand walked to the back of me and fed my pussy. Sidney cock exploded in my mouth as he held my head down on his cock gagging me and sending cum trickling out the corners of my mouth and down to my chin as I tried unsuccessfully to consume all his cum. Don was quick and to the point, he only got in a few strokes before his cum found the crack of my ass and slithered down and over my engorged pussy lips.

Anthony, Ron and Harvey stood stroking their cocks. I looked at them with my “I want some cock in my mouth look” and said.

“Okay boys, what do you three want me to do to you?”

“I want to fuck you. Anthony said.

“I want to fuck you too.” Ron said.

“I’m going to jerk off on you.” Harvey.

I told Anthony to get on the table; I got on top of him with my back to him and rode his meaty cock. Meanwhile Ron and Harvey were hand spanking their cocks with speed. I got off Anthony and stood up and pulled him to the edge of the table with his legs hanging over the end. I sat back down on his cock the same way as before, but this time I leaned back against his chest and opened my legs as Ron watched my pussy invasion take place. Anthony was only bringing six inches of needle cock to the table and I needed more girth up in my.

“Ron put your cock in my pussy.” I said.

“What, how I’m I suppose to do that?

“Come over here.”

He walked over and I grabbed his cock and stroked it and told him not to worry just put it in. Put it in is exactly what he did. Oh my God the sensation of having two cocks in my pussy at the same time was unbelievable. Those two cocks fuck me with the power of a masterful cock giver. The excitement caused me to try to grab Harvey’s cock, but I couldn’t, but he surprised me by getting up on the table and standing in front of me, and feeding his short but very, very thick cock.

He gripped my head and fast fucked my fast, interrupting my natural breathing patterns by trying to gag me with his throat gagging cock. He held true to his wants when he pulled his cock away from me and stroked cum all over my face. I rubbed his cum into my skin and licked my finger enjoying the sensational taste of it.

Anthony and Ron were still beating up my pussy. After about another 15 min I felt their cocks jerking on their way kaçak bahis to ejaculation, Ron tried to get up, but I grabbed him by his shoulder.

“No don’t take it out, cum inside me please, I want to feel both of your cum in me.”

As I finished talking, jets of warm cum squirted inside my pussy, smacking the sides and the front of my pussy walls. They continued to fucking me until their now little cocks slipped out of my cock beaten swollen pussy. I got up and their cum dropped out of me onto the floor and the rest slithered down my inner thighs. They got up to leave, but before they could make it out, I heard a loud voice in the doorway. I looked over and it was coach Sprigs.

“Ron, Anthony what the hell is going on here? Yvonne what do you think you’re doing?”

The two of them ran and left me there to take the wrath of Coach Sprigs. Now I really didn’t mind being there with him, I had dreamed often about being naked with him fucking me. He was our young sexy boys’ basketball coach. I wanted him to fuck me from the first time I saw him at practice the year before. He slammed the door behind the guys.

“Yvonne was this idea yours?” He said.

“Yes it was.” I said.

“No one made you do anything against your will in here.”

“No it was all me.”

“Well I hope you got what you wanted.”

“Not really, but almost.”

“So what did you not get?”

I walked closer to him and clutched his cock and kissed him, he backed away and put his palms up to me for me to stop. I walk towards him.

“Coach, I’ve been fuck every where I’ve wanted to but one place. I’ve saved that place for you.”

He looked at me like a deer caught in head lights. I whispered in his ear.

“I want you to fuck me in my ass.”

I didn’t wait for a response I dropped to my knees and began to mouth fuck his cock. His cock was about 4 inches soft and uncut I took all of him in my mouth. After a couple of minutes his cock had out grown my mouth. Those 4 inches had turned in to 8 inches of manly cock. Hard he got behind me and pushed me forward with his forearm on the back of my neck. He shoved his cock in my soaked pussy for lubrication, he put two fingers in his mouth then inserted the in my ass. My tight virgin ass took a minute to accommodate his fingers.

I looked up and the entire team was standing there looking at me about to get ass fucked by there coach. His cock well lubed he pulled with a thud and drilled my virgin ass with his huge drill bit. He grabbed my shoulders and bucked his cock deep in my ass.The pain was out of this world, and the pleasure of fucking the man every woman and young girl wanted to fuck was pure pleasure. I reach under and feverishly played with my clit. His strong hands held me captive the way his cock was holding my ass captive.

Coach ass fucked me for another 15 minutes before he blast his wonderful load up my ass, as he pulled out his cum seeped out and I felt it slide out of my ass and down over my pussy. As he placed his cock back in his pants and the guys walked away, I slide my hand between my legs and rubbed his cum all over my pussy. I put my fingers in my mouth to savor the wonderful cum gift he had given me. I put my clothes back on and went out the back door. I couldn’t believe I had finally done it.

* * *

The sound of the vibrator startled me; again it all seemed so real. Joe had my pussy wet, and I could feel my juices sliding down my pussy and hitting the seat. I got up and out of the car and stumbled back into the house. I made it to my bed and my husband was awake. He caught me clutching the vibrator. So I had to explain to him where I was, because he knew what I had done. He didn’t say anything after I told him I needed to get one and I didn’t want to wake him.

I eventually fell asleep and slept like a log. I dreamed about the time I like Coach Sprigs eat my pussy before a road game during my senior year. When I wake up it seem real to me so real my thighs were wet, I looked down at my thighs and my husband had a mouthful of my pussy.

Now that’s another story to be told later. Oh by the way the Wizards play tonight and I’m going to the game, but I’m going alone.

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