A Break from Work

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I love meeting you for lunch. It’s so good to get out of the office and have a laugh together. Today I’m looking forward to it even more after our fooling around in bed this morning. You teased me so much, getting my dick rock hard before saying you wanted to wait until tonight.

I walk into the cafe and sit beside you in a big comfy sofa. I love when our bodies are right next to each other, you resting your hand on my thigh and me stroking the small of your back as we talk over our mornings. It’s pretty obvious you are as horny as me and we both grin when we talk about our plans for the evening. ‘A night in’ is how we phrase it but we know it’s going to be much more exciting than a night watching television.

I go to pay our bill and I feel you come up close behind me. Your hand slowly traces the curve of my ass. It turns me on so much knowing anyone could see you feeling it right now. You hand me my briefcase and we leave the cafe, having a kiss before we have to go our separate ways.

When I get back to my office I feel the little buzz of my phone it my pocket. A text from you: ‘i had a great time at lunch. Check ur briefcase yet? ;)’ I smile and pick up my briefcase, çiğli escort wanting to see what your text is about and looking for papers I need to read to prep for my meeting at three. As I open my briefcase my eyes are immediately drawn to a sliver of light pink fabric between two folders. I instantly recognise them as your pink silk knickers you were wearing this morning. My phone buzzes again, ‘well?:D’ I text you back saying you are a naughty girl and you reply straight away telling me to take your panties and put them in my pocket.

Just holding your knickers for a few seconds makes my dick start to grow. I love the feeling of silk, of you in silk and I start to imagine you at work now in your cute dress with no knickers on. You text me again saying to keep your knickers in my pocket, keep my phone with me and wish me good luck with the meeting.

As the afternoon goes on I’m pretty distracted, every now and then I put my hand in my pocket to feel your knickers. I’m a little bit worried my colleagues will see the pink fabric poking from my trouser pocket.

My meeting is going well when I get another text from you asking if it’s over. ‘Not yet’ çiğli escort bayan I reply and you message me back saying go to the bathroom and call me when it’s over.

As I leave the meeting room I say goodbye to colleagues and walk into the bathroom. There is no one else in there so I take the stall furthest from the door and lock it. I take out my phone and dial your number, you pick up straight away.

‘Let’s have some fun’ you say and you tell me to hold your knickers. I take them out of my pocket, you tell me not to speak in case someone comes into the bathroom. You tell me to smell your knickers and I put them to my nose and breathe in. I love your smell and I can feel my dick beginning to throb as I think about your wet pussy. You can hear me lightly moan and I can hear in your voice how turned on you are too.

My dick is straining against my boxer briefs and suit trousers and you tell me on the phone to get it out. I quickly undo my trousers which drop to the floor and then slide down my tight boxer briefs. My dick pops out, so relieved to be released and already standing hard and at it’s biggest size. I’m so turned on I can feel escort çiğli my balls are ready to explode and the tip of my dick is already a little wet.

You say you want me to wank for you using your panties. I take your panties in my right hand and wrap them around my dick. I’m struggling to keep a hold of my phone with my left hand but just about manage to do so. I start stroking my dick and the the silk feels so good against my shaft. I’m so turned on wanking for you and try to keep as quiet as possible in case someone cones into the bathroom. I’m stroking my dick so hard, the silk rubbing along the full length of my shaft. You tell me you want me to come all over your panties and my balls tighten, they are almost ready to empty. I think I hear someone coming in the bathroom but I can’t stop now. I keep wanking so hard for you, looking at your delicate pink knickers on my stiff, huge cock. My breathing is so fast now and you tell me you need me to come, to mess up your little panties. I’m almost sure there is someone in the bathroom but I don’t care, I keep stroking as hard as I can. I hold my thick dick tightly and pump faster and faster.

After I come there are a few moments as my body relaxes where we just listen to each other breathing on the phone. You say that sounded good and I whisper ‘it was’ and say that I’ve completely covered your knickers with my cum.

‘Good’ you say, ‘now there’s one more thing I’d like you to do for me…….’

To be continued(?)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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