A Different Doctor Experience

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My girlfriend and I had always enjoyed anal play, being it with fingers or with toys, both of us occasionally penetrated the other and we had become accustomed to it, specially to vary our routine.

After my 42nd birthday, my doctor recommended I have a prostate check-up and because it seemed the normal thing to do, I did.

I made an appointment with an urologist in a different clinic and on the day, my girlfriend surprised me saying she would like to go with. That wasn’t a problem for me and I agreed easily.

Now let me tell you a little about her. She is a hot plump girl, in her mid thirties, very large boobs and I would call her a sex addict due to her appetite. She normally goes out in tight short skirts, tops with a lot of cleavage showing, loves to use high thin heels and sexy lingerie. Needless to say, she gets a lot of attention on a daily basis and always shares her experiences with me.

On this day, she looked particularly hot. She wore a very short and tight black skirt, a short white buttoned shirt with the top buttons opened to show off her priceless boobs, no bra, black see through stockings with one of her many garter belts and high black stiletto heels. She had her nails done bright pink and wore a pink lipstick which made her lips full and succulent. Just looking at her made my cock twitch in my pants and I couldn’t wait to get home to have sex with her. And she knew it.

We went to the doctor, I admit I was a little nervous but she kept telling me it shouldn’t be any different than when she fingers my ass. Needless to say, that just made me hornier.

When my turn came, we entered and the nurse told us to sit down, saying the doctor would be in in a moment, and left. My girlfriend told me she was getting horny and I told her to behave herself but that after the appointment I would take care of her.

In came the doctor and immediately I noticed his eyes looking at her discretely up and down, focusing on her boobs. Her eyes karabağlar escort bayan lit up and I could see that she found him attractive. To me he looked like a normal man and by the name I guessed he must be Italian or Greek. He had dark hair, beard stubble, he was about 6 foot 2 and with a very large frame. You could tell he worked out and was in shape. I guessed him to be about 48 years old.

He asked me a bunch of questions about my habits, if I sit all day, if I urinate normally, etc. Then he took me into the other room where he told me to take my pants down and kneel on a low bed that reminded me of a massage bed. He pulled a chair and sat behind me and I heard him slapping on the rubber gloves while telling me to relax. He said it wouldn’t hurt and for me to just stay like that on all fours.

All of a sudden, Kerry (my girlfriend) said something like “He is used to it doctor. I do it to him all the time and he likes it.” I just couldn’t believe she had done that! Now I was really embarrassed and counting the seconds to get out of there.

I felt a cold gel on my hole and then he massaged it. She went closer to have a look and I didn’t know it, but she later told me she kept smiling at the doctor, who now looked hungrily at her hard nipples. Then his finger went in.

I tightened up and she laughed commenting “Baby, what a turn on it is to see the doctor´s finger up your ass!”

He wiggled his finger about and I could feel my balls begin to tingle. She gestured him to continue and he was getting more and more horny with her. She grabbed his wrist and motioned him to penetrate my ass repeatedly. I thought this was normal as it was my first prostate exam and didn’t think anything of it. I was more concerned about the feeling I was beginning to get inside. The cold had turned warm and I knew that feeling all too well. I tried to think of other things but the blood was engorging my cock and I could feel it swell. karabağlar escort

Then she opened her shirt and began to pinch her nipples and gestured him to use two fingers. I had no idea what was going on behind me but the doctor simply obeyed her as his cock grew in his pants. The two fingers went in deep and I could no longer control myself. My cock gained a life of its own and wouldn’t respond to my thoughts and will. She then commented that I was getting a massive erection from the doctor’s probing, embarrassing me even more.

She was already rubbing her boobs on his face and giving him her nipples to suck while he continued his penetration of my ass. In fact, I had noticed he had sped up but I was to focused on not getting hard to even think something was going on behind me.

She made him get up and started fondling his now hard cock while kissing his mouth. He must have been in a different mindset and I guess he forgot about the exam altogether, simply penetrating me with his two fingers on autopilot.

By now she had opened his trousers and was jerking him slowly and she later told me that she even sucked on his cock a few times. I’m sure he must have been in heaven with a woman like her.

My cock was fully erect and I heard her commenting how hot it was to see my cock react like that. She went on saying she just loved seeing a man getting horny with anal play. I was concentrated on what I was feeling but at that moment I was embarrassed that she was saying those things. I couldn’t believe how cheeky and disrespectful she was being. What must the doctor be thinking of her or of us?

She whispered for him to fuck me and pulled out his fingers, leaving me horny and hard, with an empty feeling as if I had been forgotten altogether.

Still with his cock in her hand, she took some of the gel and rubbed it on him and guided him to my ass. I guess that in the state he was in, he couldn’t care and just escort karabağlar did what she wanted.

What I felt next was indescribable! My ass stretched and just as I was about to mention the sharp pain, I was invaded with a deep pleasure that made me release a moan I couldn’t control. I still hadn’t figured out but it was his mushroom like head entering me and I would later see just how big his cock was.

He entered me slowly and pulled out. She just kept telling him to keep going, to fuck me hard but I didn’t hear her.

It was only when I felt his hands grab my hips and his thrusting speed up that I understood what was going on. I didn’t even have a chance to fight back or say no because she started talking to me saying things like “God, honey! You look so hot with the doctor’s cock up your ass…”

She came up to me and told me to moan like a bitch, that she wanted me to enjoy a real ass fuck. I was shocked! But enjoying it at the same time. She sat in front of me, with her skirt pulled up and played with her wet pussy. Both the doctor and I were horny with the sight and he began pumping like crazy. My ass responded, contracting on his thick cock and I moaned uncontrollably while grabbing onto the bed. I couldn’t take any more and by the way he was fucking, I guess he was the same or even worse.

All of a sudden she came, moaning and spraying all over. The doctor fucked me hard and his cock vibrated fast, swelling more and more. A warmth invaded me as he came and I lost it, cumming also. He didn’t stop and the more he thrusted, the more cum I released.

After a short while, he slowed down and pulled out eventually. I just knelt there feeling and wondering what the hell had just happened when she pulled my hair and kissed me on the lips, her tongue dashing in my mouth. She then thanked me because it was the hottest thing she had ever seen.

I managed to sit and for the first time saw the enormous cock, which was still hard. I was embarrassed but at the same time I felt amazing. She kissed him so I could see her tongue and his and laughed saying we must do more of these exams.

I never did see the doctor again but every now and then, she brings the subject up and teases me until I’m hard, only to afterwards, bend me over and fuck me with her strapon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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