A Drunken Encounter

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“You can learn a lot about a woman by getting smashed with her” – Tom Waits

She was sitting with her friend at the bar. Dave the perennial ladies’ man or perhaps ladies’ man wannabe was occupying the attention of the ladies and eventually walked one of them out to the dance floor. Chris watched as Dave pulled her close while they swayed to the slow dance. His mouth dropped to her earlobe as he kissed it.

Chris turned his attention to the woman still sitting at the bar. In the bar mirror she appeared to be in her late twenties or early thirties with short, slightly curly, auburn hair. Her dark eye lashes and make up picked out her beautiful dark brown eyes. She was turned slightly, watching her friend dance flirtatiously with Dave. She turned to the bartender and indicated that she needed a refill and left to visit the rest-room. She seemed already a little unsteady on her high heels as she click-clack-wobbled her way to the back of barroom. Chris stood up and walked up to the bar and sat down on the stool next to her’s and called the bartender over.

“What’s she drinking?” He asked Tony, a friend he’d known since high school.

“Long Island Ice Tea. She’s already had one and she’s ordered another.”

“Give her this one on me. Make it extra long.”

“She seemed a bit wobbly when she got down off her stool, do you think that’s wise?

“If it becomes a problem I’ll make sure she gets home safely, okay?”

“Well alright then. You aiming to score with her? She’s wearing a ring. Though I’ve seen some women wear them to put off possible wolves. Her friend though, she’s a different matter. I think Dave’s gonna get lucky tonight, for a change. Look at them dancing.”

Chris turned around. The woman was pressing herself erotically against Dave and humping her hips against his.

“Yeah, I think you could be right.”

Chris glanced to the back of the bar and saw the dancer’s friend exit the restroom. She walked slowly back to the bar and sat down.

Chris smiled at her and said.

“Hi, my name’s Chris. Is this your first time here?”

“Y…yes. I’m here with my friend. She’s dancing right now.”

The bartender brought her drink a put it down in front of her.

“How much do I owe you?” She asked.

“Chris here got it for you. As a regular he always wants new people or strangers to feel welcome. He says it improves the clientele.” He chuckled.

“Thanks,” she said. “My name’s Emily.”

She drank a mouthful of her drink.

“Karen, that’s my friend, thought I should get out of the house because my husband’s away for the weekend. Ever since she got divorced she’s been begging me to go with her here because she’s nervous about coming to places like this alone. I guess you could say I’m her wing-woman or perhaps bodyguard.”

“Is she drinking Long Island Ice Teas too?”

“Yes they’re her favorite drink.” She said as she had another mouthful. “I think she must be on her third.”

“She seems to be enjoying herself anyway. So where’s your husband gone this weekend.”

“He’s at a conference and could be away till Tuesday depending on how things pan out.”

Chris smiled at her and took in her desirability. Up close she was very attractive. The low cut bodice of her dress accentuated the size of her tits nicely while exposing the smooth flesh. She had a small pert mouth with lips lightly brushed with a cocoa colored lipstick. Chris couldn’t stop the image of these lips wrapped around his cock seep into his mind. As she lifted her glass and had another sip he noticed Dave kissing her friend Karen while his hand cupped her tight ass. As Dave drew back from the kiss she stumbled a bit as he pulled her firmly into his body and kissed her again. As they swiveled around in a spin Chris noticed that the zipper on her dress was open a little exposing the strap of her bra as Dave’s free hand stroked down across her back. On the subsequent upstroke with a deft well practiced twist of the fingers he unsnapped her bra before dropping down to her ass again and stroking it such that the hem of her short dress was beginning to ride up her thighs.

It was obvious to Chris that Karen had lowered most of her barriers and that Dave would soon be escorting her out to his van in the parking lot which he had shown Chris a few weeks ago and which was set up with a bed in the back. In Karen’s state she would probably be out there fucking for some time before she came back if she came back at all. Dave might just decide to take her home for the evening. It was obvious that Karen had forgotten all about Emily. He turned back to Emily to see that she had almost finished her drink.

“Another?” He asked.

She looked at him warmly.

“I love these drinks. They make me feel happy.”

She put her hand down on the top of his.

“Thanks for not letting me sit here alone while Karen dances the night away.”

“It’s my pleasure.” He answered.

“Can I ask you something?” She asked.


“Do you think I’m too old to be sitting at the tuzla escort bar with strange men.”

“You think I’m strange.”

“Oh God no.” She laughed. “I mean do people my age go to bars anymore?”

“I don’t know how old you are.”

She leaned over and in a conspiratorial whisper said.

“I’m thirty one.”

“Well you looked pretty good for thirty one, but in answer to your question, yes, I’ve seen women considerably older than you here alone. Some of them are in their forties. Though, women as good looking as yourself are not usually alone. I’m a bit surprised the other guys weren’t all over you.”

She seemed pleased.

“Can I get you a drink.” She said. “My treat this time. I can’t be seen to be having drinks bought for me by strange men.” She smiled cheekily.

Chris waved Tony over and they ordered.

“It’s a good job I’m not driving.” She said. “I would never be able to drive like this.”

With the ice well and truly broken Chris and Emily had two more rounds and chatted about love, marriage, friendship and how she was glad she had met him. Chris had noticed Dave escorting a decidedly wobbly Karen out the door almost two hours earlier and wondered whether she would be back soon. Emily suddenly slid sideways and might have fallen off her stool if Chris hadn’t have caught her. She leaned against him, her tits pressed against his chest as she looked at him through glazed eyes and said.

“I’m a bit tipsy I think, I’m going to have to get Karen to take me home.”

She looked around the room.

“Where is Karen? Did you notice where she got to?”

“I think she must have left with Dave and left you here.”

“But she’s driving.” Emily said confusedly. “How am I going to get home? I guess I’m gonna need a taxi.”

“It’s okay Emily. I’ll take you home. It’s the least I can do for the drinks and conversation.”

“You’re a good guy Chris. But I can just get a taxi. I don’t want to put you out.”

“It’s no problem, honest. You want to go now?”


Chris helped her off her stool and half-walked half-carried her out to his car.

When he put her into the seat her eyes were beginning to close. He started the car and began to drive. Her eyes dropped shut. After a few attempts at asking her where she lived he realized it was useless asking her where she lived so he drove her home to his apartment.

He escorted her inside and then carried her into his bedroom and laid her down on the bed. Emily looked up at him blearily and said.

“Can you sit and talk to me for a while?”

“Sure.” Said Chris, though talking was the least on his mind as he noticed that her short coat and dress had ridden up to her waist and her garter belt and red panties were completely exposed.

“I want to talk but I feel so tired, so tired I don’t think I could move a muscle.”

“Well maybe you should get more comfortable. Let me get your jacket off.”

Chris unfastened the jacket and made her sit up while he pulled it from her shoulders and tossed it over the back of a chair.

“Okay. Roll onto your side, I’ll need to unzip your dress.”

“Why do I need my dress of?”

“Well you can’t have a shower with your dress on.”

“A shower?”

“Yeah, it’ll help sober you up.”

“Oh, I see, OK.”

“Good, now hold your arms out in front and let me get it off your arms. Good. Now raise up you hips and I’ll pull it down. Great.”

Chris dropped her dress onto the floor.

“Now your garter belt and stockings, so lift those hips again. There, that’s good. Roll onto your side. That’s good. Now for your bra. Great roll to your back again. Lift up your arms and off it comes. Last thing now Emily. Bend your legs up. That’s right lift up your hips. Just your panties left to go.”

Chris got a firm hold on the waistband of her panties and pulled them off with a flourish. He held them up to nose and inhaled her musk.

“Now, up we get.”

Chris maneuvered her to her feet and half walked, half carried her to the bathroom.

“Ooh, I feel so dizzy.” She said

“That’s ok, I’ll hold you up.”

“But you’re all dressed, you’ll get wet.”

“Well maybe I should strip down too.”

Chris quickly pulled off his clothes, which revealed his considerable hard on, which Emily stared at fascinated. He guided her into the shower and turned in on.

“Ooh, that’s cold.” She giggled as her nipples came to instant attention, but as it got warmer she relaxed, leaning against Chris as his arm wrapped around her just below her tits.

He squeezed some shower gel across her tits and began to stroke and squeeze them as he raised a lather. He pinched her nipples as his hands roamed over.

“Turn around.” He whispered. “The water is washing all the soap off.”

She turned compliantly and pushed back against him as his fingers worked her tits. She loved the feel of hands as they shifted to her stomach. She felt little twinges as his fingers poked her bellybutton. At last his hands reached their final objective and he tuzla escort bayan raised a fine lather between her legs. His middle finger began to slip between her slippery labia and traverse from slit to clit. His finger slid easily in and out of her pussy as it moved along her slippery seam and circled her clit. She panted heatedly as his fingering kindled her passion. She was actively thrusting her hips forward to increase his penetration, moving ever faster as she felt herself close to orgasm. She was barely aware when his cock replaced his finger and he focused the fingers efforts on her erect clitoris. When she climaxed she felt quite faint. He turned her toward the shower again.

“Put your hands on the wall.” He whispered.

She complied mindlessly as his hips slapped against her bum and again she felt her cunt clench against his cock as she climaxed in series, each a little more impassioned than the last. She was crying unchecked until with hoarse yelps he unloaded into her.

For the next several minutes she was unable to talk but soon she tried to lift off him but he moved upward so that she seemed to mounted on a stand.

“You, I, we shouldn’t … ” She said in a stage whisper. His hands cupped her tits and caressed them softly.

“I won’t let you fall.” He whispered.

His cock slipped out of her but then she felt his hands cup her ass and he began to soap it up. His fingers explored the cleft of her ass and gently circled her anus. She reached back to stop him but he nibbled her ear as he whispered.

“Relax Emily.”

His soapy index finger penetrated her virgin hole and began to rotate slowly. She felt a tingle of excitement as his finger pressed down toward her pussy and he thumbed her clitoris before sliding his thumb into her pussy and began penetrating both holes simultaneously. He switched finger for thumb and continued his double teasing before removing both digits and said.

“Time for bed.”

They got out of the shower and dried themselves self-consciously and Chris led her back to the bedroom and lay her on the bed.

“Time for a goodnight kiss.” He smiled as he lay down beside her and cupping her left tit leaned over and lowered his lips to hers. Her mouth opened automatically and he felt her tongue flutter against his. While he rotated his lips over hers his hand stroked her tits, gently but firmly tweaking her nipples until they were stiffened. He stroked his hand down her belly and cupped her pussy. She gave out a soft cry and gasped sharply as her hips heaved up when his fingers scratched through the downy hair that covered her vulva. Her labia already tumescent were again moist with anticipation as his forefinger found her clit.

“I can’t,” she whispered as his lips again captured hers and he said.

“Give me your tongue. I want to savour its softness.”

Her tongue quivered in his mouth and he sucked it deep inside, nibbling it so that it released her saliva into his mouth.

His fingers found the entrance to her vaginal channel and two fingers plunged into it. Her hips arched sharply upwards aiding their penetration as she moaned again sluttishly as her hips fucked against his fingers shamelessly.

“Your pussy is really wet Emily. Were you getting wet in the bar?”

“I … I can’t, I’m … I’m married. I shouldn’t but you were nice, you made me feel desirable.”

His lips found hers again and he recaptured her tongue

“It’s time.” He whispered and slithered down the bed.

“I’m so tired I’m think I should sleep now.”

“Not yet Emily just a couple more things to do.”

He sat on the side of the bed stroking her tits and said.

“You have beautiful tits Emily. Does your husband like them?”

“Yes, but he thinks they’re small.”

“They’re not small Emily and I think they’re just fine with their perky nipples. Do you like having them sucked?”

“Yes, but Bert just likes to get it over with quickly so he can get to the main attraction. I wish he took more time with them.”

Chris leaned over and sucked one nipple into his mouth while his hand played with the other. For fifteen minutes he alternated between them while he checked her wetness with his free hand. She wheezed and moaned as his teeth gently stretched the nipples. Then without warning her body stiffened and her hips shook.

“Oh my god, my god, that’s so good. I’ve never …”

“Never cum from someone eating your nipples.”

“Yes, Bert was never able to make me cum, but then I guess he never tried.”

“At all?”

“No! Never! He loves me I know, but he is so quick.”

“By the time you leave Emily you will know what it is like to cum over and over. Are you still tired?”

“How can I sleep when you are getting my body to respond like this?”

“Now I’m going to finger you to orgasm and then fuck you with my cock until you cum. Are you on the pill?”



Chris slid his hand down her smooth stomach until her found her vulva where his fingers slid between her pussy lips and began their seduction escort tuzla of her clit. His lips once more attached to her stiff nipples whose nerves still sensitive after their recent initiation and now intensified by the manipulation of her extremely excitable clitoris created a burst of desire that spread through her entire body. Her legs and body jerked uncontrollably as she cried out passionately, her words unintelligible as she pushed herself against his titillation, trying to prolong its effect.

At last their fervour subsided and she lay on the bed crying softly. But, still he was not finished with her. Pushing her thighs apart she felt his cock slide into her as his body lay on top of her. His chest triggered flashes of desire in her tits as his mouth pressed itself against hers. Each thrust sent waves of pleasure coursing through her and it took less than a couple of minutes before she felt waves of pleasure flow from her pussy to her chest and arms and raising the hairs at the back of her neck. She kissed him passionately, wanting his love more than anything she had ever wanted.

At last with a shudder he flooded her vagina with his semen and lay quietly on her until his cock slipped out of her and he rolled off her. The last thing she remembered of this her second? third? how many? vaginal orgasm was him wrestling her inside the sheets and sliding inside beside her.

During the night he woke her every couple of hours so that he could fuck her still sensitive pussy and she clung to him, kissing and urging him to fuck her and cum inside her. In the morning when she awoke he was spooned up to her, his hand cupping her tit while his cock pressed against her ass.

She needed to pee and slipped out of bed and searched around until she found the bathroom. Sitting down she examined her pussy. Her labia, which gaped erotically were a little puffy and red from the steady diet of fucking she had received all night but she found herself becoming aroused with just the thought of her promiscuous behaviour. Her hand reached down to find her swollen clit still extremely sensitive and her pubic hair sticky with dry and semi-dry semen.

Her thoughts flashed back to the previous evening. Of course, she thought, she wouldn’t have done any of this if she hadn’t have been so drunk, but her memories prior to his bringing her home cast some doubt on this conclusion. In reality, she realized, she had been attracted to Chris almost from the time she first spoke to him. He was right when he said her pussy was already drooling before he had even touched it. When she had gone to the bathroom in the bar her panties had already been sticky with her secretions. She had tried to tame her passion my masturbating to a climax.

But she felt a pang of guilt as she realized how easily she had succumbed to Chris’ enticements but it was quickly dampened as she played with herself and pleasure began to radiate from her engorged clitoris and her vulva began to seep it’s longing. Her heart rate pounded and her breathing came in quick gasps as her fingers flicked over her responsive clit.

Chris woke to the muffled sounds of Emily’s staccato cries of pleasure. Dragging himself out of bed he padded to the bathroom and pushed the door open. Emily’s eyes sprang open and she blushed furiously as her hands pulled away from her pussy and a hair brush fell to the floor.

“I was … I was just …” She babbled.

“I’ll help you.” Chris said as he helped her from the toilet and positioned her on her hands and knees. His cock immediately sprang to attention as his mind encompassed her sexual desire and he moved behind her and gasping the hair at the back of her head, drove himself into her wet pussy.

“Oh god, “she cried out as his cock entered her, “fuck me Chris, I need it so bad. Oh yes, yes, yes.”

Chris’ cock flashed in and out as his stomach smacked against her ass. Emily’s grunts and groans were unabashedly passionate and were quickly followed by short cries that announced her consummation. She lay on the floor panting heavily as Chris’ latest infusion trickled from her.

“I never thought it could be like that.” She gasped.

“Well you don’t have anywhere to be today so you will have plenty of time to get the feeling fixed in your brain.” Chris said as he helped her to her feet and led her back to the bedroom.”

In seconds he had her on her back knees up and had his head buried between her thighs.

Her cell phone rang.

Emily picked it up and looked at the call display.

“I better get this.” She said.

“Karen ” she said “where did you go last night.”

“Sorry, Emily I got a bit carried away.”

“It looked more like you were carried off.”

“I’m came back to get you but they said you had gone off with some guy.”

“Uh, yeah, he drove me home.”

“I drove by there this morning but you didn’t answer the doorbell.”

“That’s because I’m out.”

“Out? Out where?”

“Uhm, I went for a drive to clear out the cobwebs. I really shouldn’t drink that much.”

“Who was the guy you were sitting with? He looked pretty good. Actually he looked like he was giving you the once over.”

“How could you tell that, you were too busy falling all over yourself with that guy Dave.”

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