A Fall Day

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I’m writing to see what kind of feedback or response I will get. I am new to this so bear with me. I like writing my thoughts into a story, just not sure about structure etc.


My imagination is in overdrive walking along the river bank with you, among the falling leaves with dew dripping from the branches. The sun shining brightly on this first day of fall.

Stopping and sitting on a rock along the edge watching ducks swimming nearby, seeing fish jumping out of the water causing ripples on the calm surface. Feeling the warmth of the sun beating down on us, taking your hand in mine and just gazing out over the water, with the sound of a waterfall nearby echoing in our ears. I put my arm around you holding you close to me, both of us sitting silently just taking in the sights and sounds of nature. Neither of us are saying a word, just enjoying the peace and tranquility of the great outdoors and each other’s company.

I finally look into your eyes and lean in and softly kiss you on the lips and let my hands encircle your neck and pull you to me as your lips part and our tongues entangle doing a crazy waltz. My hand starts to glide over you caressing you through your clothing, feeling you push against me. Your arms go around my neck as our kiss becomes more passionate, our mouths now mashing into each other our tongues now doing a fast tango. I put my hand inside your coat feeling the swell of your firm breasts with your erect nipples pushing tuzla escort hard against the material of your sweater beckoning my fingers to tweak them gently at first then a little harder. Your hands are now inside my heavy jacket rubbing my chest and I feel myself start to grow from your touch.

The sun is now warmer and we shed our coats and we sit on them separating us from the coolness of the bare rock. I push you down onto your back and let my hand slide under your sweater fondling your breasts and rolling your hard nipples in my fingertips while I kiss your neck and nibble at your ears. I feel your hand slowly move down over my stomach slipping your fingers inside the waist of my jeans and briefs. I jump at the touch of your hand on my bare skin but it feels so good and my now fully erect cock strains towards the tips of your fingers as they caress my belly.

I push your sweater up over your bare tits revealing beautiful rosebud nipples and move my lips down to take each one in between them biting them gently at first then a bit harder, I suck them slowly and I can hear soft moans escaping your parted lips. I keep working my lips over your exposed belly kissing your soft skin and the scent of your morning shower penetrating my nostrils. I reach the top of your jeans and I let my tongue slip inside and I can feel your body start to push up towards me. I reach down and unbutton the top button and pull the zipper down and I can see your silky pink panties and tuzla escort bayan I kiss you to the top of them. We sit up for a moment and I help get your sweater over your head and then lay you back down and you lift your hips and I tug your jeans down over them.

I kiss your pussy through the silky material and I can see a wet spot as your love juices starting to seep through as I teasingly and softly kiss your pussy through your panties. Your hand is now rubbing the bulge in my jeans and I can feel your deft hand undo the snap and work the zipper down, slipping your hand inside my underwear rubbing the tip with precum running over your hand. You help me out of my pants and we run our hands all over each other exploring every part of our bodies. I lay you back down and move your panties over your mound exposing your glistening pussy. I bend down and taste your love juices and slip my tongue in between the soft hairy lips seeking your hard clit. I run my tongue over it in a circular motion and I feel your hips find a rythm and push hard against my mouth as I continue to lick your clit.

I move around so that my swollen cock is in front of your lips and I feel you take it in your mouth and can feel the tip of your tongue massaging under the head of my throbbing cock. Your hand strokes my hard shaft and the other hand cups my balls and squeezes them gently as you start to suck my hard cock up and down the shaft. I continue to lick your clit while dipping my tongue escort tuzla deep into your moist hole and you are rocking hard against my face. I stop licking your pussy and withdraw my almost bursting cock from your mouth and turn to face you, both our faces wet from our oral adventure.

I turn you over and pull you up by the hips until you are on your hands and knees and I move into behind you. The dripping head of my cock enters between the lips of your pussy and I push it in inch by inch until I am all the way in, deep within your hot love hole. I start thrusting deep into you as you push back hard and I pound my hard cock deep into you, faster with each thrust. We have a vey quick rythm and I can hear you moaning loudly as I push hard into your sopping pussy. I feel your pussy muscles tighten around my hard shaft and you just held it there and I could feel your hot release soaking my almost bursting cock. I felt the cum rise from my balls up to shaft and with a final thrust I pulled it out and let my hot load spray all over your back right up to your long flowing hair. We fell into each other’s arms and lay there breathing hard and my head was spinning form the moment of release.

We lay there collecting our thoughts and the cool of the autumn air soon had us putting our clothes back on. You leaned into me and we sat there watching the sun start to set. The nip in the air soon had us watching our breath and we knew that the day was coming to a close. Before it got too dark we walked back along the river to our cars. We didn’t say much but just smiled at each other with satisfaction. It had been a great start to the fall season, I had never had a more memorable one before.

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