A gay summer Holiday – Part 15

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A gay summer Holiday – Part 15

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Chapter 15
Dirty pool…

That Tuesday the weather was horrible. It had started raining, and the forecast showed that it may stay raining for a couple of days. So Jelmer and Chris decided that it would be best to leave the work outside alone for now. Together with some volunteers, they set out to work inside the barn. To make the privacy fences out of the second-hand shelving units. The frames were stripped of the rotten shelves. And all the legs and brackets were removed from them. Leaving only the aluminum frames. They were cleaned outside the barn with the high-pressure steam cleaner. Turning the dingy shelves into nice looking aluminum frames. Even the brackets that could be reused got cleaned that way.

“Okay. So now we have a lot of parts, but how the frick will you turn these into privacy screens?”, asked one of the volunteers. The rest also desperately wanted to know. They had the feeling that this was making more work for little gain.
“Oh,… Sorry, I did not explain this well enough to you, did I? In my mind, I can already picture it… Let me show you what I mean to do with them”, told Christopher apologetic.

Chris put two legs back on a frame and put it up right next to the barn’s wall. He got one of the volunteers to hold it up. Then he put three legs on the long side of another frame. And put that one on its side next to the upright one. “Now imagine these frames powder-coated in the same colors as the inside of the bunkers. And with frosted glass panels inside them.”

The volunteers and Jelmer got the idea, and loved it. “But won’t glass be very expensive? And fragile?”, asked Jelmer. Christopher told them that he had called a table manufacturer. They can deliver the 250 panels at a 75% discount if I only want the hardened frosted glass. They will arrive early next week, he told them. The guys used the rainy day to prep the frames and brackets with primer. And just past noon, they took them to the local car body shop for powder-coating.

In the afternoon, the weather had cleared up a bit. So the last 3 hours they guys and girls spend bricking up the curbs for the 6 larger cabins. The 8 of them were taken by Chris and Jelmer to the local Chinese for a nice dinner. As a thank you for their hard work, but just as much for sticking with it. On Wednesday the rains let up. And in between the rain showers, they managed to also brick up the other 12 cabin’s lawn’s.

Chris and Jelmer went for dinner with his grandma and uncle Burt. They told them about their plans for the future. His grandmother predicted that Chris’s mother would not be happy with their proposed wedding. Christopher told her she was right. And he told her about the phone call he had with his mother. He also told her that his parents wanted to come to the island. She suggested to also visit his aunt Petra and uncle Mathijs to prepare them for the news. And uncle Burt told him he would call his brother to talk some sense into him. Chris thanked them and they left.

On their way back they stopped off at the rest of Chris’s family to tell them about their future plans. They were very happy for the two of them. His uncle Mathijs even suggested a home for Chris to go look at. The elderly couple that had been living there wanted to sell it but could not find a buyer. It was very reasonable, but it would need some work to make it habitable again. The couple had moved to a retirement home on the mainland. And Mathijs would ask his boss to see if they had an opening for Chris to work with them. Chris and Jelmer thanked them for the support.

They walked to Ben and Frieda to tell them the news too. “Hmm,… You really need to take a look at that house before you get your hopes up!”, told Ben worried. “It needs a lot of work. But the location is great!. Just out of town in the woods, near the public swimming pool.”, he said.

“Ah. Thanks for the warning, dad…”, smiled Chris. Frieda nearly fell off her chair laughing… “Dad… Ha ha ha… that’s a good one…”, she said. “Okay, Mom… that’s enough…”, joked Christopher. And Ben almost choked on his drink and laughed loudly. “Better get used to it… We don’t know when this will happen, but as things go… we are sure it could happen.”, smiled Jelmer at his parents. “Okay, sons… That would make us happy. At least you don’t get us any offspring… So we don’t get to be called grandma or grandpa…”, she joked. “You never know…”, laughed the guys.

Chris walked home. The streetlights had come on and so did the lights illuminating the paths to the 12 lower cabins. The paths were brightly lit. The 3 spotlights above the terrace of his cabin also had come on. The effect was very nice. He could see all the 30 cabins lit in his mind. Pleased with the result so far he went inside to watch some TV and read up on the day’s events. He saw an old newspaper with the article about the auction for the islander’s Youth’s fund. He cut the raving review out and pinned it to the wall.

Christopher got a text from his father; “Just got off the phone with Burt. I am fine with your plan’s. Your mother, however, is a different story. She is going to take you off the island. There is nothing I can say or do to change her mind. I just want you to be happy, son. Love you, Dad.”.
Chris forwarded the message to Jelmer. They talked on the phone. Christopher was properly shaken up about it. But was happy that he at least had his father’s blessing.

The next day the storm front had passed and the weather was a little better. It was still cold, cloudy, and windy. But at least it was dry again. Chris smoothed out the lawns and he connected the sprinkler systems and lights. Every cabin had its own kilometer marker with its cabin number. He tamped the soil down and made sure the lawns were flat and even. Then he raked the grass seed mixture into the ground. And he finished up the lawns by sprinkling some topsoil over it and rolling it in. The last thing he did was spray a green colored slimy potato starch over the top. This would help keep moisture in the soil, while the grass started to germinate. The sun on the dune could be brutal.

Chris had a fun day. He was totally by himself. He did not have any interruptions or questions. And he had been listening to his music all day. Singing along and even dancing while he was working on the lawns. When he went to make his dinner he saw his phone had several messages. One was a video that Jel had taken of him dancing and singing. Christopher had to smile at it. It was really silly. But he could say he had thoroughly enjoyed his day.

After dinner, he went to take a look at the house that was for sale. He rode his bicycle there. And saw that the place was totally güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri overgrown. The windows and roofs were rotten. The paint was peeling everywhere. One of the outbuildings had collapsed and the bricks desperately needed to be re-pointed and cleaned. But he instantly fell in love with the dilapidated 3 bedroom family home with a double garage and huge garden. It even had a pool. Well, It was a bog when he saw it. But it had great potential.

It had a well established vegetable garden with a big greenhouse. And a covered glass porch facing south. The best thing was that the garden had lots of privacy and was quite a long way away from the road. Yet it still was in walking distance from the main town. And just across the road was the public swimming pool. Just before he left he looked at the name on the door. He got a huge shock. The people that moved out of this home were the same people who gave him the 1000 euro check for the islander’s Youth’s fund.

Christopher took some photo’s from the outside and left a message at the realtor that he was interested in it. Chris also found out the phone number of the elderly couple and gave them a call.

“Hello Sir, My name is Christopher. We met on the ferry a few weeks back. You gave me a huge check. I wanted to thank you personally on behalf of the islander’s Youth’s fund.”, said, Christopher. The man was happy Chris called. “I saw the news article about you in the local newspaper. Nice picture with Wessel and Silvia, son. How much money did you manage to raise, son?”, he asked. “Sir are you sitting down somewhere comfortable?… We raised over 120000 euro in one week.”, told Christopher happy. The elderly islander screamed through the phone. Elated at the amount of money that was raised. His wife also talked to Christopher for a while.

“Sir. The actual reason I call you is somewhat more personal. I found true love on our island. My boyfriend and I even think about getting married here.”, Chris paused and waited for a reaction from the couple. “Go on son. I can imagine why you call us now.”, he said. “Would it be possible if we discuss me buying your old home?”, asked Chris nervously. In the background, he could just hear the couple discussing the question.

“Son, I will sell it to you for 1 euro! Then you can use the rest to fix up the place. Who is your lucky bride… hmmm… no… groom in your case?…”, asked the man laughingly. “Jelmer, the son of Ben and Frieda. They run the Harbor View campgrounds.”. told Chris happy. “Oh yes. I know them. Nice guy! That’s a keeper!”, he said happily.

His wife wanted to know when the wedding would be. Chris laughed and told them that it could take a few months or even a few years before they would know that. “But I will make sure we get you an invitation once we do!”, said Chris. “Chris, I will let the realtor know about this deal tonight. Expect a phone call tomorrow. You better make sure you get the right paperwork from the council!”, he said. And Chris told him that it was already taken care off. “Oh and Chris, Just call us Pake and Beppe. I know we are not your Grandfather or Grandmother. But we’d love it when you do call us like that!. Sir, makes me feel old.”, said Pake. Chris had to laugh at that because the elderly people could have easily been his great grandfather and mother. He thanked them again and hung up the phone promising to keep in touch with them.

Within the hour the realtor called Chris back. “Congratulations. You have a home, Chris!”, she said happily. “Drop by tomorrow to sign the paperwork, Christopher.”
Jelmer, Ben, and Frieda hugged Christopher. Jesse and Pieter also congratulated him. “I guess my building days here are not done yet. I just bought a house. Even without seeing the inside…”, said Chris in shock.

Ben had gotten a bottle of Gin out the fridge and poured them all a glass. “That deserves a toast!”, said Ben. At that moment Christopher’s mother came bursting in the kitchen of Ben and Frieda’s home. “What do you think you are doing, Ben! Giving these boys alcohol!”, she yelled angry at Ben. “And what is this about you being gay?… Don’t be silly, your just a boy… You don’t know what…”, she started to say.

Chris pushed his chair away. It fell to the ground. He turned to Jelmer and kissed his lover. He then pushed himself past his mother and her brother, his wife and her homophobic son. Dragging Jelmer along behind him. He told Jelmer to take him to his farmhouse. Chris wanted nothing more to do with them. He wanted to curl up in a ball and cry. Jelmer took Chris back to the bunker to pack his clothes. And they left in a hurry. They took his Jeep cross country, to the nearest bicycle path. Fleeing away from all the nastiness. They were promptly stopped by a police car. Jelmer wanted to race away. Chris told Jelmer to stop; “They will find you in minutes on this island. Just stop, Jel.”. The police officer that came over was Tommy. “Hey boys. What are you doing?”, he said stern, smelling alcohol on Jelmer’s breath.

Chris quickly explained that he felt very threatened by his relatives and that they needed to get away unseen. “Ah… yes that does change things. Follow me.”, he ordered as he escorted Jelmer and Chris to the next connecting road. He drove behind them to Jelmer’s place. And sat down with them to take a full statement.
Jelmer put Christopher to bed in a spare room. Chris was properly upset. He could not even give a proper account of the event to officer Tom. “You guys need to take it slowly! Give me a call if you need help. I will be here in the morning.”. He kissed Chris on the forehead and hugged Jel. “See you tomorrow, guys.”.

Jelmer asked his buddy if he needed anything; “Jel, just give me space and time. This was dirty pool! I hate her. I hate them all!”, shouted Christopher angry at the world. “Now… now… she is still your mother. But I understand buddy. Sleep well, if you get cold you can come cuddle up beside me!”, said Jel reassuringly. He kissed him and left the door ajar. Feeling properly hurt himself too. He called his family to tell them where they were. And to ask them what happened after they left. It turned out that Ben and his mother and her brother had gotten into a physical fight. And that only with the help of Jesse and Pieter they managed to get them off the property.

Moments later his aunt Petra called to say that she refused them to stay at her bed and breakfast. And shortly after that uncle Mathijs called to asked if the guys where okay. Apparently, the family had talked with each other by phone about the whole incident. Jelmer reassured them, but that he would call them in the morning. He did ask him to check in with Chris’s grandma too. perabet He was worried about her. Chris had overheard the phone calls and set down next to Jelmer in his pajama’s. “Hey buddy, That’s the first time I see you wearing PJ’s…”, he smiled at his sad buddy. They hugged and curled up on the couch together. Chris fell asleep on Jelmer’s shoulder. And he scooped him up and carried him to his bedroom.

The next morning Christopher woke next to Jelmer. Jelmer was watching him wake up. “Morning love…”, he said. “Morning Jelly Belly…”, yawned Christopher.
“Jel… I am done… Done being afraid… Done wanting to hide… Done… Done… Goddamned Done!”, he said resolutely. “They have to take me for what I am. I am gay… I am in love with you!… And I want to live here on the island. Get me a nice job here. Build a nice home for us… And get married to you! With or without their permission. I am done asking, begging, or defending my actions to them!”.

Jelmer said nothing, he just hugged his man. They got up ate breakfast and did the dishes together like an old married couple. Chris texted Tom on his private phone number; “I am going back to the campgrounds with Jelmer. I will buy myself a house later today. I won’t let my parents stop me from being who I am! Not anymore, or ever again!”. Tom texted back; “Your mother and her brother’s family have been put on the morning ferry by us. With a couple of large fines. You will know why when you get back to the cabin. Sorry.”.

Christopher’s father rang him shortly thereafter. “Hey, Chris. I heard about the… well you know… How are you?”, his father asked. “I am fine. Dad, I am gay. And I am in love with Jelmer. I bought me a house on the island. Could you please send my personal belongings over here as soon as you can? I will make a quick trip over there, to city hall, to sign my residence over to Ben and Frieda’s address for now. If that’s okay with you?”, asked Christopher. “Sure, I can do that. Give me a call or send an SMS when you are in town. I would love to talk with you in private then.”, said Chris’s father. “Please accept my apologies. Your mother… well… you know your mother… let’s leave it at that for now. Love you son. Bye!”, concluded his father. “Bye, dad. Love you too!”, said Christopher.

Chris was relieved. And he kissed Jelmer. “What was that for honey?”, he asked. “For being there!”, said Chris lovingly stroking his hair. Chris told him they needed to get back to the campgrounds. He feared the worst. Knowing how aggressive his mother’s brother and his son could be.

At the campground, they found that Chris’s cabin was ransacked. The windows were being replaced by the local painters when they arrived back. His photo camera was smashed and his laptop was broken in two. The kitchen was burned down and the beds lay on the lawn. Ben and Frieda came walking over. Ben had a black eye and Jesse was the worse for wear as well. Chris hugged him. “Don’t worry, you should have seen the other guy!”, joked Jesse. Frieda hugged her boy’s. “Don’t worry about the cabin or your things. Our insurance will handle that! Are you okay?”, she asked. “Yes, mom we are!”, said Jelmer. “Frieda, I need a place to stay. More permanent than just until the end of the holiday. I decided to come live on the island, but it will take me a long time before I have fixed up the new home. I asked my dad to sent over my personal stuff to you. Is it okay if I give city hall your address as being my address for now?”, asked Chris. Ben and Frieda hugged Christopher. “Sure it is, Chris. You can put your stuff in the larger corner cabin, number 26. You can stay there as long as you need to, for free.”.

The insurance company rep came over and was very helpful. He took pictures and would get back with the reimbursement quickly. He gave Christopher the promise that he would get a check for the necessary emergency funds to replace the stuff that was lost or broken. Chris gave him a fairly detailed list of the stuff and its prices. Ben and Frieda would be reimbursed for the damages to the inside of the cabin and the garden.

“What is the time? Guys, I have an appointment at the realtor. I need to get going. I am late buying me a ‘very expensive’ house.”, said Christopher. He walked down the dune and into town. With the paperwork from the city in hand, he bought himself a house and paid 1 euro in cash. They walked next door to the notary and the title to the home was put in Chris’s name. After that, he went to the islands city hall and met up with Silvia on the steps of the building. “Hi, Chris. What are you doing here so early?”, she asked somewhat surprised. “Well, I bought myself a house and would like to change my permanent address to Ben and Frieda’s for now.”, he said elatedly. She looked at him in shock. “Really?… Oh… Well… Sure… Walk with me and we get you sorted then!”, she answered.

Chris did not have to go back to the mainland to change the living address in his old home town. They would do that for him. With the official papers in hand, he walked back over to the campgrounds. Ben and Frieda had helped Jelmer, Jesse and a few volunteers to move Chris into the cabin number 26. He overlooked the town from the corner cabin. And it had no main path in front of it. So the privacy was the greatest for that cabin. They had moved all the stuff that could be salvaged in there. And already the laundry machine was doing a load to get rid of the smoky smell out his clothes. Chris took his broken laptop to the local electronics store where he bought a new one and a new camera. Did some other shopping in town for stuff he wanted to replace. And went back to the cabin with his arms full of new gear.

Jelmer and Chris ate lunch together in his new cabin. “If I keep this up I will have lived in all the cabins before the holiday is over…”, joked Chris.
“hmmm… Chris… honey…”, laughed Jel, “You’re not on holiday anymore… You’re an islander now! You live here. Fuck… You even have a house here!”.
Christopher had to get used to the idea. He laughed and said happily; “You are right. Aren’t you? Gosh… I can’t believe this holiday! And you’re wrong… I am still on holiday… There just won’t come an end to this one!”.

He sat back in his chair. Looking outside over the main town from his temporary home. This would be his home for the foreseeable future. He grinned from ear to ear. “Let’s get going. I want to erase my past and start over. And it starts now!”.

The guys went to the lower cabins. Redid the lawn there and gutted the burned-out cabin. Special paint was bought to clean up the walls. Kitchen cabinets and furniture were ordered from IKEA again. And before the day was out all traces of the ‘unfortunate’ perabet giriş incident were erased.

Chris worked the following Saturday and Sunday tirelessly on the final prep work and decorations of the cabin insides. The posters and pictures were hung. Al the furniture was put in each cabin. He collected the stuff that went together. Giving some of the items a lick of paint or repairing them in some other way. The interiors all got their own identity. With the help of Frieda and her girlfriends, the curtains were hung and the beds were made. The cabins were cleaned and readied to be let out in one months time.

Christopher took photos of the new cabins for the website. And he hung a huge islander flag on the flagpole. A drone took some nice video’s of the campground holiday lets as well. And on Monday the updated website went live. The first holidaymakers rented out the cabins and would arrive in a little over one months time. Time enough for Chris to tinker in the bunkers some more. Finishing up the details and for the grass to start to grow.

Jelmer spent the weekend helping Chris as well. They spend the nights together or with friends. But the sex they reserved totally for each other. It did not even enter into their minds to ‘play’ with others that weekend. They had fun with the guys and girls that helped them build the bunkers. And the work wasn’t done. They spend time with all their ‘new’ friends. The community grew closer still. And everyone was happy for Chris and Jelmer. For their new home, their expected marriage, and the work they had accomplished.

On Sunday evening Jelmer and Chris lay looking at the stars in front of the cabin.
Chris pointed to a constellation. “Look Jel. There is the big dicker…”. Christopher laughed at his own joke. Jelmer punched his shoulder and smiled. “Want to go inside, boy?”, he asked with a dirty grin on his face. Jelmer sat up and turned toward Chris. He took his arm and pulled him up off the deckchair too. Leaning forward he softly kissed Christopher. They went inside. Closed the curtains and switched off the lights after having lit a few candles around the cabin. The mood got instantly romantic.

Christopher put on a CD by Wessel with nothing but ballads and love songs. They held each other close as they danced for a while. Nibbling at each other’s lips and licking earlobes. Slowly they undressed each other. First, the shirts had to go. Then the shoes were kicked off. Pants dropped to the floor too. They stood there, danced in their boxer shorts and jock strap. The music stopped and Jelmer put his arms around the naked buttocks of Christopher. He pulled him off the floor as Chris wrapped his legs around Jelmer’s waist. They tongue kissed deeply. Jelmer managed to pull the raging hard dick out his shorts.

He maneuvered Chris so that his butt hole was directly over his cock head. Christopher lowered himself and took the 5 cm thick dick inside. Using his strong arms he held Jelmers neck and fucked the thing. Sliding slowly up and down its full 20 cm long shaft. The guys both breathed heavy as they stood there fucking in mid-air. Jel managed to walk the few steps to the double bed while Chris still road him. And he let Christopher softly down onto the edge of the bed. He pumped his lover for a while.

When he got tired of that position. He stepped onto the bed himself and lay on his side. Christopher crawled next to him. With his ass still toward the glistening cock. He lay his head on Jelmer’s outstretched arm. And turned his ass into his pelvic area. Jelmer penetrated Chris ever so slowly from behind. The guys moaned loudly again. Gyrating his hips, Jelmer fucked Chris tenderly. Stroking his head and chest and kissing his neck with small wet kisses.

Jelmer pulled back. And Chris gave a disappointed groan. Jelmer sat between the legs of Christopher as he pushed his legs in the air. Slapping the buttocks hard and then kissing them tenderly. He tasted the fucked ass hole. Sticking his tongue in as deeply as he could manage. Smelling the sweaty balls of his man. Sucking off the 22 cm cock. He moved slowly but deliberately up Chris’s torso. Letting his tongue explore the 6-pack and the nicely shaped belly button. And squeezing the muscular pecks from Chris. Christopher stroked his hands down Jelmer’s head and over his back. Wanting to pull him toward him, but letting Jel take his time. They started panting. Breathing heavily in and out. Moaning as they went along.

Jel lay on top of Chris. Looking deep into his eyes. With a firm push forward he rammed his rod into Christopher. Nothing soft and tender about that anymore. He slammed his guy’s butt roughly, deeply, painfully and without mercy. Chris rolled his eyes up, screamed as he got fucked harder then he was ever fucked before. His arms stretched out wide and his ass stretched even wider. Jelmer pounded him long that way. He slowed down. Pulled out his meat and Jerked it off in front of Chris’s gaping butt hole. He came screaming loudly. Once the first stream of hot sticky juice hit the butt crack he pushed himself inside again. Dumping a huge load deep into Chris’s ass, with loud screams and wild jerky motions.

He dropped on top of Christopher. And after a short while, Chris wrapped his arms around Jelmer. They lay there panting. Getting off the adrenaline high slowly. What seemed like an eternity they just lay there. Still locked in their wild love embrace. Jel’s cock was still deep up his gut. Chris pulled the blanket up with one lag. Grabbed it with a hand and pulled it over the two of them. Jelmer fell asleep still slowly fucking Chris. Christopher let out a soft sigh. That waked up Jel just enough to roll him off him. He got up. Went to the toilet. Relieved himself of the jizz in his butt and had a good piss and a wank. Fully satisfied he blew out the candles and crawled next to his lover again. Who was deep asleep by now, and having a wonderful dream by the look of things. After having looked at his sleeping beauty, Chris spooned him. Jelmer put an arm over his boy and they snuggled up close again.

The next morning they awoke with sore muscles. Last nights ‘work out’ had been a tough one. The entire time nothing was said. From the moment, last night, when Jelmer asked Chris to come inside with him, until after breakfast today. They instinctively knew what the other needed. They did not need words to communicate.

When they stood washing the dishes together, around 10 in the morning, they looked at each other, kissed and Jelmer asked. “So, how was that for you Chris? I could get used to it…”, he smirked. “Mmmm… Not sure actually… I’d have to fuck a lot more guys to compare that too… I’d think I would like that Maurice of yours… a 2 meter, black, muscular guy, and with a huge cock you said? Sounds like more fun.”, said Chris with a naughty grin. Jelmer looked at Christopher odd. But remembered he had bragged about it earlier. “That guy was made up… I prefer the real thing, Chris. You are the real thing for me!”

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