A Journey of Discovery Ch. 01

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Lori was a virgin when we got married. I know, unbelievable today but true.

So what I’m about to relay is a true journey of discovery. And, by the way, this is an absolutely true story.

Stick with me for a while, while I lay out some background. There is sex, and a lot of it, but I want you to understand the journey.

When we first got married, neither of us knew anything about sex other than what was supposed to go where. I had no idea about female passion and the ability for girls to have climaxes too. So, as you can imagine, our sex life was extraordinarily vanilla.

Even when I was an adolescent, learning about masturbation, and I was a very astute student, I never had a lot of stamina. I don’t know if I invented any new techniques, but I sure tried a lot of versions. Even as I got very good at bringing myself off, I always had a short fuse.

Our first year of married life was probably similar to many other couples. Every night, without fail, except for “that time of the month”.

After that, sex began to taper off to maybe three or four times a week, then maybe once a week until it was maybe once a month.

If it had not been for my profession, we probably would have separated and got a divorce down the road. Because, sex for Lori was nothing to write home about for sure.

I was in construction, and business had been slowing down, but the bills had not. So when I got a call about building a large, two story structure, I couldn’t turn it down. Even though it was for a nudist resort up north. Use your imagination here. Given what I’ve told you so far, you can guess my excitement about working at a camp where everyone was naked all the time. My only concern was, what would happen when I got rock solid, hard as iron, erections, while trying to build this party structure?

Lori was dead set against it because of her strict Christian upbringing, but I convinced her we needed to pay the bills, so she finally, reluctantly agreed.

Long story short, my fears about visibly embarrassing myself did not happen, and I began to develop an all over tan myself. The people were just like everyone else except for their beliefs about clothing. I told Lori all about it, of course, but she was still ultra conservative about sharing intimacy with strangers.

After a couple months of asking her to come with me and trying to convince her it’s not a sex orgy club, she finally agreed to come up with me on a week day when there were not that many people there, but there was no way she was going to take off her clothes.

I could accept that, it was a beginning. She came up the first time on a Tuesday morning and it was like I told her, fairly deserted. There were some couples that lived there all summer and as the day progressed, some of the women came over and introduced themselves. I had prepped them about Lori’s reservations so they were very laid back, but genuinely friendly, and Lori slowly began to relax. By the end of the day, she had met three other married women and actually seemed to be enjoying their company even with them being naked. I was still working on the building, so when the work day was coming to an end, and the husbands started coming back to camp, Lori started getting concerned again.

One thing I noticed, and was considerably concerned about exposing Lori to, was the fact that almost every guy in camp was visibly larger in the manhood department than I was. So when Phil got there and stripped down, Lori realized that all men are not created equal.

For your mental observation, let me do some comparisons at this point.

I am 24 years old, 6 feet tall even, 155 pounds. I am very fit physically, without an “inch to pinch” anywhere. As for my endowments, I am about three and a half inches flaccid, and, when rock hard, I am just under six inches. Definitely no porn star.

Phil is about 30, six foot 4″, about 180 pounds and nearly as fit as me. The obvious difference is in his package. He is nearly six inches flaccid, and I saw him once in the sauna with an erection that’s about eight and a half inches. That’s his estimate anyway, and I certainly couldn’t argue it.

Jerry, is Linda’s husband and he is putting on some extra inches, but not fat by any means and while he isn’t as big as Phil, he is definitely longer and thicker than I am.

There is one exception to this pattern in Harry. I caught him masturbating by the pool when he thought he was all alone, and when hard, he is about three inches long.

When Lori saw these guys get naked, she was visibly shaken and embarrassed, but she didn’t freak out and demand to go home immediately either.

Through a gradual process over the summer she agreed to come with me a few more times. One of the rules of the camp was that men had to be naked if the weather permitted and after the third visit, women had bahis firmaları to be topless, but could keep their panties on. Getting Lori to come up for the fourth time was a challenge. I think she really wanted to, but didn’t want me to know she wanted to. Eventually she agreed and she removed her bra for the first time. We came up on a Friday night, and she was topless all day Saturday, and when everyone decided on a pool party, that evening, she actually took off her panties and joined in the fun. By the end of the weekend, she seemed quite comfortable being completely naked around the whole group.

One benefit that I had not foreseen, was our sex life. We were back to three to four times a week again, and she seemed fairly happy.

I should try to describe Lori for you. She’s going to be the star of this story. She’s 22 years old at the time of this story. She has long auburn hair, five foot three inches tall. She has an athletic body at 104 pounds. Her breasts are exquisite at about the size of half a grapefruit, very firm, no sag at all with aureoles about the size of a half dollar and nipples that protrude like a spice drop when they are cold, or horny. She has a 24 inch waist and hips that flare out to 35 inches and her secret places are covered by a thick patch of auburn pubic hair.

She’s not the Playboy bunny type as much as the girl next door type. Yet I definitely noticed that she got more than her fair share of looks from the guys when she was at camp.

So, fast forward a couple years.

We are now full members at the club and we spend most of our summers there. The group dynamic has subtly changed in the past couple years. The friendships have gotten stronger to a point and, as with most close friendships, the freedom to “act out” a little has been getting more suggestive.

For example, sitting in the sauna with a group of people, sexual innuendo has gone from mild to downright suggestive and raunchy. The obvious extension of that is playing grabass and getting more touchy feely in a highly humorous way. A couple of the wives seem to find delight in making their husbands hard in front of a group of people.

Phil wasn’t the biggest man in camp, but he did seem to get aroused quite easily and quite often. Margie, his wife actually grabbed his manhood in the sauna one night while we were the only ones in there and proceeded to dare him to get an erection, all the while telling him he better not get one in front of Lori and me. Well, you can imagine how effective her admonishment was on him and he proceeded to get fully hard while she masturbated him.

This was the first time we had actually seen anyone go that far sexually in front of others and Lori got quite uncomfortable trying not to watch. Margie was laughing and Phil was fully enjoying her attentions, but not knowing what to expect, Lori let me know she wanted to leave.

We got up and left and when we got outside, she actually broke out laughing. We ran to the pool and quickly cooled off and decided to go back to our room in the club house.

When we got there, Lori turned into an animal I had never seen before. Her nipples were sticking straight out as hard as an erasure tip. She pushed me onto the bed and knelt between my legs and proceeded to lick my cock until it stood up to its’ full potential. She had never been this aggressive before. Once I was hard, she crawled up over my waist and took hold of my erection and lowered herself down in one move until I was fully buried in her sopping wet pussy. Again, she had never done this before and I was stunned. When she started bouncing up and down on my shaft and mewling like a wild cat, my early release curse hit me and I exploded what felt like the biggest load of cum I had ever shot and when I did, Lori erupted with a half scream half growl and spasmed over and over on my cock for her first orgasm ever.

I had never seen a woman orgasm in real life. I had watched plenty of porno films to know how the so called actresses thought an orgasm should look and sound like, but this was my first time in real life. It was very interesting how this came about given the circumstances of that evening.

Obviously, watching Margie and Phil in the sauna had made her extremely excited and I got the benefit of it.

Afterward, we just laid there contemplating what just happened and what did it mean for us? Now that we both knew women really did have orgasms, and Lori was questioning her upbringing, we had a lot to think about and discuss.

The parties at the club started getting more and more suggestive and sex was becoming almost common place. At the end of the summer season the club scheduled a last of the season party complete with a new stereo system and the first ever planned dance.

Lori was not that liberated yet. We talked about it but she just wasn’t ready to cross kaçak iddaa over to the swapping side.

Our sex life had made a huge leap forward at that point, so I couldn’t complain too much, and I knew if I pushed it too hard, she would dig her heels in and it would never happen. Better wait and let her feel like it is her idea.

All winter, we had regular sex, but Lori just was not able to achieve that level of excitement with me that she had at the club. It was obvious that outside stimulation had a major effect. The fact that I had very little endurance was another very large factor in her not being able to reach that peak.

By the time spring got here, we were anticipating the opening of the club and warm weather. We had eventually come to the decision that, MAYBE, Lori might consider going to a nude dance if the club held another one this summer. We had discussed our relationship extensively over the winter and I brought up the idea that I had a fantasy about seeing her with another guy. At first, she was horrified I could even suggest such a thing. I didn’t bring it up again and let her ponder the idea in her mind all winter. When the season came around again, I didn’t know what to expect, but I was hoping.

This brings me to the point of this story, which was to tell you about the first time we had sex with another couple. I had fantasized about watching Lori fucking another man, but I really never expected she would consent under any circumstances, so when she agreed, I went crazy in my head. On the one hand, I wanted to see another man fucking the hell out of her and her screaming in orgasms. On the other hand, I was scared shitless some other guy would pleasure her more than me and she would leave me for him. When it finally came down, I observed with some trepidation about how it would all turn out.

Ironically, it didn’t happen with Phil and Margie, or with Jerry and Linda, but with Harry and Ginny. They happened to be one of the first of our close friends we had cultivated at the club to show up that summer. I told you about Harry with the three inch hard-on, so a little about Ginny. She is a natural blond and acts it. She’s quite tall for a girl, at five foot nine with long legs and a perpetual smile and really nice

C cup boobs.

We arrived at camp on a Friday afternoon and got our little room set up. Harry and Ginny arrived on Saturday evening quite late so we helped them get their stuff unpacked and their room arranged. When we were done, Ginny suggested a sauna before bed. That sounded good to us all, so, being naked already, we grabbed our towels and headed to the sauna.

It had been turned on earlier in the day, so the stones were good and hot and the room was very warm, but very dry. We ditched our towels and tossed a ladle of water on the rocks and waited for the steam to work its wonders.

As the room got hotter and steamier, we all were very relaxed. Ginny was leaning back against the wall next to Harry with her eyes closed. I was next to her on the bench, with Lori on my other side. Lori assumed the same posture as Ginny, leaning back against the wall, very relaxed with her eyes closed also. At some point, Ginny reached over and started playing with Harry’s willy. Harry obviously liked it because he was as hard as I remember when he was masturbating by the pool. When I noticed that, I started to get hard myself and Harry noticed that. Smiling, he got up to put another ladle of water on the rocks and when he came back, he sat on the other side of Lori which caused her to open her eyes with a start and of course she noticed right away, Harry had a stiffy. She sat up a little, unsure how to react and when she looked at me for guidance, she noticed I was hard and standing at attention myself. I could tell she was a little scared, and she put her hand on my leg. I spread my legs a little and in so doing, I bumped Ginny’s leg. She opened her eyes and saw my dagger sticking up in the air and Harry sitting next to Lori and, true to form, a huge smile spread on her lips.

She put her hand on my other leg and looked at Lori. Lori looked at me and when she did, Harry placed his hand on her leg. I felt her stiffen up a bit as she looked at me wondering how to handle this unexpected situation. I tried to look reassuring at her and placed my hand on her other leg. Ginny started moving her hand higher up my leg and looking directly at Lori. Lori didn’t know what to do, so she did nothing and that encouraged Ginny to reach my steely and wrap her hand around it. Lori was watching my reaction and when I didn’t stop Ginny, she came to a decision herself. As Ginny started slowly stoking me, I tightened my grip involuntarily on Lori’s leg. When I did, she reflexively moved her leg toward me. Noticing that, Harry took it as an invitation and slid his hand up Lori’s leg. She tensed up and I knew kaçak bahis I had to do something or this was going to blow up before it got good. I noticed Harry’s hand almost touching her pussy and I slid my hand up and slightly pulled her leg open a little more. Touching her, I could tell she was already wet so I pushed a finger inside her and she gasped and leaned back opening her legs even more. Harry moved his hand up and found her clit right above my inserted finger and began to lightly rub it in little circles.

I took my hand away and Harry replaced my fingers with his own. When he leaned over and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth, Lori Gasped and started thrusting her hips up at his invading fingers. Harry continued to rub her folds softly and worked his fingers up to her clit and she audibly gasped and thrust her hips forward. Encouraged by that, Harry inserted one finger into Lori’s wet pussy and started pushing in and out. Lori started moaning and panting to his rhythm, and he inserted another finger and began thrusting into her faster and faster until Lori was obviously building to an orgasm. “Ohhhhhhh, Ooooooooooh, yessssssssssssss!” Harry started pumping his finger faster and Lori reached a peak and, “Ggoooooooooooooodddddddddd!!, YES, YES, YES, YES, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, GOddddddddddddddddd,” screeching, she flew into a full-fledged orgasm.

We all were amazed at the intensity and just sat there and experienced it in our own way. When Lori had caught her breath and looked around at us watching and realized what had happened, she was quite embarrassed and, blushing tried to hide her face in my chest.

Ginny suggested, “How about we cool down in the pool for a minute?” We thought that was an excellent idea and shuffled off to the pool.

Once again, we were the only ones there at that time of night. I did a couple laps and sat on the edge of the pool. Ginny came over and wrapped her arms around my legs and sucked my flaccid cock into her mouth. It didn’t need much encouragement and started to rise to attention right away. Lori noticed and much to my surprise, and Harry and Ginny’s surprise too, she suggested we all go back to our room for a nightcap. Her face was flushed and I could tell she was still aroused, so I only had one guess as to what she had in mind.

She poured everyone a really stiff drink and when she brought the glasses around, she handed them out and then sat on the floor between Harry’s legs. I think she took one sip from her glass and turned around and took his already stiff three inch cock into her mouth. I was sitting next to him on the couch. Ginny got up and kneeling behind Lori, slid her hand between Lori’s legs and cupped her mound. It was like Lori had never come down from her orgasm in the sauna, because as soon as Ginny touched her she started moaning and thrusting her pussy at her hand.

Harry didn’t want to cum yet and got up from the couch and before I knew what was happening, he was kneeling in front of me with my cock in his mouth and it felt heavenly!! Having a short fuse, I couldn’t take much of that before I had to stop him. When I did, he smiled and got up and getting behind Ginny, gave her some kind of signal, because she got up and came over to me. She put her knees on either side of my legs and slid down on top of my cock. She didn’t move for a few seconds, but then began squeezing my cock with her pussy muscles. Oh God!! It was like nothing I had felt before. I tried to thrust up into her, but she wouldn’t let me. She just kept squeezing that iron muscle so slowly that she kept me on the edge. She stopped and I suddenly realized, I wasn’t as close to blowing my load as I thought, to my supreme enjoyment. GOD!! Her pussy felt so good.

Then I noticed that Lori was going over the edge herself with her second orgasm of the night. I looked over and Harry was behind her doggy style thrusting into her rapidly. Lori crashed over the top and Harry just kept pumping. Before she could recover from her last orgasm, she was spilling over into another. It became a long, prolonged howling and moaning that just kept on going. Harry kept thrusting his three inches into her pleasure palace and as soon as she crashed over the top she was reaching for another one. He kept her there riding a crest of orgasms that lasted for a good fifteen minutes. At the end, Lori was making no sense. She was blubbering and crying and laughing and squealing and cursing like a sailor.


Lori doesn’t curse like that and wouldn’t say shit if she had a mouthful.

As a point of interest, Harry did blow his nut in her pussy at some time during that marathon. I came twice with Ginny and I had never done that in one night before and Ginny seemed happy. I can only hope.

We learned a lot that night. Size really doesn’t matter sometimes. And multiple orgasms are a phenomenon we will be exploring a lot. That summer was a real eye opener for both of us and we had many more firsts that year. If there’s interest, I’ll tell you about that later.

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