A Ladies Man Diary Pt. 04: 609 AM

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When the light hits my face, it hurts my eyes. Not because the window is shut: it’s just that my eyes were closed. My face is sweaty and I feel hot, but the sweetness of her cunt on my face is a bearable pleasure. Her body feels heavy on mine, as I can’t breathe normally, my nose smothered by her beautiful ass. No matter. I take a deep breath and go right back to licking her.

We are doing 69, which I never tried before. But she certainly enjoys it. The way she moans sweetly as I lick her juices, with two fingers inside of her, seem to indicate that. She is sucking the tip of my cock, rubbing her tits on it and stroking gently. I can feel her drooling on it, saliva running on my balls as her hand is running up and down my shaft, sending shivers through my whole body.

I grunt, and circle her waist with my extended arms, pressing her pussy harder on my face. I kiss her vagina lips fully, lapping her clit at a reversed angle. She groans and stops sucking me for a second but keeps stroking. I can hear hissing and swearing and that makes my cock ache even bahis firmaları more. I lap furiously. I let go of her hips, resting my arms at my side on the bed. She lets out a little squeal of pleasure and sits upright on my face, not letting go of my cock even for a second. I stick my tongue out as she starts to ride my face, tapping against her clit every time she moves forward.

I didn’t know she was such a freak. When she came to sleep with me last night, I thought that it would be timid sex. I thought she would refuse doing this and that, wouldn’t be vocal, wouldn’t like everything….I even thought she was a virgin….boy i was wrong. A full night of dirty and freaky sex exhausted me. And just when we woke up this morning, when I thought I hadn’t any juice left, she smiled at me and got on top, shoving her ass in my face and grabbing my cock. I guess you can never judge a freak by her looks.

Her juices, blended with my saliva taste sweeter than anything I ever put my mouth in. I hold her still for a second, fumbling my hands up her body and grabbing kaçak iddaa her boobs, squeezing, kneading while she spreads her ass cheeks on my face, still stroking my wet, lubed cock. I thrust upwards with my tongue, filling her hole with my mouth. She hisses sweetly as our flesh connect, her body trembling with pleasure. Then she grunts loudly, and take my hands off her boobs, resting them to my side, as she starts to ride my face again.

Her movements are getting faster as she grind her hips, searching that sweet spot for my tongue. My nose is shoved in her slit, and I breath hard while I’m shuddering from the cock stroking she’s doing on me. It’s hot, humid, and it feels like the whole world is on my face. I’m about to cum, but I want to hold it back. Too bad. I can feel her gripping my dick hard and licking it from the base to the tip, swallowing it in one big move of her lips. I scream, my mouth buried in her cunt as I cum, my toes curled, my breath a heavy labour, sweat running on our bodies. She quickly takes my dick out of her mouth as sperm splashes everywhere kaçak bahis on the sheets and her stomach, which I cannot see but only guess. She gets back up in a sitting position and holds my head in her ass. She moves her hips in two big motions, screaming at the top of her lungs. She is cumming. The orgasms hit her so violently that she throws herself off the bed, freeing my face. I take a loud inspiration, my chest heaving, the smell of her still in my mouth. For a few moments, I don’t move, I don’t speak. I can’t hear her, and from where I’m lying, I can’t see her on the ground.

“Are you ok?” I ask finally.

There’s no answer.

I prop myself up on one elbow.

“Darling?” I say, worry in my voice.

And finally, I can see her, a drunk look on her face, clutching to the bedsheets. She looks lost for a moment.

Then her eyes meet mine.

I know at this precise moment that we’re not done fucking.

I can feel the sexual tension building up again as her chest rises up and down, exposing her rock hard nipples.

She extends her hand to me, then puts it between my legs.

She flashes a huge grin as she caresses my cock.

“Good morning baby. Hope you had a good night?” she asks in a low, sexy voice.

Timid sex, huh?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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