A Mature Romp

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Big Dick

We had met because he was friends with my step dad. I remember hearing about him and seeing him from a distance as they took the boat to the Marina. Years past before we actually met. He was quite a bit older than me, maybe twice my age in fact. I was not attracted to him at this time, I do not merely get wet with good looks anymore.

A few months back, I heard that my father’s friend was looking for a place to move to. Seeing as our apartment building had an opening, I suggested the down stairs apartment to him. I thought it would be good for my step dad to have a friend around and would also fill the apartment with someone who was not a complete stranger. The last three tenants had been couples that argued all time in the night, as well as a family who had the most destructive four year old ever. Dad’s friend had to be better than that.

Time went by and I started having small conversations with Marvin. He was a consistently strong willed individual that many may not get along with, however the grumpiness was refreshing. Call me a cynic, but the world isn’t rosy and happy in reality. Having someone around to talk to was always nice because I worked from home while homeschooling my kids. It was nice to have someone over the age of five to talk to.

Getting to know him better, I found myself enjoying his company. I even caught myself checking his bulge a time or two. Self-professed horn dog, I think he was on vacation. Marvin had a massive heart attack a few years before and I found myself wondering if he could even have sex. By some of our conversations, I knew that he would be worthwhile in the bedroom, confidents exuded from him. Confidence alone is the best indicator of a man’s worth in bed. He didn’t wear underwear under his khaki shorts usually, so I had already gathered that he was packing a baby anaconda worth the time. Tall and broad shouldered, the touches of gray in his hair made him look better, it didn’t take away from his presence.

He started to come by more often, I cooked him dinner and we would talk. After the kids went to bed, we were left across from my table. I noticed I was choosing lower cut shirts when he would come over. I started braiding my waist length red hair before bed, to let my newly curled hair down and flowing. I was subconsciously courting him before I myself realized that was my desire. I started to muse at the sense of taboo that would be associated with banging the brains out of a man twice my twenty-eight years.

I didn’t casino şirketleri care though, never really cared about social norms. I could give a damn less what people would think, but then I got to thinking, what if I killed the poor man. He just have a heart attack in the middle, crazy way to think I know. I couldn’t help it, the more I was around the man, the more I want to climb on him and ride.

Conversations got more sexual in nature, I would have had to been blind to not see his desire. He started dropping the more subtle hints, hints that he wanted me as much as I wanted him. It had been at least six months since I had fucked anyone and the want was turning into need very quickly.

One night my back was hurting a bit, so I asked him if he would like to join me on the couch, innocent enough. Settling in next to him, I lit a joint to relax my nerves. The close proximity was having the desired effect on my body. Shivers ran through my thigh with the brief contact of our thighs touching. I had chosen a halter summer dress for the evening, the humidity and heat causing a sheen on my body.

Noticing that my back was hurting, he offered to rub it for me. Just the thought was enough to get me a bit wetter than I already was. My body wanted his hands on it, so I could do nothing more than turn away and offer up my back. His rough hands felt great on my skin, the texture difference was mesmerizing. He started out slowly, rubbing me with no sexual intentions added. His fingers worked like magic and soon my muscles started to feel relief. Finishing off the weed, helped matters along when I went to hand him the roach. His hand brushed against the underside of my left breast ever so slightly, the mere touch enough to resolve any inhibitions I had. His mind seemed to be made up as well.

I got the joint back from him and turned back around to let him finish, but when his hands went back on me something was different. Marvin’s hands had a bit of a light teasing quality. Seconds were wasted on my back before his hands came from behind to circle me. Grabbing my breast firmly, rolling his hands across my nipples making them stand up immediately. Unable to stop that moan from leaving my lips, I leaned back against his hard chest. Running my hands up to his neck, I opened my chest up to his knowing hands. Cupping both breasts, he squeezed my nipples a bit too rough. Moments later, his hands were falling down my stomach in a hurried pace.

When his fingertips touched casino firmaları my clothed mound, I sat up quickly. The touch was too much for my sex crazed system, I was seconds from release. Trying not to seem too wanton, I give myself some space to recoup. Then Marvin half kissed, half bites my neck, pushing me over the edge. Biting my lip to stop the shriek with the orgasm, I could not help but press against him. Almost completely on his lap now, I could feel his excitement. His hard member was as large as I had imagined and it felt hot through my dress. Turning myself around to face him, I straddled his thighs.

Pressing my lips against his, my hands circle around his neck, rubbing my aching breast against his chest. His hands are on my hips, crushing my heat against his rigid crotch. Marvin’s hands never stopping, they were creeping up the inside of my thigh. Before long, his rough hands are on my lace thongs, digging in to my core. My wetness is leaking on his fingers, as he peels back the wet fabric. My pussy is burning, his fingers only increasing the temperature. When his finger slipped inside of me, I thought I would explode, I kind of did in a way. Second orgasm of the night and it seemed we were just getting started. His fingers still stroking and dipping inside of me, I leaned back to ride his hands. I was dripping wet, fluid from multiple orgasms making every move squishy.

Sitting up, escaping his touches for a moment, I grabbed at his buttons, ready to see what awaited. Marvin lifted up to allow me to push his shorts about to his knees. Straddling higher up his body, I positioned myself directly over him. His hands were back on my hips, trying to pull me down on to him. He was quite large and wanting to better control the thrust, I gripped the back of the couch. Tits thrust in his face, he began to suckle them. Quivering from his mouth, I lowered enough for the head to barely enter inside. I wanted him to feel the wetness, the heat coming from me. Never more than an inch in and then back out quickly. Teasing his dick, rolling on him slowly, torturously close to full penetration.

No longer able to deny myself, I finally allowed his engorged cock to enter me. Every blissful inch filled me so completely. The quick thrust from below caught me off guard, took the breath from me. To be so completely full so quickly and then the second thrust to send me over the edge. He continued to vigorously thrust from below, extending the orgasms for minutes. Burying my güvenilir casino face into his chest, I started to meet his hips, smashing him inside of me harder and faster.

Beyond knowing one orgasm from another, I had to bite his chest to muffle the cries. Getting up, I re-penetrated him backwards. Leaning back against him, his hands were back on my inner lips, rubbing gently to a slower ride. The secondary stimuli sent me over the top again and again. With every squeeze from my inner walls seemed to make him grow, I milked him as hard as I could. The different position hit a different spot inside of me.

Absolutely exhausted, I was leaning further forward, his hands on my hips now, guiding himself into me. His strokes were coming faster and I knew he was close. Revived, I started to clench him harder. Gritting my teeth, I rode faster, grinding. Feeling him blast inside, I slowed down a bit to milk his cock better. Gripped by my walls, every last drop was extracted. Popping off the top, I stood up with knees a little weak.

Wiping up in the bathroom, I brought him a wet cloth but decided to do so myself. Circulating the warm cloth around his still rigid penis. Replacing the cloth with my mouth moments later, I could feel him continuing to regain his girth and length. Judging by his body, he was ready to go again, and I couldn’t turn down such a thick piece of meat.

Pulling him up, I went to my knees and licked his large crooked cock. Bobbing slowly, I took it in as much as possible. There was no way I could deep throat as wide as he was and with every thrust, I remoistened. Standing me up and pushing me towards the bed, we fall together into its soft folds. Getting on top, looking down at me, kissing my lips ever so gently, Marvin pushed inside just as slow.

This was a different type of fuck, he was pushing deeper and slower. I was feeling the full size of his member. The slow long thrust going deeper than I ever remember getting filled. I was so sore and sensitive that every thrust sent shocks through my system. I don’t remember being exhausted by sex ever. No break, the rocking had pushed me further up the bed, distancing myself from his massive snake.

Grabbing me low on the hips, Marvin dragged me back down to him where he could bury himself fully. I clung to him, absorbing the thrusts as best I could with no energy. Pulling him inside deeper as I came around his dick. Another thrust and he was joining me in the throes of pleasure.

He left me there, breathing hard and shuddering in the middle of the bed. Never having took his clothes off, he merely zipped up and walked out. Leaving me there glistening, mind gone and body singing. It was all so unexpected, but such a good romp.

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