A Modern Family

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A Modern Family – The Beginning

Mom and dad met in high school. Mom was a cheerleader, tennis, volleyball, basketball player, track star and musician; dad a star tennis, football, basketball, baseball player, track and field athlete. He also played guitar. On their first date, both of them just turned 18, they got carried away in their lust.

They gave in to their horny feelings, fumbled through undressing each other; felt, kissed private parts – dad on mom’s tits, belly, butt and pussy, mom on dad’s balls and cock. She intended only to suck him off as the other girls her age had told her was safe or let him fuck her in the ass. They grappled in the backseat of dad’s car at a favorite make out parking place by the local lake. She sucked dad, and he fucked her ass and pussy too, apparently.

My brother was born about nine months later. With the support of both sets of their parents they decided to get married and raise the baby, my brother Keith, together. I was born late in the following year. They stayed married for four years, struggling to hold together a marriage based almost entirely on their early indiscretion, continuing need for sex and responsibility of raising two children – my brother and me.

Mother was working, dad was going to college. She was seduced at work by a much older man purely for sex with a younger woman on his part.

Dad gave in to the wiles of a horny study partner. Mom came home early from work one afternoon, actually released by her boss after he had fucked her in his office. She caught dad fucking his study mate in their marital bed.

In their tearful discussion, she confessed to dad what had happened and was still happening with her at work. He swore the tryst with his study partner was his first straying outside their marriage. They tried to resolve their infidelities but realized finally the thin threads holding their marriage together.

They parted rather amicably, I suppose, still both young. I went with mom, and my brother stayed with my dad. We siblings visited often – me with dad and my brother, Keith with mom and me.

Keith and I were our parents children no doubt. One time when Keith was staying with mom and me on our bi-weekly visits at either mom’s or dad’s house, Keith and I started playing with each other in sexual ways. Mom was next door, all too briefly for Keith and me, at a neighbor’s house.

Mom seemed to have a knack for coming home at the wrong or right, time. She caught Keith and me in her bedroom, naked together from the waists down playing with one of her dildos and each other. I actually had Keith’s penis in my mouth sucking on it while he probed at my cunny with mom’s big vibrating, battery-powered toy.

Keith and I were both 18 at the time; Keith almost 19.

Mom pitched a fit, naturally, I guess. She called dad, told him what was happening, and demanded that he come get Keith immediately.

They exiled Keith and me to the den while they sat in the kitchen and talked, their voices often rising to loud volume as they argued about how to handle this “situation.” Keith and I stayed very quiet, listening from the next room to everything they said.

Dad swore truthfully that nothing like Keith and I getting together sexually had happened ever at his house. He accused mom of being irresponsible.

She protested, of course, that she had just stepped next door to borrow some flour from her neighbor to make cookies for Keith and me. Dad accused mom of having a sexual interest in, even fucking her neighbor – a guy eight years younger than dad her age – 36 at the time.

Dad yelled at mom, “You were probably getting more than flour from him!”

She cried and yelled back, “At least I have not married some kid like you have.”

At age 30 dad had married a 21-year-old woman after dating her for about three years. Dad’s new wife, Linda, had been graduated from high school and started at the college where he had stayed on for advanced degrees and was an assistant professor when Linda and dad married.

“Don’t tell me,” mom said, “that you two aren’t fondling each other all the time in front of Kathy and Keith when Kathy is visiting with you. I know you are, you horny bastard! I bet you have fucked her even when Kathy is there.”

“Of course,” dad said, “she is my wife after all. Hell, come on, Trish, you and I even fuck here when I bring Keith over, or at my place when Linda is away and you come over to drop off Kathy for her weekend visits.”

By this time, scared as we were about being caught, also at the raging argument and how it might turn out for us, Keith’s pecker was getting hard again. I was leaking more juices out of my pussy that he had just been probing with the dildo a little while before. I could see him wriggling around in the chair opposite me, the bulge in his pants. I imagined him being able to see, at least smell, the girl juice oozing from my cunny, staining my nylon undies and cotton shorts. I could sure smell, even pendik escort feel it.

Almost unconsciously, yet deliberately, the vixen I was becoming, I put one hand between my legs touching my wet twat. As I stared at Keith I saw him move his hand up and down over his hard shaft inside his pants.

He licked his lips laciviously. I licked mine. We both giggled, stifling laughs as we felt our sexes, both aroused again, showing them off for each other.

Mom and dad argued on in the next room. Finally they agreed that they would not fuck each other anymore at her house or his when Keith and I were at either place, that our visits – mine to dad’s place or Keith’s to mom’s place would from now on be only once a month, and that the two of us would never be left alone again for any reason – flour or fucking with Linda, the neighbor, or mom and dad screwing each other.

Mom and dad came into the den to confront us yet again. Covering up our sexual arousals and our mirthful grins, looking all serious, pretending we had heard nothing, Keith and I apologized to both mom and dad, our words stumbling over the other’s as we begged them to forgive us for being so naughty and promising never to do such “ugly” things again.

They fell for our ruse. They explained to us the new terms of once-a-month only visitations. We made our apologies and promises again, but mom and dad told us that was it – the new visitation terms – once a month.

Dad took Keith and left. Mom sat down across from me where Keith had been sitting. Mom started in on me. I tried to follow the flow of her words, let them sink in and stick in my mind, but I was preoccupied with the thoughts, good feelings of just a while ago – the flow of the juices from my pussy, the dildo sinking into me, wanting Keith’s dick to stick in the tight little hole between my legs; the flow of Keith’s slimy juice from the head of his peter in my mouth, it sinking deeper over my lips, down my throat. I wanted him then to stick his pecker in the itching, twitching, wanting slot of my cunny, and I wanted it now.

Mom told me all about her and dad as teenagers in his car, how Keith and I had come into this world, all the problems that caused, and the break up of their marriage. That was how I learned all the stuff I shared with you at the beginning of this story.

Mom insisted I could not, would not have sex “with a man” until I was 21 years old or older. She reminded me, that like her, I could not take birth control pills. Both of us had blood clotting problems aggravated by the pills according to our family doctor’s diagnosis.

She told me again about the new terms of visitation – once a month. Hell, I thought to myself, I should know that by now. This is the third time I have heard it in the last few minutes.

Rather than express those secret thoughts though, rather than dwell on that, knowing I could be with Keith, maybe for us to play more with each other, maybe even fuck at least once a month, I started another line of argument.

“Mom!” I protested. “You have just told me you and dad did it when you were 18. I am 18. Now you are telling me I have to wait until I am 21, three more years. That’s not fair!”

“Oh, honey, Kathy,” she started, “I know you can’t understand now, but you will.”

“No!” mom, “I do not understand. I have the feelings now, the same ones you and dad had when you made Keith, then me. You didn’t wait, and I don’t want to wait. Twenty one! I’ll be old by then. I want to do it now, like you did. It is not fair,” I insisted.

“Kathy, please,” mom pleaded.

“No, mom, please, no! It felt so good,” I said, getting braver, more brazen as I sensed her weakening. “It felt so good with Keith, his thing in my mouth, your own toy in my place, just inside.”

Then I went for her jugular vein, the weakness I knew was in her as it was in me, the good feelings. “Mom,” I pleaded, “I know you and dad still do it even though he is married to Linda now. Keith and I have heard you. We have even peeked in and seen the two of you doing it.” She gasped, a little shocked at this revelation.

I bored in for greater advantage. “We have seen dad and Linda doing it. I have seen you and Bill [the younger neighbor] doing it. Keith and I have both seen all of you, doing lots more than Keith and I did.”

Mom dropped her head in shame, confusion.

I kept pressing on; I wanted to be fucked so bad, good, by Keith, anyone. I wanted to feel more of the good sensations in my ginch, on my little titties, my stomach, a cock on my lips, tongue, in my mouth, even in my back hole that Keith and I had explored only a little bit today. I wanted a hard cock, the tasty juice – mine and Keith’s – his soft, tender balls in their fleshy sack, so different all of it from my body – my budding puffy tits, the velvety, wet folds of my pussy, the special feeling place at the top of it – the usually covered nub that tingled so, even more than my crinkled back hole.

“Mom, please,” maltepe escort I begged. “I have seen daddy’s thing in your mouth, Bill’s, the cable tv guy’s, the pizza delivery man, and the newspaper guy’s when he came to collect and you did not have the money. I have seen daddy do your butt and Bill too.”

“Kathy!” mom screeched, “what are you saying? Are you threatening me?”

“No mom,” I answered feigning innocence over my arguments. “I would be threatening you if I said I know by the court agreement I can go live with dad and Keith if I want to. I would be threatening you if I told you that I would tell dad about all those guys.” Sensing her wilting further, I added, “I would be threatening you if I said I would tell dad you do it with women too.”

Mom shuddered visibly. “No, Kathy,” she protested, “not that.”

“Yes, mom,” I said sternly, “with Shirley, Jean and Kim from your work. Older and younger women. Mom, Kim is only a few years older than me, the daughter of our neighbor on the other side of Bill’s place. You and Kim did it the night she went to the movies with me the first time. That was so embarrassing. I don’t need someone to take me to movies mom, another woman. I’m a woman too, and you know it, but you keep having Kim go places with me. Then you do it with Kim when you think I am asleep.”

“Oh, Kathy, baby, baby.” Mom moved across the short distance from our seats – hers in the chair, mine on the sofa.

“I am no baby mom,” I said, “not anymore.”

We embraced. I kissed her sweaty forehead, her nose. She lifted her face. We kissed mouth to mouth. Our tongues intertwined. She no doubt tasted Keith’s juice on my lips. His clear, slick stuff was still fresh in my mouth. I could taste it with her lipstick. There was another taste in her mouth. What was it I wondered? Bill’s juice? Had she sucked him, taken his penis in her mouth while getting the flour to make cookies for Keith and me? It tasted stronger than Keith’s juice, like bleach.

As we kissed, I fondled her big boobs, felt her nipples harden. She touched my little titties. My puffies erected like her nips did. My hard nipples ached. Hers must be aching too.

I moved a hand to her heaving belly, slid it inside her shorts and panties, felt her wiry pubic hairs, the folds of her pussy, the wetness there. She matched me and more. She felt my muff, cupped it in her hand, let a finger slide into the notch formed by the soft cushion of my outer lips. The tingly feelings in me started all over, even stronger than when Keith had the dildo touching me.

I was feeling so good. I don’t know how it happened, but mom and I were now naked. Our clothes were in a pile on the floor. She had pulled me down on top of her as she lay on her back on the sofa, her legs wide, mine too, our hands and fingers feeling each others special places – our furpies. The lips of our mouths were locked together, tongues probing in kisses, our other hands feeling each others smooth womanly bodies – backs, waists, butts, the tops of our legs.

Then we were turned around, my head between her legs, her head between my legs. She kissed and licked the insides of my upper thighs. I did the same to her. I could smell the musk of her arousal, the fragrance from between her legs. I raised my head and gazed at the folds of her hairy place, a thin slit, oozing juice. I felt her tongue swipe up from the bottom of my furry purse to the top, once, twice, three times. I did the same to hers.

She shuddered, pointed her tongue and opened me like a blossoming flower. I did the same to her.

“Ummnnnh, oh baby, lick mommy’s pussy,” I heard her mumble, her mouth full of my fluttering labia engorged by the blood filling them in my excitement.

“I’ll teach you what we can do until you are older,” she said.

She squeezed my buttcheeks, opened the cleft, and ran her tongue over my puckered anus up through my pussy crease, and settled on the nub at the top. She sucked on my little man in the boat, its hooded covering pushed back by the lips of her mouth.

Her hairs tickling my nose, lips and chin, I did the same to her. Mom humped her hips up at me, pressing her pussy tighter against my mouth.

“Lick it, baby, lick it,” she hissed into my cunny. “Make me cum. Make mommy cum.”

“Umnh, ummmnnnnh,” I moaned into her hairy gash.

I felt the strangest feeling growing in my lower belly, from mom’s mouth on my pussy, tongue swiping at my hole, lips sucking on my little nub. A warmth spread all over me. I was shuddering, shaking all over, tingling. The tip of her finger touched my back hole. She locked her lips on my exposed nub, pulled on it, then tongued deeper into my front opening.

“Aaaaaaaah!” I yelled. “Oooooh, ooooh, ooooh, yes, please, yes,” I squealed. Juice flooded out of me covering mommy’s mouth as she slurped it up. Her long middle finger went right up my butt. I quivered and squealed. More juice ran out of me. Mom licked up all of it.

I so kartal escort wanted to do the same to her, but I collapsed on top of her. She hugged me tight, twisted me around again, and I felt her lips on my mouth again, her tongue probing inside my mouth. I tasted the sweet, metallic musk of my own pussy.

Gasping for air I breathed into her mouth, “Oh, oh, mom, what happened to me? I feel so weak.”

“You had your first cum baby,” she answered.

“Umnh, so good. Aaah, still tingling. I want to make you cum too mom,” I said.

“That’s okay, baby,” she answered, still cuddling me. “I want this to be so good for you that you will stay away from Keith’s cock, all cocks, until you are old enough to fuck responsibly.”

“Umnh, uh, ah, oh, mom,” I could only mumble, “it was so good. I want it again now.”

“Okay, honey, I’m going to suck you off again,” mom said. “If you want to make me cum too, just turn down there again and do to my cunt what I have done, am about to do again to yours.”

I was learning new words. Mom called my cunny, pussy, front hole a cunt, Keith’s peenie, dick, a cock.

“Give me your snatch, honey,” mom said. “Let me eat your twat again, suck your clit, finger your asshole.” My vocabulary was expanding so fast, growing right along with the good feelings sweeping over me again, especially in my pussy and in my asshole too.

As mom laved at my cunt, felt my tits, massaged my butt and fingered my ass, I twisted around and went back at her hairy twat. I kissed, licked and sucked on her clit, stuck a finger up her snatch and another one in her butt. She bucked into my face. I thrust at her mouth. Just as I was cumming again, she flooded my mouth with her juices. I thought she was peeing on my face, in my mouth, there was so much slick fluid squirting then oozing from her splayed open cunt lips.

We wrestled with each other slurping the juice. Then we lay face to face, kissing mouth to mouth, tasting each others girl cum, our tits pressed together, hands feeling, hugging close. We fell asleep. My settling thoughts were that I sure can be satisfied with this until mom says it is okay for me to fuck a cock.

It was not quite to be that way though as you shall hear when my story continues. I will appreciate your feedback encouraging me to tell more about this crazy thing called sex. Send feedback to volatw@aol.com

A Modern Family – 2 – Cherry Taken

After our first time together, mom and I enjoyed sex with each other as often as we could. If she was home before I got out of school she was waiting for me. If I was home before she got off from work I was waiting for her. The one waiting at home was always naked. The one coming home undressed as soon as possible so we could do what we did together. We were always naked at home together unless someone else was visiting. We took baths and slept together in mom’s bed. She was determined to keep my manpleaser satisfied so I would not fall prey to my brother, Keith, or go looking for cock until I was older and mom agreed it was okay for me to fuck.

She showed me her variety of dildos and taught me how to use them, including the lube she kept in her nightstand by her bed. Two of the dildos were rubber phalluses, complete with veiny cocks and big balls; one long and rather thin, the other just as long and thicker. Another was like those but by turning the base it vibrated, powered by batteries. It also had a stimulator for my clit. Two were butt plugs – both blunt-pointed on the end widening toward the base then tapering so they would stay stuck in my asshole when I got them all the way inside me. One was much larger than the other. Mom cautioned me never to put any of them all the way in my pussy and showed me how to stop when I met the resistance of my hymen.

Sometimes she would give me warm, soapy enemas in the bathroom, cleaning out my back hole. She would put one of the phalluses in a strap device around her waist and hips to fuck my clean ass with it. She let me do the same with her, both in her butt and her hairy cunt. That seemed to make her really happy. She would cum lots, more than once, and I did too while fucking her with the strap on cock. I would even cum when she was fucking me up my poop chute because she reached around to finger me and play with my clit as we came together.

She would push the cock just a little way into my pussy or pull it out and ride it over my clit, cumming with me as she brought me to shuddering orgasms, one after the other. We felt each other and kissed, licked and sucked each others titties. Almost always we ended up slurping out our girl juices and the lube, usually some fruit flavor. Those were some really good multiple orgasms.

One day I pretended to be sick and stayed home alone from school while she went to work. As soon as she left I got out her toys, the lube and went to work on myself. I was on the floor kneeling with my elbows and knees supporting me, sucking the big dildo. I had the small butt plug all the way up my ass and the vibrating dildo with the clit stimulator in my pussy. The stimulator would just barely touch my little man in the boat after it erected out of its hood, with the end of the dildo up my cunt bumping against my hymen.

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