A Morning with Lilly: part 1

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A Morning with Lilly: part 1

Lilly and I were chatting the other day and she said she wanted to hear what I thought it would be like if/when we first met. I started to describe it and she said she wanted to read it as a story. So…… If this is what she wants….


I flew out to LA last weekend to attend the wedding of my niece and then do some site seeing. Basically I was going out just to hang out for a week. The night of the wedding, after it was all over, I opened my laptop and was looking at my feeds on Xhamster when a message popped up from Lilly, a woman that I have been chatting with and exchanging fantasies with for a while. Something in the back of my mind fired off and I checked her profile. Sure enough, she claimed to live in LA.

My dreams went down in flames that first night. She said, “No.” to my invite out for drinks and signed off so fast I was fairly certain that I doubted I would ever see her online ever again. But when I woke up the next morning there was a message from her. It simply said, “Brunch?” I immediately sent a “Yes” in response and waited with a prayer.

Three hours later I was sitting in a restaurant at the edge of the Napa Valley. I was almost 25 minutes early and was nervous as hell. I knew what Lilly looked like; she had no idea of me. I am more than twice her age and almost twice her weight by my estimate. I suddenly thought jumping in my car and heading toward the ocean might be a good choice! Then I saw her as she rose up out of the driver’s seat of her car and scanned the parking lot and the front of the restaurant for someone that might be me. I did not make eye contact, but watched her out of the corner of my eye.

She was wearing a light weight sun dress and pulled a white sweater over her bare shoulders. There was no evidence of any bra straps and my mind flooded with memories of all of the pictures I had seen of her naked. She had sent me a picture of her face that morning and … yeah, she was every bit as beautiful as I had always imagined.

I was still weighing my option of just leaving when I saw her pull out her phone as she was walking almost directly toward me and the door. Too late I realized she was probably calling me and as I grabbed for my phone to silence it, it rang and she looked right at me. I was going to have to be rude or go through with it.

“Hi, I’m Bryan.”

“And I am Lily … and every bit as nervous as you look!”

We both laughed and we kissed platonically and I took her hand and led her into the restaurant where I had made the reservations. Ten minutes later it was almost as if we had known each other all of our lives and we talked about how beautiful the rolling hills were and how the water was running down some of the hillsides. We both began to relax and shared a laugh as we each realized we were eating at a winery when neither of us were real wine drinkers!!

We drove a ways back up the road and took a couple of roads off of the beaten path to a place a co-worker of hers had told her about. We locked up our vehicles and set out for a walk to a waterfall and view that she had been assured was worth the climb.

The climb was worth whatever, because I walked behind her, watching those hips move and sway and before long seeing the dress begin to cling strategically to her flesh. Her long mane of soft brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail and her bare shoulders and back tapered down and then flared out in the sensual wasp shape and I thought to myself, “I would be glad to be stung by her!”

45 minutes into the hike, we broke through a wall of pine and there was a pool of clear blue water being fed by a waterfall drop of about 30 feet that looked magical. We waded out into the water when suddenly she bent down and flipped the cold mountain water up at me and we were soon soaking wet! Finally I moved in and grabbed her up in my arms and spun her around, lifting her clear of the water as she laughed and squealed, I carried her to the sandy bank. When I put her down and started to release her, she grabbed my thumb and tried to twist it backward and wrestle me down. Instead, I spun her around caught both of her wrists, pulling them behind her and bringing her body against mine

There was no ignoring her hard nipples as I looked down at her smiling and laughing face…and beyond.

She realized my eyes were not locking on hers and a wicked smile crossed her face. “So,… you like something you see there, old man?”

My eyes went to hers and I saw the mischief in them. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri “As a matter of fact, I do!” I leaned down and her lips parted and we kissed; I mean really kissed for the first time. My heart was pounding in my chest more now than from the exertion of climbing to our secluded Eden! Her breath was warm and hungry as she parted her lips to allow my tongue to enter her mouth. Lily’s lips were soft, moist and more intoxicating than the strongest whiskey I have ever had! Her hands came up and pulled my face down to her as my own hands went from resting on her hips to pulling her to me.

We were breathing one another in and out as our tongues danced an erotic ballet of twirls, touches, lifts and falls. The air was cool and the water would have been enough to make us shiver, but for the fact that our bodies, pressed together as they were, generated a heat that left us gasping for more.

She broke the kiss as my fingers began to slowly pull the zipper in the back of the dress down. I looked into her eyes and then she cast a look back toward the trail head. “Do you think anyone else may come up here?”

I followed where her eyes had gone and relaxed my grip, “You’re right… but do you really care?” Lilly arched an eyebrow at me as if to say, “Listen here, Mister!” and I chuckled. Releasing my hold on her with one hand, I picked up both of our day packs and slid my hand down to hers and led her to a shadow in the a little further down the pool and behind an outcropping of rock. I hoped that the spot might both be secluded and sunny!

By the time we reached it, we were indeed out of sight of the trail and yet still close to the water with a magnificent view of the falls. I pulled out a blanket to cover the grass and make a nest for us and when I turned back to her, Lilly had pulled her zipper down to the top of her hips. She was staring at me with a knowing smile as the dress did nothing to hide her and slowly pealed the wet fabric from her breasts and torso. I stared in stunned silence as two perfect round breasts were revealed, standing out proudly from her chest Her nipples were hard and tight and pointing as if selecting me to come to them and own them if only for that moment.

As the dress dipped lower, I saw her belly button piercing and she smiled at the reaction on my face. Neither of us said a thing, but we each knew that there was not an inch of her body that she had revealed that I was not in lust with and yet the best was still to come!

“It’s not fair for me to show mine and you not to show me yours….” She said coyly, swaying back and forth, thumbs ready to her dress one final push to send it over the swell of her hips and ass. I grabbed the hem of my shirt and started “skinning” it slowly up and off of me. It was stuck to my flesh in several places and Lilly stepped up to me and ran her fingers over my flesh, and then under the shirt, freeing it to come up and off of me. As we lifted it up over my head, she suddenly grabbed my shirt and wrist with one hand and stopped me in a vulnerable position. Then I felt her leaning into me and a moment later those soft sensual lips wrapped around a nipple of mine and gave it a suck, before she started battering it with the lustful desire of her tongue!

I tried to move my hands and free myself, but she held me “trapped” with my hands over my head as her mouth traveled the width of my 54 inch chest. Her lisp were setting a blaze across my chest and fanning into flame a desire that she only barely was keeping in check. She was sending chills and shivers up and down my body awakening every part of me to a higher level of consciousness and need. As she bit the second nipple playfully I shuddered and moaned and then pulled my arms and head free of my shirt despite her playful attempts to stop me.

Now free, I looked at her and she saw in my eyes that she had awakened the b**st, and she smiled. I pulled her to me and our bare torsos slapped together in a noisy introduction of what was to come and I pulled her up my body and kissed her fiercely. She hooked her upper arms over my shoulders as my hands reached down and cupped that ass I had seen in pictures so many times before. It felt even better than it looked and my God, it had made me cum more times than I can count!

Lifting her up, she wrapped her legs around my torso as I kissed her throat and the angle where it joined her shoulders. Her moans mad me even harder and feeling her wrestle with me only served güvenilir bahis şirketleri to make the work worth the effort. Turning, I put her back against the smooth granite face of the stone and worked my lips down her chest as her legs began pulling and releasing me into the v between them.

Lilly has those perfect tits. They are bigger, softer, and more responsive than a teens and yet they have the shape, the firm perfection that men crave their whole life and receive so few times! Her nipples were hard and rose up proudly from the front of those C cup beauties and with every touch of my lips and tongue they seemed to get ever harder and longer, straining for my attention. I was more than willing to give them my all!!!

It was not long before her hips were grinding and searching to give what was between her legs more contact, more friction. My own smaller head was sending urgent demands over and over to my brain to set it free! It had not taken either of us nearly as long as I had hoped. Still, the end was the same and it now was in sight!

She relaxed her legs and I helped stand her on her feet. We each then worked quickly to strip off the last of our clothes and throw them onto the rock to dry in the sun. Lilly turned to me and started to move into me as we had before, but this time I caught her wrist, pulled down and twisted, spinning her naked body around and pulling it into mine in a blink of an eye! For a moment she was stunned. She was not aware of my thick prick trapped between the twin globes of her ass or my hands both quickly encircling her and grabbing her breasts and pulling her into me. “Enough foreplay. We can play later. It’s time to get to business.” Then I kicked her feet apart and leaned her forward so her hands could reach the large rock.

I will never forget that moment. Lilly flipped her long hair over her left shoulder and that long expanse of tapered tanned back lay out there before me. She looked back at me with a pout and then shook her ass at me. I slapped both of her round ass cheeks a good crack and she jumped. Then I grabbed my thick cock and slapped it up underneath her a couple three or four times, right across her clean shaven pussy. Her round puckered dark hole was winking up at me and her white tan lines stood out in stark relief to her golden California tan. My god, that was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen!

Putting my hand over her pussy, I gave it a squeeze. She moaned such a delicious sound to my ears! I spread my fingers to either side of her labia and opened her up. My other hand lifted my heavy cock head and aimed it to where we both now were eager for it to be. The thick round mushroom wedged her open and the feeling was that of being pulled into a warm slice of wet heaven, as her flesh wrapped around mine and drew me in. I heard her his as she willed her body to relax and allow my deeper intrusion.

I have been with my share of women in my life, and some, the first time are dry and nervous…others are so set and slutty it’s almost like dipping your dick in a warm bucket of water. Lilly was wet, but my god, she was tight and I could feel every bit of her as I slowly sank that first inch of shaft into her. I am no “13 inches of manhood” but when as aroused as I was by Lilly, I grow really thick and over the years I have learned to take it slowly. I pulled all of the way back out and stuck my head in and pulled it back a couple of times before pushing also that first inch in and then a second. The way her back swayed down as she lowered the middle of her torso almost as if to accommodate my thickness…. God it was hot! I pulled back a little and pushed hard and sank nearly balls deep as a couple of more inches wedged their way in. I was glad I had hold of her hips because Lilly got weak-kneed for a couple of seconds and then to my surprise she shoved herself back the last inch to take the rest of me into her!

She got her legs under her and leaned forward, to the point where I could just see the rim of my circumcised head exiting her tight slit, and then she pushed herself back into me. My balls swung forward and hit her clit and she moaned. Slowly we began building the tempo. Each thrust into her after the third or fourth was rewarded with a spray of sex soda from her pressurized pussy. Soon there were lines of thick juices running down our legs as we began to fit together our bodies into the singleness of sexual sensuality!

I started spanking her ass each time canlı bahis şirketleri we pulled apart. Her flesh was very white and showed my hand prints plainly as we continued our coupling. The flesh of her butt was not as tight as that of a gymnast but it moved so nicely with each blow and I found myself wishing that I could bend double and stick my tongue into her puckered brown sphincter eye. I slid my thumbs into the shallow crease and began massaging her asshole. Lilly swore at me and I saw her take one hand and reach back underneath her as she continued to balance herself against the rock with her left hand.

Within a minute I could feel her strong vaginal muscles begin to tighten and grip my shaft more and more. I shortened my strokes and tried to keep up with the growing frenetic pace of her hips fucking back into mine. We were both swearing now and I became a aware that I had the tip of my left thumb pressing hard, down against the center of her resistant ass. At that same moment she gave a short scream and I had to quickly move both hands to her hips as her knees buckled and she threatened to break my cock off inside of her. Her orgasm was as powerful as I have ever experienced and despite my best efforts, a few moments later she pitched herself forward and off of my cock and then sank to the ground, rolling onto her back, legs all splayed out.

I was not done and as she lay there on her back torn between panting and giggling, I knelt down and picked one of her legs up while straddling the other, she looked at me as if to ask what the fuck and then looked at my cock as I aimed it at her still throbbing pussy. With no preamble whatsoever I pushed the head of my cock into her and then with one thrust buried myself deep and hard into her quivering quim. Watching her back arch as her body registered the fact that my assault on her was not over was nearly all I could take. Every muscle in her body tensed, from her toes to the back of her neck and I could feel those in her core ripple with a confusion of a satiated woman and a whore always in need of more! I pulled back and began rapidly jacking myself in and out her deeply, clutching her leg up my torso and over my shoulder. She was babbling incoherently or maybe it was just the sound of my pulse booming within my skull that muddled her cries, but I gave no mercy.

I have no idea how long I lasted and honestly, it did not matter. The only thing that mattered was I was in her, deep inside of Lilly and I was going to pump my seed in a rushing torrent up through my scrotum, into my body and out my cock and into her broiling womb! All else failed to exist as I rushed headlong toward that goal and she continued to ride a thunderous wave of orgasmic bliss that threatened to overwhelm her mind!

My back spasmed once and nearly bent me double backwards as my genitalia tried to push all of me through the tip of my throbbing cock into her flooded and over flowing pussy. I looked down and saw she had a handful of boob in each hand, squeezing, releasing, the slapping her hands over them once again, twisting and digging her fingers into the tender flesh as I shot load after load of thick cum deep into her and filling her us such that it was soon running out of her even as things deep within my sack twisted and turned trying desperately to wring out as much thick white man juice into her young fertile body.

I finally could stand no more and as I pitched onto the ground on my side next to her. Some minutes before I had been cold from the mountain water cascading from the waterfall and now I was covered in a sheen of sweat, gasping for breath, lying on my back. I breathed in, just to have the air to let out another oath and string of obscenities as Lily kept saying, “You?!? You damn near split me in half with that cock of yours and now you want to lay there and piss and moan?!!”

Suddenly she threw her body on mine and clapped her hand over my mouth. My eyes flew open and I looked at her completely confused when I heard it too. “Hello? Is someone here?”

We scrambled to look around the rock and there on the beach, between the falls and the trail was another couple, both of them in their late teens or early 20’s looking around for where the sound of our love making had been coming from. The man shrugged, said something to the woman who laughed, and then began shedding her clothes.

No, the picture is not of Lilly. She and Lilly could be sisters, but I do not have permission to use Lilly’s real pictures so….
Now you may be wondering….”What happened next?” Well, part 2 should be out or coming out soon!!

And Lilly, if you play with yourself while reading this…. you have to send me pictures to use in the next set of stories!! You know you want me to show you off to thousands of men and women!!!

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