A Nearly Satisfied Customer

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It was a miserable, rainy day in September that I came in to get my tattoo done. I must’ve been your last appointment of the day and was soaked to the skin when I got there. You introduce yourself at the counter and lead me into your room. Already I find myself intrigued by you.

I come in and take my trousers off, exposing my pubic area ready to receive an exquisite piece of tribal. As you don your gloves, you begin chatting away to me, making me comfortable and getting me more than a little horny for you.

Buy the time your ready to start I’m aching to feel your hands on me, though still a bit tentative of the pain. Still, I sit back and try and relax, allow myself to feel as safe as possible and wait for the searing pain to begin.

You begin the design, I recall the sensation so clearly; by this time prepared for it, any cost to have this beautiful design emblazoned upon my body for the rest of my life. So wound up I’d even forgotten how hot I am for you.

The pain, if u could call it that, pinched at first, burning a little to begin with, getting more and more intense, unbearable, but your gentle, flirtatious manner keeps me at my ease.

After the first 5 minutes, I no longer felt any pain. I’m slowly finding myself accepting, even enjoying the contrast of touch between the needles of the tattoo gun and your fingers, making me hotter than ever, making me want you like you wouldn’t believe!

Before I even realise, its finished. It’s beautiful, gorgeous, more even than I’d hoped for. As I’m admiring my new addition in the mirror, I notice a damp patch has formed at the front of my panties, as a result of your ‘attention’ to that area; I look up flushed, wondering whether you’ve noticed.

You talk me through how to care for my new prize as I wriggle back into my damp jeans. I pull on my jacket, thank you sincerely, up my hood n disappear back out into the rain…

My Fantasy

By now its dark, and as I’m trudging up the hill, towards my halls of residence, by this time soaked to the skin and shaking with cold. A gold Pontiac wheel-spins around the corner, through the deepest puddle you can imagine; splashing me, head to toe. Soggy and drenched in murky puddle water, I’m mortified, shocked, through to angry in about 3 seconds.

Brakes go on, window down, and who’s facing me; (now looking my worse and feeling more than slightly flustered) but you. The guy giving me something beautiful and making me hot for you not ten minutes earlier?!

As my anger subsides into astonishment, you apologise and offer me a lift home. As I’m leaning through the window talking to you, I become aware of the purrrr of your engine beneath the bonnet. Cold and wet by this point bahis firmaları I decide to accept your offer.

I run around the car and sink down, low into the passenger seat. Tyre’s spin on the sodden tarmac as the car pulls away.

As we drive along, the atmosphere lightens again and before I know it, I’m flirting with you outrageously; and if I’m not imagining it, you’re flirting back.

The conversation moves from tattoo’s to fast cars and somehow we begin talking about sex. Soon we’re talking so filthy that each word makes me physically ache. I’m so hot for you its beginning feel like it hurts me, more than the tattoo did.

I loose myself and decide to go for it; I slide my hand onto your thigh as your driving. I glance at the clock and it’s showing over a ton already, we are on a duel carriageway now and I can feel you easing your foot down on the accelerator.

I run my hand up your thigh, higher and higher, inching my way up to your crotch. By the time my hand gets where it’s headed, I can feel your half hard cock through the denim of your jeans. You coax me on with encouraging words, driving a little faster, as I undo both your zip and my seatbelt, and sink even lower into the passenger seat.

A second before my lips touch you, your foot hits the brake and we’re sliding round a 45-degree bend off the duel carriageway and into some intensely dark lanes.

As we clear the bend my lips can’t wait to get to work on you, I slide down into the seat again and begin slowly, tantalisingly licking all over your hard cock. I take my time and you moan appreciatively.

Running my tongue up and down your shaft, licking and sucking your balls, but restraining myself from taking your throbbing cock into my mouth. We hit another corner; by now everything is dark, we haven’t seen another car in miles. You spot a lay bye, hit the brakes, and kill the engine and the headlights.

I can’t wait to feel the touch of your hands on my body. You push back your seat, allowing me much better access to what I’m currently coveting, and I begin to slide my lips over the head of your cock.

Slowly at first, gliding my lips down further and further, till I’m consumed by my need for you; frantic to please you by this point, sucking you, licking you deeper and deeper, your coaxing words turn to pleads and then groans.

I feel your hot member begin twitching and throbbing in my mouth. I quicken my pace, willing you to come, and hungry for the taste of you. Deeper, faster, go my warm, wet lips and then you explode, filling my mouth with hot sweet cum. I savour the taste of you as you tremor to a climax.

Our lips meet at last, its like lightning through my mind; we kiss deeply kaçak iddaa and passionately while I scramble to get out of my jacket and top.

After what seams like hours you free my flesh from its confine of clothing, immediately turning your attentions to my beautiful breasts. I revel in the feel of your hands as they caress and squeeze my pert tits, tugging, pinching and rolling my nipples till they’re erect and I’m moaning and begging you, Please Don’t Stop!

You kiss, bite n tease me, talking dirty to me, telling me how much I please you, how excited I make you. My jeans n panties are off in one movement, n you stretch me out across the passenger seat.

I catch sight of my beautiful new tattoo and wriggle n writhe in anticipation as u make your way slowly down away from my large, firm breasts. Kissing me down past my stomach, tracing your tongue expertly over my thighs.

I can hold myself no longer; I’m lost in you now, begging and pleading with you to eat my shaven pussy, to make me come.

You lower your head, tasting my sweet juices for the very first time, varying your technique, fast n slow, circling your tongue round my clit till it’s as hard as a marble in oil.

I feel Waves of ecstasy encase my being, pseudo-electric charges pulse through my veins. I’m loosing it, giving into pleasure, coming again and again as you mould your lips n tongue round my pussy, keep me riding wave upon wave as I orgasm, crying out your name.

Your lips on my breasts again, sucking and manipulating my nipples with revived urgency, my body still wracked by after tremors. You begin your ascent back up my torso, kissing n biting my neck till you bruise me and I cry out for more.

As our lips lock again, our tongues dance together; a hypnotised melody kissing; deeper n deeper… I feel your hard cock again, stiff as stone again as you rub against my tight, wet pussy, making me twitch, throb n moan from the centre of my being.

My only thoughts now, are carnal! All that matters now is making our bodies one. At this moment all I can think of is how much I want you, deep inside me, fucking and filling me. I start pleading again, calling your name, begging you, pleading with you, take me, Oh God, please take me now.

Through the tangle of our bodies, we somehow shift about till you’re sitting in the passenger seat. I slip myself between your legs, facing the windshield.

I lift my ass a little, rubbing my soaking pussy over you hard cock teasing and us both painfully. I continue to rub myself against you, stopping just short of penetration, winding you up again and again, till you can take no more.

You grip my hair, forcing me forward, manhandling me, sick of all the kaçak bahis cockteasing; all you want now is to feel your cock, deep inside my beautiful tight cunt.

I groan n plead some more, till I’m so wound up, adrenalized n just pure high on you, struggling to string the words together to tell you, beg you for what I want. Suddenly, without warning, I hear ‘Smack’ complete with a burning sensation on the cheek of my ass.

It takes a moment for me to realise; until the next ‘Whack’, that what I can feel n hear is you spanking your hands down hard on my pale buttocks!

I’m Shocked, Surprised, less by the realization of what you are doing to me, but more by the fact that I’m enjoying it.

Your hands feel so good on my ass-cheeks, now turning from their usual ivory white to a new rosy pink.

I cry out as another sting falls on my behind, and you tell me I’m a filthy bitch for enjoying your abuse.

You ask me whether your new ‘bitch’ is ready for a good fucking. I tell you I am, willing for anything to please you. Aching more than ever to feel your hard shaft buried up to the hilt in my throbbing pussy, feeling hotter and wetter than ever before.

I feel the engorged head of your now mammoth erection as it nestles between my sweet pussy lips.

You ask me again do I want it, do I need you. I groan, trying to wriggle myself back onto you, but to no avail. As soon as I feel you begin to stretch your way into me, you back off a little.

I’m getting more frustrated and needy by the second, ‘Beg me, Bitch’ you tell me. I moan, plead and in one swift movement, I’m full of you! Stretched to my limit. My aching quim filled to the brim with your cock. You grab my hips, handling me roughly, as you pull me back n forth, soaking your cock in my juices.

I writhe my hips against you, as we find each other’s rhythm.

By now the tone of the mood is frantic, each of us searching for just one thing; Release, Satisfaction. The harder you fuck me, the rougher you are, the closer I can feel myself getting to another orgasm. As this thought fills my mind, you quicken your pace, and I know your loosing control.

Between the thought of having my pussy filled with your own hot spunk, and the intense feeling of your dick hammering away in my tight, twitching pussy… I Come. I come harder stronger, further than I’ve ever gone before.

We come together in an earth-shattering crescendo, and I’m yelling out with ecstasy, screaming my passion for you.

You are gripping my breasts tight now, as our bodies writhe and squirm against each other. I feel the muscles in my pussy tighten, constrict. My whole body stiffens n shakes as you thrust real deep, your cock contracting and swelling in time with my own spasms.

And finally you give me what I’ve so desperately been longing for; you fill my abused and aching pussy full of your hot sweet cum.

Now I’m a Satisfied Customer 😉

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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