A Nerdy Girl

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I had broken up with my girlfriend over the past several months. She was a good friend but couldn’t reciprocate the love I felt and so felt that we should end most aspects of our relationship. She had kids, a bit spoiled, but generally good and fun to be around. Extricating myself was going to be a slow process, and I would probably end up an ‘uncle’ to them to provide stableness to their youth.

Ever since the first time my now ex-girlfriend mentioned us breaking up, I couldn’t help but notice a girl I play cards with in the Meetup I am apart of. The group would meet every week on Tuesday at a restaurant and play for a few hours. The friendships weren’t very deep but there was a camaraderie, and I didn’t feel like they were superficial either.

I think her image is etched in my memory. I had taken notice of her a few times on different occasions because she was visually appealing to my mind. What I mean is that her dark hair and olivine skin was something that just like lingerie I found to be in a word sexy. Any woman could increase her sexuality by wearing stockings and or lingerie, but I digress. One day as we finished playing cards and left the restaurant I absent mindedly forgot to pick up my sweatshirt. The group got a little ahead of me and when I turned around from the booth to catch up I saw her figure in its fullness for the first time. This wasn’t just the normal sizing up that both men and women do all the time when they see someone attractive; this was a stopped in my tracks kind of thing. My first thought is normally that’s very nice but I have a girlfriend, but this time my eyes lingered and I remember taking a long deep breath and after a few seconds of ogling, my feet somehow engaged and walked after her. That day she was wearing some colorful artsy stockings that showed off her lithe legs. If I remember correctly she had on the Old Catholic Schoolgirl shoes or at least that is the style that is closest to what they were. Her stride accentuated her nice legs. It may have been my imagination, but I think her skirt stuck a bit to her hips as she walked and I couldn’t help but think to myself Man what a beautiful ass she’s got. It was a very long straight walk down bahis firmaları the side of the bar that evening. When she got to the door she was still a good ten feet ahead of me. As she turned and held the door I saw the rest of her sexy curves and had to take another long breath. The hostess I walked past and almost completely ignored must have caught me.

Lee’s hips rose to their apex and subsided up to her breasts. When Lee had turned and held the door open the curve of her breasts showed through the shirt she was wearing. She had full breasts that would feel great in the palm of my hand, probably a full C cup that went well with her figure. She turned to look at me as she walked through the door and my brain went into trained manhood action a couple of quick steps and a reach for the door before I looked up in the hopes that she didn’t feel I was a perv staring at her body even though I was staring.

My hopeful reality

That night remained in my memory and for the remaining month or two of the breakup, I tried very diligently to forget or at least lock away those images. Well that was then and this is now. Now she and I play cards together sometimes during the week outside of the group. She had asked for help fixing her computer which I was sad to say only took one evening, but I invited myself over a few times to play cards. On one of those occasions as we were getting to know each other much better she asked, “Why do you keep inviting yourself over here to play cards with me?”

“Well,” I gave a pause to think over her question and how I wanted to answer, “After everything that has happened, it is nice to have someone to talk with and play cards with.” She got up and walked into the kitchen. “And I thought you would enjoy the friendship knowing that you recently had a bit of a falling out with someone you thought was a good friend.”

“Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind you coming over and playing cards it’s fun even if you keep beating me. Do you want something more to drink?”

“Sure,” I said as I got up and walked into the kitchen. Then I thought I would go out on a limb. “Well there may also be other reasons.”

“Oh like what, making sure kaçak iddaa I don’t slit my wrists while listening to depressing music?” It was a reference to a night we played cards with the group and the normal music had been replaced by depressing break up music.

“No, maybe I find you interesting and want to get to know you better. Maybe I’ve got it in my head that you are the writer I read under the penname AgentMeow whose is a self proclaimed nerdy girl and who loves 80’s music among other things.”

At this she stopped for the briefest of moments. I continued, “Maybe after reading what AgentMeow wrote I was really intrigued. You are really easy on the eyes you know and I am sure that there is quite a depth to you and with all that maybe I want to kiss you right here.” Her back was to me and put my finger on her shoulder in the soft spot toward her arm. I watched as she inhaled. It was getting to be winter and she had on a sweatshirt so it wasn’t like I could kiss her there but I drew a little circle there with my finger. Since she didn’t freak out I decided to keep going. “Maybe,” I elongated the word, “I would continue to this spot.” and I moved my finger to the top of the muscle where most people get knots from stress and tapped seductively on it a few times. “Maybe I would let my tongue draw a little circle like this,” and I drew a little circle with my finger. “If I didn’t freak you out I would probably continue up your neck like this with my hand.” I let the fingers of my other hand gently graze up her skin on the other side of her neck and played with the base of her hair as if she were a cat but much gentler. While doing this I leaned in and kissed the other side of her neck as low as I could while tugging her sweatshirt gently out of the way.

I could hear her take a few deep breathes through her nose but she made no attempt to stop me so I continued.

As I massaged or played with her hair I whispered in her ear, “maybe I want to feel you against me,” I leaned the upper part of my body against her back and my head was over her shoulder and right next to hers. “Maybe, I want to hold you against me and bask in your presence.” At this I got a little shock as she kaçak bahis bent slightly which had the effect of pressing her butt into me. I pressed back so she could feel me growing. I kissed her neck again and continued as I wrapped my arm around her waist. “Maybe, I want to kiss more of you,” I said as I moved my hand first to the side of her stomach, “here,” then slowly to the other side, “here,” she put her hand on top of mine, I moved my hand up slightly, “and here and kissing very slowly up to here.” My hand was directly between her breasts and she was breathing deeply.

“Maybe, I want to drink you in like this.” I moved both my hands down to her sides just below her bust and let them slide down the length of her torso to her hips past her hips as low as I could reach. Her hands followed on top of mine as I did this and she ground back into me. I felt her nudge me around the front of her and I let my hands move around a bit from her sides but not enough to let my fingers move to the inside of her thighs as I came up to her stomach and back up very slowly toward her breasts. “Maybe I want to hold you in my hands like this,” I said, as I cupped her breasts being careful to not let my hands come up and touch her nipples. I took a deep breath with her.

“Maybe, I’ll run my fingers over you skin like this,” And I moved my hands down and pulled up her sweatshirt and shirt enough to let my fingertips play in back and forth on the narrow exposed inch of skin at her waist. Her hands guided me back and forth. I kissed her neck again and played a little with my tongue. Finally I got a response and exhaled “oh my”.

I decided to see where she was at. “Maybe,” I whispered in her ear, “then again maybe you won’t want me to do any of this.” I straightened up just a bit and her hands held me in place.

She was silent as she held me holding her. She arched her back a bit and ground into me and I ground back.

“Maybe,” I said as I pulled her firmly into me and bending over slightly, “you need me to take you hard and fast first before I spend the next couple of hours reminding you of how much a sexy beautiful woman you are or maybe you’d rather let me have my way. The slow agonizing torture of an hour of little kisses and gentle brushes before sending you repeated over your threshold.”

We never finished our game of spades that day, in fact it was a while before we played spades again.

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