A New Beginning Ch. 1

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Part 1

I was not an ambitious young man. After high school, I could not find a good full-time job. I entered the U.S. Army and retired after serving 20 years at army bases in the USA, and in Germany and Korea. Soon after I retired from the army, my marriage to an ambitious and beautiful lady ended in divorce.

My wife, Betty, was a nurse and got a job wherever we moved to. She got tired of moving around and my low ambition. I longed to return to civilian life. We did not have any children of our own. We adopted a girl in Korea. My wife and I had an amicable divorce; Betty got custody of our daughter.

I have been working as a building maintenance supervisor in one of the local elementary schools. I did most small repairs myself and called a contractor for large jobs. I am enjoying working in the school; I love the kids and the dedicated teachers who do not get paid what they really deserve. I got to sort of know most teachers, but rarely had a chance to talk to many of them.

While fixing a leaky drinking water fountain one morning, I met Beverly Windsor, a fourth-grade teacher for the first time. She had short, light brown hair, and a beautiful face with large green eyes hidden by large red-framed glasses. She was about 5 ft 2 in, and 115 lb. She dressed in a loose fitting and conservative dress that came below her knees; it did not reveal much of her figure. I noticed that she had nice legs and ankles.

She introduced herself to me, “Hi, I’m Bev Windsor. My room is across the hall. I need to ask you a favor.”

“Sure Bev, I am Jack Turner. I have been working here for about a year. How can I help you?”

“I have couple of small projects at home. I am hoping that you can help. My husband is unable to make repairs at home.”

“Sure, Bev, I will be glad to take a look. I will help if I can.”

Bev wrote her phone number and handed it to me, “Here is my phone number. Please call me in the evening.”

Next day evening, when I called Bev’s phone number, a weak male voice answered the phone, “Windsor residence.”

“Hi, this is Jack Turner from the school. May I speak with Bev, please?”

“Sure, hold on a second.” I could hear the man calling Bev to the phone, mentioning my name. I also heard him wheezing.

After a few moments, I heard Bev’s voice, “Hi Jack. Thanks for calling. I need your help fixing couple of leaky faucets in the house and a garden hose. I will gladly pay you for your work.”

I said, “Sounds to me like they are small jobs. When can I come to work on them?”

“If possible, please come tomorrow evening.”

Next day evening, I took my toolbox and drove to Bev’s home. Bev and Earl were friendly people. He was frail, and coughed and wheezed almost continuously. Periodically, he was breathing Oxygen from a small cylinder. He seemed to be about 70, while Bev seemed to be about 50. Bev was dressed in a pink short-sleeve blouse, jeans, and sandals. She looked very alluring, particularly her large boobs protruded out prominently. She had slim arms and forearms, and delicate hands. She had on bright red lipstick and painted toenails. I smelled her light perfume every time she came close to me.

The plumbing problems were indeed not complicated, torn washers that I fixed in about 30 min. “Earl and Bev, the jobs I did are too small for me to charge you. I had the right tools and they were easy to fix.”

Earl said, “At least have a cup of coffee and a piece of carrot cake Bev made earlier. You helped us save a lot of hot water.”

I accepted their offer. I stayed for another hour or so. Over the cup of coffee and cake, I found out that Earl had been an accountant and retired about ten years ago. I told them of my service in the army and my fondness for the school children.

Bev looked very attractive in the pink blouse. She had a nice smile and an easy laugh. I was drawn to her, but I knew she was a married woman. I always kept away from married women, however attractive they were. But, I never met a woman as beautiful and voluptuous as Bev, either married or unmarried.

Earl explained, “I smoked cigars and a pipe for a long time going over books before computers became part of our lives. I was under the delusion that I was not inhaling the tobacco smoke. I retired because of emphysema. My medical insurance policy is good. Bev’s policy is a bonus; it pays for most of my prescriptions.”

Bev and Earl, and I became friends. I learned that Earl was a widower and Bev was a divorcee when they met. He was about 20 years older than her. Whenever we ran into each other at school, Bev and I talked to each other. Because Earl was incapacitated, I continued helping them with small chores, especially lifting heavy items and doing minor repairs. I cleaned their pool that was three to five feet deep and about 15 feet long. Their backyard was surrounded by various bushes and offered considerable privacy for using the pool. Bev continued to ask me to help with various chores at her home, with Earl’s concurrence, if not his casino şirketleri permission. I visited them several times during weekdays after dinner. Couple of times I was sure that I smelled alcohol on Earl’s breath.

One day, Earl said, “You have been helping us quite a bit. How about having dinner with us on Thursday night?”

I replied, “Sure Earl, if it is ok with Bev. I am sure Bev is a great cook. Can I bring something, say a bottle of wine?”

Earl replied, “Bev already agreed to have you as our dinner guest. Bev loves wine, semi-dry Riesling is her favorite. I prefer martinis with olives.”

Bev added, “Earl likes martinis made with Bombay gin, with as little vermouth as possible.”

On the way to the front door, Bev whispered to me, “Earl is not holding his martinis as well as he used to. Sometimes, he passes out in his Laz-y-Boy chair and sleeps their till dawn.”

Part 2

On Thursday evening, Bev’s face looked beautiful in dangling gold pierced earrings and a necklace with a heart shaped pendant encrusted with diamonds. She served tossed salad, baked chicken, cooked green beans, and rolls. I opened the chilled bottle of wine I had picked up on the way to their home, and poured a glass each for Bev and me. Earl started on his second martini.

I helped Earl from his chair to the dinner table. He seemed all right as we talked about the beautiful weather we have been having. Occasionally, Bev and I talked about the happenings in school. Earl continued to drink and was inebriated by the end of dinner; his speech was quite slurred. Bev was right; he was not able to hold his martinis well.

Bev and I helped Earl to his Laz-y-Boy chair. Soon Earl was snoring. I carried the dirty plates and serving dishes to the kitchen. I offered to help Bev wash the dishes, but she said she only has to rinse the plates and load the dishwasher. It was inevitable that there was inadvertent contact between us. Once I felt Bev’s boobs brush against my arm. Immediately, I got a hard-on. My cock lump was very obvious. I saw Bev stare at my crotch couple of times when she thought I was not noticing her. The third time Bev looked into my eyes, smiled, and blushed intensely. I smiled back.

Later, Bev said, “Jack, if you are free on Saturday, come about 5 p.m. You can swim for an hour or so and have dinner with us.”

That night, I jacked off imagining fucking Bev doggy style. I avoided Bev most of Friday at school. Just after school ended, Bev opened my office door and said, “Jack, don’t forget to bring your swimming trunks tomorrow!” Before I could reply, she was gone.

I kept busy Saturday morning and afternoon working at school, and cleaning my apartment. Later, on my way to the Windsors, I picked up a bottle of semi-dry Riesling and a box of chocolates. Earl and Bev greeted me warmly on the patio. Earl was dressed in shorts and a tee shirt; he sat in an upholstered rocking chair. Bev had on a terrycloth robe that came to her knees. She wore sandals. Her toenails were painted red.

“I am making drinks: a martini for Earl and a gin-tonic for myself. What would you like?”

“I will have a gin-tonic too, with a twist of lime.”

Bev smiled and nodded her head, “You can change into your swimming trunks in the powder room.”

When I came back in my swimming trunks, Bev was already in the pool. I sat next to Earl, who was sipping his martini. I took a sip of my gin-tonic. I felt invigorated. Bev called out, “Jack bring me my drink. Get in the pool for a swim.” I nodded. As Bev reached up to take her drink, I could see her slim, well-formed arms, and her cleavage. She was wearing a blue-green suit that had pink flowers. My cock got hard looking at her voluptuous body. I stepped into the cool water, but my hard on did not subside. I swam couple of laps, stopped and sipped my drink; Bev did the same. I saw Earl going inside the house to fix himself another martini.

Bev said, “You look good in your swimming trunks.”

I blushed and said, “What ever I can see of you looks very good too. Can I see all of your suit?”

She blushed, swam to the side of the pool, and sat on the ledge of the pool with legs crossed. I whispered, “Bev you are a beautiful and voluptuous woman.” I looked at the house to see if Earl had come back.

Bev said, “Earl will not come out. I’m sure he is in the Laz-y-Boy chair drinking his Martini.” She smiled mischievously and slowly opened her knees. I could see the wet fabric had hugged her pussy lips and slit. Still smiling, she said, “Let’s go inside and get ready for dinner.” She got up, turned, and walked wiggling her ass. She picked up her towel and robe, winked at me as she dried her hair, and went inside the house.

After a few minutes, I went to the powder room. I dried my hair and body with a towel, and was about to put on my underwear, when there was a soft knock on the door. Bev, now in her robe, walked in, grabbed my cock and planted a juicy kiss on my mouth. I reached under her robe, cupped her bra-covered casino firmaları left boob, and her panty-covered ass with the other hand. I wanted more, but Bev wiggled away, saying, “Time for dinner. See you in a minute.”

I put on my shorts, short-sleeve golf shirt, and went to the dining room. I helped Earl sit at the dinner table. Bev was dressed in a white sleeve-less blouse and a wrap-around denim skirt. I poured Bev and I a glass of wine. Earl wanted a sip of Bev’s Riesling wine. Reluctantly, she offered him her glass. Earl drained it!

Bev cut his steak and fed him a few pieces. Earl opened his eyes occasionally and smiled at Bev. He was really not there, a combination of old age and inebriation. Afraid that Earl may choke on a piece of meat, Bev and I helped him to the Laz-y-Boy chair. I filled Bev’s wine glass.

She took couple of sips and sighed deeply, touched my hand, looked into my eyes and said, “Jack I am glad you are here. You have been of big help. Earl has weakened a lot the last few weeks.” She then looked into the living room and said wistfully, “He will sleep there most of the night. He seems to be happy and content.”

We ate our dinner in silence. I had one glass of wine, but Bev had two; she needed it. I helped Bev clean up the dinner table and load the dishwasher. She giggled every time we made contact. One time, as I was rinsing dishes at the sink, Bev hugged me from behind pressing her boobs into my back; she reached to my crotch and gently grabbed my cock lump. I wanted to turn around and crush her in my arms, but Earl’s presence in the living room deterred me. While Bev was rinsing a plate, I went behind her and pressed my rigid cock into Bev’s cushiony ass. She smiled and cooed softly, “That’s nice. Jack, we are almost done cleaning up. You take our wine glasses and go to the Lanai. It’s a beautiful night. I will join you after I pee.”

Part 3

I sat in a lawn sofa built for three persons. Bev came in, closed the sliding door behind her, and turned on one of the outside floodlights. The pool was in the light, but we were in the dark area. She sat next to me for a minute, turned towards me, kissed me passionately pushing her tongue in my mouth. I held her waist and pulled her into my lap. I groped her boobs. Bev was not wearing a bra! We continued kissing as I held her face and then her ass.

Bev grabbed my cock lump and whispered, “This lump means you like me. Don’t you find me too old for you? I am at least ten years older than you!” “Bev, you are a beautiful woman. I discovered today that you are also a voluptuous woman. I love the way you feel and smell”

Bev looked into my eyes, “Love me Jack. I’m yours.” I lifted her blouse and played with her boobs for several minutes. They were pendulous with large nipples.

“Jack, I love the way you play with my boobs. You are like a kid who has not been breast-fed for days. It has been a long time since anyone played with them. But, I don’t want to remove my bra and bare my boobs completely. I will bare them for you indoors. Please understand.”

Without interrupting my sucking of Bev’s nipples, I mumbled, “Umphh, Ok.”

Bev continued to moan. She threw her head back, closed her eyes, grasped my head, “It feels so good. Keep sucking them. Ohhhhh. I love it.”

I knew Bev was close to cumming. I nudged her off of me, got up, and made her sit on the wicker chair. Bev looked at me in surprise, but without saying any thing, I placed a cushion on the floor and fell on my knees. I pushed her blouse up. Bev smiled as I kissed her mouth while massaging her boobs. She looked beautiful under the dim light. The sheen of perspiration on her face and boobs further added to the erotic image.

I lifted each of them gently and kissed them. I resumed sucking her nipples one at a time, much to Bev’s delight. Bev mumbled, “They grew couple of sizes since I turned 45.”

Bev giggled, when I said, “Lucky me! They look and taste like ripe juicy fruit! I am grateful.”

While suckling on Bev’s left nipple, I placed my right hand on her right knee and slowly moved it to her crotch. Her panties were soaked with pussy nectars. She moaned when I rubbed her wet panty-covered pussy. I parted her skirt, looked into her eyes reassuringly, and slowly lowered my face. I inhaled the combined fragrances of Bev’s pussy juice, perfume, and perspiration. Bev shuddered when I started licking and gently sucking her juice-covered panties.

Bev mumbled, “It’s so dirty there. I have been leaking for a while. But it feels wonderful. Ohhh, Jack, I love it.”

I stopped sucking and kissed Bev passionately on her mouth. Bev said, “Interesting flavors. I never tasted my own juices. You are making me do naughty things.”

I smiled, and said, “Please take of your panties. I want to eat you, your pussy.”

“But, it’s dirty. No one has done that me.”

“Most people are doing it now a days, especially the young. You will enjoy it. I will get great pleasure doing it too.”

Bev güvenilir casino stood up. With my help, she removed her panties, but kept on the wrap-around skirt. She then said, “Let me check on Earl. I will be right back.”

A few moments later, Bev returned, sat in the chair, “Thank goodness he is sleeping like a baby. Now, what were we doing? Umm. Yes, you wanted to suck my pussy, you naughty man.”

I slowly lifted Bev’s legs on to my shoulders, rubbed my face into her pubes and pussy. Her pubes were quite long, but curly. Even in the dim light, her opened pussy glistened with her juices. I licked Bev’s clit couple of times, pressed my flattened tongue on it and moved it up and down. Bev began whimpering incoherently. I started to suck her clit, release it, move down to her cunt and suck there. I pinched her nipples. Her juices became slicker, and she started cumming. Her cunt spasmed and pulsated, and her body convulsed. I felt her clit pulsing on my lips.

Bev bit the back of her hand as she whimpered, “Sweet lord. This is incredible. Ohhhhhhhh. Fuckkkkkkkk.”

Bev pushed my head away, got up, “That’s enough for now. Let’s go inside. It’s getting cool here.”

I followed her. She picked up her stained panties, turned off the floodlight, and said, “Let’s go to the game room in the basement.”

I realized that she did not want to take a chance on Earl waking up and catching us fucking.

She gave me her stained panties, “Take these to the basement. I will be back in a minute. She sent me to the basement and went stealthily to check on Earl.

Bev locked the door at the top of the stairs and met me in the game room that was lighted with fluorescent and recessed lamps. There was a pool table in the middle and several chairs along the walls. There were no windows.

Bev turned off the fluorescent lights, and said, “He’s sleeping soundly. Now, take off your shorts and underwear.” She grinned and blushed when she saw me sniffing her panties; she gently took them away and threw them towards the laundry room.

My cock stuck out like a flagpole, twitching periodically. Bev grabbed my cock, squeezed it, and whispered, “Your hard-on means you like me. I like you too.” Squeezing my cock harder, she said, “You have gotten divorced recently. But, has your cock, contracted anything I should worry about? I do not want any STDs.”

I replied, “Bev, I did not go out much since my divorce; couple of lunch dates. I have not been intimate with anyone since my divorce. I am disease free”

Bev nodded, knelt down and touched my cock head. In awe she said, “He’s leaking too!” She scooped and stretched the stringy precum.

She giggled, “I’m yours. Tell me what I should do.”

I grabbed Bev’s blouse; she helped me lift it off of her; I removed her wrap-around skirt. I threw the clothes away, hugged her and kissed her passionately. I wanted to fuck her badly.

Bev sensed my urgency, and said softly, “I have not made love for at least three years. I have used a vibrator once in a while. Please be patient.”

I nodded and said, “You can control by sitting in my lap facing me. But, first let me hug you some more. You are a voluptuous woman, and I want to touch and feel you.”

I hugged her from behind, nuzzled her neck, poked my stiff cock into her ass crevice, and squeezed her boobs. Bev lifted her arms to give me unfettered access to her magnificent boobs. Bev’s perfume and body odors were added intoxicants.

I sat in a low chair and Bev straddled me. “Now aim my cock at your cunt, er vagina, and ease it in slowly. You are well lubricated. My cock will go in easily.”

Bev did as I suggested and sat in my lap with my cock deep in her. “Relax for a few minutes. Let your cunt walls adjust to my cock. When you feel like it, you can slide up and down on my cock.”

Bev said, “I wish there was a mirror to watch us make love.”

“I can bring one and install it here.”

Bev giggled, “Ok. That will add to our excitement.” She continued, “By the way, my first husband, Ed, made me wear sexy lingerie. But, Earl is not into them. I saved them as memorabilia.”

I said, “If it’s an offer to model them for me, I accept.”

I hugged her, crushing her boobs against my chest. Bev kissed me passionately, sucking my tongue. She also started squeezing my cock with her cunt muscles.

She said, “Again, I wish we could see ourselves wrapped in each other’s arms in a mirror.”

I was close to cumming. My precum was flowing out of my cock almost continuously. I wanted to fuck her and cum in her. So, I said, “Bev, I will be gentle, but I want to fuck you on the pool table.” She nodded shyly.

I told Bev, “Hold on to my neck and shoulders with your arms, and my waist with your legs. I will carry you to the pool table. It’s only a few feet.” She giggled and nodded.

I carried her to the pool table and gently placed her on the edge. Bev laid back on the smooth pool surface. It was perfect height. I could see Bev’s boobs jiggling and my cock going in and out of her cunt. I then lifted Bev’s legs over my shoulders and my cock went even deeper into Bev’s belly. I was too excited. My cum boiled over and, while holding on to Bev’s magnificent boobs, I spurted several times in her cunt.

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