A New Step Ch. 1

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Sometimes patience is the best thing to do. This story has to do with a girl named Alicia; the angel who I thought had got away.

I knew Alicia from college, of course I couldn’t help noticing her. She was in her freshman year, so I saw her a lot in the hall ways on my way to some classes. now and then the glimpses I saw were enough to keep me going through the day in the school I despised. She was shorter than I am and she was big. I loved the way her tight shirt stuck to her large frame accentuating her voluptuous curves that drove me crazy and made me horny all day. Her hips were like a beacon that beckoned me towards her, and her ass I just wanted to grab and massage in my hands. I was after her since 8th grade, I liked her so much but I didn’t know how to tell her, we were friends all through high school and were still good friends in college. She was gorgeous and her smile just lit up my life. If I could choose one word that could describe the way she affected my life it would be effervesce because she lights up my day.

When I first met her in lunch, her sparkling eyes and smile drove me insane and I loved her for it. We hung out at lunch and that was the period I looked for in my day, the suddenly she was out of my life, she moved away and I thought I would never see her again, how wrong was I.

One day I was online and I saw her online and I knew I was going to stay in West Chester for my summer break so I decided to look her up and ask her to go on a date and she agreed. I almost hit the fan. This was the girl who I had chased for years. We had a great convo that was so hot and steamy we were both horny and had to get some much needed release. I sat in my chair and beat my cock till I felt a tingling in my balls and waves of cum spurted out of my cock onto my wood floor. The cum flowed onto my hands and it felt warm and sticky, my room filled up the room with the smell of sex. I couldn’t wait to see her later, we planned to be fuck buddies and we would lose our virginities to each other, I was honored and excited I think my dick had a mind of it’s own because it jumped at the though of her name bahis firmaları and the things we would accomplish.

Finally the day came and I met her at Pizza Box in town. A small pizza place that I thought was really cool. We shared an order of cheese fries. My stomach was in knots everything about her was driving my crazy. She smelled great her hair looked silky smooth. Her eyes sparkled and her face was radiant and her smile trapped me, and my heart melted. We talked and cuddled and we finally had to separate and I kissed her good bye because I knew tomorrow our friendship would grow with our intimate plan for tomorrow.

The next morning I came to her house in my slick jean shorts and my favorite Perry Ellis T-shirt. Hey I came dressed in my favorites I even had on my lucky boxers. I had a dab of cologne on you know I gotta dress of success and smell nice like spice. Alicia opened the door, she looked beaming. Her luscious brown hair was down; she wore her infectious smile, that drove me wild. She looked me up and down and grabbed my hand and led me inside. Her back was towards me and I wrapped my arms around her waist snaring her in my lustful grip. My pants became uncomfortable and I know she felt my erection in her back. I started to dry hump her back and she started to grind her back into me. I started to breathe a bit harder but I stopped as I heard someone walking around upstairs. I instantly stopped and looked at the stairs wondering who it could be. Alicia led me to her room. It was comfortable and I saw one for her bras lying on the floor I almost fainted. She told me she was all alone except for her great grandmother who was 84. Well I don’t know if it was comforting to know someone was in the house but it was comforting that she wasn’t younger than 70 because she wouldn’t be so alert. I sat on the edge of the bed and she walked in between her legs and I got lost in her lovely eyes.

The next thing I know I was kissing her furiously while my hands were slipping up her shirt. Her soft lips felt great against me and we kissed with a raw passion. I lifted her shirt over her and I saw her beautiful kaçak iddaa breasts seemed like they were struggling to escape her white bra that imprisoned them. I was noticeably breathing harder and I reached behind her while still kissing her and unclasped her bra. I pulled away and looked at her breasts I couldn’t determine the size but I figured either a C or D cup. I fondled her breasts and I could see her getting more aroused by each minute. I tweaked her left and right nipple and I heard a sharp intake of breath and a moan of pleasure.

She smiled and I took the next step by leaning in and licking a nipple. She gasped and moved her chest closer to mine so I began to suck the left while tweaking the right. She moaned some more. My ego was soaring, I started to suck her right nipple and then I began to reach down and cup her beautiful ass. I reached forward and began to unbutton and unzip her pants, she was wearing white cotton panties that looked soaked. I pulled her pants to her ankles and began a trail of kisses from her neck to her navel and then around her thighs. She shuddered at my administrations and I pulled back and smiled and returned to my soft butterfly kisses that were driving her slowly over the brink.

I finally stopped at her pussy and looked at her. It was beautiful, the pussy lips were bulging and some of her pussy juices were leaking out of her love box. I took a deep waft of her aroma. The smell of her fresh aroused pussy was contagious I began to lick around the pussy lips, gently licking the edges and licking the slit. She moaned again and ground her hips into my mouth. I couldn’t take it any longer so I began to just drill at her pussy looking for that special spot… the clit. When she yelled I was sure I had found it and I kept going at it till she yelled my name and moaned and I tasted a fresh batch of her juices covering my face, which I licked up eagerly. She crumpled onto my bed and I looked up and asked did she enjoy it and she nodded breathlessly. I saw a fine sheen of sweat covering her body and her hair was matted to her head.

We heard footsteps approaching the room and kaçak bahis so I dove under her bed.

“Is everything all right Alicia,” her grandmother asked. Looking down at me she yelled, “everything is fine I’m changing and I fell, I’m all right!” We heard the footsteps leaving and I came out and smiled. With a smile she said, “It’s mine turn to please you.” I couldn’t wait. We kissed again and she forced my shirt off my back. I was so ashamed. I’m slightly obese I weigh like 250 but I’m 6 ft 3 and I have a slightly big gut I know she wouldn’t have cared but I was still subconscious about my weight.

She did a trail of kisses too, she forced my pants off and she got in front of me and began to suck like no tomorrow. I began to moan loudly I could feel my balls tightening signaling my cock was going to spew its hot seed. She let go of it and it came out with a soft pop. She then grabbed my dick with her two soft hands and jerked me off till I spewed cum in her face and into her hair. She had completed my fantasy, I was overjoyed. We kissed some more and we rested for about 10 mins while she played with my limp cock her actions I grew in size and was ready for the final process.

She grabbed a condom and ripped it from the wrapper and slid it over my man hood. She gave me extra room for cum. With a final rub she lay on her back and spread her legs. I got on her and together we guided my cock to her love box and I rubbed the tip across her slit. And then I entered her. She gasped at the sudden intrusion and I pulled out but she begged for more, so I slid in again and I began to fuck her in a slow circular motion. She met my thrusts and we were moaning and groaning. I leaned down and sucked her nipples while her hands roamed across my ebony skin.

Grinding my cock into her she groaned and arched her back and she orgasmed just as I did. We lay together in her bed, our virginities lost to each other and I kissed her softly and we looked up at her ceiling, we were friends and our relationship had just moved to a whole new level but instead of pondering what the future held I was just glad I lost my virginity to a girl I was head over heals with and we dozed off in a loving embrace shared by a new type of special bond.

(if I get some positive feed back or if you want to hear about more of my adventures send some feed back)

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