A Night with Megan

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Megan had to have been the hottest teenage girl that I have ever seen in my life. At 17 she was just barely five feet tall and weighed about 120 pounds. With her dark hair and piercing blue eyes she was a knockout, but what really set her apart as far as I was concerned was her huge, perfectly proportioned 38C tits and her tight little ass that she always liked to flaunt. Before I continue with what I did with her let me explain how I was able to meet this girl. Megan was the friend of my girlfriend’s roommate. Yeah, my girlfriend has a younger girl living with her, which I don’t mind at all. Her name is Amanda and she is pretty hot herself, but it would have been way to difficult to do to her what I had planned for Megan. And besides, Megan was just so damn beautiful. Of course my girlfriend was willing to give me sex the way that I liked it. Choking her and pretending to rape her but pretending was starting to get old after a year of dating. It had been almost two years since I had strangled Tina to death and dumped her and the urge was just too strong to do it again for real.
I knew that I was violating my own first rule of rape and murder by doing someone that I knew but with the plan that I came up with and the way it worked out the risks were minimal. One night about two months after she started coming over to the house my girlfriend and I were there along with Amanda and Megan. We needed to go to the store to get some things for dinner but both of our cars were in the shop and my girlfriend wasn’t feeling well so Megan offered to go. She had been drinking a little so it didn’t take a lot of persuasion to talk her out of the keys. I went to the local Wal-mart and picked up our groceries but before I checked out I slipped over to the automotive section and had a duplicate set of keys made for Megan’s car. I slipped these onto my personal ring and then headed home. Step one was accomplished.
I waited patiently for a few weeks after I got her keys and then quietly started following her on a random basis. I pretty much knew her work schedule each week just from hearing them talk around the house but I wanted to know where else she went and where she liked to hang out. One thing that I noticed when she would get into her car is that she would never glance into the back seat to see who or what might be waiting for her. I started to form a plan in my mind. Her car was a midsize four-door sedan so hiding in her back seat at night would be a fairly simple task. The first thing that I had to come up with was a place to take her where nobody would hear or see anything. I took a couple of Saturdays and drove around some old dirt roads near a large river but nothing there was what I was looking for. When I was just about to give up I remembered an old fishing spot in the woods that my dad used to take me to for the weekends when I was a kid. It was about a thirty-minute drive but if it was still there it had a cabin next to a large lake with lots of wooded area and lots of privacy. It took me awhile to find it but about an hour later I was driving up to the front door. It was just like I remembered it except that it was pretty old and run down. Like nobody had lived there for years. I got out and went to the door. It wasn’t locked so I went right on in and looked around. There was still an old bed in the bedroom with a ragged mattress and some dusty, broken down furniture in the living area but other than that it was deserted. One look told me that there hadn’t been anyone here in a very long time. It was perfect. After I found the place I started going there every chance that I could in order to set things up. The first few times that I went
there I would bring a bag or two of easy mix concrete, some large jugs of water and a shovel. On one of the trips I brought a wheelbarrow that I had sitting in my storage room. I spent hours digging a hole about 100 yards away from the cabin in a dense, wooded area. I would dig about an hour or so each time and while digging I always watched and listened for other people but I never heard or saw anyone. Within a month I had a hole that was well over six feet deep and quite wide. Best of all it was so hidden by the woods that nobody would ever find it. It was now time to start getting ready. The next week I went to a large city about two hours away and purchased a stun gun with cash. Three days later, on a Friday night I packed my “snuff kit” and started watching Megan again. My “kit” consisted of the stun gun, handcuffs, tie straps to tie her up with, several pair of medical gloves, a couple of long scarves, a few heavy duty trash bags, a very sharp knife and something new this time: A Polaroid camera with three boxes of film along with a video camera.
My perfect opportunity came that night, a lot sooner than I had hoped for. She left work by herself a little after 11:00 and went home to change. She came out 20 minutes later wearing some real cock teasing clothes. She had on a halter-top that was about two sizes too small with no bra and some short shorts that were so tight that you could read a dime through the back pocket. She also had on some flip-flop type shoes with no socks. Damn my dick was hard already. I knew from what Amanda had said earlier that evening that Megan was going to Wal-mart to get something for her contacts and was then going to come over to get her. If my plan worked like I was hoping that it would she would never make it to get Amanda. I waited until she was in the store and then parked a few places down from her. It wasn’t very crowded that late at night so I put on two pair of the gloves, grabbed the rest of my kit and hurried to her car. Within 15 seconds I was waiting quietly in the back seat with the stun gun in my hand. I was really taking a chance here. If she saw me before I could shock her I would have a lot of impossible explaining to do. My heart was beating a thousand times a minute it seemed. Finally after about 10 minutes I saw her coming through her side window. I squatted down as low as possible and waited. Sure enough she simply opened the door, slid in and threw her sack on the passenger seat. Perfect. I knew that I had to act right now or I would blow it so as she reached for the ignition with her keys I slid the stun gun around to the front seat, touched her bare arm and hit the trigger. I held it down for less than 10 seconds but in that time her body jerked and convulsed and then as I let go of the trigger she slumped sideways into the passenger seat. I quickly put the stun gun back in my bag and peeked around the parking lot. I was lucky, nobody was anywhere around. I maneuvered Megan’s petite body into the back seat and laid her face down. I was so horny that I wanted to rape her right there but I knew better. Instead, I took three tie straps and just like with Tina I tied her hands very securely behind her back. I then took both scarves and shoved them deep into her mouth. After making sure that she wasn’t going to get loose or make noise I slipped over the back seat into london escort agency the front, started the car and drove away.
I arrived at the shack about 45 minutes later. Megan had started to come around about 15 minutes into the trip and within a half-hour I could tell by the struggling noises and her muffled screams through the gag that she was totally awake. That was OK with me
because nobody could see or hear her now. I drove up the long drive way and parked, killing the engine. I got out of her car and walked inside, leaving Megan in the backseat
for a few more minutes. What would it hurt? As I had hoped and expected, nothing had been touched and it was apparent that nobody had been in there since my last trip to finish digging the hole. After inspecting everything I walked outside and into the woods. The hole was just as I had left it also. Even the shovel was lying there on that huge mound of dirt. Everything seemed to be perfect so I went back to get Megan. She was still struggling a bit when I opened the back door to retrieve her but as I reached in and grabbed her by the elbows to pull her out she really started to struggle but it was useless. I easily dragged her out of the car and onto the dirt ground where she attempted to run. I easily grabbed her by her bound arm and flung her face down onto the ground. She was sobbing through the gag as I bent down and took her by the tie strap in the middle and her elbow and picked her up off of the ground. She still didn’t know who I was or for sure what my plans for her were because she hadn’t seen my face yet but as she stood up she quickly turned her head and in the dim moonlight she saw me and instantly recognized me. The look of horror and shock on her face was something to behold. Of the whole experience I will never forget that look. She started to really bawl through her gag then but I picked up my kit bag and pushed her and guided her forward to the shack door. Thankfully she didn’t offer too much more resistance. Maybe she was thinking that since she knew me that I wouldn’t hurt her. If that was the case then she was dead wrong. Once inside I made her sit down in a chair in the middle of the room and quickly took a fourth tie strap from my bag and connected her to the chair by the connecting strap on her hands. I then sat down in a chair directly in front of her and just stared at her for several minutes, noting the mixed look of fear and horror in her eyes. Finally I spoke. “Megan, I think that you know why I am doing this but in case you don’t, it’s simple. I am going to rape you unmercifully.” I didn’t tell her that I was going to kill her also because I wanted that part to be a surprise. She began to cry even more and shake her head back and forth as I continued. : “If you do what I tell you to Megan, and give me your little pussy like I know that you know how and if you don’t fight, resist, or attempt to scream or escape I will let you live. Otherwise nobody will ever see you again. Do you understand so far?” She looked at me for a second and then nodded up and down a few times. “Good”, I said. “Now I am going to take the gags out of your mouth but if you scream or even speak without permission you will die before the night is over.” I then went over to her and removed the gags from her beautiful, sexy mouth. She began to breathe in deep breaths through her lips and as she did I got her a drink of water from one of the jugs that I had brought before. It was warm but at least it was wet. I watched her drink and as she did I noticed how her neck would go up and down with every swallow. Oh how I was going to enjoy everything about her tonight. I let her finish the water before I spoke again. “Are you scared, Megan?” She found her voice and answered in a hushed voice; “Yes.” I told her that that was OK and that she had every reason to be scared. I walked over to her and then stepped behind her. I continued speaking to her in a calm, even voice. “Megan, I am ready to start. The first thing that I am going to do is strip your clothes off.” She began to sob quietly again so I didn’t even continue. I took out the knife and standing behind her, I reached up under her shirt from the bottom and cut the tank top from the top, right down
the middle. As I had expected she wasn’t wearing a bra and her beautiful, firm tits popped right out in front of me. I think that my dick instantly got even harder, as if that was possible. She was really crying now as I came around to the front. Standing beside her rather than directly in front of her, I reached down and unsnapped her tight shorts. I ordered her to lift her ass, which she did and I unzipped them and pulled them down and completely off of her body. The only thing left was her hot red panties and my knife made quick work of them, being careful not to cut her. I finally stood back and admired my work. I had done everything perfectly and it was now time to enjoy my reward.
As I stripped down myself I thought about what I would do to her first. I decided that the first thing I wanted from her was a long, sloppy blowjob but before I got started I went back to my bag and got the video camera and Polaroid out. Looking around the room I found a great spot for the video and after setting it up to capture the whole room I went back to her. Standing directly in front of her I took 3 quick pictures and set them to the side. After they had developed and I looked at them I untied the strap holding her tied arms to the chair. As soon as she was loose I pushed her down to her knees and sat down in her chair. I pulled her up to me by her long dark hair and pushed my cock to her lips. She was no longer crying but she wasn’t going to be a willing participant either. Every time that my cock would get close to her mouth she would turn away and whisper “no” or “please” or “stop”. I put up with this for a few minutes and then tired of it. I raised my right hand and slapped her as hard as I could across her left cheek while still holding her by her hair. That got her attention and the next time my cock was put in front of her she didn’t move her head. “Open your mouth you little slut and suck me all the way down!! And if you even think of biting me I will bite both of your nipples off and pour alcohol on the wounds.” She was still crying from the slap as she opened her mouth to accept my cock. I grabbed the back of her head and began pushing her down, impaling her throat with my cock. At about the 5 inch point she began to choke and gag and tried really hard to pull back but I held her down with both hands and pushed on. I finally got all 8 inches down her throat but it wasn’t pretty. She was slobbering at first and her throat was convulsing but it could only last so long. About 30 seconds into it she puked, or tried to. My cock was blocking it and she ended up swallowing some of it. The rest came out of her nose and around my cock. I pulled out and let her catch her breath for a minute and then made her take me deep again. The only difference was that now I independent escort girls made her go up and down on me non-stop. I told her that if she stopped for any reason or if my cock even accidentally came out of her mouth that I would cut her tongue out. She was a good head giver and with only a little encouragement she was able to take all of me nearly every time down. I made her suck me for over an hour until my balls just couldn’t stand anymore. I wasn’t ready to cum yet so before I blew my first wad into her throat I pulled out and let go of her head. She collapsed to the floor immediately, drinking in large gulps of air. She was going to wish that she was still sucking me when she found out what I had planned for her next.
She was lying on her left side so I pushed her over onto her back and grabbed her underneath each armpit and began dragging her the ten or so feet to the mattress but as I did I guess she decided that she had nothing to lose because she started kicking, and yelling “NO!” and “STOP, PLEASE!” at the top of her lungs. I really didn’t care because I knew that nobody would hear her but I just didn’t like the noise. I dropped her onto the mattress on her back and knelt down behind her. She was still screaming as I wrapped both hands around her neck from behind and clamped down. She immediately stopped screaming but the fight was just starting. She started kicking and bucking like I had never seen anyone do. She was a lot stronger than I had imagined and her legs were so limber that if I hadn’t been paying close attention she would have easily kicked me between the eyes. To prevent this I simply lifted her head off of the mattress as I choked her. She wasn’t able to kick nearly as high now plus she was starting to lose control from lack of air. Finally her legs fell to the mattress with her knees bent up in the air and after a few more feeble gasps for air they collapsed limply also. I let go as soon as she passed out and made sure that she was still breathing. She was. I didn’t want her to die yet. I had so much more fun planned for young Megan. While she was still unconscious I rolled her over on to her belly and spread her legs slightly. After grabbing an old pillow and putting it under her hips I sat back for a minute to enjoy the view of her beautiful, pink cunt. I knew that I only had a short time before she awoke so after a brief look at her pussy I got up and knelt down beside her ass. She had the most perfect little ass that I had ever had the privilege to see up close and naked and as I began to spread her cheeks her legs started to move slightly. Before she could wake up fully I rubbed the juices from her cunt and the pre cum from my dick onto my fingers and spread it all around her tight little butt hole. I then positioned my cock right on top of it and slowly began inserting it. I only got the head in before she woke up and started yelling. When she did I decided to go for everything and with all of my hip strength I slammed myself into her once virgin asshole. I could feel liquid squirming all over my cock and balls and knew instantly that it had to be her blood. She was still yelling some but mostly she was crying out from the pain. I leaned forward, grabbed her hair and pulled her head back as far as I could. I whispered in her ear, “That’s what you get for screaming, slut.” I then let go of her hair and her head collapsed back onto the mattress as I continued to pummel her loosening asshole. After several minutes I noticed that she had stopped crying altogether and in fact had stopped moving at all. She was just lying there while I butt fucked her. I stopped well short of blowing my wad and pulled out. Turning her over I immediately noticed that she was breathing fine but her eyes were just kind of staring out into nowhere. She was definitely in shock. I turned off the camera and then quickly untied her, covered her up with an old army blanket that I found and elevated her feet. I had learned years ago how to treat shock and this bitch wasn’t going to get away from me this easily. I still wanted to fuck her pussy while she was alive and knowing what was happening to her. It took a couple of hours for her to start coming around and another 30 minutes before she was coherent. Before she could fully realize anything I tied her hands behind her again. It was a good thing that I brought plenty of extra tie wraps. A time or two I thought that she might slip too far into shock for me to revive her but fortunately for me she was young and healthy and responded to basic treatment. When she first realized again what was happening she started to quietly sob. “Welcome back Megan” I told her as I sat beside her and massaged her nipples and squeezed her firm tits. “I thought that I was going to lose you for a
minute there.” All she would say is “it hurts” over and over as she tried to lift her ass off of the mattress. I told her that she needed to just shut up and it would be all over with soon. What she didn’t realize just yet was that I meant to end her life.
As I continued to play with Megan’s tits I took my other hand and gently slid her leg down until it was on the mattress and then I began running it up and down her leg, going a bit higher each time until I reached her crotch and then began to rub her clit. She was so fucking hot and her pussy was totally shaved. I was hoping for this. I slowly began rubbing her clit with two fingers as I lay down next to her and began sucking her nipples. She was quietly crying but I knew that she was enjoying it somewhat because her tight little cunt was getting wet. I asked her if she had ever fantasized about me playing with her like this and all she did was moan and shake her head. “Do you like it, now that I am doing it, Megan?” I asked. Again, just a shake of her head to tell me no but her wet pussy was telling me a different story. I just grinned at her and said, “ You know what I want to do now don’t you Megan?” This time a muffled sob and a nod told me that she knew good and well what was coming. “Are you going to fight me Megan?” I asked her. She whispered out, “No, just please don’t hurt me anymore.” I smiled at her again and slowly climbed on top of her. “Megan” I said, “I know you aren’t a virgin and that you probably like a good hard dick so if you give me your pussy and pretend that you like it I will be a lot nicer and gentler to you. Is that a deal?” She seemed to think about it for a few seconds and then said yes. I was totally on top of her now and with her hands and arms tied behind her it made those beautiful tits of hers stick up even more. I was loving every second of this. I bent my head back down and began to suck and caress her tits some more. As I did this I told her to spread her legs as wide as she could and moved my hips right up to her pussy. I then started kissing her mouth and she didn’t want any part of this at first but after reminding her of our “deal” my tongue was accepted into her mouth more willingly and vice-versa. I made her suck my tongue for Escort in dubai a while and then I was ready. I took my right hand and guided my rock hard dick to the mouth of her pussy. She cringed at first but as I began to push into her she realized that she couldn’t stop me and gave in. My cock slowly ripped into her tight, wet cunt and as it did her hips came off of the mattress to meet mine. I made her wrap both legs behind my back and then began to push harder and harder into her soon to be dead pussy. I played with her tits for a while and even caressed her neck gently on the sides a few times. After what seemed like hours of fucking this little teenage slut I was ready to cum and knew that I couldn’t wait any longer. I also knew that I had to get it over with. I put both hands on her shoulders and as I slowed my rhythm way down I said, “Megan, how can I be sure that you won’t tell someone about what I did to you tonight?” She looked up at me and began making all of the feeble, bullshit promises a girl will make just to get out of a bad situation. I listened to her for a minute and then shook my head slowly. “No Megan, I don’t believe you.” She looked totally shocked at first then asked, “What can I do to make you believe me?” I stared into her eyes for several seconds as my hands ever so slowly slid from her shoulders toward her beautiful, soft neck. “The truth is Megan, you can’t do anything so I guess that I have no choice but to make sure that you never get that chance.” She looked confused for a few seconds but as my hands found her neck and slowly wrapped around it the confused look went away and the panic look came back. “You promised me.” She
screamed. “We had a deal.” I just laughed as I slowly tightened my grip on her neck. “Please don’t,” she croaked out as I squeezed a little tighter. “I’m only 17. I’m going to be a senior next month” were the last understandable words she managed before my hands tightened down enough to choke off her speaking ability. She instantly began to cough and as she did piss sprayed out of her pussy onto my cock. I began fucking her a little harder now and kept my grip just tight enough to strangle her but not tight enough to crush her hyoid bone. Not yet. After about 45 seconds her face was totally red, almost a purplish color and she was trying to squirm and kick out from under me. A natural reaction I suppose but totally worthless. She kept squirming and kicking for only a minute or so and then her head and legs began to slowly convulse and her throat was making really loud gagging and choking noises. I was ready. I started pounding her young, dying pussy harder and harder as I watched her eyes become blood shot and as her legs fell slowly to the mattress I shot my cum deep inside of her. She wasn’t quite gone yet so I continued fucking her, even as my cock became limp and useless. After only a few more strokes it naturally fell out of her. I watched her face for any signs of life. I couldn’t see any but I knew that if I let go now she would probably regain consciousness within minutes. I tightened my grip as hard as I could and within only a few seconds felt her neck snap under me. Her legs kicked two or three times real hard and fast and then went limp as I heard her bowels and felt her bladder empty out. I shook her by her dead neck a few times then slammed it back onto the mattress and let go. Collapsing on top of her I put my ear to her chest and listened. Nothing. I checked her wrist and neck pulses. Nothing. It was over with. I took several pictures of her beautiful, strangled body from every conceivable angle and position. Finally I went and turned off the camera and took it and the pictures to the car.
I went and got the wheelbarrow and after loading up several bags of the concrete mix I hauled it out to the hole. I did the same with a few gallons of the water and then came back for Megan’s strangled corpse. She was right where I left her. I pushed the wheelbarrow right up to her and loaded her in, face up. I then hauled her out to the hole and pushed her right up to the edge before unceremoniously dumping her in. So long, I thought to myself as I shined the flashlight down and saw her gaping asshole staring back up at me. I quickly poured three of the concrete bags down on top of her and mixed in the right amount of water. After adding a little dirt to the mix I threw the stun gun in also. I then walked back to the shack and cleaned up anything and everything of Megan’s. I got her clothes together and after checking her purse and car thoroughly and getting almost $90.00 in cash and a glamour shot picture of her that she was probably planning on giving to her newest boy friend. I took everything out to a large drum and burned them to cinders. I checked for any other evidence and not finding any, I went back to the hole. The concrete had done a pretty good job but I wanted to be totally sure so I poured some more in and mixed it properly. It had her totally covered now so I filled in the rest of the hole with the dirt. This process took me almost two hours and I worked non-stop. I was exhausted when I finished and looking at my watch I knew that I had to really hurry. After burning the concrete sacks I went back into the shack and got dressed. Making sure that I had all of my stuff I walked out, got into Megan’s car and drove back to town. Before going to get my car, I ran hers through a carwash several times and then got out and sprayed down her tires and under carriage really well in order to remove as much dirt and evidence as possible. I then went back to the Wal-mart that I had kidnapped her from. It was still dark as I got out and locked her car. I took her keys with me and went home. I heard from my girlfriend that afternoon and she said that Megan had runaway from home. They found her car at Wal-mart but think that she had left with someone from there. Apparently her and her parents had had a fight the day before and she had threatened to leave. I told her that I felt bad about it and bullshitted her for a while before finally getting off of the phone. That night after dark I took all of the clothes that I had worn the night before, including the shoes and went and burned them to a cinder in another location. I then took her keys and after weighting them down I tossed them over a bridge and into a deep river. They never found Megan again and after none of her friends heard from her the police became suspicious and began talking to people. All of her friends had left prints in her car so there was no way to tell who was with her last. After a few months of questions here and there it was filed as a probable runaway. I scanned the pictures onto my computer the next morning and also converted the video. Once that was done I destroyed that evidence too and then after securing everything onto a special web page that only I know about I reformatted my computer 100%. Except for the glamour shot picture that is in the “strangled_sluts” group picture page, I only share Megan with a few select people and that is in person. The girl I strangled after Megan saw the pictures and the video right before I killed her. Oh, and when I say girl, I mean girl this time. Just wait until next time and I tell you about my night with Destiny.

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