A One Night Stand

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I stared at him as he sat across the room deep in conversation with his friends. I wondered if he could feel me watching him, I felt like my eyes were literally glued on their conversation. This was getting out of control. I found him so attractive at that moment I would have done anything he wanted, all he had to do was ask. Of course he never did. I did a good job of pretending. I didn’t really want to leave my boyfriend. I loved him with all of my heart. But there was something about Leo that just got to me. He made me nervous, but in a good way. It was the kind of nervous you feel around a high school crush, butterflies, light headed, the whole works. I didn’t even know him. Of course I had talked with him a few times, we had exchanged witty conversation and a few long stares, but really I didn’t know him at all. What was it about this guy that just made me want to jump him whenever I saw him? Was it something about wanting what you can’t have? Was that it? That would make everything so much easier if it was. I never intended to hurt Jake. He treated me like I was some sort of princess, his ideal, his dream… but in my dreams I kept seeing Leo. I wondered if a harmless fling would get this feeling out of my system and I looked at Jake sitting next to me.

“Jake baby, I see someone I know over there. I’ll be right back, order me another Jack and Diet?” I knew what I was about to do was dangerous but I just couldn’t sit there anymore. I had to know. I walked slowly over to him. I could feel my heart beating faster as I drew closer. Jesus… what was all of this about?

“Leo!” I called as I came in closer to their table. I conjured up the biggest smile I had in my arsenal and proceeded to give him a hug. As I wrapped my arms slowly around his body I savored the way he felt in my arms. It was just occurring to me how much I wanted this to happen. I sat and joined the conversation for a few minutes. Leo and I flirted as usual, in a harmless way, casino şirketleri I wondered sometimes how serious he was… I wanted him to be… could he be? Finally I had had enough. His closeness was distracting and I could feel my intelligent conversation waning in his presence. I had to keep up the act after all. I said my good-byes walked back over to Jake. I took my freshly ordered Jack and Diet Coke in my hands and gulped at it, wanting to stop lusting for Leo but at the same time needing to be there feeling his presence. I looked at Jake again.

He always told me that I was the most beautiful girl he had ever dated. I believed him, but I didn’t see it in myself. I had always been self conscious of my full breasts. I was an early developer and my large C cups drew scrutiny from the cruel sixth grade boys. I always tried to mask their fullness, Jake told me it was to no avail however. I had always been a lanky kid so when I matured to womanhood at such a young age it changed me. I looked down at my breasts now. In the silk blouse I could faintly make out the lines of my lace bra. I wore this shirt for Jake. It was his favorite. He loved the way the unbuttoned blouse jut barely let him catch a glimpse of my cleavage. It always made me self-conscious though. I looked at Jake who was now staring at me. I cold see the love in his eyes. He was a beautiful man. Everything I could have ever wanted in a best friend and partner… and yet Leo still lurked in the back of my mind somewhere.

“You ready to take off Greenlee?” Jake asked me casually.

“Not yet babe. But I have an idea, why don’t you take off for home. I’ll meet you there. I just have a few things to take care of here.” I lied so easily to him. I was almost ashamed… almost. Jake accepted my proposal and got up to leave. I sat at the empty table collecting my thoughts when I felt a hand slide over my shoulder. I looked up and froze. It was Leo.

“Leo, hey…” I was speechless, casino firmaları suddenly unaware of everything that surrounded me. The butterflies were returning… Oh God…

“Hey honey. My friends decided to bail on me. I guess we’re both here alone, eh?”

I looked at him. God every inch of me wanted him at that moment. I just couldn’t act on it… I couldn’t. It was almost as if Leo could sense my attraction and my inability to act. He grabbed my hand softly and led me to his car. I couldn’t resist him and followed. He had parked in an ally nearby the bar where we had spent the evening. It was eerily deserted. He opened the door and helped me in as he circled around to the driver’s side and entered the car himself. We looked at each other and I had to look away. The chemistry in that car was unbearable. I felt him gently tough the side of my neck. He traced my ear and then ran his fingers slowly down to my shoulder. I felt tingly… I was beginning to lose any sense of reality. He slowly ran his hand down the front of my blouse and before I felt anything he had successfully unbuttoned it down to my navel. My breasts were heaving in the black lace bra that I had ironically worn for Jake’s benefit. Slowly he took each of my breasts in his hands, gently running his fingers in circles over the surface of my breast, careful to avoid contact with my nipples. I turned to face him then and looked at him.

I had never felt an attraction to anyone as intense as the electricity between Leo and I. He started to run his fingers gently down from my breasts over my stomach, touching every inch of me. He reached behind me and unzipped my short black skirt. I shimmied out of the contraption and faced him now wearing only the unbuttoned silk blouse and the black lace bra. He ran his hands up and down my legs stopping slightly where they met making me ache for him to go further. He bent down and began to run his tongue over my clit. I watched then as he undressed güvenilir casino himself in front of me and my body began to ache for him even more. I ran my eyes over his entire body. Slowly I began to touch him. I traced my fingers down his stomach to his hard cock. Slowly I ran my fingers over the head of his cock in small circles wanting desperately to feel him in me. I bent down and started to take him into my warm inviting mouth. I began slowly encircling his shaft with my tongue as I took him in my mouth. I ran my tongue faster around him as I began to take him further and further into me. I needed to feel him inside of me. I needed to be close to him. He gently touched my face directing me to lay back against the door.

I did as I was told and he slid on top of me. I could feel his hardness pressed against my stomach and ached for him to enter me hard. It was as if Leo had read my mind. He slid his hard cock into me until I could feel all of him. He drove himself into me and I couldn’t believe how much I wanted him. He started out gently driving himself into me until I begged him to go harder and faster. As if finally hearing my pleas he flipped me over onto all fours. He entered me then as I knelt there on the seat of the car and began pounding hard inside of me. When he finally came we were both exhausted. I had almost forgotten that we were still in his car parked in the ally and I wondered if anybody had witnessed what had just happened. I had never been so wrapped up in the moment. I looked up at Leo who was resting on top of me. I couldn’t say a word. We both knew that what had happened between us would never happen again and as I looked at him I was kind of saddened by it.

“You’d better get home to Jake” Leo stated plainly as if reading my mind.

“Yeah, I guess he’s wondering where I am.” I replied. “Look… Leo… where does this leave us?”

“Right where we were before.” Leo responded, “In an impossible situation.”

So that’s the story of how I had the best sex of my life and walked away. I walked away from Leo and toward Jake. Jake was my future. I just hoped that temptation wouldn’t call again. Because if it did… I’m not sure I could handle it.

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