A Perfect Combination

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“You want another beer, Jess?”

I glanced up from my empty bottle, “Sure, why not? I feel like getting completely wasted tonight.” I set my chin back down on my folded arms and tried to concentrate on the game. I had been staring at the TV for two periods now and somehow the Canucks had scored yet another goal without my realizing it. C’est la vie, Colorado was still up by two. I nodded in appreciation as my beer was set down before me.

For the past two hours I had been ignoring the different people in the bar. Some of them I knew, and some were just hoping to score with the chick drinking alone. I would just ignore their feeble attempts at conversation and turn down the free drinks. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t depressed, I just wasn’t in the mood to be bothered. In all honesty my mind was south of my belly button, but a one night stand wasn’t what I was looking for. Especially not with some drunk who would pass out before I was finished.

I drained my beer as Sakic scored goal number four. The bartender brought another without bothering to ask if I wanted it. Good. If I got drunk enough maybe I could just pass out myself. It had been at least 3 months since I’d had sex, and my body was reminding me. My mind had been literally in the gutter for the past few weeks. I had been treating men like nothing more than eye candy. No one was safe. The UPS man, my co- workers, the guy in the car next to mine at a light. My eyes always drifted to the muscles on their chests, their asses, or their crotches. FYI guys, us chicks are just as perverted and crude as you are, most of us just won’t admit it.

Of course I never acted on these urges. I just lay in bed at night, imagining their strong hands pushing me against the bed, their throbbing cocks violating me as I fingered myself or furiously humped my pillow until I climaxed. Then I would roll over and fall into hot sweaty dreams, only to wake up and repeat the whole process a few hours later.

Well, I was getting tired of this reign of celibacy. Even the rub of my panties against my skin would get me wet. If I tried to go braless, my hard nipples were only too obvious to those around me. I needed to get laid. It’s not that I’m ugly, far from it. I have waist length brown hair, big brown eyes, and even bigger tits. My ass was made to be slapped, and I had been described as having ‘perfect blowjob lips’. My problem was and still is the fact that I can’t fuck a complete stranger. I laugh a lot during sex, and I don’t need some prick thinking I’m laughing at him. C’mon guys, why do you have to be so sensitive?

So there I was, sitting in a bar with nothing to look forward to but a night of drunken masturbation. I Picked up my half empty bottle and drained it once more. Damn this Irish blood, it took me way too long to get drunk. The Canucks scored again and I cursed under my breath.

“Hey Baby, what’s your sign?”

Startled I glanced up, trying to think of a witty put down. Beside me sat a gorgeous specimen of manhood. From his short brown hair down to his rock hard ass, perfect. His smiling hazel eyes met mine.

“Hey, Rory. What brings you out of your cave?” Of course I knew him. We’d been friends for what seemed like forever, but was probably only a year or two. We’d hooked up once, both too drunk to remember the details the next morning.

He shrugged. escort ataşehir “I was just sitting at home, drinking a beer, when I remembered that you’re not supposed to drink alone. Thought I better get out and find some company.”

I laughed. “Well, you’re welcome to drink with me, not sure if that’s any better for you though.”

I was only too aware of the heat coming off his leg as it rubbed against mine. My eyes drifted down to the noticeable bulge in his pants. I wonder what that would look like hard? I thought. I couldn’t help but imagine his hard body on top of mine.

“So what’s the score?” his voice broke into my thoughts.


He smiled. “Look at my face when you’re talking to me, I’m a person you know, not a piece of meat here for your enjoyment.” He teased.

On a whim, I rubbed my knuckles across that denim covered bulge. “Oh yeah? I didn’t think you’d mind.” I felt him begin to stiffen.

His eyes widened with surprise. Quickly he regained his composure. “Jess, do you really care who wins this game?”

“Yeah, but I think I can find out the final later.” I watched as he hurriedly pulled a few bills from his wallet, tossing them on the bar. I followed him out into the parking lot.

I accepted his offer for a ride. I could always get my car later. As soon as he slid into the drivers seat I was all over him. He responded well, forcing his tongue into my mouth as his hands slid over my shirt, tweaking my nipples through the thin fabric. He pulled away and began driving. I kept at it, rubbing his crotch and nibbling on his neck. We barely made it into my living room before he pulled my shirt off.

He held me at arms length. “Exactly how much did you drink tonight?” He asked.

Puzzled, I said. “Why?”

“I just want to make sure you remember it this time, babe.”

Laughing I reached down and began unzipping his pants. I watched as his hard cock sprung free. Damn, I didn’t remember this. He had girth as well as length. I couldn’t help but shudder with anticipation. I dropped to my knees.

I took the head in between my lips, gently circling the head with my tongue. I reached down and cupped his balls in one hand, and grabbed the base of his dick with the other. I teased the head for a moment, enjoying the feel of his fat cock in my mouth and the soft groans escaping his lips. Bolder, I began sucking and licking in earnest, letting my teeth scrape gently over the sensitive skin. He tangled his hand in my hair, “Oh goddamn woman. Don’t stop.”

As much as I loved sucking cock, I needed to get mine and this was just making me hornier. I could tell he was about to cum, and I was torn between letting his jiz shoot down my throat or having him fill my wet cunt. He gave me no choice. In a few seconds I felt his hot cum pumping into my mouth. Still stroking his dick with my mouth, I swallowed. When I couldn’t handle anymore, I pulled back. The last few drops splattered across my face. I smiled up at his shuddering body.

“Damn, you’re beautiful.” He pulled me to my feet. “But I think its your turn now.” He wiped the errant droplets from my cheek. Then, surprising me completely, he picked me up and carried me into the bedroom. He threw me on the bed. I watched as he pulled his shirt over his head, admiring the strong muscles under the hair on his kadıköy escort bayan chest. Violently, he pulled my jeans off, leaving me in nothing but my white cotton panties.

He began rubbing my pussy through the sheer fabric. I knew my panties were soaking wet with my juices. With a sudden movement he ripped them off. I watched him drop the torn fabric on the ground. He began teasing my cunt with his fingers, gently pinching my clit. He ran his fingers up and down my moist slit, circling my asshole before returning to his starting point. I leaned my head back, abandoning myself to whatever he had in mind.

I gasped as I felt his tongue flick across my sensitive skin, before he began using it to fuck my cunt. I bucked my hips, rubbing against his unshaven face, loving the sandpaper feeling of it. Rory was truly a master of the art of eating pussy. I felt the pressure of his thumb on my tight asshole, gently rubbing it as his mouth sucked on my clit.

All too soon he pulled away. I sat up, breathing heavily. He smiled down at me, holding his hard tool in his hands. I smiled. “That didn’t take long.”

“I’m going to fill your pussy full of cum, and when I am done with that, I think I might just fill that tight little ass of yours as well.”

I was a bit taken aback at his words. He seemed so sure of himself. I wasn’t too sure about this whole ass thing of his either. I mean, the idea of anal had always turned me on, and I loved having my ass played with as much as the next girl, but his fat, thick cock did frighten me a bit when I though of it shoved up my ass.

But let’s face it. I was too damn turned on to care what he did at this point. I just wanted to be fucked, and I wanted to be fucked hard.

I gasped as he thrust that monstrous thing into my sopping pussy. He began fucking me with long, slow strides. moaning, I met him thrust for thrust. “Harder, c’mon, harder.” I whispered into his ear.

He responded by kissing me, gently catching my lip in his teeth. He sat up on his knees, grabbing my hips as he began to thrust into me again. I put my feet up on his shoulders, enjoying the deeper penetration. Rory began roughly pinching my nipples. Leaning over me, he began pounding my cunt, driving into me deeper with each thrust. I knew I wasn’t going to last long under this assault. Screaming and moaning I felt my first orgasm of the night tear through me, leaving me shuddering and quaking. He continued his assault on my twat.

Summoning all my strength I pushed him off me. He looked at me questioningly, and a bit shocked. “Is something wrong, sweetheart?’ I just grinned impishly at him and pushed him onto his back. I straddled him, slowing lowering myself onto his pole. I clenched my teeth in pure pleasure as I grinded into his pelvis, swallowing all of him in my wet tunnel. He pulled me forward, catching a nipple in his mouth. Electric waves of pleasure coursed through me as he bit down a bit too roughly. Moving his hands to my hips, he controlled my tempo as I rode his cock with wild abandon. I felt my climax building.

“Yeah, baby that’s it.” He began pushing himself into me with my every downward movement. I looked into his face, intrigued by his expression as his own orgasm took over. I arched my back as my climax hit, just as his hot spurts of semen were shooting into me. Gasping escort bostancı for breath I collapsed onto his chest. He thrust a few more times, his hands gripping my hips tightly, leaving bruises. Then I felt his body relax under mine.

I rolled off of him. “I think I won’t forget that.” I murmured drowsily. He didn’t say anything, just pulled me against him. I snuggled into him. basking in the warm afterglow of sex.

I had only slept a few hours when I woke up to his warm mouth sucking on my tits. His hand was lazily rubbing against the folds of my cunt, exciting me all over again. I feigned sleep a few minutes more, enjoying the feel of his lips against me.

“I know you’re awake, Jess.”

I cracked open my eyes. “mmm.”

He grinned evilly at me. “I told you I was going to fuck that tight ass of yours, and I am a man of my word.” He pulled away from me. “get on your knees.”

As I said, I was a bit unsure of this. He really gave me no choice though. Roughly, he forced me onto all fours. I felt his tongue slide up my cunt towards my tight hole. I shuddered in fear and anticipation. I let a soft moan escape me as his tongue flicked across my anus, getting me ready for what came next.

When Rory pulled back I looked over my shoulder to see what he was up to. I smiled as I saw him lubing up that fat cock of his. Then I felt his head nudging against my ass. I clenched my teeth as he forced his cock into me, an inch at a time. He would slide in a bit, before slowly pulling back, only to give me a bit more of his thick rod when he slid back in.

The pain was unbearable at first, but I refused to show it. He seemed so sure of himself, so in control. I wouldn’t give him the pleasure of knowing it hurt. After a few more slow strokes he pushed himself in to the hilt. I moaned, in mixed pleasure and pain. He stayed still for a few moments as I slowly relaxed the muscles in my butt.

“Rory, fuck me. I can’t stand this a moment longer.” I whispered through my clenched teeth. That must of been all he was waiting for. He began fucking my ass in earnest, slamming into me a bit harder each time.

I was starting to get into this. I began ramming my ass into each of his strokes, daring him to fuck me harder. “I want you to finger yourself,” He said. Supporting myself with one hand I reached down and began finger fucking myself, enjoying the feel of his cock inside the neighboring hole. I yelled out as he brought his hand down hard on my ass cheek. He began fucking my ass harder, punctuating each thrust with a hard slap. I felt his balls knocking against my pussy, turning me on all the more.

“Oh, god, Rory, I’m going to cum!” I screamed out.

“That’s right, baby. you love having my hard cock up your ass, don’t you?”

I didn’t answer. I just rammed my butt into him, as he held onto my hips fucking me hard. I felt the orgasm washing over me, unstopping. My eyes rolled up as I screamed out his name over and over. He began moaning and grunting, thrusting into me one final time as I felt his dick pulsate in my sensitive ass. I felt the warmth of his come drive deep into me. I was still in the throes of my own climax and this was only icing on the cake.

He shuddered a few more times before he wrapped his arms around my waist and rolled me over onto my side. I felt his cock soften and slide out of my ass. He stroked my hair, nibbling on my neck. My horniness from the past months had been more than satisfied by this amazing man. We drifted off to sleep again, after agreeing that we would have to do this again.

Oh, and by the way, Colorado won the game.

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