A Perfect Storm

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I knew by the way you looked at me when I walked into the office this morning, that it was going to be a painful and excruciating day. Your eyes meet mine, slowly travel down my body and up again. They bore into mine, challenging, daring me to look away. Cursing internally I look away first, like I always do, feeling heat consuming my face as I blush. You are my one weakness. My one little bad habit, and you know it. Fuck I’ve wanted you…for months. And it is so damn obvious you want me too. But this is the game we play. No words. Just constant mutual eye fucking and the occasional touch.

I take my place at the head of the table, and begin to delegate the day’s assignments. I look at everyone but you during the conversation, feeling your eyes popping the buttons off of my shirt, one by one. Being your boss really sucks. Oh sure, we’ve got the professional routine down. I give orders, you take them, and we’ve never had a problem. We could sit either in a group or alone and discuss nothing but the job without even a flinch. But when you look into my eyes, and time seems to stand still, I know, that you know, that all I really want is to send everyone on an assignment and have you slam me against the office wall and have your way with me. I imagine what it would be like to have all 6 foot something of you pressed up against me, your hands holding mine over my head as your mouth slowly teases and then devours mine. Your throbbing cock straining against your pants and against my stomach. I quickly glance at you while the others are deep in conversation about the plan for the day. You raise your eyebrow at me and bite your lower lip. Your eyes say you are going to someday fuck me like I have never been fucked before. I feel a shudder between my thighs and I squeeze them together tight as I begin to get wet. You smile. I know you know what you’re doing to me.

Fortunately the day is a busy one and I spend most of the day alone in the office. Around ten, I take a phone call from a coworker and you walk in the door. It is just you and me and the person on the phone. The tension in the room is intense. I muster a stern look on my face and point for you to stay on your side of the room. You laugh at my attempt at strength and stroll over to the table I’m at and plant your hands on the table and lean over toward me, your face inches from mine. I look down at the table and support my forehead with my hand trying with every fiber of my being to continue my phone conversation. I see your hands leave the table and I half hope you’re going to throw in the towel and leave the room. Where did I put my flag of surrender?? bahis firmaları I continue speaking about numbers and deadlines and dates when I feel you come up behind me and your huge glorious hands start to massage my shoulders. You’ve done this before on several occasions. And whether it is right or wrong, I always allow it. After a few minutes, just when I think you’re going to play nice, your right hand brushes my long dark hair away from my neck while your left remains on my shoulder. I bite my lip to stifle a moan as you lean down and start planting kisses up my neck toward my ear. My pussy begins to throb at your slow sweet torment. My heart begins to race. Anyone could walk in at any minute and I’m pretty sure I said, “YYYYYes SSSSsir!” to the woman on the phone. I feel your deep chuckle vibrate against my neck as you run your tongue up my earlobe and gently tug on it with your teeth. My head slowly falls back and my left hand instinctively moves up toward your head. I push my fingers through your hair and encourage your tongue rape of my ear. After a few fucking glorious seconds, your head slips from my hand, you kiss the top of my head and walk toward the door, winking on your way out. I hang up the phone, not sure if I have even said goodbye or not. That’s it. No words. There never are.

In the afternoon all of us herd into the elevator to head to the top floor for a meeting. You stand right behind me in the back corner. How fucking convenient. I feel the heat from your chest against my back and the slight caress of your hand on my ass.

The dueling voices in my head scream “Good God that feels good!” And then, “But it’s wrong! But it’s wrong! But it’s wrong!”

I move my hand from my side behind me, telling myself I am intercepting whatever your intentions are. Your fingers slowly and gently lace into mine and I feel rather than hear your deep chuckle behind me. You are amused. As the elevator slowly climbs and the work crew around us continue some ridiculous banter, you take my hand that’s in yours and rub it against your stiff cock. My hand, against my better judgment, gives in to the guided tour of your cock and I catch myself leaning back against you. We hit the top floor and the elevator doors open. We all file out and head toward the meeting room. I see you make a slight adjustment to the front of your pants. No one saw anything. No one ever does.

By the end of the twenty minute meeting, my pussy is screaming for release and I do something I have never done at work before. I run to the nearest bathroom and slamming the stall door behind me I shove my hand down the front of kaçak iddaa my jeans. As I lean against the stall wall I choke back in half ecstasy and half terror pulling my hand from my pants. The juices from my pussy are so thick they string across my spread fingers. I shove my hand back down and with one foot on the toilet seat I frantically start rubbing my clit. My preferred method for quick release is always my vibrator, but desperate times call for desperate measures and I fucking need to cum. I rub my clit so fucking hard it starts to hurt. But the orgasm won’t fucking come! Just more and more of my personal sex slime coats my hand. I start to cry. Fuck you for doing this to me. You God damned mother fucking tease!! Our time will come, and I will show you what it feels like to want. After what seems like only a minute, the lights in the bathroom turn off. All of the lights in the building are on motion sensors, and the perfect storm that had been building in the last stall has evidently gone undetected for fifteen minutes. Realizing I’m not going to achieve the relief I am craving, I zip up my pants and head for the sink, the lights blinking back on as soon as the stall door opens. I look at my hand and am shocked and amazed by what I see. It looks like clear snot and coats my hand to my wrist, webbing between my fingers. I think about licking and sucking my fingers to see what sexual frustration actually tastes like. I groan at the thought and turn on the sink to wash my hands. Although the thought is incredibly hot, I don’t think I need to be turned on any more than I already am.

There are 3 more hours left in the day. For the rest of the day I have a constant pulsating throb deep within my pussy. It feels like a homing beacon going off in the middle of an ocean, and I am waiting for someone to come rescue me. I need relief so damn bad. I even find myself pulling my jeans up tighter while I’m sitting, to try to get some relief from the crotch seam. By the time the work day is over, I’m in so much someone please fuck me pain I have tears welling in my eyes. This is what it must feel like to be a cat in heat. The rolling around on the floor and yowling like a banshee. You did this to me.

I speed home, actually contemplating on the way to pull over. The normally 30 minute drive takes me just under 20. I pull into the driveway and run up the stairs to my front door. Fumbling with the keys, I manage to unlock the door and run down the hall to my room. Did I even close the front door? I slam my bedroom door behind me with one hand while the other starts pulling off my jacket. There isn’t enough time… I kaçak bahis whimper as I pull down my jeans to mid thigh and bend over the side of my bed, my hand searching for the vibrator that is somewhere under my pillow. I half laugh half sob as I find it and thrust it between my legs turning it as high as it will go. Still standing beside my bed, with my face buried in a pillow and my ass in the air, I assault my clit with my vibrator. It’s so fucking swollen and my juices were running down my thighs before I even got my jeans down. I’m so frantic and desperate to cum. Good God please let me cum. Within seconds that seem like years I feel the familiar quiver begin to grow and I groan out loud as my pussy begins to squeeze and release hard with an earth shattering orgasm. “FUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKK!!!” I scream into my pillow as I collapse against it.

About 40 minutes later I come to, still with my bare ass hanging over the side of the bed. My juices still sticky between my thighs. I’m not done. I need more. I stand up and half hike my jeans up enough to trot down the hallway to verify my front door is closed. Thank God…that would have been a mess to explain if someone had walked in. I quickly strip off my clothes and climb into the shower. I let the water pour down the front of my chest and turning around put my head back and let the water cover me from head to toe. I grab the shower head out of it’s holder. Enough with the shower formalities. I crank the shower up to the strong jet stream and slide my back down the shower wall until my knees are bent. I push the shower head hard up against my pussy. Oh shiiiiiiiiitttt. My head falls back against the shower wall and I start sliding up and down the wall in pulsating squats…My knees opening wider and wider as I smash the shower head against me with both hands. I start saying your name over and over…just whispering it in time with every time I squatted against the shower head and the jet stream of water. I feel my clit twitch and another orgasm began to grow. I begin to bounce faster and faster with the shower head between my thighs still whispering your name. “Oh fuck, oh shit,” I groan. I can’t get that fucking shower head close enough… I push it harder one more time directly into my pussy, squatting down onto it at the same time. My head tosses back against the wall and I scream your name as my cunt quivers one last time and begins to convulse in throbbing waves. Tears began to run down my face and I reach a hand out to the shower wall to support my still quaking body as I put the shower head back in it’s holder with the other. Not sure I can walk, I carefully lower myself to the floor of the shower, my pussy still contracting. I sit and lay back with the jet of water spraying over me for several moments. I can’t open my eyes…my body feels so heavy. Tomorrow, fucker, you’re mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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