A Pleasurable Understanding

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I keep looking in the rear-view mirror. It’s a cool, rainy night and the reflection of the streetlights with the water drops on the windows plays tricks with my eyes. I keep thinking a car is approaching but it’s just another raindrop sliding down the back of the car window. Ahead, it is dark with the occasional street lamp every hundred feet or so. The street is deserted, but I keep my eyes open. Even with the rain coming down it’s not that late and people still venture to this part of the city at all hours. My headlights are off and the car engine is turned off, no need for rear lights on to draw attention. The only problem is with the engine off, the windshield becomes a blur. It’s also starting to steam up.


I look down at my lap…. her head is rising and falling almost in a perfect rhythm… speeding up a bit from the previous slow, playful flicks with the tip of her tongue on the head of my cock. I hold her head gently, feeling her temples move with the motion of her mouth and tongue. She licks off a few drops of precum, picks her head up and smiles and pounces on my shaft with her soft, wet tongue. Now her mouth is taking my whole cock in, starting with the head and her tongue rubbing along the shaft. I can feel the back of her throat with the head of my cock…. feeling her pull more precum out of me, drop by drop…


An hour before, we were in a bar with some other folks from the casino şirketleri office. I knew she liked me and I had made it very clear to her months before that the feeling was mutual, but because I was married, she said she didn’t want to go further. As our co-workers were playing a game of pool, we sat at the end of the bar, our stools close enough that our legs touched each other. I had told her awhile ago I was planning a weekend trip in a few weeks by myself to get away and recharge. As I mentioned the trip again at the bar and how much I was looking forward to having some time away from the city, she looked over at me and said “Would you like some company?” Her leg pressed against mine, to emphasize her point. She had on a skirt and looking down at her creamy brown legs, I felt my cock start to swell. I smiled and said, “Yeah, that would be awesome. You sure you want to come?”

“I’ve given it a lot of thought and would love to get to know you better”, she said. “In fact, I’d like to start right now… do you need a ride home?”

I would usually would just take the subway back to my apartment, but was not about to pass up an offer like this.

“Well, since it is early, I think we could take the scenic route… let’s go.”



I start to feel the bottom shaft of my cock tighten, knowing it is almost time…. she senses it as well and speeds up…. putting more pressure casino firmaları on my shaft with her lips….


I tense my body on the seat – take one last look out the window and in the rear view mirror and then close my eyes…

Ahhhhhhh! My cock explodes in her mouth… she gulps it down, torrent after torrent sliding down her throat. She keep pumping my shaft – gently – and my cock pulses in her mouth and throat. She keeps swallowing to keep up with the thick, milky, salty and sweet gush of cum that rushed through my shaft only seconds before.

The spasms of orgasm gradually subside and she keeps me in her mouth, making sure to get every drop. After a moment more, her head rises, taking me out of her mouth and she smiles….

“That was delicious….mmmmm”. She licks her lips, there is still some milky cum on the side of her mouth. I swipe it with my finger and she hungrily puts her mouth over it, licking it like an ice cream cone.

“Wow” is all I can manage to say… a dreamy smile on my lips.

“Now it’s my turn”, she says. She gets up on her knees and pulls her skirt up. She’s not wearing any underwear – just pantyhose – and the smell of her is very strong… stronger than I had ever experienced. I gently caress her pussy with my fingers – the pantyhose are soaked. She pulls them off and puts my hand back on her pussy… I continue to caress her lips and her clit… güvenilir casino she is moaning…

“I want YOUR lips on MY lips”

I move her hips forward and bury my head in her crotch… my mouth taking in her pussy. It is SOOOO wet…. actually dripping. Juices are coming down my chin. I lap up as much as I can. She pushes my head deeper into her pussy… I flick her clit with my tongue…

“Ahhhhhh…. keep going!”

I lick faster and make sure to put my tongue deeper into her pussy every so often… It makes her crazy….

“Ahhhh.. don’t stop!! don’t stop!”

I look up at her face – her eyes are peircing into mine. The look says DON”T YOU DARE STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING! She grabs my head, pulling my mouth deeper into her swollen pussy. I thrust my tongue deeper, scraping the walls, drinking her juices…. my upper lip is rubbing her clit as my tongue thrusts deeper and deeper…

I move my tongue out of her for just a second and flick her clit a few more times… lightly…


I lap up as much of her as I can as she surrenders and lets go of my head, her legs and hips loosening their grip…

She slumps over towards me….a dreamy smile on her face….

My lips and chin are soaked and shiny from her juices…. she pulls my head up and covers my mouth with hers… her tongue lapping up the juices that a minute ago were inside her pussy…. licking my chin and lips and thrusting deep into my mouth.

She pulls her head away slightly…

“I love the way I taste and you taste together…”, she says.

I can only smile and nod…. thinking of what we have only just started….

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