A Quick (but Passionate) Visit

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They were both at a fever pitch. A full week of sending each other increasingly sexual selfies had made them both wound up beyond belief, and it was no wonder things exploded like they did.

The pictures had started innocently enough – a picture at the beach, then a picture in a swimsuit, then a picture with the swimsuit half undone… finally everything but naked, with the naughty bits covered ever-so-tastefully (and barely) by a strategically placed hand. The curve of a breast, the base of a hard cock, a plump rear – all carefully and intentionally designed to drive the other into ever-higher fits of arousal.

For her, seeing his body on display and his obvious arousal had her hand straying to her breasts, caressing her stomach with soft lines trailing down towards her sex, and a gush of arousal. Imaging his hands squeezing and caressing her body had her squirming in her seat and cursing him under her breath.

For him, the constant hints of what lay beneath her clothes had his prick hard, and constantly. A persistent mess of pre-cum leaked from him, as his cock anticipated the work it had yet to do. His hand often strayed down below as well, rubbing himself through his clothes and closing his eyes and moaning her name softly to himself.

Finally, after far too long apart, an opportunity arose. She had a few short hours with no obligations; he had the same. Both immediately knew how they – and the other – would want to use this time.

“Can you pick me up?” she texted him. “I’ve got a bit of time and I want to see you. ??”

He swallowed before responding. “Of course.. be there as soon as I can ??” he sent back, his prick already straining in his pants at the idea of seeing her again. He showered, changed, and was on the road within 15 minutes. A few times on the way there, he had to consciously slow down to avoid a ticket; he had to shake his head to clear his mind of the distraction of what he hoped awaited him there.

On his way into town, he sent her a quick message: “almost here, should I wait outside?”

He was surprised when he saw her response: “everyone casino şirketleri is out rn, park and come to the door ??”. What did she have planned? His hopes got higher with every block he drove.

Pulling up, he checked his hair in the mirror (not great, but it would do) and adjusted himself. Nearly skipping up the walk to the cabin she was renting, he rapped on the door and was looking around for the family members she was staying with, when the door opened and there she was.

His breath caught in his throat when he looked at her: she had thrown open the door, and stood there in only an unbuttoned shirt, lacey panties, and a glowing smile. Her firm breasts peeked out, half covered beneath the shirt; her arm rested on the door frame and she smirked at him, only the one foot behind the other betraying her shyness.

His brain took a second to catch up, but in an instant his body and hands went on autopilot – reaching out for her, sliding his arms under her shirt, and crushing his lips into hers with a passion that surprised them both. They both collapsed into the kiss and into each other a little, too – finally he reached one arm under her bum and soft thighs, scooped her up (she threw her arms around his neck and didn’t lose contact with their kiss) and carried her into the cabin.

“Where,” he panted, briefly breaking contact with his mouth to grunt out a single needy word, laden with untapped desire.

“There,” she said, equally guttural, as she gestured wildly with one arm towards an open door. He carefully but quickly carried her into a bedroom; he barely looked around, but immediately knew it was hers.

“Family?” he grunted as he sunk to his knees and laid her on the bed. His mouth left hers as he trailed a line of kisses down her cheek, neck, and down to her chest.

“Gone,” she panted, “But not for long.”

He didn’t see the need to worry about that now. His lips circled her breasts with kisses, eventually landing on her right nipple – she jumped a bit as he flicked it with his stiff tongue and circled around it. His right hand slid over her stomach, casino firmaları enjoying the feel of her, but quickly slid down to where her legs met – he could feel the heat and moisture radiating from her core before he even slid his hand under her panties.

Cupping her sex, he curled one finger, then two, between her lips. Dipping briefly into her folds, his fingers were immediately drenched in her arousal, stiffening his cock even more than he thought possible.

“Oh, angel,” he whispered into her breast as his fingers slid up and down her folds and gently but vigorously teased her body.

Her right hand snaked up and grabbed him by the hair on the back of his head, drawing his mouth to hers.

“Just fuck me,” she gasped, staring into his eyes before pulling his lips to hers again.

He got the message. His other hand snaked down and starting unbuttoning his pants, fumbling with the buttons. She reached down to help, and together they opened him up. She slid a hand inside his jeans, snaking around his cock, and tugging it out. It was rock hard, with pre-cum streaming down the shaft onto her fingers.

He kicked off his pants and climbed up on the bed on top of her; she slid her panties down her thighs with a spare hand, and he dragged them the rest of the way off one leg, leaving them hooked around her ankle. She squirmed at the feeling of his prick nuzzling around at her entrance, probing and searching. Her moistness was a guide in, and his prick slid in, just a bit at first, and then further and further until he was bottomed out deep inside her.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned. “So full. Fuck me!”

He braced his arms on the bed, and reached underneath her arms to grip the hair on the back of her head, crushing his lips into hers. He drew back, slightly, and thrust himself home inside her, drawing a long moan out of both her and him.

His thrusts grew with increased vigour and speed, as his body slammed into hers again and again; her hair held tightly and her head arched back, just a bit, just enough to feel his pounding a little more deeply.

He güvenilir casino rained kisses onto her face, and neck, and head; all the while his prick continued driving relentlessly into her, again and again. The wet sounds of their joining filled the room; the smell of their arousal did, too.

His hand released her and he pushed himself up off the bed, reaching down to guide her left leg up and over his shoulder. Turning his head to kiss her calf, he drove his prick even deeper into her, fluid leaking down her thigh and crotch. He grabbed her thigh with his arm and held her in place while fucking her mercilessly.

Her eyes rolled back in her head, as one hand went to her clit and rubbed herself, and the other reached out and stroked his chest as he pounded away. Her orgasm came closer and closer, every inch of his cock driving into her pulling her explosion closer, until she couldn’t take it anymore more and cried out in release.

“Oh god! Oh god – fuck!” she yelled out as it hit her, her body gripping his prick tightly as wave after wave of pleasure rocked her body and a small puddle of her love covered the sheets below them.

His own release was close after, and he reached down to hold her head and look him in the eyes. Their gaze locked as his brow furrowed, his moans grew louder, and his thrusts became fewer but harder yet. Finally, with one last powerful thrust, he emptied his prick deep within her, his seed mixing with her own juices, and the warmth inside of her slowly trickling down her thigh.

They both held the tension of their respective orgasms for a moment, and then he sank slowly down, his hard lust replaced with soft affection. Her hands reached for him, drawing him close and tight. His softening prick slowly slid out of her, with their mixed juices soaking the bed.

They held each for several heartbeats, neither daring to break the spell of their suddenly-released passion, until finally he leaned down and laid a soft kiss on her lips. They held this kiss, less hurried but no less needy than the first, for minutes.

Finally, after some time, she felt his cock returning to life, it’s hard wetness rising up her thigh. She grinned, looked at him, and asked “Ready for round two, lover?”

He smiled down at her, eyes crinkling with affection, and answered her question with his body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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