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Author’s Note: You may or may not recognize this piece. I wrote it a few months back when I was toying with posting on forums from a different site. It was written under the name I had chosen to use there. It is titled something different over there, but I really enjoy Literotica’s story board, so I left the other site and have come back where I belong. I hope you enjoy! ~ Red

The thirty something redhead stifled a yawn as she tried to remain upright in her seat. The pitchman was anything but fun and energetic, if anything his monotone voice would be just the thing she needed to get a good night’s sleep. It seemed to work for a daytime nap. Subconsciously she felt her head bob; she jerked herself upright, shook herself to ward off the sleepiness and stretched one leg forward, flexing the lean muscles under the tailored slacks. She had to get out of here, or she’d start snoring and drooling all over her paperwork. A quick glance at the clock told her the seminar had another three hours. There was no way she’d make it to the end, no way at all. But how to leave? She never was one to disappear and draw attention to herself unless a real emergency warranted it. Another yawn threatened to appear…this was one of those times.

Emerald Stone began to cough…hard. So violently in fact that she felt compelled to excuse herself. She gathered up her papers, stuffing them carelessly into her briefcase, all the while hacking as if she were going to expel a lung. By the time she made her way to the conference room exit, people were offering her sips of water, offers she brushed off. Once outside, the door closed firmly behind her, Emerald sighed with relief. She took a deep breath and headed to the elevator.

In less than an hour Emerald was in and out of her room, freshly showered, her tailored threads, a memory. In their place she wore, a soft black dress with spaghetti straps, the hem stopping at her knees and black stilettos. Her long hair hung in curls, cascading down her back; the tips danced merrily across the top of her ass.

The hotel’s bar was spacious and dark, just want she needed. The music filling the room was upbeat, but not overbearingly loud; she glanced around, smiled at the bartender and claimed a seat next to the window. A uniformed waitress, her blouse crisp and white, slacks dark and stiff came over and took Emerald’s order, a simple elegant glass of white wine.

~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~

She sat there quietly sipping her drink while reading some cheap romance novel. A half naked man grasping a barely clad woman against his hard chiseled frame graced the cover and brought a smirk from Jarod Mason’s lips. “A woman dressed like that should be in the arms of a man, not have her nose buried in a fantasy about one,” he told his friend, whom he’d entered the bar with. The other man agreed, eying the woman with interest.

“She looks a little uptight,” he said. Jarod agreed, but continued to look at her via the mirror on the wall.

“Uptight, casino şirketleri perhaps. Beautiful, definitely.”

His friend shrugged and muttered something about being out of their league. Jarod brushed the comment off and picked up his drink. He wove his way around the few tables that separated him from the woman in the black dress. “Can I buy you another round?” he asked once he reached her side.

Emerald finished the line she’d been reading and closed her book, keeping one finger between the pages in order to save her place. On any other given night she’d had waved the man off and pointedly ignored him, but tonight the book wasn’t doing much for her and he looked like a guy that could carry on an intelligent conversation. “Sure, have a seat.”

Jarod would have fainted from shock, had he been the type to do such a thing, but he wasn’t. To say he was pleased would have been an understatement, but he knew better than to kick a gift horse in the mouth. He slipped into the seat across from her, lifted his hand to signal a couple more drinks be brought their way and reached across the table. With a firm handshake he introduced himself. “Jarod Mason.”

“Nice to meet you, Jarod. Emerald Stone.”

Jarod noted the unique name and felt it somehow fit the woman before him. “I guess I’ll just start with the typical line. . .Come here often?”

Emerald smirked. “Nah. I’m here on business. There’s a seminar on the second floor.”


“And I found it boring, so I suddenly developed a nasty, lung crushing cough and had to excuse myself.”

A soft chuckle escaped both their lips, which led to easy conversation and a pleasant evening. Time seemed to fly by and before long the couple had ordered another round, followed by another. “We’d better stop before we’re carrying each other back to our rooms,” Jarod warned.

“This would be a bad thing?”

The knowing jerk of arousal caused Jarod to shift in his seat. He eyed Emerald differently, as if measuring her up as tipsy, drunk, or cold sober. “I’m fine,” she told him, as if she were reading his thoughts.

“I just don’t want…”

“I’m thirty-three Jarod. I’m a big girl, I know what I’m doing.” Proving her statement to be true, Emerald rose gracefully from her seat, she took the lead and held her hand out to Jarod. He downed the rest of liquid in his shot glass, left several bills on the table and wrapped his arm around Emerald’s waist.

“Your room or mine?”

“Unless you have a roommate, yours will work just fine,” she answered nonchalantly. There would be no promises for more between the two, both could tell from the tone of voice, the way they moved and the ‘business’ like attitude that tonight was it.

~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~

Behind the door, where a Do Not Disturb sign hung, was a woman, firmly pressed by a warm, male body. Emerald moaned in anticipation. Her fingers moved quickly to divest her one time lover of his shirt, casino firmaları then worked to free his denim jeans from his belt. Jarod worked just as deftly to slide her sleek dress over her well-proportioned frame. His lips moved to taste the flesh that lay exposed. The tops of her breasts, covered with freckles, tasted like fruit. Eagerly he reached around and freed the twin orbs from the strapless bra that kept them confined. A hiss of pleasure left Emerald’s lips when Jarod’s mouth moved to capture a hard pearl that begged for attention.

“Fuck,” she muttered. Her hands moved to his head, pushing him deeper into her chest. Her nails dug into his scalp, giving him a slight wince, but Jarod ignored the pain, almost welcoming it. He worked his way across one breast to the other, eventually grabbing both and pushing them together. As the nipples touched Jarod descended and sucked hard. His teeth nipped and pulled, his hands massaged and his breath covered her goose bump flesh with erotic heat.

“Jesus Em.” Jarod’s voice was thick and raspy. He pulled his face away from her breasts, dropped to his knees and rolled her panties down her long legs. The scent of her sex wafted across him. Jarod barely took time to enjoy the fragrance before burying his face between her legs. The trimmed curls, soft and red were covered in her feminine juices. His tongue lapped eagerly at her offering and once more his scalp met the strength in her fingernails.

“Oh fuck, that’s…” Words barely spoken by the redheaded nymph went unheard; Emerald felt every thrust of Jarod’s tongue skate and dive into her flesh. His hands gripped her ass cheeks, pushing her further into his face. His nose brushed decadently across her clit. She felt his teeth assault the thick lips of her pussy while her hips gyrated in a vulgar fashion.

Jarod could tell by the tone in her voice, the rotating action of her hips and the amount of nectar that was flowing out of her that she was quick to come. His cock burned for release as much as her sex seemed to scream for it. With little regret, Jarod detached himself from her pussy, lifted her up by her ass and wrapped her legs around his hips. He pivoted on his heels and crossed the room, the whole while Emerald was begging to be fucked. Jarod had no qualms about giving the woman want she craved. He dropped her unceremoniously on the bed and rid himself of his clothes in a matter of seconds.

Emerald watched with eyes full of passion, lust, hunger, and absolutely no regret. Her pussy ached for fulfillment. She arched her back, spread her legs and held her tits with her hands. She kneaded the large mounds as her gaze took in the cock that would soon fill her slick, hot opening.

Jarod wasted no time in covering his cock with the thin latex condom that had been tossed haphazardly onto the nightstand. He hadn’t thought he’d be using it, but was thanking the powers that be that he’d had one close by. The pussy before him was spread güvenilir casino and very willing to be conquered.

Large powerful hands wrapped around trim ankles. Jarod lifted her legs wide, dragged her ass down to the side of the bed and drove his cock into her hungry home. An inaudible sound of pleasure left both their lips at the same time. Jarod plunged himself over and over into her tight sex. His head was thrown back in pleasure; her body was tight with anticipation and knowing delight.

As Jarod bottomed out, Emerald begged for more. Sweat soaked both lovers. The blanket that lay beneath Emerald absorbed what sweat and sex juices it could, leaving a stain that would be the only witness to what the couple had done. “Fuck me,” Emerald shouted, “harder…oh fuck, yes, harder. Don’t stop.” The words were spoken in a voice barely recognizable to Emerald. Her throat became sore and scratchy, still she begged for him to pound into her.

Jarod felt sweat slide down his back. Beads of the salty liquid showed on his face. He still delivered blow after mind numbing blow to Emerald’s pussy. She answered back with tight squeezes, nail scratches and curses that would make a sailor blush. Soon grunts of release were easily heard by the other. Jarod felt his cock explode, his come safely sheathed behind the barrier of latex. Emerald felt her hot satiny liquid cover the firm shaft inside her. She held tight to Jarod’s cock, hoping to ride the softening tool until she could come again. Jarod seemed to sense her need and remained buried in her until his cock was spent and her second, small but rewarding climax had come.

Emerald lowered her legs and stared wide-eyed and satisfied at her one-night stand. She didn’t have much to say, but she thought a lot. She’d never done the meet and fuck kind of lovin’. It wasn’t that bad at all. How long had it been since she’d found herself drawn to nothing more than a quick roll in the hay and what had ever possessed her to act on said emotion?

Jarod licked his lips and lowered himself to the bed. He was spent, somewhat disappointed that his body couldn’t take another round of robust fucking, but by the look on his partner’s face she was more than satisfied. A part of him wouldn’t mind hooking up with Emerald Stone, the girl with the green eyes and killer body. Another part was relieved that they both were adult enough to recognize exactly what the two of them were…two adults looking for a quick release.

They lay there speechless, dragging in great gulps of air for several long minutes. Eventually Emerald rose and tossed her hair with her fingers. She looked at her naked body, nothing but her stilettos and her pearls remained on her freckled skin. A soft purr. A small stretch and Emerald was off the bed, gathering her clothes. Jarod rolled to his side and watched her dress. His cock stirred slightly, but he mentally told it to settle. It was obvious the night was over, and the quick fuck was what the woman wanted. Sure he’d go another round in the morning if she was inclined to spend the night, but by the way she was snapping her bra into place, pushing the boobs where they needed to be and sliding her dress back over her lush form…they were done.

Or were they?

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