A Ride in the Car

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It was a wonderful night with perfect weather and my boyfriend and I decide to take a drive down a deserted highway with no cars or anything else in sight. My boyfriend borrowed his friend convertible and decided to take me on “a nice long drive” his exact words “sure why not” was my reply. I always enjoyed riding in a car as long as I didn’t have to drive. I love taking rides.

So sitting in the dark blue convertible the top down cruising down the highway, me in the passenger seat my head back listening to soft jazz on the radio and humming along, I was in heaven. Every now and then Paul my boyfriend would reach over and rub my knee letting his hand push up my short dress and edge up my thigh. Keeping my head back and my eyes close I sit back and enjoy the warm feeling my body was now getting. Widening my legs Paul fingers inch past my panties pulling them to the side. His fingers begin to rub my now wet pussy. My humming to the radio stops and is replaced by moans. The night’s air running through my hair and Paul fingers running through my pussy and over my clit I found myself quickly edging on an orgasm. I usually didn’t cum that fast it must have been the new situation in the car, but after a short time of Paul stroking my clit and pussy I let out a nice long moan as shivers went through my entire body.

Relishing the feeling Paul just sent through my body I open my eyes and smile over at him. Leaning over I kiss him on the cheek “make sure you keep your eyes on the road” I giggle in his ear.

“Don’t you worry about that” he answered back. Raising his hand to my head he runs it through my hair. “Did you enjoy that?” he asked in a low whisper.

Unbuckling my seat belt I move as close to him as I can in the bucket seats and say, “it was the best honey” after a pause I ask, “are we going any where in particular?”

Still stroking my hair he answer back still in a low sexy voice “No not really, you just enjoy the ride. But I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself so far. I hope you can help me enjoy myself to” a sly smile coming on his face.

Suddenly his fingers tighten around my hair pulling my head towards him and down to his jeans. I got the point and began to unzip his pants. My body so hot now I was more than happy to wrap my mouth around his cock.

Slowly seeming I lower his zipper, his cock already hard easily slips past his underwear. Licking my lips I begin to lower my head. Paul impatiently pushes my head quicker to his cock. His uncharacteristic forcefulness turns me on even more. Gulping his cock into my mouth I hardly had time to take a breath. I suck his cock deeply into my mouth my lips plunge down to the base of his cock. My face completely in his crouch My tongue trying to roll around his cock deep in my mouth I try to bob my head on his cock but could only raise my head a inch or two before Paul casino şirketleri hand on my head pushed me back down. One hand on my head the other still holding the steering wheel Paul instruct me to just suck. He didn’t want me to move but his cock was moving, moving into my throat. Gagging I widen my mouth while my throat tighten around his cock. Paul began to groan. How he was keeping his eyes on the road I don’t know but I wasn’t thinking about that for long. Paul hand left my head and move to my ass lifting my dress. His hand rubbing my asshole I moan with his cock deep at the back of my mouth. Paul plunges two fingers into my asshole, it’s a tight fit but he manages to get it in me up to the second knuckles. I have never felt this turn on in my life and feel my body about to cum again. With out Paul hand pushing my head anymore I bob up and down on his rock hard cock. His groans gets louder and louder. I feel the car pulling over to the side of the road. It’s a good thing he does I don’t think he could keep on the road at the pace we were going.

Really getting into it, my saliva covers Paul’s cock sloshing up and down on him and so hot for his cum to fill my mouth. All of a sudden Paul hand slaps my ass “ok honey get out the car for me.”

I was disappointed to say the least but I let his cock slide out of my mouth and I climb out of the convertible. Standing outside of the car the cool night’s breeze blowing my dress up and over my still wet pussy and panties I couldn’t help still feel quite warm.

Paul got outside of his side of the car. Walking over to my side of the car he roughly grabs me and kisses me hard on the lips sticking his tongue in my mouth.

“You want me to stop?” he whispers in my ear.

“No” I croak back suddenly shakily.

With out hesitation Paul turns me around and bends me over the hood of the car. Ripping my panties off he press his still hard cock onto back of my ass. His roughness made my breathing and heart beat quicken and I found myself arms out stretch over the car doing nothing but taking whatever he want to give me.

I wasn’t usually this submissive and Paul wasn’t usually this dominant but what ever made him get so aggressive I liked it and I hope he doesn’t stop.

“Take off your dress and get back in the car” he ordered.

With out a word I quickly lift my dress over my head. Now naked, my pussy wet and my nipples sticking out rock hard I climb into the car. Me about to sit down Paul smiles at me and tell me to stand.

“Don’t sit down honey, I want you to stand.”

Not sure of what he wants I awkwardly stand in the car. My bare ass resting on the top of the front windshield of the convertible. Paul climbs into the car pressing my back he leans me over the two front seats. Shaking a little now not from cold but from pure nervousness of not knowing casino firmaları what the hell was going to happen next.

“Do you” I try to say but is interrupted by a slap on the ass.

“Shhhhh” Paul whispers “just bend over and hold onto the back seats. Don’t say another word.”

I can’t help smiling a little as I bend over between the front seats. My hips between the two front seats I grab onto the back seat my ass in the air and my head down. I feel very vulnerable and I also feel wetness dripping from my pussy. This is really turning me on and although I can’t see Paul well now I can feel his rock hard cock brushing against my ass and I know he is still turn on to.

Bending over Paul licks my ass. Spreading my ass cheeks his tongue finds my asshole. I let out a shriek then a slow moan. I want to scream out yes yes so badly but I don’t Remembering his order to stay quiet I bite my lip and close my eyes enjoying my whole body tingling.

I can’t help moving my hips back to his tongue. Paul grabs my ass and digs his tongue into my tight asshole. Lapping slowly at my asshole like he was licking a delicious ice cream cone. Ummmm this is too much I can barely hold on to the seats my head buries into the back seat.

“You like that my little car slut? You like having your asshole fucked with my tongue?”

I moan my approval but keep my head down.

Paul begins slapping my ass over and over. “You like it my slut, you like being my car slut?” he ask harshly. “You want me to fuck you now my slut?”

I grunt back an approval reply. My body is so on fire it’s all I can manage.

Slapping my ass Paul moves behind me and plunges his hard 8-inch cock into my sopping wet pussy.

Good God it feel sooooo good my pussy throbbing again I start chanting yes yes yes yes with every thrust of your cock in my pulsing pussy. Paul gives my pussy quite a pounding. I almost fall between the front seats but his hands on my hips keeps me up and help his cock go deep into me.

Straightening my arms on the back seat I raise my self up and look out over the back trunk of the car. I could barely see anything in the darkness of the night just the curve of the road behind the car my vision being shaken by Paul’s constant thrusting. It’s weird how my mind was wandering at this moment. A moment my whole body was in ecstasy and I was looking at the white line going down this deserted road. But my mind didn’t stay on that white line for long I let out a howl of a scream like I was howling at the moon as my asshole was just then assaulted by Paul’s big hard cock.

“Oh oh oh ohhhhhhhhhh” I scream.

His cock covered with my pussy juices was not enough to stop the pain that shot through me while his cock plunges in me full tilt. No hesitation just a hard fast thrust deep in my asshole. Grabbing onto my hair güvenilir casino Paul leaned over me and growled “You like the ride now”.

Not knowing where his aggression was coming from and not caring I grunt back “ah ah yyyessss I I do”.

Pounding away Paul grabs my 34D tits and squeezes them between his fingers. Pinching my nipples he pulls them away from me and twists them. I never knew that pain could turn me on so much. That I would like being treated like this by someone that is usually so tender but I was enjoying it and I start wishing the roughness would never end.

Trying to balance my bouncing head on the back seat I let one hand go back to my clit. Rubbing my fingers over my throbbing clit my orgasm overtook my body. I’ve never had and orgasms with anything in my asshole before. Paul has put his fingers in me before but never for long and it didn’t feel anything his cock deep in me. With my orgasm building and with my pussy throbbing and his cock plunging deep in my asshole I felt a feeling I hope to feel again real soon. While my whole body pulse with my orgasm I could feel my asshole throbbing around Paul’s cock. It was like my asshole was trying to milk all of his cum out of his cock and I didn’t want it to stop.

I start meeting Paul’s thrust slamming my ass back to him arching my back and enjoying the most intense orgasm I’ve every felt. Grabbing my shoulder and one of my tits Paul leans over my back cock deep in my asshole. I could feel his cum filling my tight asshole. My pussy throbbing my asshole pulsing I push back into Paul and grind my ass into him. After shooting my asshole full of his cum Paul collapses on my back we fell between the front seats half on the floor half on the back seat. Both of us a sweating and breathing heavy we couldn’t help but laugh in each other arms.

“You want to get dress” Paul says to me in a cheerier voice.

“Sure, where is my dress anyway?” I laugh back.

Climbing out of the car and zipping himself up Paul picks up my dress I left on the hood of the car and hand it to me.

Watching me slip it back on Paul leans on the car and comments “Nice ride huh”

“Yeah it was great a little rough but I think I like that, definitely the best ride I’ve every had.”

“Well let’s get home it’s very late and I want to get to bed,” he says slyly.

“Yeah that sound good” I answer back slipping back into the front passenger seat.

Paul walks over to the driver side and gets in, starting up the car he reaches over and combs my hair out of my face with his hand and then pulls the car off.

I snuggle into the seat and snap my seatbelt on and recline my seat back. Reaching my hand over to Paul lap I let it rest there while we head home. I let my eyes close and enjoy the car ride thinking about the ride Paul just gave me. Cum leaking out of my well fucked asshole I was feeling perfect. My mind clear I open my eyes looking up at the stars thinking about getting home and getting to bed with Paul to go back over tonight’s adventure and also wondering where the hell I have left my panties.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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