A Sensual Massage for James

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It’s Friday night and you decided to go to your favorite Massage Parlor. My pictures have been driving you crazy for days and you needed some relief. When you got to your appointed room, you were surprised to see it darkened; darker than usual. You got comfortable on the Table, towel discretely covering your midsection.

When the girl came in the room, you noticed she was taller than the girls that normally took care of you. She had long, light brown hair. You could not see her face. She said not a word. You rolled over, getting ready for your massage. She began to massage you. But, not like the others. Her hands were feather light, strong, but hardened. You could feel her running her hair over your back. This was different… She did not have the practiced touch of an expert, but it was sensual just the same. You wanted to roll over to see her face. She would not let you. She touched you in the way of a lover. Gently. Exploring. She slid your towel down and massaged your ass.

This time, you HAD to see… She let you turn over. You looked up; right into my face! I laughed deeply, a big smile on my face; “Gotcha, James!” casino şirketleri You smiled and laughed, but it was a lusty laugh. We both looked down at your manhood right at that moment. You were hard. I chuckled. You looked back up and into my eyes. You looked deeply into my eyes for a bit. And I looked at you. We read comfort. And passion.

I broke contact and began to run my hands over your body in the light, sensual way I have. I watched your body. You watched my hands. You looked over at my body. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see you staring at me. I slipped out of my robe. I was topless and sported white, silk thong panties. You looked at my firm body. Fit. Flat stomach. Strong hands and arms. Muscular back. But you noted my back was very feminine, even though it was strong. My skin was tanned and smooth. You looked around, trying to see my ass. I looked up at you, and slowly turned. My butt was also strong, round; nice.

I looked back at your hard member and gasped. It was very hard, very hungry, very hot. I moved down the table until I was standing at your hip. I ran my hands lightly over your lower stomach, casino firmaları to your thighs. Your cock jerked when I came near. There was a glistening drop of clear dew on the tip. I touched your inner thigh and you spread your legs. I lowered my head and ran my hair over your belly, cock, thighs. This was almost too much. You felt like you were going to explode! I brought my head up and began to focus on your manhood. You noticed I was fully focused on your cock. I touched the drop of dew and rubbed it gently around your head. Around and around. Moistening your head. Then to the tip. You were HOT! I lowered my face to you, breathing my hot breath on your now wet cock. I flicked my tongue to you, almost touching you. Your cock jerked. I ran my tongue around the base, lightly, and to your inner thighs.

I knew you were very close to losing it. You were so overwhelmed with the thought of this, the unexpected encounter, and the fevered pitch we had been reaching in e-mail and Instant Messenger. I brought my tongue back up to your head, this time making contact. My tongue was long, wet and hot. I licked you slowly, deeply. I licked güvenilir casino the shaft, around your head, to the front. I licked to the base of your balls. I took you entirely into my mouth, my tongue flicking all the while. The next time I took you all the way in, I sucked. You moaned. I sucked deeper and harder. I began to establish a rhythm. Wet. Deep. Sucking and licking. Your hips began to match my rhythm. You thrust deeply into my mouth as I sucked. You were amazed I could take you all the way in and that, at the same time, my tongue could be flicking your balls, then your head.

Then, with a mighty thrust and a moan, you came. Oh, you came deep and hard. I took it all. Relishing the taste of you. Enjoying the thrill of you. After a moment, when you calmed down a bit and I drained you and cleaned you up, I quietly walked up the table. I grabbed your hand and made you reach into my panties to my clean, sweet, shaved pussy. I made you feel how very hot and wet you made me. You touched me and were amazed yet again. I pulled away, put my robe on, leaned over you and brushed your lips with mine. I whispered, “James, I’ll catch ya on e-mail.”

I walked away and wondered if you would follow me. Would you grab me and give me what I deserved? Would you take me and make me beg for more? Would you make me give you my hot pussy? Hmmmm. I wonder…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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