A Sister and Her Family Ch. 03

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I met a young man Daniel almost three years ago. He told me a story I found hard to believe. He assured me it was true. Since then I know it to be. I have met almost his entire family. Daniel put me in touch with others he learned of over the years. I don’t know how, I asked, he didn’t say.

I am not a writer, far from it. Except for the names and places, the stories you read are true for the most part. Still they are not biographies. Artistic license has been taken to enhance or in some cases minimize the events described. All sexual situations were between consensual adults within the framework of their story.

The stories are somewhat long. Most of these stories cover several years. I will try to keep the chapters short. I suggest you save one for reference. None of the stories are mine, any personal friend, or relative.

This story is about a brother’s sense of duty to his sister and her family. Buck struggles to help his sister fight against her demons. The first chapters can be a tough read. It was even more difficult for Buck and Rey Ann to tell it.

This is the third chapter in the series. This may be the most important chapter in the series. It is a turning point of sorts. If you made it through the first two I think you will understand. Not only do their lives change but you may notice Rey Ann becomes more of the narrator.


It was the week before Rey’s sixteenth birthday. I went to pick Karen up from the soup kitchen. She was not there. I asked around but no one knew anything. Disappointed again I picked up the kids and headed home. The next day was Friday with no sign of Karen we left for school. The day was like any other except Luis was going to ride the bus to an away basketball game. Rey and I had a quiet dinner. Around ten I left to pick up Luis at school.

I had just started to lose sight of the house when headlights faintly reflected in my rear view mirror. I had an uneasy feeling, I continued in the direction of the school. I knew every inch of that road, slowing down I kept heading away on the long straight part of the road. I should see the lights any time now. I reached the turn that we flipped the bus in and still no lights. My stomach tightened.

I stopped the truck and waited, then turned the truck around. My phone rang, it was Rey.

“He is here!” She whispered.

“I know, I am coming!” I said calmly.” Use your key and go to my room and lock the door, it will be the last place they will look.”

“Ok Buck. I can do that!”

“Open the window and crawl out into the sun porch. I will leave the keys in the truck. You come around front and drive away, and don’t look back. Can you do that?”

“I think so, I am not good at backing up!” She explained.

“I will leave the truck so you can just go forward, don’t worry about the lawn.”

I looked down I was doing almost eighty, I rounded that curve the house was in sight. A large black sedan was in the drive. They must have seen how fast I was coming and knew it was me. I was calling the sheriff, Don answered.

“He is at the house, Rey is alone.” I said as I sped ever closer.

“I am on the way!” Don replied.

It was probably only minutes since I started back but it seemed like hours. The sedan was trying to leave when I slowed to a crawl on the road. My headlights illuminated the interior, all I saw were two young girls in the front, the driver looked terrified. Bobby was inside the house I thought. The car made it out of the drive, and started pulling away. I pulled in quietly out at the road so Rey could get out. I made my way to the front door it was locked. The entry door to the garage was ajar, broken into. There was loud talking inside. I opened the door slowly.

“For the last time where is she bitch!” Bobby had Karen on her knees. “Tell me and I will give this to you!”

I guessed they had not heard the car leave or me come in. Bobby was holding up a syringe. Karen was back on the juice, two fucking days, I thought.

“I need it Bobby, you know I do!” Karen begged. “I’d do anything for you please just give it to me!”

“Where is she Karen, she is my daughter too!” He yelled. I stayed just outside the door waiting to see what he would do.

“Why do you want her?” Karen pleaded her eyes focused on the fix.

“She is fresh pussy, I bet I can get five grand for her first fuck!” Bobby yelled.

“Take me Bobby I will do anything just take me. Give it to me Bobby, I promise I will do anything you ask!” Karen begged.

“Bitch you cost me more in drugs than that pussy brings in.” He stuck the needle in her arm. “I know she’s in here, he left alone, now just tell me what room is hers!”

“The one on the left, now please give it to me Bobby!” Karen sobbed. He pulled the needle out and put it in his pocket. “No you promised!” She screamed.

“After we get that fucking pussy.” Bobby kicked Karen in the gut she doubled over in pain. “Shut up and stay here bitch, I will handle this.

He started in the direction of the kitchen door. In the distance I could hear canlı bahis faint sounds as the sirens roll across the empty fields as they approached. I could have waited but I had a score to settle.

“Get the fuck out of my house!” I was on him in seconds.

I grabbed his coat and swung him around. Bobby is tall and slender but he is from the streets and is a formidable opponent. I know from experience. He lashed out and hit me squarely. I swung him around and slammed him into the Mustang. His right arm smashed the driver’s window. He tried to escape but my size and weight trapped his arm inside the car.

“Get the fuck off of me!” He spat.

“Or what?” I spat back.

He smiled that same smile he gave me years ago. He reached back with his left hand and pulled his pistol, just like he did that day years ago.

“I’ll fucking shoot you like I did the last time you tried to fuck with me! He boasted pulling the gun from his waist.

The pain in my leg was intense, all those days I did not take those pills reminded me of my past failure. All the hostile missions I went on behind enemy lines, being shot at by trained military. Taking shrapnel from IED’s, wading through shit and eating sand. I pulled out bloodied and disfigured bodies of my comrades, at times zipping up body bags. All of that I did with honor and pride. Getting shot in the leg by some two bit street punk was the most embarrassing point in my life, even if it was to try and protect my whore of a sister.

I was faster this time I knew what he would do. I grabbed his wrist and swung it wide the first shot went into the rear tire. The air hissed out as I swung the gun in a counter clockwise rotation. He was strong I was stronger. He tried to work his right hand free but I had him pinned. The second shot, went through the roof. I could hear the sirens approaching closer. I punched his gut with my left, my right hand aimed the gun to his head when he buckled.

“You will never lay a hand on Rey in your life!” I screamed over the blare outside.

“Fuck you asshole!” Bobby cursed.

He heard the click of the blade as it locked in place. I did not stick him deep, just enough to make him flinch. The next shot fired and the splatter stung as it hit my face. His body went limp.

“No, fuck you asshole!” I looked up and in the corner between the boards I saw her eyes glimmer from the light. I looked down and Karen was still doubled over, vomit dripping from her lips.

“Drop the gun!” A deputy called out.

I held Bobby’s arm never releasing my grip. He took the weapon from the lifeless hand as I held Bobby against the car. Don came over and put his hand on my back.

“You can let him go now Buck.” I backed away and his body slumped to the ground, my knife still in my hand. I handed it to Don.

I had killed several men in my life, I took pride I defending my country but never enjoyed taking another’s life. It was a duty I was sworn to uphold, and always in defense of myself or others. That changed somewhat tonight, although I did not enjoy this, I did feel a sense of relief, justified or not I knew the world would be a better place without him.

“Buck you will need to come down to the station.” Don explained.

“I need a beer.” I said. “Where is Rey? She can’t stay here alone!”

“I’ll see she is looked after.” Don said.

“Have her call Joy, she will take her in.” I replied. “Luis is at the school, Archie can take him home.”

“Ok, we can arrange that.” Don acknowledged. “For now you will need to come with us, Karen too.”

The hot water felt good as it cascaded over my body. I watched as the scarlet droplets washed down the drain. My leg hurt like hell, but there was a sense of pleasure in it too. If not for that I might be dead.

That morning I picked up the kids from their hosts and brought them home. The garage was sealed off for now, the remains of the event grossly intact. Luis never could stand Bobby and knowing he would no longer be around was of little consequence. He was more concerned with Rey and Karen than what had happened.

Leaving Rey with Joy was a good decision but the moment she saw me she ran into my arms and refused to let go. She was clingy all day never leaving me out of her sight.

That night as they were getting ready for bed Rey waited for Luis to turn in. I had just put the dishes away from the dishwasher and headed to the living room. I picked up a book and lounged on the couch starting to read. Rey came out dressed in her pajamas and stood at the one end of the couch.

“I can’t sleep.”

I moved over so she could slip in beside me on the couch. Her back to me she nuzzled hard against me.

“Do you want to talk?” I asked.

“No, I just need to be with you.” She whispered.

“Ok, but if you do we can talk.” I replied.

She lay there her black hair draped over her shoulders and the side of her face blocking my view. We lounged there for a few minutes before I started reading my book again. I thought she was asleep, I continued to read, bahis siteleri engrossed in the current chapter.

“Buck have you killed people before?” Rey asked without moving. It was not a question I was prepared for.

“When I was in the military, yes.” I explained.

“He was a bad man Buck!” Rey trembled against me.

“I know Rey, but he is not coming back again.” I laid down the book and caressed her upper arm.

“He tried to have sex with me once.” She started to cry. I was in a dilemma on how to answer.

“I know, Karen told me all about it.” I explained telling her something I never told them before.

“That is why we came here isn’t it?” Rey rolled over to face me. “You brought us here to protect us? To protect me?”

“I tried to before. But since I was single they would not let me take you, just Luis.” I told her something else I had never revealed before. “An incident took place between Karen and your dad. I confronted Bobby, hoping he would let you both come.”

“That is when he shot you in the leg?” She looked at me with sympathy. I ignored the question.

“I got you both out of there and into foster homes. It was months later before Joy was able to get you both released to me.” It wasn’t the whole story but it was enough.

Her quickness surprised me, pinning me to the back of the couch she pressed her lips to mine in an emotional kiss. There was no passion, no desire, this was not sexual, this was gratitude. I responded in kind letting her hold it for longer than appropriate before pushing her off.

“Rey you can never do that again!” I quickly composed myself, she was hurt by my scolding. “Rey I am your uncle, kissing on the lips is not something we should do.”

“Buck you saved my life! I don’t care if it is something we shouldn’t do!” She protested. “You love me and I love you! People kiss…You do love me, don’t you?

She took me off guard once again. How could she even ask that question?

“Of course I do…” She pecked me on the lips quickly.

“Then I will kiss you on the lips to show you my love!” She insisted. “I promise not to do it in front of people.”

Still shaken by all of this, and knowing this was not right, I was at a loss for words. I had done all I could to keep her safe from men taking advantage of her and now it seemed I was the one that was doing it. Justified or not, she just saw a man killed, not just any man, but her father.

“It’s still is not right!” I decided to leave it at that, I could deal with it later I figured.

Rey turned and faced away, the danger of her repeating it removed for now. She lay there not responding.


“Yes Rey?”

“What now?” She asked. Now? What did she mean by ‘now’ I wondered? My mind flooded with options, the kiss kept rotating to the top of the list.

“Now?” I questioned

“Luis and I, what now? Where do we go?” She whispered, as if she would be scared of the answer.

“Oh!” I replied in relief. “I am your custodian until you are eighteen. You will both live here with me. You will go to school and get good grades. I will see you can go to college, although I am not sure Luis is cut out for it. You will graduate with honors I hope. Get good jobs, fall in love and be happy productive members of society!” I said it all so quickly and matter of fact.

Rey laughed.

“I would like that.” Rey nuzzled back against me hard. “We love you Buck.”

“I love you both too.” I felt a bit of a relief when she included Luis in that statement.

Joy had taken a position as a school supervisor in a much larger school system half way across the country. Karen was taken back in custody for now having broken the terms of her parole. Don felt sure they would release her after they learned the circumstances of her involvement. They eventually did, releasing her into my custody. Within days I could tell she had changed significantly.

Karen took the one step I had imposed on her from the beginning, the first step to begin her recovery. She handed over the monthly check from the trust fund my parents set up for her. She checked into a quality rehabilitation center, and got the real help she needed. With Bobby gone from her life I expect the healing to continue. She moved in with Joy a month ago, all reports have been very positive. It was a tough decision to allow Rey to visit during the summer, but Joy thinks it will help. Rey agreed only on the condition she can return when she wants.

“Tell your mother I said hi.” I kissed Rey on her head.

“You promised you would not send me away again!” She protested.

“Rey, she is your mother. Joy will be happy to see you as well.” She hugged me one last time.

“You will be here to pick me up?” She asked.

“I promise.” She turned and headed through security.

“I love you Buck!” She yelled out for the whole room to hear. Everyone looked at me, it was a happy moment.

Luis was affected by the shooting more than I would have expected. Rey says it is because he could not stop thinking of what bahis şirketleri would have happened if I had been killed instead of Bobby. I had to go through some shit with the law, there was talk of me staging it to look like a suicide. Sheriff Don quelled it with the joke about me bringing a knife to a gun fight. In the end nothing really happened except wasting my time.

Luis and I dismantled the old garage burning it all out back. I contracted a new garage to be built. One side was long and high enough to put a full size school bus. The other side was 3 cars wide, the space behind was Luis’s new wood working shop. It took all summer but it came out great.

With Rey starting to drive it was time to get the old Mustang on the road again. With the new garage built I started working on the car. It ran fine but it needed freshened up. Rey helped me clean it inside and out, we replaced the carpet and had the front seat covers replaced. I replace all of the brakes, front suspension and steering. New radial tires and a tune up the car drove almost like new. Rey Ann was overcome with emotions when I gave her the car as a belated sixteenth birthday present. Luis was now taking driver’s education had his sights on the truck.

That winter I finally had the bullet removed from my leg. They found the cause of the pain, it was weeks before it healed completely. Like my shoulder it lets me know when the weather is going to change but at least now I hope to put that part of my life behind me.

Rey Ann

I have known for some time Buck and Joy had been lovers over the last year, I always thought she was gay. I went to visit mom and Joy this past summer for a few weeks. Karen is now living with her and they are obviously lovers. Mom looks better than I have ever seen her, she is happy and I am happy for her. How this affects Buck I’m not sure, I think she still misses him because she asked about him the whole time.

I got my driver’s license, Buck and Luis got the old Mustang running and fixed up. I helped Buck change the carpet and clean it. I love the car it drives great, all the kids at school think it’s neat. I started tutoring to make some money, it feels good to help other kids.

You know what happened with my dad, there are some things even Buck doesn’t know. Bobby was a bad man, to my mom for sure, to Luis of course, and then to me. He always told me I was nothing, and that I would not amount to anything, even when I was young. I can always remember Uncle Buck telling me just the opposite. Bobby tried to seduce me when I just turned fourteen. It was the first time I saw a penis, his was pretty big I know now, Buck’s is bigger. He tried to get me to touch him. Mom stopped him that night, he beat the crap out of her.

Even the cops would not go after Bobby, so mom called Buck. I don’t know what happened, I wasn’t there. I do know Buck got shot in the leg, then he beat the shit out of Bobby. I do know Luis and I were taken and sent to foster homes, Buck still has the bullet in his leg. I now know why he sent me to his sister Amanda’s, he was afraid Bobby would find me. He knew I would be made into a prostitute, even Bobby said I was worth a fortune for my first fuck.

I called Buck that night, I saw the car pull out, I thought Bobby was in it. I ran into the sun porch like Buck said I should but I stopped to look. Bobby was fighting with mom, she would not let him in the house. Finally he offered her drugs to tell him which room to find me. I thought she would refuse but when he put the needle in her arm she told him where to find me. She loved the drugs more than she loved me. Buck came in just as I was going to leave. I know I shouldn’t have watched, but I couldn’t move. Buck asked him to leave, Bobby hit him but Buck slammed him against the car. I saw the window break and Bobby’s arm was stuck in the car. Bobby pulled the gun he shot twice then I saw Buck pull the knife.

I thought he would stab him in the heart or something, but I think he just wanted him to drop the gun. He stabbed Bobby in the side of the stomach, I saw Bobby flinch then a shot. Buck was looking at me his face covered in blood. I panicked for just a second thinking I had lost the only decent man I knew, the man ‘I’ loved. He blinked to clear his eyes, looking at me all I could see was Buck wanting to know if I was ok. Then Bobby slumped over the car. I almost ran to Buck to tell him of my love. The police were there instantly, I went in and waited for them. They took me to Joy’s, not letting me see Buck.

I hated my dad, for what he did to me, to Luis, to mom, but mostly what he tried to do to Buck. I saw Bobby shoot himself, surprisingly I was not happy or sad. What I felt was relief, like I was set free. Buck risked his life for me again.

We talked the next day after Luis went to bed. Buck let me cuddle up to him on the couch. We talked, I have never felt so safe and loved. I kissed him on the lips, he was shocked but did not push me away at first. He scolded me, then told me how we could not kiss on the lips because he was my Uncle. He hasn’t noticed I never call him that just Buck. He told me Luis and I would be staying. My heart jumped for joy. I told him I wanted to kiss his lips, but wouldn’t do it if anyone was around. He thinks he will stop me, but I know he can’t.

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