A Striptease for Daddy

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My twenty year old daughter Rebecca (“Becky” for short) is very sweet and pretty with big innocent blue eyes and long blonde hair down over her shoulders. But she’s rather absent minded, and that led to an afternoon I won’t forget in a hurry.

Becky was back home from university for the weekend. On the Saturday afternoon she and my wife went out shopping together. They’d been gone a few minutes when I heard a mobile phone ringing. It was Becky’s. She’d left it behind in the lounge. To be without her mobile phone is the ultimate disaster for a girl and she was glad when I answered and assured her it was safe. But when I put her phone down I noticed Becky had left something else behind too – her little notebook of passwords.

With Becky’s phone together with her passwords, knowing I had a whole afternoon to myself I couldn’t resist the temptation. In a moment I had Becky’s phone connected to my laptop, with all her messages, pictures and videos accessible to my prying eyes. A text she’d sent just that morning was the first thing I opened, and it told me I had an interesting time ahead!

It was to someone called Matt. Becky had mentioned Matt a couple of times as being one of her friends at university.

“Two whole days before we’re together again,” my daughter had written. “Thinking of you all the time. Mum and dad fucked last night in the next bedroom. They were as noisy as us! Wished it was us fucking! Fingered myself off this morning wishing it was your hand between my legs! Nothing’s as good as you giving it to me. Here’s a picture for you to wank over. Ooooooooooh!! Want you! I’m still throbbing!”

The text included a selfie of Becky. She was on her bed in her room upstairs sitting nude doing the splits with her legs spread so wide they were pointing in opposite directions. She was leaning back on her hands so her back arched and her breasts were swung up and thrust forward.

I was seeing my own daughter nude! Her breasts were big, round, firm and on full show. Her nipples were up like little corks with arousal from big areoles. Her vagina, ringed by a neat little tuft of brown pubic hair pulled gaping wide by her so shapely incredibly wide spread legs! I’d certainly seen plenty of girls in their twenties nude in porn. But seeing my own daughter’s naked body posing like that and knowing she’d just masturbated and that she’d heard us having sex stretched my dick faster and harder than any porn girl!

Matt’s reply hadn’t been long coming.

“HOT! Jerked my shaft hard over your s o o o sexy body! Thought of you under me with your legs round me kicking my bum like when you came last time. Wish my hand stroking my cock was your delicious pussy! Up hard for you again already! Gonna wank all day looking at your pics. Keeping lots of cum for you tomorrow! LOL!”

Matt’s text was accompanied by a picture of a man’s naked body from his hairy chest to his knees. He was obviously young, fit and muscular. His penis looked massive, bigger than my own, bending up erect from big thickly haired balls reaching up almost to his belly button with a big red purple head. Matt’s thumb and forefinger were wrapped round his huge shaft, just the way I masturbated. The phone had been so close to his penis I could see a droplet of pre cum on its tip.

A girl’s panties were hung on his cock like a trophy. With a shock I realised they were Becky’s! She had a distinctive thong in white cotton with a big picture of a strawberry almost filling the tiny triangle of white cotton at the front and there they were, draped over Matt’s hard up erection.

My daughter hadn’t taken long to reply.

“Oooooooooh! Can hardly wait till tomorrow! My fingers are in my pussy wishing it was you! Wanna finger myself hot and ride your rod on top while you feel my tits! Out shopping today with mum. Boring.”

I’d recognised that strawberry pattern thong for one reason. Just a few weeks before when Becky had been back home I’d lustfully rummaged through her underwear drawer in her room and found that thong. I could hardly believe my so innocent daughter possessed any underwear so erotic! I’d put that thong on to admire my erection pushing that strawberry out far from my naked body canlı bahis şirketleri and enjoyed the sensuous feel of the thin soft cotton gently squeezing my shaft and knob like a woman’s kiss. I’d hung them on my erection just like Matt had while I masturbated. I confess too that the previous night as my wife and I had the noisy sex Beck had overheard, in my mind it had been my twenty year old daughter’s naked body under me, her vagina tight round my shaft and Becky’s heels kicking my bum when my wife climaxed so noisily.

I returned to the picture of my daughter sprawled nude on her bed. As I ran my eyes over her breasts and the legs she’d spread so wide for Matt, my cock felt as big and hard as Matt’s looked. I wanted to masturbate, but I held back – I wanted to see if there was even more!

There certainly was! I scrolled through my daughter’s folders. There was lots of bland stuff, the kind of pictures any girl would have on her phone, like friends, parties, meals out and the like. Then I came to a folder titled “Striptease for Matt.” I opened it and scrolled through the pictures. I could hardly believe what I saw!

There was Becky in the same lounge that I was sitting in! She was in a tiny black bra and panties that contrasted erotically with her lightly tanned skin and blonde hair, and black high heels. Her black lacy bra cups were barely big enough to sling her breasts, her panties only just covered her cunt and were just a thong strap nestling between her bum cheeks at the back. The date of the pictures showed they were taken the last time she’d been home with us from university a few weeks ago. It looked like she’d propped the phone up and used the camera’s timer to take selfies for Matt, and now for her lustful daddy!

The sequence of pictures started with Becky standing wide legged in her underwear with her thumb hooked over the top hem of her panties pulling it down just far enough the top of her bush showed. Next she squatted down on her high heels with her legs spread wide and with the camera looking straight up between her legs in close up. I saw her panties were sheer black lace showing her bush of brown pubic hair through them. In the next picture, still squatting like that, she’d reached down between her legs and pulled her panties aside to show her naked cunt.

I unzipped and slipped my trousers and briefs down round my ankles to give my straining cock freedom to stick up as hard as it wanted as my daughter’s striptease continued.

Becky posed in her bra and panties, then took her bra off to show off her delicious breasts in all their glory. Just in her lacy black panties she sprawled over the armchair I was sitting in, with close ups of her brown bush showing through her panties and of her bottom with the thin black thong gusset nestling between her bum cheeks. Several pictures taken from front and behind showed her slowly peeling her panties down her legs, posing with them stretched part way down her spread thighs erotically underlining her cunt and her cheeky bottom.

Nude except for black high heels my sweet daughter treated Matt, and her daddy, to hardcore porn quality poses on the chairs and coffee table in our lounge. She’d left home for university as a virgin, but she’d certainly learned since how to drive men wild with lust! In poses I could hardly believe I was seeing my sweet daughter squatting, kneeling, bending, sprawling and lots more, wide legged displaying her cunt, thrusting her breasts out and showing off her cheeky bottom.

My daughter’s sexy striptease ended with her bent over a chair nude with her bottom toward me with her smooth round cheeks gleaming under the light, her legs spread wide with her furry cunt peeping between her bum cheeks, her breasts hanging heavily down and her big blue eyes looking at me over her long blonde hair cascading loosely over her shoulders. I could all but feel the soft valley between her bum cheeks against my fingertips, her thighs brushing against my hand as I slid my hand under her between her spread legs, her juicy vagina lips and the soft fur of her cunt. Her eyes looked as if they were pleading for Matt, or me, to get behind her and slide our hard hungry penises full length between canlı kaçak iddaa her juice glistening vagina lips peeping out just below her bum cheeks.

I closed the folder to look for more. Then I came to the video. I clicked on it.

The video opened with a scene of what looked like Becky’s student study bedroom in her university hall of residence. A young man whom I took to be Matt was laying on his back on the bed stark naked with his erect penis arching up stiffly over his belly from his hairy balls. He looked as if he was getting ready to masturbate, gently fingering his balls and penis, tickling his penis head with his fingertips just like I’d been doing.

Becky appeared on the scene. They must have propped her phone up facing the bed. She was just in brief white panties with a pattern of little blue flowers. Her long blonde hair was tied in a neat pony tail and her breasts swung sensuously with her movements. She slipped off her panties and climbed naked onto the bed to kneel astride Matt’s leg with her furry cunt brushing his thigh. Matt’s hands were instantly all over my daughter’s naked body. My wife hand jobs me like that and it gets my wife, like it got my daughter, into just the right position for her guy to run his hands over her legs, over her bottom and between her spread legs. My daughter grinned at the camera, then the show began.

She tickled Matt’s sex kit with her panties dangling from her hand, brushing them lightly over his hard up penis and balls. I could see that was driving Matt wild! Becky leaned over him and kissed him, letting her big hanging breasts brush over his hairy chest, then she swung her breasts just above his face. He kissed them, licked her nipples and sucked them. My daughter’s face showed she was enjoying every bit of the attention Matt was giving her.

She tossed her panties aside and used her fingers to tease his cock. She lightly stroked his balls, the insides of his thighs and under him between his legs, and of course his straining shaft. More than that she leaned over his belly and flicked his big purple cock head with her swinging nipples, and moved up his thigh to tickle his penis with her bush. As I watched my naked daughter work this lucky boy’s straining penis to the absolute peak of arousal I could all but feel her fingers on my own hard, so hungry cock. I ran my fingers over my shaft wishing it was my sweet daughter’s fingers!

My daughter picked up a tube of some cream and lubed Matt’s arching erect penis till it glistened. Still astride his thigh she briefly leaned forward over him for a kiss and for him to fondle her breasts, then she leaned back upright so her breasts swung up above him. He held her thigh, braced himself, and she began to hand job his cock in earnest with her whole petite fist wrapped round his shaft. She stroked and tugged him smoothly and rhythmically full length with her hand riding right up over his penis head. As he got more and more excited his hands roamed over her bottom, between her legs and over her breasts as they bobbed above him with the rhythm of her hand. From time to time she eased off tugging his cock and bent forward to kiss him.

He took much longer to come than when I masturbate or when my wife hand jobs me. After ages of Becky stroking and tugging his penis Matt gripped Becky’s bottom to pull her toward him. His back arched as he thrust his hips up under her so forcefully he lifted her. Then his whole body bucked and his face twisted like he was in agony or ecstasy. Gobbet after gobbet of semen spurted out over his chest and stomach.

Matt flopped back breathing hard, with Becky still kneeling astride his leg. His penis had flopped half erect and his semen was trickling down his side. Becky picked up her panties from the bed and used them to wipe his semen off his naked body and penis. She climbed off him, put her semen soaked panties back on and came toward the camera. With that the video ended.

I watched that video a couple of times more, playing with my rock hard erection. After all that there was only one thing I could do. I went into my daughter’s bedroom. There was her laundry basket. I rummaged through it till I found a pair of her panties. That canlı kaçak bahis sexy black lace thong she’d stripped from and the blue flower patterned panties she’d wiped Matt’s cum off with weren’t there. But I found a pair in smooth pink satin with little decorative bows at the hips. Where the front still bulged with the memory of the shape of her sex mound there was a stained patch and they smelled of a mixture of her perfume and her sex juice.

I took Becky’s panties into our bedroom, stripped naked, and knelt on our bed with my laptop on the bed in front of me. I set it to run a slideshow of those pictures of my daughter stripping from her black underwear. As I watched I stroked my daughter’s pink satin panties over my shaft, balls, under me between my legs and over my lust swollen penis head the way Becky had excited Matt. The silky smooth satin felt exquisite sliding across the so sensitive tip of my straining penis, but in my mind it was my twenty year old daughter’s soft fingers and tongue exciting my hungry cock. I took my time, savouring every detail of Becky’s body as she stripped and posed nude just for me. I could all but feel of my daughter’s naked body against mine as soft and smooth as my wife’s as she’d wrapped herself around me in the noisy sex my daughter had heard the night before!

I enjoyed my daughter’s striptease a few times, pausing at especially hot poses, while I excited my cock and balls with my fingers and my daughter’s panties. I worked my penis to the edge of a cum and eased off a couple of times till I couldn’t hold back any more. Then I hung my daughter’s panties on my hard up penis, wrapped my fist round my shaft and masturbated at full power. I grunted, thrust my hips like I was shoving my hungry cock hard into Becky, and I wanked as franticly with craving for my daughter as Matt must have done.

I jerked my load over a picture of my daughter kneeling wide kneed facing me on the coffee table showing her cunt in all its brown furred glory and holding her big breasts up squeezed together with her blonde hair draped over her big deep pink areoles and peaking nipples offering them up to Matt for him to play with. The look in her innocent big blue eyes inviting me to do whatever I wanted with her luscious big breasts strained my shaft even more than just seeing her naked tits and cunt.

As I masturbated it wasn’t my hand tugging and stroking my shaft. My penis was in my daughter’s cleavage as she offered her breasts up to me. It was my daughter’s cream lubed breasts not my hand squeezing and stroking my rock hard shaft with her taut aroused nipples rubbing against my belly. My daughter’s panties hung on my cock tickling my balls were her fingers playing between my legs.

When I rammed my penis forward with my semen rising, in my mind I shoved my penis up between my daughter’s breasts till my penis head peeped out above her cleavage, my purple knob contrasting with the pale skin of her breasts. I grabbed her shoulders to pull her against me and my semen fountained out of my nozzle and splashed over my daughter’s hair, her sweet innocent face and her breasts, and trickled down her cleavage.

I put my daughter’s panties back into her laundry basket under the skirt exactly where I’d found them, and made sure her password book was exactly where she’d left it. My daughter would never know I’d uncovered her naughty secrets!

Becky was so grateful when she and my wife came back from shopping. She gave me a big hug. Through her top her breasts against my chest were as soft as I’d imagined when I’d thrust my straining penis between them less than an hour before. As I slid my hand round her waist just above the curve of her hips it took an effort of will to resist slipping my hand further down and under her short skirt.

A moment later my daughter was seated with her phone in her hand, so preoccupied with her latest texts and Facebook she didn’t realise she was sitting with her bare legs wide enough apart to treat me to a view up her denim miniskirt of the white panties with a little blue flower pattern that had tickled my cock in my dreams.

Nor did Becky realise she was saved on my laptop ready to strip for Matt and hand job him every time I wanted, and in my pocket was a little slip of paper with all her passwords on it. I must have jerked as much semen by now as Matt has over my daughter’s striptease, and I’m sure I’ll be seeing lots more of my sweet, so innocent daughter in future!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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