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Ian was studying for a career in medicine and in his last year at university, money was tight so he had been supplementing his living expenses by getting himself part time work. He became a self-employed freelance salesman for a large company which sold made to measure bedroom furniture and kitchen units. The company would advertise in the national or local press, prospective customers would fill in the inquiry form which formed a part of the advertisement and send it off. The company would then forward the details to Ian, of those customers in his area who responded to the advertisement. He would pay them a visit attempting to persuade them to buy his product. Another method of obtaining customers was, for a minimum fee, Ian would go around the area posting brochures through the doors’, and prospective customers would complete the inquiry card, send it back to the company who would then send the card back to Ian.

Ian’s Story

An enquiry was received from a Mrs. H. Smith, and as usual, one evening I paid a visit to the potential customer’s house. It was a large detached house situated in its own grounds protected by a high wrought iron fence and large double gates. Because the gates were closed I parked my car outside and walked up the drive. The front door was answered by a lady in her early forties, about 5ft 3″, slightly on the buxom side, wearing a skirt and blouse which covered a large pair of breasts. “Mrs. Smith.”


I showed her my identification card “Mrs. Smith, my company has received an inquiry from you, requesting information with regard to our range of bedroom furniture. I have several brochures with me and available at this time should you wish to discuss the matter further. That’s if you’re still interested of course.”

Mrs. Smith like most people showed her annoyance at my visit.

“I wasn’t expecting anyone to call all I wanted was a brochure and price list.”

“I apologise for disturbing you but there are several ranges of bedroom suites, and so many variations that it needs someone to explain all the details. I have brochures with me which I can leave with you should you so wish. There is no pressure for you to buy and initially you would not have to pay any money, that is until an order is placed, then we would require a 25% deposit to cover some of our expenses. The balance is payable the first day our fitters arrive to prepare to install the units. I would visit you at least three times, to ensure that you are happy with the arrangements, before our team of fitters arrive. You would not have to sign a contract until my last visit so there is plenty of time for you to change your mind, should you decide against it.”

She thought about for a minute and then invited me in.

“Is Mr. Smith in only I like to discuss it with both parties because it saves me repeating myself, it also encourages questions, what one partner doesn’t think of, the partner may. Also talking to both partners at the same time can prevent future misunderstandings.”

“I am afraid there is no Mr. Smith, we were divorced four years ago.”

She ushered me into the sitting room and pointed to two armchairs facing each other with a coffee table in between and asked me to sit down. Mrs. Smith sat opposite me, waiting for me to show her the brochures and begin my sales pitch. Taking the brochures from my case we went through all the styles and various types of bedroom units and their prices. During our discussions when Mrs. Smith leaned over to study the brochures I noticed that her breasts crushed against her thighs. When I had finished Mrs. Smith said that she was still interested and would I leave the brochures. I said that providing the arrangement was acceptable to her, I would return in a week’s time to see if she was still interested and collect the brochures.

On completing our business Mrs. Smith asked if I would like a cup of tea or coffee, I said that coffee would be fine. Off she went to the kitchen and returned five minutes later with a coffee pot, two cups, cream and sugar all balanced on a tray. When she sat down I noticed that the top button of her blouse was undone showing a little cleavage. I was positive that it wasn’t undone before she went into the kitchen.

We sat there talking she asked me what I was doing, I told her about university and supplementing my living expenses by doing this job. She asked me if I had a girlfriend I told her that I didn’t, not in the sense she meant, I had friends that were girls, but no one that I was attracted to. I bade her goodnight and made arrangements to visit her the same time and day the following week.

She said, “If you’re going to make a habit of coming back, please call me Helen, and I will call you?”

“Ian, my friends call me Ian.”

The following week when Helen opened the door she looked gorgeous. A coffee coloured opaque silk blouse, through which I could just make out her bra of a slightly darker shade than her blouse. She had on a tight casino oyna coffee coloured satin skirt the hem of which was just above her knees, it was so tight that as I followed her down the hall you could just about make out her panty line and a slight wobble of her ass as she walked, I was beginning to get aroused.

“Have you been out today?”

“No why?”

“It’s just that you look very nice all dressed up like that.”

“Thank you, I always try to look nice when I have company.”

“Well you certainly succeeded.”

As we went through into to the sitting room I noticed that Helen had moved the furniture around. The armchairs had been placed one either side of the room, and now the couch was in front of the coffee table.

“I see you that you have reorganised the furniture.”

“Oh yes, I get fed up with the furniture always in the same place, so I occasionally change it around.”

We sat down on the couch side by side with a small gap between us, with the brochures spread out on the coffee table. Helen said that she had looked through the brochures and rather liked the Regency range of bedroom units. She wanted to take the inquiry a stage further and asked what the next move would be. I explained, providing it was convenient we could sit and go through the Regency brochure, discuss which units she liked and was considering and where in her bedroom she would like them placed. Then I would return the following week to measure the bedroom to see if the units chosen would fit, then send the details off, from which the bedroom would be designed and drawings created, returning a week later with the plans for her approval.

“Yes, I would like to proceed, when can you come back and measure me?” Helen laughed “I didn’t mean measure me. I meant the bedroom.”

I laughed and said that I could measure her now but the bedroom would take an hour or so. Because of my commitments at university would the following Saturday afternoon about three o’clock be convenient. Helen called me a cheeky young man but that three o’clock Saturday would be fine.

Before we discuss the Regency units I’ll go and make some coffee. Five minutes later Helen returned with coffee and biscuits on a tray and placed them on the coffee table in front of us, then sat down. This time she sat really close to me, we could have been joined at the hips the full length of her leg from hip to ankle was in contact with my leg. After Helen had decided which units she might like in her bedroom, which didn’t take long, the conversation turned back to me. What would I do after university, would I stay in this area or go back to live with my parents, and why didn’t I have a girlfriend. I told her that the girls at uni are too scatty, my preference was for a more mature woman. Helen put her arms through mine and said that there was a chance for her yet. I couldn’t say anything, all I could think about was her breast was being squashed against my arm, and I could feel her leg, the one against mine, slightly trembling. Helen misunderstood my silence as a rejection and said, “Perhaps I’m too mature.”

Turning I looked her straight in the eyes, “On the contrary, you’re perfect.”

I leant towards her and kissed her lightly on the lips. She didn’t back away but neither did she return my kiss, I just wasn’t sure what her reactions would be. Our eyes locked for what seemed ages before she spoke. “Would you like to do that again?”

I leaned forward and again kissed her lightly on the lips, this time Helen placed her hand behind my head preventing me from pulling away. As we kissed I placed one arm around her shoulder and the other around her waist and pulled her towards me, crushing her breast to my chest. The kiss lingered until I moved my hand from her waist and placed it on her shoulder pushing her down to lie on the couch. She pulled her legs up to completely stretch out along the couch I followed suit and lay half across her with a leg between hers.

As we continued to kiss I pulled her tight against me, in fact it was more the other way around I crushed myself against her, to enjoy the feel of her breasts as they pressed into my chest. The movement of my body as I kissed and pulled her close was intended to seem a natural part of our making out. However, for my part it was intentional as I rubbed my chest against her breasts and my groin against her leg. As Helen became aroused I moved my hand up to her breast and began to squeeze, Helen pulled out of our kiss and said, “Please don’t do that.” I apologised, stood up suggesting that it was getting late and that I should go. Helen agreed and got up from the couch to see me out. As we reached the front door she said, “You will still come back on Saturday to take the measurements?” I said that I would and confirmed the day and the time and said goodnight.

Saturday afternoon as soon as I knocked Helen opened the door, she was wearing a thinner almost see through cream silk blouse. Teasing the imagination with her wearing a slot oyna half cup tan coloured low cut bra, obvious that it could be seen covering only the bottom half of her breasts. Her cream coloured satin skirt was much tighter and the hem much higher than before, almost four inches above the knee.

I followed her down the hall, this time there was a greater sway to her hips and her panty line far more pronounced and the wobble of her ass more extreme as she walked. She was sending me all sorts of messages but because of the breast incident last week I was becoming confused. She said, “There’s no point messing around we might as well go straight up to the bedroom.”

Helen led the way upstairs, her perfume wafting behind her. I assumed that she was wearing stockings, because as she walk up the stairs and her skirt tightened, I could just make out shapes what looked like clips of a garter belt, holding them up. It took all my resolve not to put my hand up her skirt or grab her ass as it jiggled and jumped about in front of me. We walked across the landing into a large tastefully decorated bedroom. The furniture, wardrobe, chest of drawers and dressing table, pushed into the bay window were in very good condition but outdated. Not old or antique just outdated. On one side of the bed was a fireplace inset into a chimneybreast. Either side of the chimneybreast were alcoves.

I placed my case on the bed, opened it, and took out a tape measure, pencil and paper on which I drew the shape of the room and began to take measurements.

“Can I hold anything?”

I wasn’t quite sure how to take her offer so I suggested that she hold the end of the tape whilst I took and recorded the measurement. We had measured two walls and the bay window when we came to the first alcove. Helen wanted to try to measure the gap by herself, so I handed her the tape. Helen held the tape so that it went across the front of her breasts, which distorted the tape giving a wrong measurement.

When she asked if the measurement was OK I didn’t quite know how to tell her that it wasn’t, and that the alcove should be re-measured. She asked me for a second time if the measurement was OK, this time I had to say that it wasn’t. Helen wanted to know why the measurement wasn’t acceptable, I didn’t want to say that her tits got in the way, so I told her that her blouse got in the way. “I can take my blouse off if it will help.”

I wasn’t prepared for that, unfortunately I blurted out, “No, no, you mustn’t let go of the tape.”

Helen responded with, “In that case you come and take my blouse off.” By that time I had recovered sufficiently to walk up behind her, slide my hands around her waist and began to undo the buttons from the top, working my way down. On the opposite wall of the alcove was a mirror, which allowed me to watch her reaction as her blouse gradually open as I released each button. I began to nuzzle and kiss her neck and pressed my now extremely hard erection between the cheeks of her ass, as much as her skirt would allow. After having undone all of the buttons I pulled her blouse out of her skirt and completely opened up the front. From our reflection in the mirror her eyes were closed and her breasts were magnificent. Looking down over her shoulder I could just see her swollen nipples protruding above her bra cups.

I placed both hands on her breasts and gave them a light squeeze.

“Please don’t do that.”

I wasn’t sure whether she was teasing or deliberately frustrating me. “Helen you’ve dressed sexy letting me see the top half of your breasts through your clothes, you have allowed me to undo your blouse to expose those beautiful breasts and now you won’t let me touch or hold them, why?”

“You think my breast are beautiful? My husband always said they were ugly, and because of my oversize breasts especially my large nipples. He told me that I am deformed, and when men look at me they are repulsed by them.”

“Darling Helen, women pay thousands of pounds to have magnificent breasts like yours, without the luxury of those large nipples; men when they look at you are fantasizing about holding and making love to them. When you go out you should share your good fortune with the men by wearing tight low cut jumpers with a soft bra, which allows you’re nipples to show through. There’s even a magazine dedicated to those lucky women called, “Big Tits,” in your case it should be called Sweet Tits.” Helen giggled and suggested that I photograph her breasts and send the pictures to the magazine.

I wasn’t sure whether that was a hint or not, so I asked her outright if she would like to be photographed in various stages of undress. She looked at me and said, “I have always liked being photographed and you can photograph me in any state of dress or undress, even us together making love, if you like.” I told her that there was only one problem I didn’t own a camera. “I’ll buy you one.” That took me a bit by surprise I couldn’t let her buy me a camera and told her so, they’re canlı casino siteleri much too expensive. “Darling its okay I can afford to buy you presents let’s pretend it’s a birthday present. We could go together to buy a nice camera then have lunch out, it could be our first outing.” What could I say she seemed so excited and I couldn’t be sure whether she was thinking that I would be taking erotic photographs of her or whether it was because for the first time we would be out in public together as a couple.

All the time we had been talking she had allowed my hands to cup her breasts, after finally convincing her that her breasts were a thing of beauty. I placed my hands over them and began to gently squeeze. As I fondled them she shifted her head backwards so that it rested on my shoulder. I whispered in her ear that I was going to release her sweet tits by removing her bra to fully display her magnificent pair. I lifted up the back of her blouse and unsnapped her bra, but because she still had her arms stretched out holding the tape, I was unable to take it off. I heard the tape clatter to the floor after whispering in her ear to let go of the tape so I could remove her bra. At last there they were, her tits were magnificent, reflected in the mirror in all their glory standing out like two mountain peaks with surprisingly very little sag.

Helen turned to face me saying it was the first time in her adult life that anybody had given her such pleasure, sexually, enjoying the moment, moaning as I squeezed, pulled, and stretched those magnificent orbs and nipples. Her nipples weren’t big they were massive compared to other women’s nipples. The size of a plum, I was fascinated by them, stroking, flicking, squeezing and tweaking them before finally taking one in my mouth, sucking, nipping and stroking it with my tongue. For five minutes I listened to her purring and moaning while I sucked her breasts and massaged the cheeks of her ass before returning for more kisses. I wanted to take things further, telling her that I intended to lift her skirt up to look and touch her before undoing and letting her skirt fall to the floor. Helen said, “That sounds nice,” and spread her legs causing her skirt to ride up a little further.

Gradually easing her skirt up I noticed that she was wearing stockings, held up by a coffee coloured garter belt, partially obscured by her matching knickers. Helen never complained or prevented me from sliding my hand up her stockinged leg, allowing me to touch and stroke all around her upper thighs. She just continued to kiss me, while spreading her legs a little to allow my hand slip across the top of her stocking to play with the inside of her thighs and my fingers brush against her crotch. Remaining still, not saying a word, her knickers slick with her own body fluid allowing my fingers to slip easily along the entrance of her vagina as I stroked her. Satisfied that she let me feel and stroke her, albeit on the outside of her knickers, I gambled she would allow me to go further and finally slipped my fingers inside her crotch.

When I whispered that I intended to insert my fingers into her cunt, Helen stopped and looked at me saying, “I don’t like to hear that word, I think it’s vulgar.” Neither did she like any other names men had devised for that part of a woman’s body. She went on to tell me that she calls it her sex, because that is what it was intended for, she didn’t like the word vagina either. However she gripped my arm to encourage me to insert my fingers into her sex and ensure they remained inside her. My other hand she brought up to her breast asking me to pay particular attention to her nipples. I told her that she was one beautiful woman as I fondled her tits and squeezed her now hard, swollen, oversize nipples between my fingers and thumb.

No longer concerned about taking measurements, the tape having zipped back into its case when it was dropped, she turned, throwing her arms around my neck to provide a long and passionate kiss. Dropping to my knees and placing my arms around her waist, pulled her tight into me, at the same time drawing a nipple into my mouth. With eyes closed she trembled as I sucked deeply and continued to tremble for some minutes while my mouth nipped and suckled, alternating between nipples.

Finally standing up I drew her towards me, my hands gripping both cheeks of her ass as we kissed. Helen began to rub her body against my erection while I unzipped her skirt, pushing her away sufficiently to allow it to fall and pool around her ankles before she resumed pressing herself against me. She unbuckled my belt then unzipped my trousers, easing them down so I could step out of them. She removed my shirt, took my hand and pulled me in front of her dressing table mirror, standing hidden behind me she ensured that I could feel those magnificent tits pressing in my back. She put both arms around my waist then placed one hand down my boxers, closed it around my cock and began to massage me, tossing me off, making me wonder if it was going to get any better. With the other hand she pushed my boxers down exposing my erection, staring at it as she watched my pride and joy reflected in the mirror, as it throbbed and jerked.

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