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(Hey everyone! I thought I’d try a short series in which each entry is from the perspective of the two people involved. The first is the My character, Johnathan Roberts, star of several of my other stories. Enjoy!)


It was a total surprise when I asked her, though in retrospect, it shouldn’t have been. Layton was the girlfriend of my son, Chris. She was maybe 5’6 if that, slim and petite, with b+ cup breasts (guessed when looking discreetly) blonde hair and cobalt blue eyes, a smart head on her shoulders, and had those stunning girl-next-door looks that said he’d really hit the ball out of the park on this one. They’d been dating off and on for more than a year now, & were both at the University just up from my place on the coast, and while I had been blessed with a lot of financial security, for Layton it wasn’t so. Unlike my life in the gated Gator Point community, she had grown up desperately poor. And that along with a pinch of opportunity was what got the old man’s gears spinning.

Chris was doing a presentation related to his doctoral studies, and said he’d drive down when he got back in, he’d let Layton/myself know when he knew more. As I happened to be in the capital city, I offered to give Layton a ride down, which was good with her, as she had no car. I can’t remember the complete conversation, but it went something like what follows;

“It’s good to see that you two are back together,” I said, “He was hitting way over his weight when he met you.”

Layton blushed and said “Not so sure about that, but wow is that ever nice. Actually these days with his studies, he barely has time for anything, much less me, and to tell the truth, I’m not sure if I can really afford to stay in school…so really , we’re just not sure about a lot.”

“Damn that’s a shame.” I said. I knew she came from a badly broken home, so asking the parents was not an option. “Can I ask where you are in school loans?”

“Well, for my degree in criminology, they don’t like to see a lot of debt, it hurts your credibility. I know the max amount they want to see, and there is just no way I can finish and not go beyond that.”

We rode in silence for a bit, before I spoke. “So if you had the finances covered, you two’d still be together though, right?”

“Honestly Mr. Roberts—“

“Call me John, or Johnathan, escort izmit but for goodness sake, no ‘Mister’ stuff, ok?” I ended with smile, and that little crack made her smile in return. It was working

“Really, it’s just hard to tell right now. Your son is a great guy, and wow are you ever great to me. I mean, not sure how I would have made it this far without your support, from food to the occasional financial ‘gifts’. I know you’re just trying to do the best you can, and you are overly generous. Chris & I are in a odd place right now. A holding pattern, if you will.”

“Much of it related to this school thing we’re discussing?” My plan was taking shape.

“Well I am a bit more than $10K short just to make the gap, and I need a little more than $2k in the next week, so yep, that’s it all right…” She let it trail off and stared out the window. The classic mid-90’s Acura NSX was dead sexy & had a great engine hum, and I let it drone for a bit, but she broke off her trance when I took it out of gear and glided into a parking lot just before the bridge overlooking the bay. Nice backdrop for my proposal.

“Look Layton, I have an idea, if you’re willing to be open-minded.”

“Oh?” she looked at me with a mix of curiosity and a smile. “Well please do enlighten me, because I’m truly desperate.”

Pay dirt. “Well, what if I told you that I can cover that? In fact I could do more.”

“No, no you can’t. you’ve done too much already.” She looked out across the bay, sniffled behind her sunglasses and whispered “not fair…”

“Damn right it’s not.” I said. “Remember the open-minded part? Well, here goes. I recall you two joking about money when you were down last and-“

She gasp out loud.”NO! YOU are proposing to be my…my…Sugar-“

“Daddy. Yes, yes I am, though the name is not a fave. Look, if it offends you, I can turn this car back around and take you back to Uni. But if you are willing to at least explore the idea, let’s drive and talk. To quote you earlier, you are truly desperate. Besides, I have a meal going in the slow-cooker. It’s that chicken and gravy that I know you like. I say we go discuss this like two adults, have a little dinner, and then we’ll decide if it’s a good idea or not.”

We sat there for more than a minute before she simply pointed towards Gator Point and said “Shame to ruin one of your meals. You’re izmit escort the best cook I’ve ever met. So let’s go.”

The remainder of the ride was mostly her peppering me with questions. “Why hadn’t I remarried after Chris’s mom died? (I buried myself in my work) How did I come up with this idea? (I too had checked out the ‘Sugar-Daddy’ sites and was not impressed. Just not me). Was being a lawyer really that enriching? (is if you are aggressive, and bury yourself in your work)

The meal was one of my betters. I prided myself on being a great cook. When we actually began the conversation though, I held up a finger, and handed her a car key. “It’s to the Range Rover in the garage.. At no point in this conversation, do I want you to feel trapped, or that you have to ask me to leave. I dropped your things in the other master bedroom, as it has it’s own stairs that lead you to the garage.” I filled her wine glass with a nice aged Chardonnay. “I’m not going to pressure you, and I think I’ve answered every question, except one. And the answer is that you are something special.”

“She took a good drink, then said “I’ll admit, you are an attractive man. You must be in your 50’s, but you are in excellent shape. I bet women your age consider you a catch.” She looked at me for a bit, a wry smile partly forming. Another sip. “The real truth is, I have indeed considered one of those sites. Yes, I’m that desperate. But what about your son?”

At that moment, the phone rang, and its no guess as to who it was. She stood on the deck for a while, taking the call. Afterward, she gazed at the Gulf for a minute, then looked over her shoulder. That invitation took no prompting, and I joined her.

“Well, it appears that Chris won’t be in until Sunday afternoon. Honestly John, I’m thinking about it, and there is an appeal on several levels, but on the other hand, I’m not sure what to think.” She immediately held up a hand. “This really is the only way, but would have to stay TOTALLY private. You already know this, but my no means NO…”

Layton stared out at the gorgeous sun setting on the Gulf, then turned and slipped her hand around my neck and deeply kissed me. She was apparently making the most of it, because her tongue traced my lips softly before parting them and searched my mouth. After a bit bodies pressed together as we held each other izmit kendi evi olan escort and continued kissing. My cock began to strain at the fabric of my pants, and I soon felt her soft hand on my rising bulge.

Moving back inside, Layton & I went for another long kiss, until she broke it and knelt between my legs. She undid the zipper of my pants with her teeth and freed my erection. I kicked aside the pants and spread my legs, giving her better access to my hard-on.

I have a decent sized cock for a guy in his 50’s, and I have been told by more than once that the damn thing is thick. She seemed to confirm that when her eyes popped at the sight of it. Her hand confirmed what she saw as she held its weight and girth, and it made her smile.

Not wasting any time, she licked up and down my cock, around its head, and teased my balls before until she gradually took my entire shaft into her mouth, working her way back s-l-o-w-l-y until the head hit the back of her throat.

“Day-umm,” I groaned. “That feels incredible.”

Her mouth slid off me and she began stroking my shaft. “Wow this is a lot bigger than I expected, and that’s a good thing. You really like how I do it?”

“Fuck, Layton…that felt amazing. How about a little more?”

Layton Walker now had a wry smile I’d never seen on her before. With her gaze fixed on mine, she once again took down my entire length and began sucking slowly at first, then increased her precision as her head bobbed up and down.

She certainly knew her stuff. She pushed the head over into one cheek, then back down to her throat, then she’d look up at me with it stretching her mouth wide. Releasing me for a moment she said “I want your load, ALL of it.” She was stroking the shaft and said “Great sunset, yes?” Then was back on me.

I’d like to say how long I lasted, but the fact is it wasn’t long. After all, I had not had sex in more than a year. Layton’s hair felt wonderful in my hand as my cock twitched and I stiffened. And with incredible skill, she swallowed all of the huge load I released. Every. Single. Drop.

It had been quite a while for me, and I dropped weak-kneed onto a chair. Taking a small towel she had brought, Layton licked and wiped me clean. Standing, she said “Still not sure how I’ll handle Chris, I’m going to push that out of my mind for the moment. We have this evening & tomorrow too, so I guess I’ll make the most of it. I’m going to shower. Come in here when you can walk.” Again that devilish smile, and she was gone. My weekend was looking up.

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