A Tragic Event

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Her long blonde curls bounced gently as she walked. Her long slender legs went for miles and her hips swayed gently with each step. She stopped in front of one of the poolside chairs and set down her towel, reaching back, she straightened her bikini bottom before sitting on the chair and sliding back so that she could relax comfortably. Pulling a bottle of sunscreen out of her bag, she offered it up to him to rub on her back.

“Excuse me,” a particularly annoyed woman in her forties said loudly, wrenching him from his day dream. He straightened his glasses and looked at her, a smile immediately crossing his face out of instinct. Working in customer service did that to you.

“Yes ma’am, what can I get you?” He said calmly, the woman rolled her eyes, a young girl clutching her hand.

“For the third time,” she said maliciously “I’ll take a pepsi with extra ice and a small vanilla soft-soft serve for the girl.

“No problem, ma’am.” he said stepping into the back of the booth. Living in Las Angeles his whole life, he was 19 and had just graduated from high school. Unlike most of the members of society in LA, his mother was a stay-at-home mom, and his father had raised he and his two sisters on the salary of a bus-boy at a local Italian restaurant. Needless to say, his parents hadn’t had the money to send him to college and he was saving the money he made from this cheap little popsicle stand on the beach. He had only agreed to take this job because it was the beach and he could watch all of the beautiful women as they strolled from the showers out to the pool to sunbathe and then the quarter mile up a beautiful palm-tree-lined trail to the most secluded nude beach in all of the Pacific Coast. Of course it was just his luck that the stand was so close to civilization and most of the women, prettied up and pampered with the most expensive spa’s and bathing suits from their daddy’s credit card, didn’t even take their tops off until they got down to the beach. He stepped slowly up to the counter with a large foam cup of pepsi filled to the brim with ice, and a small vanilla cone, three twists, as noted on the soft-serve machine.

“Here you are ma’am. One large pepsi with ice and a small vanilla cone for the pretty little lady.” He said handing the cone directly to the little girl. The heavyset woman pushed the little girl behind her and ripped the cone from his hand.

“So not only are you a perverted slacker, watching these spoiled little sluts with their daddy’s credit cards, but you are bahis firmaları a child molester too?” She practically screamed, waving her hand toward the group of girls that had just happened to catch his eye as he handed the cone to the little girl. They were heading up the trail toward the beach, clearly out of earshot.

“I’m sorry ma’am,” he said, pulling back. He moved to the register “Here, let me get your total…” He said slowly. Trying to be careful not to set her off again.

“Absolutely not, I’m not paying…” She said, his attempt apparently failed, before turning on her heal and stalking off down the trail, her little girl in tow. He sighed. His boss, Alejandro, stepped up behind him. Alejandro was a good man, but he was always concerned with business.

“Hey, Eric, did you just have another customer walk off?” Alejandro said, seriously.

“Yes, Alejandro, I apparently am a ‘perverted slacker,’ and a ‘child molester'” he said, making quotation marks with his fingers. Alejandro’s face remained stern.

“That’s the fourth time this week,” Alejandro said, ringing the soda and the cone into Eric’s register, opening and then closing the till. Leaving Eric’s drawer four dollars and sixty-nine cents short. Eric groaned, any shortage in any drawer came out of his paycheck, which was paid under the table, and this being the fourth time this week on very similar amounts meant that Eric’s paycheck would be almost twenty dollars short, meaning that he would be one more week away from attending school at LAU.

Packing his bag after Alejandro counted out his pay for the day, Eric strapped on his blades and clipped his helmet and skated up the concreted-paved part of the trail and onto the boardwalk. He picked up speed as he hit the street. He had to be right home after work so he could “baby-sit” his eighteen-year-old sister and her boyfriend. He stopped at a local meat-market to pick up a couple of hamburger patties before racing home, hoping he wasn’t too late.

Popping the straps on his blades off and kicking his blades into the hall closet, he stalked in his socks to the kitchen.

“Gabby, I’m home!” He called up the stairs to his sister’s room as he walked past the well. He entered the kitchen, expecting to hear her call down to him. When he didn’t hear anything, several seconds later after putting the patties on the counter, he started up the stairs toward her bedroom. The house was small, two bedrooms, a kitchenette and a small dining room, a living area and a small basement. kaçak iddaa The basement was where Eric made haven, his sisters shared the master bedroom on the second floor of the house, with his parents sharing the smaller bedroom just on the other side of the landing. Eric noticed that his sister’s bedroom door was slightly cracked open. He heard muffled gasps and gags coming from the bedroom. He pushed open the door to find his sister, unclothed and forced to her knees by her boyfriend, his hands clutching the back of her head while he forced his cock down her throat, a bruise already dark purple over her left eye.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE??” Eric bellowed, his glasses vibrating with the loudness of his voice. The boyfriends shorts were around his ankles, so when he turned and saw Eric standing a couple of feet away, he was off balance and tried to swing at Eric, making himself fall flat on his face. For being a scrawny little blonde haired kid, Eric was strong. He grabbed the boyfriend by the collar of his shirt and dragged him out to the landing at the top of the stairs. Eric brought the boyfriend to his feet and punched him square in the gut. The boyfriend doubled over and Eric delivered a powerful upper cut, connecting directly with the boyfriends chin. He lost his balance and fell heals over head backward down the stair, rolling through the screen door, settling finally on the stoop. Eric hurried down the stairs, closed and locked the front door before hurrying back up to the bedroom. Gabby was rocking back and forth, her knees to her chest in a corner of the room. She was still naked. Eric sat down beside her and tried to put his arm around her, she shuddered and pulled away from his touch.

“I understand,” Eric said, a fresh sob retching Gabby’s body. “How long has this been going on?” Eric said softly.

“This was the first time,” Gabby said softly, between sobs. Her back heaving. She lowered her guard a little and leaned into him, Eric put his arm around her. She shuddered against his touch but still allowed him to keep his arm where it was.

“What did he do to you?” Eric asked, hoping he wasn’t prying too much. She re-capped the story, glad to tell someone to get the experience off her chest.

“Well,” she said, “it started when we walked into the house, I had set my school bag on the couch and he had turned me around and kissed me.” She said thoughtfully, trying to remember each detail. “‘When are your parents gonna be home’ he asked me

‘Not until late,’ I had said kaçak bahis ‘but my big brother will be home any minute.’

‘Well, I guess we had better hurry then’ Cameron said

‘I really don’t want to do anything yet, after all, we’ve only been dating for two weeks.’ I said, giggling. And that’s when he hit me” She said flinching. She stopped, breathing heavily and trying not to cry anymore. Eric waited for just a few seconds before saying something.

“Go on,” he said.

“Well, ” she started again, her finger trailing up to the bruise over her eye “I fell onto the couch and then he ripped my clothes off and dragged me by the hair up the stairs, and in here. He forced me to my knees and dropped his pants, pressing his dick against my face. I pressed my lips together and he hit me again, harder than before.

‘You’d better open that mouth, Bitch,’ he said ‘And if you bite me, I’ll kill you.'” A fresh set of sobs racked her body as she said this. “So I opened my mouth and he shoved his dick down my throat, almost making me throw up. And then he started fucking my mouth, making me gag. And that’s when you walked in.” She finished, drawing her knees up closer to her chin. Eric couldn’t help but look her over. She had naturally blonde hair, just like his, only hers was full and thick, and long. Her ankles were beautiful, not bony but not too fat, her legs trailed up to her muscular thighs and her full hips. She had a slightly showing six pack and the nicest pair of C cup tits that he had ever seen. Her face was beautiful also, full lips, and big doe eyes. Her long flowing hair ran down to the top of her fully shaped ass.

“Let me start you a bath and you can relax and wash away that mother-fucker’s stench” He said, getting up from the floor. Making his way to the bathroom at the back of the master bedroom, he started the water, pouring some lavender bath salts in and letting the tub fill. After the temperature was perfect and the room was filled with steam and the sweet smell of lavender, Eric went back into the bedroom to get his sister. She was still gripping her knees to her chest in the same spot she was before he left, seemingly unable to move. He walked over and picked her naked form up, she let go over her knees long enough to wrap her arms around his neck. His chest tingled as her perfect tits pressed themselves against it. He carried her into the bathroom and set her gently in the warm water. He lit a couple of candles as she settled into the cleansing water and said “Call me when you are ready to get out and I’ll come help you get dressed and get something to eat.” He kissed her lovingly on the forehead before closing the door to just a crack and heading down the stairs to the kitchen.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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