A Traveler’s Tale – chapter 2: The German cousins

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A Traveler’s Tale

Chapter 2

The German cousins

I pulled into the gravel road in my rented car and drove up to the main building, parking my car next to it. It was a warm and sunny late spring afternoon in Sri Lanka. I looked around at the compound with content and walked over to a sign saying “reception”.

I glanced around the large yard of the hostel happy with my selected accommodation. There were lots of trees all around, different tables and benches spread underneath the trees and on the grass that covered the yard. I watched a small group of young guys sitting around at the far end of the yard. Two were on a hammock and the rest laying on the grass, all laughing happily. I brought my attention back to the reception desk in front of me as I heard a door open.

“Hello” said a mildly attractive middle aged women in a flowery blouse with a big smile.

“Hi” I said returning a smile “I’m Jon, we spoke yesterday on the phone”.

“Yeah, that’s right.” she said with a heavy British accent “so a bed in the dorm room was it?”

“Exactly” I answered and she wrote something on a notebook on the desk.

“Well, good to have you here, I’m Joanne. Let me give you a quick tour” she said and started walking with me right behind her. She gave me a quick tour of the property: a TV room, a dining room, several bathrooms with showers and a fully accessorized kitchen. She showed me the yard with all the nice spots to sit and relax, especially taking pride in a large wooden gazebo in the middle, and finally showed me the shared bedroom. There were 2 beds already taken in the 6-bed room.

“There are 2 other girls in the room tonight, a few others in other rooms and 2 tents in the yard” Joanne said as we walked into the spacious bedroom, “Tomorrow though, you should have the room to yourself.” I followed Joanne back to the reception, paid her, thanked her, and went back to the car to get my stuff.

It was around 5 PM when I finished unpacking and putting everything in place and I was getting hungry. I washed up quickly then walked over to the kitchen where I started preparing my dinner.

As I cooked dinner, a few people entered the kitchen: 2 young unattractive Asian girls who just nodded at me politely as they placed a few groceries in the fridge and left, a guy from the group I saw when I arrived who grabbed a six pack of beer and left without saying a word, and a young German couple who started making dinner just as I was finishing up my cooking.

The couple greeted me with a gracious hello and started cutting up vegetables as they talked amongst themselves in German. I studied them as I gave my dish a few finishing touches. They were young, no older than 18 or 19 and both quite thin. The guy had short blond hair, was a little short standing at around 5’5 and had no trace of facial hair. The girl was quite pretty. She was shorter than him by only an inch and had a tight athletic body. She had curly reddish brown hair that she wore in a high bun, her chest was a little flat but she did seem to have a tight little butt.

I took my plate outside with a bottle of beer and sat down to eat on a small stone table in the yard, in my heart envying the German guy from the kitchen on his little girlfriend. None of the people I met so far seemed very friendly so after I finished my meal, I took a sit on lit bench in the yard and read a book. After about 2 hours I went to bed, my roommates still absent as I got under the covers and went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up to the not so gentle snoring of the 2 Asians girls from the kitchen and quietly tip toed my way out. I made myself a cup of coffee and sipped it outside while reading a book with the warm morning sunlight on my skin.

I was reading near one of the tents on the grass when after about half an hour, the tent zipped open and out crawled the German couple with messy hair and a sleepy look.

“Good morning” the guy said to me and I greeted him back. I kept reading my book for a few more minutes as the hostels inhabitants started waking up around me. It seemed like most were packing up their things and getting ready to check out.

I kept reading a little longer, then put my book down and stepped over to the kitchen to get some breakfast. The German couple was already in the middle of breakfast preparations when I walked in and started on my own, trying not to get in their way.

“So how are you guys doing this morning?” I asked sincerely, trying to strike up a conversation.

“Good,” the girl answered with very little accent, “and how are you?”

“I’m great, thanks.” I answered “I’m Jon by the way.”

“Hi Jon, I’m Stephanie, and this is my cousin Simon.”

“Nice to meet you guys” I said to them after a pause, I was a little surprised to learn they were cousins.

“You too” Simon said, looking up at me for the first time.

We kept on cooking our meals while talking and getting to know one another and afterwards sat down to eat breakfast together.

“So, you have any plans for today?” I asked them.

“We are planning to go to Nilaveli beach” Stephanie answered me, “but we’re still not sure how to get there.”

“That’s funny, I was planning to go to Nilaveli beach too” I said.

“Cool, so do you know how we can get there?” Stephanie asked me.

“I was planning on driving there” I answered, “I have a car I rented. You two are welcome to come with me if you like.”

“Really?” Simon said and both their eyes lit up, “That would great.”

We met up again 45 minutes later, after each of us got ready. Stephanie was wearing a plain white t-shirt, a size or two too large, short baggy jeans that showed off a pair of skinny smooth legs and a pair of sandals. I didn’t real care what Simon was wearing. We got in my car and started the drive there.

We talked casually on our way there. I learned that they were both 19 and just finished high school back in Germany. They were both looking for someone to travel with and have always been close cousins so they decided to travel together. They were quite intrigued when I told them about my travels and kept asking questions about it. After about an hour’s drive we arrived at our destination.

All three of us looked around in awe at the white sandy beach and the clear blue waters. This beach was like something out of a postcard. We strolled down the amazing beach until we found a nice spot under a palm tree and set up camp. After we put our things down, Stephanie started to undress. She started out by taking off her t-shirt, exposing a smooth flat stomach and a pink bikini top covering her small mounds, and followed by removing her shorts to reveal a matching bikini bottom nicely hugging her tight little ass, and a pair of smooth skinny legs.

I noticed Simon checking out his cousin as she stripped down and then he and I quickly followed by taking off our shirts, him to reveal a scrawny upper body and me to expose my muscular one, Stephanie seemed to take no notice.

Stephanie took her place laying down on her stomach to get a tan and Simon and I entered the water. I could not help stealing glances at her fine ass as she lay there and I noticed Simon doing so too, I couldn’t blame him.

We spent the next few hours on the beach, all three of us switching between dipping in the clear ocean waters and sunbathing on the warm sand. Simon and I also kept on peaking over at Stephanie but neither one of us said anything about that.

After we were all properly tan, we folded everything up and headed back to the car. On our ride back, Simon fell asleep in the back sit and Stephanie and I talked the entire ride back. I learned that she was very much into gymnastics and dancing and we talked about her thoughts on what she was going to study when she got back home. After another hour we were back at the hostel. It looked deserted.

“Joanne said there won’t be many people here tonight” Stephanie said as we parked, “I think it’s just us and another American couple I saw arriving this morning.”

“Then I guess we’ll just have a quiet night to ourselves” I said with a little smile.

Stephanie woke Simon up and after getting their things, they both thanked me greatly. We agreed that we’ll have dinner together later and we went our separate ways. I put my things back in the dorm room which was empty just like Joanne said, took a nice shower and then took a little nap in a hammock outside. When I woke up, it was nearly dinner time. Simon and Stephanie were already in the kitchen when I joined them.

We prepared our meal while talking cheerfully and when it was ready, took it out to the gazebo and sat down to eat. As we were having dinner, a car arrived and a couple in their thirties stepped out. They waved at us and disappeared behind a building on the way to their room.

After we finished eating, Simon got up and walked over to their tent. He came back a second later with a smile on his face like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. We kept on talking about nothing in specific for a few more minutes when Simon took something out of his pocket and placed it on the table.

It was a plastic bag filled with 2 large rolled up joints. He took one out and sniffed it.

“Steph?” Simon said to his cousin pointing at the joint. She nodded. Simon then took out a lighter, lit it up and sucked deeply on the unlit end. He held the smoke in his lungs for a few seconds, then blew it out in a thick even stream. “Aahh” he let out as the toxic substance flowed through his body, then handed it to Stephanie.

Stephanie followed her cousin’s lead, took a large puff and let it out slowly. She took another smaller one then looked at me. “Jon?” she asked as she gestured with the joint.

I wasn’t a big smoker but throughout my travels I had indulged in a smoke here and there. I took it from her hand and sucked on the end, feeling the poisonous smoke enter my lungs before I blew it out and started coughing. It was stronger than I was used to and I immediately started feeling its affects. Both cousins laughed and I handed the joint back to Simon.

“So, now that we’re all good and high, it’s time for the good stories” Simon said while taking a small puff.

“What kind of stories?” I asked. My head was already a bit hazy.

“Sex stories would be nice, but any story that you wouldn’t tell while sober is good” Simon answered, took another puff and handed it to Stephanie.

“I’ll go first” Stephanie said after another smoke. “I’m telling him the story about us and the shower” she said to Simon. He nodded with a relaxed look. I was immediately interested when Stephanie started talking.

“It was about 3 weeks ago” she started telling, “We were in northern India and just finished a 3 day hike with a large group of people. We got to this small village and were exhausted and dirty from the hike, we just wanted a warm shower and a soft bed to sleep in. It was already pretty late when we got to the village and there was only one hostel that still had vacancy so we took it.” Stephanie paused, took another puff and continued.

“They told us when we checked in, to let them know when we wanted to take a shower and they’ll get it ready for us, we didn’t think much of it. We put all our things in the bedroom, grabbed our towels and stuff, and told the reception that we wanted to take a shower. We followed the guy to a pretty nasty room with only one showerhead connected to a strange container. We asked if there was another shower but he said there wasn’t.”

“The guy filled the container with water and lit a little fire bahis firmaları with wood under it. He said something about the water lasting only for 3 minutes so to be quick. We said we’ll call him in a bit to get the shower ready again and he looked at us confused. We explained that this one was for me and he needed to set up one for Simon.

“No, he said in broken English, he said this was the last shower of the day. We asked him what we were supposed to do then and he said shower together like it was obvious. Simon explained to him that we are not a couple and we can’t shower together. He just shrugged, said either shower together or only one showers but this was the last shower of the day, and then he left.” Stephanie handed the smoke back to Simon.

“What did you do then?” I asked, completely into their story.

“I asked Simon to let me take the shower but he didn’t agree and I didn’t agree to let him either” Stephanie said.

“You have no idea how dirty and disgusting we were” Simon jumped in to defend himself.

Stephanie continued telling the story: “So I asked Simon what he wanted to do then. He said that he doesn’t see a better option than us showering together, unless I prefer to let him shower of course, which there was no way I was going to do.”

“You should’ve seen how red she got” Simon interrupted, “I asked her what she was so embarrassed about but she just stood there and didn’t answer me for a minute until she finally agreed.”

“So you two showered together in the end?” I asked eagerly.

“Yeah” Stephanie said, “we agreed we’d not look at each other’s bodies in the shower but the water was so weak there was only a small space it reached. After we accidently touched each other a few times in places we shouldn’t, we decided it would be better to look.”

“What happened next?” I asked curious and took another puff from the joint. My cock was getting hard.

“That’s pretty much it.” Stephanie said a little to my disappointment, “We took a shower together, saw each other naked, finished showering got dressed and acted like it never happened.”

“Hell of a story” I said with my head buzzing. “What did she look like naked?” I said turning to Simon. My brain wasn’t exactly controlling the words coming out of my mouth.

Simon gestured an “A-ok” with his right hand and Stephanie blushed slightly. “What about him,” I asked turning to Stephanie “did he get hard?” I asked realizing I had completely lost control over my mouth.

“Very hard” she said with an emphasis on very, blushed, grabbed the smoke from my hand and took another puff. We were all high to the point of shamelessness.

“Your turn” Stephanie said to me.

“Fine” I said, “you want a sex story, well I have a good one.” Simon sat up in his chair and both of them were looking at me intently as I started telling the story. I told them about what happened to me on one of my treks in New Zealand. About how I went hiking on my own when a snow storm started, how I took refuge in a small hut in the mountains and how just as it turned dark, out of nowhere 2 Swiss girls entered the hut. The cousins listened fascinated as I kept telling them how when we woke up the following morning we were snowed in, how after we got bored and started playing a game we ended up daring each other to stand in the snow naked, and I finished the story by describing in detail how I took turns fucking the two hot girls.

When I finished telling the story my cock was completely hard in my pants. I noticed that the cousins where also turned on by my story. Stephanie was trying to inconspicuously touch herself, rubbing her hand over her shorts. Simon was more obvious with his hand in his pants underneath the table.

“Fuck that was hot!” Simon said after I was finished, “I know people talk about German girls, but the Swiss ones are just as slutty if not more.”

“Who’s next?” I asked, ready for another good story.

“Can we continue this indoors?” Stephanie asked after taking the final puff and putting the joint out. “It’s getting cold out here.”

“Sure” I said and got up, “you want to go to my room? It’s just me there tonight.” They agreed and we walked over to my room. When we got there, they took a sit on 2 small couches in the far end of the room, and I sat on the bed across.

“So where were we?” Simon asked.

“You were just about to tell a good sex story of your own” I said.

“After your story?” Simon started saying, “I have nothing that comes close to being as good. But Stephanie might…” he said in a taunting voice.

“What do you mean?” She said carefully.

“You know exactly what I mean” Simon answered.

“Who told you?” she asked him sounding alarmed all of a sudden.

“Who do you think?” Simon asked.

“Yan?” Stephanie asked as her eyes went wide.

“Yan!” Simon answered with a victorious smile.

“Sorry, but who’s Yan?” I interrupted, trying to understand what the hell was going on.

“Yan is my son-of-a-bitch ex-boyfriend” Stephanie said angrily.

“And what exactly did he tell Simon and why?” I kept asking.

“Yan and I are good friends.” Simon started, “In fact, I think I was the one who introduced them” he continued, “and he told me pretty much everything” he said while looking straight at Stephanie.

“What’s everything?” I asked very much intrigued.

“Fine,” Stephanie said “I’ll tell you. When Yan and I were together, sometimes we would have one of his guy friends or mine join us.”

“Join you?” I asked honestly.

“Join us for sex.” Stephanie said after a pause, “Happy now?” she asked Simon who started laughing and nodded. My cock was getting hard again.

Even in my intoxicated state, I felt the need to change the subject. “So Simon, back to you. You still owe us a story” I said to him.

“Sorry to disappoint Jon” Simon said, “but I didn’t even get laid once since we left Germany.”

“Really?” I asked.

“Yes” Simon answered “it’s kind of hard when I’m traveling with her. Everyone automatically assumes she’s my girlfriend.” There was real frustration in his voice as he spoke.

“Come on man” I said to him, “you probably didn’t even give it a shot. You’re a good looking guy. Right Stephanie?”

“Yeah I guess” Stephanie said still mad at him. Simon looked up at her.

“I bet you could get laid easily if you actually tried. Right Stephanie?” I asked her again.

“Yeah, probably” she said sweetly this time.

“What about you, ever think about fucking him?” I asked Stephanie not believing the words coming out of my mouth.

“What?” she said trying to sound outraged but there was an audible quiver in her voice.

“Come on now Stephanie, ever think about fucking Simon? I know he thought about fucking you.” I continued uncontrollably.

“What?” Simon said. It was his turn to object.

“You know I saw you checking her out all day at the beach right?” I said to Simon.

“Really?” Stephanie asked amazed. Simon nodded in shame.

“Ever since we showered together I can’t take my eyes off you,” Simon confessed to her, “and it doesn’t help that we sleep in the same small tent every night and that you sleep in just your bra and underwear either.”

“What about you Stephanie?” I pressed her.

“To be honest I thought about you too…” Stephanie finally said after a long sigh, “ever since I saw you naked. Why do you think I started sleeping in my bra and panties?” she paused before she continued speaking, “You know how I rubbed against your boxers the other night?”

“Yeah” Simon said turning red, “I thought you were sleeping.”

“Well I wasn’t.” Stephanie said and turned to me: “A few nights ago it was so hot outside when we went to sleep that we both slept in just our underwear on top the sleeping bags. I was so turned on by the fact that he was sleeping almost naked next to me I couldn’t help it. I pretended to fall asleep then started rubbing my ass onto his boxers until I felt him get hard and stopped.”

“Wait, so you were awake the whole time?” Simon asked alarmed.

“Ah hu.” Stephanie said with a nervous smile and continued, “After I stopped rubbing into him, he checked if I was awake. I didn’t answer so he thought I wasn’t. Then, he took his penis out and I felt him starting to rub it against the bottom of my panties, over my vagina. He did that for a little while then stopped. A second later I heard him masturbate until he finished with a moan.” Simon was as red as a tomato and she turned to face him. “I waited for you to fall asleep and after you finally did, I masturbated wildly. You got me so hot when you rubbed onto me, I felt I was going to go crazy if I didn’t get off.”

My cock was rock hard and I looked at the two cousins in disbelief.

“And you,” Stephanie suddenly said with and authoritative voice as she looked straight at me, “stand up!”

“What?” I asked confused.

“Stand up!” she said again in a firm voice. I got up on my feet, my erection clear by the bulge in my shorts.

Stephanie eyed it shamelessly before she stood up in front of me. She then got on her knees and before I could say another word, she stuck her fingers in my waistband and in one swift motion pulled my shorts and underwear off. My large erect cock sprung free in all its glory.

“I was dying to get a look at this all day.” she said and grasped it in her hand admiring it. “Simon, get up and get your cock out too” she said to him in a more tender voice as she started stroking my full 7 inches. Simon got up and undressed completely in seconds. His cock completely hard and was almost as long as mine only thinner.

It looked impressive on his scrawny figure.

Simon stepped over next to me and Stephanie immediately grabbed his cock with her left hand and started stroking it too. She had a big smile on her face as she kept stroking both of us.

“Oh god yes” I whispered out loud after a minute of stroking as Stephanie engulfed my erect member with her mouth and started sucking on it masterfully. She bobbed her head up and down with her lips tight around my shaft and her tongue licking frantically all around. “Aahhhh” I moaned louder as she kept sucking my dick skillfully, I felt in heaven.

She kept sucking me blissfully for a few more short minutes, my cock draped by her warm lips and caressed by her sly tongue until Stephanie pulled herself off my dick with a suction sound and immediately brought it over her cousin’s cock while still stroking me.

“Oh yes Stephanie” Simon let out and I could hear the longing in his voice. Simon put his hand behind her head and kept it there as she started sucking his cock every bit as good as she just sucked me. Simon kept on moaning aloud as he watched Stephanie blow him, his pleasure heightened by the sight of his coveted cousin sucking him in addition to the pleasure he was feeling by her expert cock sucking skills. She kept on blowing his cock vigorously, stroking along his shaft as her mouth and tongue studied every inch of him until he couldn’t take it anymore.

“Oh Ahha AAAHHHH” Simons moans grew louder and louder until he exploded inside his cousin’s mouth. Stephanie kept her mouth glued to his cock as his body shivered in orgasmic pleasure while he shot load after load of incestuous cum

into it.

She waited until Simon’s orgasm ended then pulled her mouth off and swallowed every bit of cum. My cock was so hard it was throbbing and Stephanie looked at it with a deviant grin.

Simon sat down on the bed behind us and watched as Stephanie turned her attention back to my cock and started sucking kaçak iddaa on it with even more enthusiasm. Her skills were no match to the state my cock was in and it took less than two minutes of her mouth wrapped around my cock and her tongue swirling around for me to finish.

“Oh fuck Stephanie” I called out with a moan as my cock detonated. I started squirting streams of cum into her mouth as the waves of my climax surged through my body. When it was over, Stephanie lapped up every bit of cum in her mouth and on my cock and swallowed it with delight.

“That was amazing Steph” Simon said still in disbelief.

“I’m glad you boys enjoyed it” she said with a smile, “because now you are about to fuck me as hard as you can.”

I took my shirt off, threw it on my bed and sat down on the bed, just in time to see Stephanie strip. She didn’t waste any time as she got up and started undressing quickly. She took her top off first, throwing it on a couch, and immediately continued by removing her purple bra and placing it above her shirt. Her tiny tits were now on display and I gazed at her cute little mounds as she continued to undress. Stephanie was facing Simon and me when she pulled her pants down, and immediately proceeded by removing her white soaking wet panties.

We ogled her naked body in awe as she removed her last piece of clothing and was standing in front of us in all her naked splendor. She had the most petite frame and it looked so hot on her. She had small perky breasts with coin sized areolas and bright red nipples that were hard as stones. Her legs were smooth and skinny, like a gymnast’s, her stomach was toned and flat, and in the middle was the most seductive little pussy. It was covered with a small wild patch of reddish brown hair.

As she finished undressing, Stephanie turned around to place the rest of her clothes on the couch and as she did, she awarded me with a great look at her tight little tushy, the kind you just want to grab, squeeze and never let go.

“Come on, get up!” Stephanie said cheerfully horny after she turned back to face us and caught us marveling her nakedness. Simon got to his feet, I quickly followed and we both looked at Stephanie for further instructions, our limp dicks hanging there for her studying eyes.

She let out a little giggle and then with the elegance of a dancer, lightly stepped to the bed and laid down on her back.

“Who’s going to eat me out first?” Stephanie said to my surprise while she brought one hand down and started rubbing her vagina.

I pounced at the opportunity and took a knee at the foot of the bed. Stephanie spread her legs a little, revealing her perfect pink pussy to me and I placed my palms on her knees. I brought my face between her knees and slid my hands gently up her soft thighs until I reached her outer folds with my hands. I started messaging her upper thighs just as I brought my mouth over to her dripping vulva. I inhaled the tart aroma of her womanly juices and a second later I started to taste her.

As I was concentrating on his cousin’s cunt, Simon and she started kissing passionately. He was on his knees next to her, and as one hand was on her shoulder, the other was playing with her nipple. He was fondling and pinching it as they kept on kissing.

“Mmmm” Stephanie moaned in pleasure while kissing Simon just as I came in contact with her radiating pussy. The tip of my tongue brushed over and along her slit and I kept on rubbing her thighs as I shoved my tongue deeper into her sinful snatch, tasting her tangy flavors as I burrowed it deeper into her. I kept on probing inside her vagina a little while longer then started licking my way up.

“Oohhh fuck” Stephanie yelled in pleasure just as slid my tongue over her engorged clit and closed my mouth around it, sucking gently. I glanced up to see Simon busy sucking on her boobs as she had her hand on his cock. “Ohh yeah, just like that Simon” she called encouragingly to her cousin then moaned loudly again while I sucked on her burning clit hard, her bush tickling my nose in the process.

“Oh ooohhh Fuck Jon” Stephanie screamed in a high pitched voice as I sucked harder and harder on her clit. I went up for air and saw Simon still working on her tits. I then put my index and middle finger in my mouth, making sure to get them wet, slowly inserted them into Stephanie’s twat and started finger fucking her as I placed my mouth over her clit once again and started toying with it using my tongue. Stephanie started going crazy.

“Ohh my god, oh my god, not yet, not yet, oh Fuck Jon, Not yet” Stephanie called out in quick hyperventilating breaths, “Stop, Jon, Fuck, Stop!” I removed my fingers from her drenched cunt, stopped licking her clit and looked up at her. A shudder went through her body before she continued to speak: “Simon, switch with Jon.” she said to him.

I was a bit confused, but took a step to the side as Simon took his place between his cousin’s legs, I could see his eyes glisten with lust. His cock was almost completely hard again where mine was only semi erect. Simon immediately started devouring her delicious cunt.

As Simon took over her pussy, I took a step towards her, got on my knee and started caressing her breasts. Stephanie let out a small moan, probably from the pussy licking she was getting from her cousin, then pulled me down to her mouth and started kissing me passionately.

Her Tongue flayed wildly inside my mouth as we kissed, and my hand fondled her tit until she broke the kiss and brought her lips to my ear.

“Why don’t you let me taste that cock of yours again?” She whispered and I jumped to my feet and offered it to her. I glanced over at Simon to see him still licking her snatch with a fierce passion then turned back to look at Stephanie just in time to see her take my cock in her mouth. Stephanie started sucking and licking my semi erect dick, in no time it started to harden.

“Oh god Stephanie, that feels so good.” I told her as I moaned, looking down at her sucking my dick expertly. She kept on sucking it another minute or two when suddenly she let out a stifled moan, my cock still in her mouth, and had a stunned expression on her face. She removed my cock from her mouth and looked up just in time to see her cousin sticking his cock inside her pussy.

“Simon, what are you doing?” Stephanie said with alarm in her voice as Simon put the tip of his cock into her and started pushing it in. He didn’t answer her at first, only kept slowly shoving his dick into her vagina until he was a quarter of the way in her. He slowly penetrated her then stopped, and with one quick shove, I saw the entire length of his cock disappear inside her cunt. They moaned loudly together.

“Fuck Steph, I never thought you would be this tight,” Simon said to his cousin while pulling his cock out of her, “not with all those guys you fucked.” Stephanie started saying something back but it turned into a groan of pleasure as Simon plunged his cock into her again, this time slowly pushing it all the way in. Simon gave her 2 more gentle plunges and then on the third one, thrust his cock as hard as he could inside her making them both moan ferociously as they started fucking like animals.

I stood there with my dick now completely hard in my hand and watched as the cousins fucked incestuously, Simon thrusting his cock into Stephanie’s forbidden fruit feverishly as she accepted each plunge gladly. I watched them mesmerized as they fucked for I don’t know how long before Stephanie woke me from my trance.

“Simon, harder, harder, fuck me harder.” she called out in ecstasy as he obeyed her calls with sharp powerful thrusts inside her. A second later Stephanie started squealing and closed her eyes as it hit her. Her thighs started shaking, her chest shuddered and she tensed up. I watched as her entire body tensed and relaxed three or four times with Simon fucking it gently. When she was done, she opened her eyes and started breathing sharply, like someone who just finished crying.

As her orgasm ended, Simon went back to pounding her twat violently. Stephanie stayed quiet at first, then, after a minute, started moaning adorably. A few minutes later, Simon gave her a series of quick hard thrusts, then slowed down and started moaning heavily. He pressed his cock into her another seven or eight times while moaning loudly before he finally pulled it out. When he did, his cock had already started to go soft and it was glistening with drops of his sperm. He had cum inside his cousin, I realized in shock.

“Steph, I can’t believe I came inside you” Simon said without a shred of alarm or shame in his voice.

“Yeah, well, you deserved it” she said calmly while still breathing heavily, “It was a pretty good orgasm you gave me. Now get me cleaned up down there.” Stephanie said and I looked down to notice his sperm trickling out of her freshly cream-pied vulva.

Simon bent down and got on his knees again. Then, instead of getting some toilet paper or a dirty shirt like I thought he would, he started licking his jizz and her juices from all over her pussy. I watched in amazement as Simon mopped up every bit of his cum off of her, starting with licking what dripped down to her asshole, and finishing with sticking his tongue inside her vulva.

I was both disgusted and extremely aroused when he finished cleaning her up. Simon took a sit on an empty nearby bed and sat there marveling his naked cousin as she glowed in post orgasmic bliss. Stephanie finally turned her look to me and a smile formed on her face as she noticed my hard cock.

She was still propped on her back at this point. She sat up with her back to me then started moving around on the bed. She shuffled around, getting on her hands and knees on the mattress and facing Simon when she stopped and gave her ass a little wiggle. She was ready for me to mount her like a bitch in heat.

I climbed onto the bed and took my position behind her tight little ass. I then slid my hand down her smooth back until I reached her ass and squeezed it sensually. I grabbed her hip with both hands and pulled her back until her bare ass was rubbing against my hard cock. I rubbed my dick onto her perfect little ass, then took one hand off, grabbed my cock, and used it to guide it to her pussy. I inserted the tip of my cock into her moist snatch, brought my hand back to her hip, then thrust my cock inside her German twat with force.

“Oh god!” Stephanie cried out, almost sounding like she was about to cry and an involuntary groan left my lips. Her pussy really was tight I noted as my large cock stretched it out after it found its way in. I left it like that for a second, savoring the pleasure, before whipping my cock out and shoving it back inside her. She let out another cry, this one sounding more pleasurable.

I stopped toying with her after that and held her tight in my arms as we started fucking steadily, my cock penetrating deep inside her cunt with each thrust of sexual pleasure. Stephanie kept on moaning and groaning as she accepted my dick into her, our bodies filling the room with the echoing slaps of our sexual rendezvous. We kept on going for a few minutes, like two wild dogs before Stephanie surprised me one again.

“Jon?” she asked as I fucked her.

“Yeah” I answered with a moan.

“I want you in my ass” Stephanie said.

“What?” I asked, sure I misheard.

“I want you to fuck me in the ass” she said clearly.

“Really?” I asked in disbelief. I thought that was only something that happened in porn movies, not something a girl asks for in real life.

“Yeessss, kaçak bahis Really” Stephanie said with a moan, I was still fucking her pussy. “Just make sure to get it really wet.” she continued.

“How?” I said still in disbelief. I never tried anal before.

“With spit,” she said, “just go very slow when you go in.” I couldn’t believe the words coming out of her mouth but I obeyed them all the same.

I pulled my erect cock out of her cunt and bent down. I spread her cheeks with both hands, examining her tight asshole before starting to lick it with the tip of my tongue. I brushed my tip along the rim, then spread her asshole with my thumbs and spit on it like I saw in dirty movies. Stephanie moaned alluringly as I followed by inserting my tongue inside her asshole, making sure to get it as wet as I could. I then pulled my tongue out and slowly pushed my index finger inside her ass. It was so tight, my finger barely fit, I could only imagine what it will feel like with my cock.

I spit on her asshole a second time, using my finger to rub it all around before moving my hand away and getting back in position. I took a quick glance over at Simon who was watching intently with his cock hard again as I was about to fuck his cousin in the ass.

I placed the tip of my cock to the entrance of her hole and ever so slowly pushed the tip inside it. I gave Stephanie a few seconds after my tip breached her asshole, then, as slow and gentle as I could I inserted inch after inch of my cock into her until it was over half way in.

“Oh Fuck Steph” I let out in pleasure as my cock intruded into the tight space of her anus. The sensation of her ass wrapping my hard cock powerfully was indescribable and I couldn’t stop groaning as I pushed it in. I stopped after my cock was over half way in and let both of us adjust. Then, started slowly moving my dick in and out a little at a time.

Stephanie whimpered as I entered her, but after she adjusted to the size of my cock, she sounded like she was starting to enjoy it. I kept on pushing in and out of her asshole for a while until it expanded enough around my cock and I started actually fucking her. It was gentle at first but with each thrust I picked up the pace until I was anally fucking her with long hard strokes.

I was euphoric at that point, the pleasure of my first anal fuck overwhelming me as I kept on pushing my shaft up her ass and wishing it would never end. Stephanie was also enjoying herself as I fucked her and she moaned wildly as her ass was being demolished.

Simon was playing with his dick and watching us when Stephanie looked up at him. He returned her gaze hungrily, got up, walked towards her and shoved his cock in her mouth.

“Oh god Steph, yes!” Simon called out as she started sucking him, with me still plunging my cock into her ass. We kept going in this surreal sexual experience, me pounding Stephanie’s ass as she sucked her cousin’s cock until she stopped us to my relief. I knew I wasn’t going to hold on much longer like that.

“Let’s switch” she said after taking Simon’s cock out of her mouth.

“Ok, sure” I said with a sigh and pulled my cock out, leaving her asshole wide, “how do you want it?” I asked Stephanie.

“I want both of you to fuck me at the same time.” Stephanie announced. “Jon, I want your cock in my pussy. And Simon, I want you to fuck me in the ass.” I was once again shocked by her request.

I laid down on my back on the bed with my erect cock facing up as Stephanie climbed on top of me. She was facing me as her lithe body made its way on top of mine and she impaled herself onto my erect cock, embracing it with her warm wet snatch once more.

After my cock was buried deep inside her cunt, Stephanie laid flat on top of me. As our bodies aligned and her tender breasts were resting on my chest, she gave me a single kiss on the lips. Simon then positioned himself behind her, placing both his hands on her lower back for support and commenced inserting his cock into his cousin’s tight asshole.

Stephanie was looking straight into my eyes and I could see the mixture of pain and pleasure on her face as her cousin violated her ass while grunting loudly. Stephanie started squealing as Simon penetrated her and squeezed my arm, but after a short while, as I felt Simon start fucking her, she released my arm.

As soon as she did, I grabbed her by the waist and started thrusting my cock deep inside her vagina.

“Oohhh my god” Stephanie screamed with a shaking voice as I plunged my cock into her snatch while Simon was doing the same to her ass. I could feel every plunge Simon took inside her and felt her pussy even tighter then before now that Simon’s cock was buried in her ass. “Aaaahhhh” Stephanie let out another toe-curling yell as we filled both her holes with our hard cocks.

I kept fucking Stephanie as hard as I could, pushing my cock in her pulsing cunt as she cried out loud in rapturous pleasure. The room filled with the echoing of our bodies and moans as Simon and I kept pounding our cocks into his cousin in sexual bliss. I kept on fucking Stephanie, pounding my cock into her from bellow as she cried out in ecstasy.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum” I yelled to Stephanie as my orgasm hit me like a tsunami.

“OH yes, Jon, yes, cum inside me.” Stephanie moaned at me. The thought of pulling out briefly crossed my mind but quickly disappeared without a trace when I heard those words. With the last of my stamina I pound my dick into her vagina until it burst.

“Oh god Stephanie” I groaned loudly as I started to cum inside her pussy, wave after wave of electrifying sexual pleasure surging through my sweating body as I shot load after load of cum into this sizzling German slut.

“Oh fuck!” Stephanie shrieked shortly after I started to ejaculate inside her. Her pussy started convulsing around my squirting cock and I cried out in unbearable pleasure. Stephanie started to climax shortly after me with her cousin still fucking her ass aggressively.

I felt her warm juices flow over my dick and slowly pour out of her just as I finished cumming. As my orgasm ended, Stephanie’s orgasm only grew stronger. Her shrieks turned into cries of agonizing pleasure and her entire body started to shiver. Her legs shook uncontrollably and a river of womanly fluids started flowing out of her pussy over my receding cock and balls. Her orgasm ended with a loud cry as her limp body crashed down onto me.

Simon fucked her all the way through her intense orgasm, empowering it. He moaned loudly in the process, her asshole tightening around his shaft but kept plunging it into her even after her climax.

Stephanie lay motionless on top of me, giving me a clear unobstructed view, and I watched as Simon pound his cock into her asshole while grunting loudly. I observed him with a grotesque fascination as he kept going, penetrating his cousin’s asshole with pure incestuous lust.

Simon kept fucking her, plowing her ass and moaning loudly while Stephanie stayed still and let out whispering moans. I saw the raw animalistic lust in his eyes as he fucked her all the way to his sexual crescendo.

“Ooooohhhhh” Simon groaned. He gave Stephanie’s asshole two more quick thrusts then slowed down. He kept on moaning heavily for another minute while slowly fucking her ass, until he finished ejaculating inside it and pulled out. Simon then stroked his dick, draining the last bit of cum from it and let it drip onto Stephanie’s ass.

He stayed like that until his cock went limp, then got up, walked over to a couch and collapsed onto it, exhausted and breathing heavily.

We stayed that way in silence for some time, Simon on the couch, me on the bed and Stephanie on top of me, her head resting on my chest and facing the wall. After 10 minutes or so Stephanie was the one to move first.

“Can you get me a tissue or something?” Stephanie asked me with a shivering voice after she rolled off me and got on her knees on the bed. My cock and pubic hair were covered with Stephanie’s cum and so was her bush.

I noticed little streams of a mixture of my sperm and her juices flow out of her pussy and down her thighs. I quickly stepped over to the side of my bed, grabbed a roll of toilet paper, tore off some and handed her the roll. I cleaned my cock a little then took a sit on the second couch next to Simon and watched Stephanie.

She stepped off the cum drenched bed and started cleaning herself up. She wiped her thighs, bush, and vagina as best she could, then spread her ass with both hands, and let her cousin’s cum spill out. When she felt she got most of it out, she wiped her ass with some more toilet paper then walked over and took a sit on Simon’s lap.

“That was something” Simon said, putting a hand on his cousin’s leg and rubbing it gently.

“It sure was” I said as I looked at Stephanie’s adorable breasts, her nipples still hard.

“How do feel about this?” Stephanie asked, turning to Simon.

“Which part?” Simon asked her back.

“All of it” Stephanie answered, “We just had sex, we’re cousins, and we’re traveling together…”

“Are you kitting, it was the best thing that happened to me since we started our trip.” Simon started to answer. “I do have to admit it was a little weird at first when we got naked and you gave me a blow job, with you being my cousin and all, but after I was inside you it didn’t matter to me anymore. What about you Steph?” Simon asked.

“It was weird for me too at first,” she admitted, “but now that we did it, I don’t feel like it was wrong. It felt so good.” Stephanie said and Simon smiled.

“So what now?” he asked.

“We keep enjoying our trip together.” Stephanie said with a shrug. “Also, I wouldn’t say no to us having sex some more.”

“Really?” Simon said as his face lit up.

“Sure,” Stephanie answered him, “maybe we could get someone to join us every once in a while. And not just guys but girls too if you’d like.” Simon could not believe his ears, instead of answering her just pulled Stephanie’s body into his and kissed her lovingly.

It was 3 am when we finished up after our crazy threesome. The cousins didn’t even bother getting dressed, they just grabbed they clothes and quietly sneaked out to their tent while still naked. I gave Stephanie’s naked body a final glance before she disappeared outside. I went to sleep with a feeling of envy towards Simon, thinking how he was sleeping naked with his gorgeous cousin and how he would likely fuck her countless more times in the weeks to come.

The following morning I checked out before they woke up. As I walked to my packed car, I passed by their tent when it started moving around. I stopped for a second as I heard familiar moans and thought of joining them for a second.

“Bye guys, I’m off” I whispered instead from outside the tent, “take care of each other” I heard myself say then continued to my car before the got a chance to answer me.


I woke up in my bed with my cock raging hard. Even now, 20 years after, I couldn’t get the events of that day out of my mind.

I looked over at my sleeping wife wondering how mad she will get if I wake her up for sex. Instead, I pulled my cock out of my boxers and pulled her nightgown up a little. She was sleeping on her side with her back to me and I placed my erect cock between her thighs. I then started rubbing it onto the bottom of her panties, feeling the heat of her pussy radiate through the thin fabric.

I kept this up for a few seconds until she started to stir in her sleep. I then pulled away and started stroking my dick until I came hard inside my boxers. A minute later I was already asleep.

Hope you enjoyed

Please comment if you would like to see a part 3

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