A Troublesome Nymph Ch. 02

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Espin sat on the spire of the village church. Watching. Opposite the church was a pub, where she was hoping to find her next victim.

It had been a few days since ‘helping’ the young married couple in the forest, and the nymph was feeling restless. Time for more fun, she thought.

She was just thinking it was time to move on and hunt somewhere else when two young men exited the pub. Espin leant forward, putting her elbows on her knees.

Her pointy ears had exceptional hearing and she could easily make out what was being said from the lofty heights of the church spire.

Unaware of being watched, Daniel turned to his friend, Liam. “See you tomorrow,” Daniel said.

“Yeah,” Liam said. “Meet you here at eight?”

“Guess so,” Daniel said. “Fuck all else to do. This village needs some more women in it. Maybe next week we could go into the city. Try and meet some sexy young ladies.”

Liam laughed. “I’m up for that,” he said. “We’ve got no hope though. Our ability at talking to the opposite sex is not exactly impressive.”

“Yeah I know,” Daniel said. “Tragic really. I’m destined to die a virgin in this village.” He adjusted his collar and stuffed his hands in his pockets.

“You’ll find someone one day Dan,” Liam said. “At least you get to live with that hot step sister of yours. Gives you some good wanking material.” Liam laughed.

“Eww! Come on mate,” Dan said. “That’s just wrong.” He tried not to let Liam provoke him. He knew he liked winding him up about his step sister.

“Sorry can’t help it,” Liam said. “Did you see her earlier in those little shorts. Fucking hell!”

“Right I’m going,” said Daniel. “I’m not having this conversation.” He punched his friend lightly on the arm and left. “See you tomorrow mate,” he added over his shoulder.

“See you later,” Liam said. “Say hi to your sister for me.” He laughed as Daniel turned and stuck both middle fingers up.

“Dickhead,” Daniel mumbled as he turned back and walked towards home. Liam had managed to put the image of his sister in his head now, wearing her small denim shorts. Stop it, he thought.

He both hated and enjoyed the dirty thoughts he had about his younger step sister, Olivia. Always feeling ashamed afterwards. Daniel was now 20 and she was 18. She was pretty and she knew it. He shook the thought of her out of his head and continued the short journey home.

He looked around at the quiet streets. Fucking place, he thought. It was Saturday night and the streets were dead. The pub had been full of old people. He was desperate to leave this place and live somewhere more lively.

He had no chance of finding a girlfriend here. His experience with women was limited, and as a twenty year old man his hormones were sending him crazy. There was only so much watching porn and wanking into a tissue you could do.

Espin heard him sigh and smiled as she pushed herself up from her sitting position. She put her hands on her narrow hips. Her long blond hair and short skirt wavered in the light wind.

“Perfect,” she said. She launched herself off the spire and dived. As she neared the ground at an exhilarating pace she pulled up at the last minute. Her tiny heart beating fast. Her excitement of the evening to come was evident in other parts of her body too.

She followed Daniel on the short walk to his house. Staying high out of sight. Her almost silent wings undetectable to human ears. She touched herself briefly between the legs, feeling how wet she was. She never wore underwear, she liked the feeling of the wind on her crotch.

“Go away Red,” Espin suddenly said loudly. Not enough for the boy below to hear. She had heard the bothersome Naiad gasp lightly as she had touched herself. She knew Serenity had been following her again and was waiting to call her out. The river spirit had taken an annoying interest in her exploits.

Serenity emerged from behind a chimney. Her short red hair flaming bright in the moonlight.

“He’s innocent,” Serenity said. “Leave him alone.” Her flimsy long white dress clung to her slender body as she flew towards Espin.

You can see her nipples, thought Espin. If she wasn’t so annoying, she might be worth a fuck. Her eyes traced over Serenity’s body.

Serenity stopped and blushed slightly at the look she was getting.

“He needs my help,” Espin said, innocently. “He’ll be grateful. Trust me.”

“It’s wrong.” Serenity said. “You’re making people do stuff against their will.”

“You’re the one that’s wrong,” Espin said. “You know I don’t have the power to control them. I’m just lowering their inhibitions, freeing their minds to do what they want to do deep down. All humans have the power to resist, they just don’t want to.”

“There is a difference between a fantasy and what they really want to do,” replied Serenity.

“Then why don’t they stop themselves then?” Espin said. “Without me that young man down there will never pluck up the courage to get bedava bahis laid. I’m just helping him along.”

“He doesn’t need the help you’re going to give him,” Serenity said. “They’ll come for you. All this will put you on their radar.”

Espin thought for a second, she knew she was pushing her luck, but she remained defiant. “Let them,” she said. “They haven’t caught me yet.”

“Change your ways,” Serenity begged. “Try doing something good for once. Let me in and start a bond of trust.”

Espin’s face changed to anger. Was this nymph for real. Serenity flinched backwards. “Don’t you think I’ve tried in the past to be good,” Espin spat. “Been there, done that, and your lot still treat me like an outcast. So I’ve learnt not to bother.”

“You had friends once,” Serenity said. “They trusted you. Apparently you were happy.”

“And they turned on me!” Espin shouted. Serenity flinched again.

“Did you do what they said you did?” Serenity asked, not giving up.

“What do you care,” Espin said. “You won’t believe me. Like everyone else.”

“Did you do it?” Serenity asked again, pushing Espin. She had a feeling Espin wanted to tell her own side of the story.

Espin studied Serenity carefully. “It’s too late,” Espin said, a hint of sadness in her voice. “Stop prying into my business Red.” Espin flew after the boy, leaving Serenity hovering.

Serenity watched her go, she thought she was making progress.

Espin was angry with herself now. She had almost let her guard down. Not this time she thought, she wasn’t going to give them the satisfaction of kicking her out again. She caught up with the young man just as he entered a house.

Olivia was sitting on the sofa in the living room. She was still wearing her small denim shorts and her slender legs were drawn up beside her. Her thigh tattoo was visible. A delicate flower design of two roses amongst their brambles. She had a tight red vest top on. The tattoo had been her latest rebellious act against their parents.

Daniel stood in the doorway. He saw her hard nipples standing firm on her small pert breasts beneath her top. Her long dark hair flowed over her slender shoulder.

Olivia looked over to the doorway and saw him staring. She felt a flutter inside her stomach, but hid it well.

“Hey sis,” he managed. Going slightly red.

“What are you looking at,” Olivia said. “Keep your perverted looks to yourself. And don’t go waking mum and dad up with your wanking.” She couldn’t help herself.

“Fuck off!” Daniel blurted. “I only came in to say good night. I don’t know why I bother.”

“Nor do I,” Olivia said. She felt slightly ashamed of her behaviour. It wasn’t her step brothers fault she wanted him, so why take it out on him. She had been having some pretty filthy dreams about him lately. She had made sure she was around him more, always wanting him to make a move, but he was too innocent.

Dan shook his head, his anger rising. He was trying to think what to say.

“Night night then,” Olivia said. Nodding him away with her head. “Fuck off.”

Daniel was too angry to speak. He spun away and went upstairs. What a bitch, he thought. “I’ll get her back one day,” he mumbled, knowing full well he wouldn’t. He was too soft and knew it. That made him more angry.

Espin had listened to the exchange through the window. She smiled and flew up to find Daniels bedroom. A plan formed in her head on the way.

Daniel quietly went into his room. His parents were probably asleep down the hall. He stripped to his boxer shorts and flopped down onto his bed. He started thinking about his step sister downstairs in her little shorts, and her hard nipples.

God she looked good in those shorts, he thought. He knew he shouldn’t fantasise about her, but he couldn’t help it. His cock was constantly hard these days. He fantasised about any female he saw. His sister unfortunately was the one he saw the most.

“And those shorts,” he said aloud, shaking his head. He felt himself getting hard just thinking about them. He reached down and felt his hardening cock through his jeans.

He undid his button and zip and pulled his jeans off. He took his socks off, then his t-shirt. He reached into his boxers and took his cock out, starting to stroke it slowly.

Espin, who had flown silently in through the window, was sitting on his curtain rail. She smiled at the sight of the decent sized cock. Well, to her it was massive. She wished she could try one. Unfortunately there weren’t any male nymphs. It was quite depressing really, she thought.

Espin waited and watched intently as he wanked himself off with his eyes closed. She let him get into it. Time to see how this one reacts. She hovered over, her tiny wings beating fast and silent. She had her legs crossed like she was sitting on the floor, her small green skirt pushed between her legs.

“Hello,” she said. Loud enough for the boy to hear.

Daniel’s eyes flew open. He bedava bonus immediately scrambled for his duvet as he looked around wildly. Just as he grabbed the cover his eyes saw the floating thing and he let out a strangled cry. His brain said run, but his body wouldn’t move, he was frozen in terror.

Even though Espin looked harmless, the brain can react unpredictably to something it doesn’t understand. And a flying tiny young woman was such a thing. To Espin this was always one of the best bits. She took a perverse pleasure out of scaring the shit out of people. No one had actually shit themselves yet though, she thought, disappointingly.

“Don’t be scared,” Espin said, in her innocent sweet voice. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you jump.”

“What…. What…. What….” Dan said. He couldn’t talk. He stared. Stunned.

“What am I?” Espin asked. Daniel nodded frantically. She giggled. “I’m a nymph of course.”

Daniel continued to stare. His brain slowly processed what he saw, and that he currently wasn’t in any danger, hopefully. His heart beat slowed slightly, still fast, but not heart bursting fast like a minute ago.

She was pretty, he thought. No wait. She wasn’t just pretty, she was enchanting. He sat up slowly and looked at her more closely. Her face was elfin and beautiful. Her flowing blonde hair, her little pointy ears, and slender body. He studied her thin waist, and her breasts hidden under her green tube top.

He suddenly realised he was staring at her. He looked back to her face. She smiled sweetly at him.

“I’m sorry,” Daniel said. “You’re so beautiful.”

Espin giggled. They’re all the same, she thought. More concerned about complementing the pretty creature than considering if they’re safe.

“Thank you,” Espin said, smiling shyly. “You’re pretty too. You looked like you were having fun.”

Dan looked down at his lap covered by the duvet. “I was just……” he said, thinking. “Who are you?” Change the subject, he thought.

“My name’s Espin,” she replied. “I’m a nymph.” Espin flipped backwards, swinging her legs out as she did. Daniel got a flash of her bare ass. She came back round body straight. Still hovering.

Wow, Daniel thought. Her body was perfectly proportioned. She was the cutest thing he had ever seen. Shame she was so tiny.

“Nice to meet you Espin,” Daniel said.

“Nice to meet you too Daniel,” Espin said. He was very sweet, Espin thought. Maybe she shouldn’t do this. Ha, who the fuck was she kidding. This was going to be great.

“You know my name!” Daniel said.

“I saw you talking with your friend,” Espin said. “I want to help you.”

“Help me with what?” he said. He was trying to think what he had been talking about with Liam.

“With what you were doing a minute ago,” Espin said. “Playing with your thingy.” She giggled again, holding her hand up to her mouth.

“What…. How…..” Daniel was stuck again with what to say.

“I would like to grant you one wish,” Espin said. “Something that will bring you pleasure sexually.”

“Any sex would be nice,” Daniel mumbled.

“Then I shall grant your wish,” Espin said. She theatrically spun whilst muttering the incantation she wanted. She sent out gold sparks from her fingers for effect.

“No wait!” Daniel said loudly. He momentarily paused, watching Espin spin. Her skirt had lifted as she spun. Her lack of underwear startled him. He shook his head. “I hadn’t thought it through. I didn’t say I wish.”

Espin stopped spinning. “You don’t need to say I wish,” she said. “I’m not a genie. You said your desire though. I know what you need.”

“But who?” Daniel asked. “You?” He looked at Espin and hoped it was her somehow. She was gorgeous.

“Not me silly,” Espin said. “I’m tiny. Just get yourself ready.”

“Get myself ready?” Daniel asked.

“Get it all standy uppy again,” Espin said. She waved her hand and the duvet flew off the bed onto the floor.

Daniel gasped in surprise. His cock was still sticking out of the waistband of his boxers, still semi hard. Fuck it, he thought, and took it in his hand. He was soon hard with the prospect of losing his virginity.

“Like this?” he said. He slowly stroked himself. He could see Espin was transfixed by the cock.

“Mmm yes,” Espin said. “Just like that. She’ll be here soon.”

Downstairs, Olivia felt herself suddenly getting aroused. She looked at her lap confused. I’m sure I shouldn’t be getting aroused watching The Walking Dead, she thought.

She went from watching zombies to desperately needing relief in the space of about five seconds.

She traced a hand over her inner thigh and lightly touched the fabric of her jeans between her legs.

“Oh shit,” she groaned, as she shuddered with pleasure. The light touch had nearly made her cum. What the fuck, she thought.

She paused the TV and looked at the doorway to the living room, she listened. Sure no one was there, she undid the deneme bonusu button on her denim shorts and slid her hand in. She couldn’t help it.

Her hand went into her panties too. She hovered her hand above her pussy, anxious to touch it. She could feel the heat between her legs, her juices almost running out of her. She touched herself.

“Oh my god,” she groaned, as she ran two fingers between her pussy lips, covering them in her juices as her petite body trembled. She pushed them in, deep inside her. It felt so good.

“Not enough,” she moaned. Surprising herself. She needed a penis. She needed it inside her. She needed it now.

Olivia took her hand out reluctantly and did up her shorts. She hurried out the room. She knew what she wanted and where to get it. She knew it was wrong, but right now she didn’t care.

Daniel was upstairs still slowly touching himself whilst watching the little nymph watch him. Espin’s hand was slowly stroking her slender thigh. Her light skirt lifted slightly. Her other hand was on her flat stomach, stroking too.

He was a bit concerned about what was happening. What was he waiting for? The answer came not long after this thought entered his head.

The door suddenly swung open. Daniel jumped again. Trying to cover himself with his hands. Oh god, he thought, looking up. It was his sister.

“What are you doing?” Daniel blurted out. “Don’t you knock.”

“Shut up,” Olivia said. “I need your help.”. Her hand was pressing between her legs. She was flushed red.

Daniel looked from Olivia to Espin and back again. Espin was grinning widely as she saw the recognition cross his face.

“Oh shit,” he said quietly, as he watched his sister cross the room.

“Fuck knows why but I need that cock of yours,” she said. She moved to the side of the bed and then crawled on. Her loose top dangled down and Daniel got an eyeful of his sister’s full bosom.

“Our parents!” he managed to squeak, as Olivia prised his hands off his cock and took him in her hands.

“They’re asleep,” was all she said. She didn’t give a shit about her parents right now.

She was on all fours, her body out at a right angle to Daniels. He had a great view of her slim figure. He knew he should try and stop this, it was so wrong. Then he realised how much he wanted it, and how horrible she had been to him over the last year. He wrongly felt she deserved it.

Olivia spat and then took her brother’s cock in her mouth making him groan. The cock filled her throat as she swallowed him down.

Daniel reached out and felt his sister’s breasts. He squeezed and caressed, teased the hard nipples. Olivia groaned on his cock as she worked his shaft with her mouth.

Dan ran his hand underneath her body, over her flat stomach and down between her legs. Olivia flinched slightly, then groaned, then pushed her hips into his fingers as they pressed against her crotch.

Olivia was desperate now to cum, she needed to be touched properly. She came off her brother’s cock and licked at the bottom of his shaft and his balls as she stroked him with one hand. With her other hand she reached under her body and undid the button on her shorts. She grabbed her brother’s hand and guided him into her shorts and panties.

“Make me cum,” she moaned into Dan’s scrotum.

Dan smiled and ran a finger up his sister’s engorged pussy lips. His finger was instantly coated in her juices. He pushed it in further.

“My clit,” Olivia moaned.

Dan had watched enough porn to have some idea what he was doing. He pushed a couple of fingers into his sister first, wanting to feel her inside. Then he moved to her clit. Feeling it with his fingers he started rubbing it.

“Oh god. Shit. That’s it. That’s it,” Olivia moaned. “Keep going.” She was trying to concentrate on sucking her brother off, but she felt her climax building. She clumsily wanked him off, whilst her forehead was pressed against his thigh.

“Make me cum, make me cum, make me cum,” she groaned. She felt her brother’s fingers pick up speed, but it didn’t matter. She was cumming.

“Mother fucker,” she groaned loudly.

Too loudly, Daniel thought. Their parents were down the hall. He forgot about them as his sister orgasmed on his fingers. She shook and moaned. Her body tightening. She gripped his cock tightly. Too tight, it was too much.

Daniel couldn’t stop himself as he ejaculated. Cum erupted from his penis and landed on his sister. Her head was still on his thigh and his cock angled towards her. The cum arced through the air and landed on her blonde hair. She looked up just in time to get a blast in the face. It streaked up her cheek.

“Ewww,” she said. Still breathing heavy and her body occasionally spasming. She continued to stroke Daniel as the last of his cum squirted out onto his thigh.

“Sorry sis,” Daniel said, grinning. The cum slid down her cheek as she glared at him. Her hand was still wanking him off.

“You better still stay hard,” she said. She still needed him in her. The orgasm wasn’t enough.

“Oh he will,” Espin whispered from the window sill. She would make sure of that, but she probably wouldn’t need to do a spell. Daniel’s youth and vigour would probably keep him going.

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