A Very Special Delivery Ch. 02

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It had been weeks since I heard from anything from Dr. McNurthy. My cravings for another delivery of cum from the sperm bank that he worked at bordered on painful. My dreams were haunted by a vision of an endless supply of flowing cum — hot, warm, slickery cum. Until his first delivery, I’d never considered myself a kinky individual. Sure, I played on the Internet a bit, and even posted the occasional digital photograph of myself, but that was the extent of my kinkiness. Who would have thought that his special gift could have released such primal needs within me?

I often wake from my dreams, in the middle of the night, with an insatiable burning between my legs – beckoning for attention and release. When I close my eyes I can still see myself in the mirror, dripping cum from my face, hair, breasts and mouth – and it only fuels my desires more.

Last night, when I logged on to my favorite bulletin board, I was greeted by a new message from the Doctor. My hands were trembling on the mouse as a rushed to click on the message link, hoping that he was, indeed, going to send me another delightful delivery. When my hopes were confirmed in his letter, the strangest thing happened, I gasped, and welled with tears. Emotion had over come me in a way I’d never expected.

As I sit here, awaiting his delivery, I contemplate the thoughts that kept me awake most of the night. What have I become? How could something like this have changed me so easily? How could my thirst for something so naughty, be so overpowering?

Out the window, I watched for the approach of the delivery vehicle while sipping on my coffee. I’d taken the entire morning to prepare the bathroom and myself for another adventure. I washed and carefully arranged my collection of sex toys on the counter. I dressed in my favorite lingerie and heels, and I wrapped myself in the ultra-thick, white, terrycloth robe I’d worn the on the day my first package arrived. When everything was set, I phoned the office and told them I needed a day at home and catch up on my financials without any interruption. It was the perfect start to the soon-to-be perfect day. All I needed now was for my package to arrive.

I sipped again at my coffee as a white van slowed in front of the house. My heart stated to race and I jumped up from the bar stool I was sitting on at the kitchen counter, and headed towards the door at a run. Cool air rushed under my robe, and what I had thought was just a minor wetness, flowed down my thigh with each step. It felt liberating, but I could only think to myself, “What have I become?” With a smile, I answered myself out loud, “Someone who is about to have an excellent day.”

I opened the door as the van came to quick stop in the driveway. I’d have run out and unloaded the box myself, but I had plans for the young delivery boy that couldn’t be conducted in the driveway. Yes, I was going to give him a good tip. I’d already decided on it hours ago. I mean, what young man wouldn’t mind a good cock sucking first thing in the morning?

The door to the van swung open and my heart nearly sank, as large, woman in coveralls stepped onto the driveway and walked to the rear of the vehicle. My vision of a thick, silky piece of meat, stroking my tonsils, vanished with a frustrated sigh and I tossed my head back in aggravation. I’d deliberated with myself for nearly an hour as to whether I should or shouldn’t do something so downright slutty. After all that turmoil, and finally deciding to do something so out of character for me, it was irritating not to have the opportunity.

The driver approached the house with my box on a red hand-truck. The box appeared much larger than the first one I had received. What could the doctor have sent this time?

She spun the wheels of the truck around and huffed as she popped the box up the stairs and onto the front step. The metal clunked as it struck the ground and the cart stood upright. She handed me the clipboard and I signed it quickly and passed it back to her.

“Running late for work?” She said as she looked down at the heels and stockings poking out from under my robe.

“Ummm… sorta, I replied while tightening the belt on my robe so she wouldn’t see my corset. “I had planned to head to the office after this delivery, so I took my time getting dressed.”

“Well, would you like me to put the box in the house? I’d hate to see you trying to lift something like this in those shoes,” she said, gesturing to the large box.

‘That would be great. Thank you.”

I held the door as she carried the box in, “Just set it in the hall here,” I said as I headed to my purse on the counter to get a more traditional tip. I returned with a ten-dollar bill and handed it to her as I showed her out the door. “Thank you so much for the extra help,” I said, “Have a wonderful day.”

“You too,” she waved on her way to the truck.

I grinned to myself and said softly, “I will. I most certainly will”

I rushed to the kitchen for scissors and returned to open the box. I slid one blade over bahis firmaları the tape and ripped the box open with all the excitement of a child on Christmas morning. I yanked the Styrofoam inner lid off and smiled deviously as not, one, but two containers appeared. I could feel the smile reaching from one side of may face to the other. Between the two containers was another box, wrapped in silver paper with a gold ribbon and delicate bow. Next to the gift-wrapped box was an envelope. I lifted the envelope and the inscription on the outside it read, “Do not open until you are finished.”

“Just like the good doctor to be mysterious,” I thought.

I slid the envelope into my robe pocket for later and started to unwrap the gift. I tossed the paper aside and opened the lid of the box inside. A thick, natural looking dildo appeared and connected to the bottom was a long tube and squeeze ball. I’d seen these squirting dildos in an online store before, and knew exactly what it was. I pursed my lips and lifted the tip of the dildo towards me and peered at the thick hole inside. It needed to be filled. Now. I needed to be filled. Now.

I tucked the dildo under my arm, grabbed one container and rushed up the stairs to my bathroom — then I returned for the other container. After the short trip, I set the second container on the floor next to the other and shucked of my robe, closing the bathroom door behind me. I lifted the dildo again to inspect it, and read the small tag attached to the hose;

My Dearest Elizabeth,

I took the liberty to clean and sterilize this for you. It’s ready for your use. May your day be filling and deliciously satisfying.


I looked into the mirror at the reflection of the dildo in my hand – contrasting against the background of my black, lace corset. Above the counter top, I could see the snug lace tops of my thigh highs circling my leg and the very wet center of my thong. I set the dildo on the counter and slid my thong down over my hips — letting it drop around my ankles. I stepped my heels out of the wet lace and kicked my panties to the side as I returned my attention to the mirror. I looked at my clean-shaven pussy. It looked so smooth and wet. I don’t consider myself vain, or super-model material for that matter, but I do turn a few heads from time to time. I like to look good and I do work at it. I love the feeling I get when I dress sexy, and I like the look of me being sexy – or, as in this case, slutty. Today, I’m going to be a bad girl again — very bad.

My hand drifted to my aching sex, and immediately teased through my wetness. I watch in the mirror as one hand circles my aching clit and the second starts to plunge fingers in and out me. My attention drifts back to the dildo on the counter and I grab it and kneel next to one of the buckets. Within seconds I spin the top off and lift the lid sideways. As expected, the top of the lid is coated in pearl colored icing – begging to be licked clean. I tilt the lid to my lips and lap at the warm coating into my mouth. The salty taste flares across my tongue and the sharp aftertaste spreads over my taste buds with each swallow. I feel myself flowing between my legs, as if the liquid is pouring right through me. I adjust one hand to hold the lid and turn the attention of my fingers back to my aching clit.

As I lick the last drops from the lid, the first wave of bliss quakes between my legs and a spasm courses through my body – jerking my hips violently. With my eyes closed, I hold my breath until I feel the tremors of my orgasm subside.

I looked down at the two buckets of cum in front of me, and wondered how many more orgasms I could stand to have today. While I wasn’t sure, I was sure the next one was going to be with the new dildo I’d received. I spun the ball pump off of the hose and submerged it halfway into the warm pool of cum – squeezing the air bubbles out and watching the cum suck in. I felt the heat and wetness on my fingers as I dipped the bulb in deeper. When I was sure it was filled, I lifted it over the bucket and secured it to the dildo. I licked the excess off of the ball pump, and I dipped the dildo into the pool to lubricate it. A lifted up on my knees as I positioned the dildo between my legs. I slid downward slowly — pressing my aching pussy over the dildo. The pressure of the thick head entering me made me quiver. My tightness squeezed the coating of cum down the sides of the dildo, and I watch as cum runs towards the floor like dripping paint. After a few thrusts I was sliding easily on the dildo and rubbing my button with my free hand. I held the ball tightly, and pushed my fingers hard towards my palm – injecting the first load of cum from the dildo deep inside me. The heat spread in my abdomen and I could feel the volume of wetness filling me. The dildo slid easier and faster. Cum leaked out of me around the dildo and I kept reaching down to spread it over my clit in fast, tight circles. As the waves began to build inside of me again, I pumped the ball furiously – feeling loads and loads kaçak iddaa of cum pouring into me. My hips bucked again, and electric shocks twisted my torso from side to side, as my second orgasm quaked through me.

Before I could recover, the doorbell echoed through the vaulted ceilings of my home. I tried to ignore it, but the repeated ringing soon led to knocking. I spun the lid on the container, stood on numb legs and placed the dildo on the counter. I quickly put on my robe, as the impatient knocking became suddenly became pounding. I tightened the robe, made myself as presentable as possible in the mirror and rushed to the door.

“Coming,” I yelled as I descended the stairs wondering who the fuck could have interrupted my special moment.

When I opened the door, I nearly passed out. Sandra McNurthy, my account and wife of the Dr. William McNurthy, stood there, with an obvious look of agitation and anger.

“Where is my husband?” She said as she pushed her way in and past me, “I know you two have something going on. Where is he?”

I twisted to follow her as she barged into the house, and felt a river of cum begin to flow down my leg. Tried as I could, no matter how hard I could pull my muscles together, I could not stop the flow. I turned briefly away from her and pushed my robe into my crotch to stop the dripping, then turned to her with a sharp reply, “Your’ husband isn’t here. What are you talking about Sandra?”

“Don’t ‘what’ me Elizabeth,” I know what’s going on. I read his email you know,” she stated as she pulled a stack of printouts from the envelope she carried. “Where is he?” She repeated again, raising her trembling voice even higher.

“I told you Sandy, he’s not here. There’s nothing going on. It’s not what you think.”

“It’s not WHAT I think Liz — it’s what I know,” she said waving the printouts inches from my face, “It’s what I’ve seen – like his collection of your naked pictures.”

“You’ve got it all wrong Sandy. I’ve never done anything with your husband. I’ve never seen him. Ever! Except when the three of us have been together. I swear to you.”

“Sure, and that’s your everyday work attire?” She said as she pointed to my corset, which was now visible through the front of my robe. “Expecting someone? My husband perhaps?”

“Dammit Sandy. I told you,” I retorted with more volume, “I’m not fucking your husband. I’m not kissing your husband. I’ve never seen your husband outside of our working relationship. Can you stop with the accusations for one second so I can explain?”

She looked at me, tears streaming down her face and I could tell she wanted to speak again, but couldn’t.

“I swear to God Sandy. I’d never do anything to hurt you, and I swear I have never, EVER, touched your husband. Please give me a chance to explain. Please?”

Her hand was resting against her over her lips. I could see her clenching her jaw and trying to hold back the flow of tears as she nodded. I grabber her arm and led her into the kitchen. She sat at the island and I poured two cups of coffee as she sat in a silent rage of emotions. She looked lost. And while her husband and I hadn’t ever had a physical or emotional contact of any kind, I couldn’t help but feel responsible for her pain.

I slid her coffee across the countertop, and my heart sank from her helpless sight. My eyes welled with tears and I looked into her eyes as I started to speak, ” First, please believe me Sandy. I have never had an emotional, sexual or even flirtatious action or conversation with your husband. What has transpired between ‘us’, has nothing to do with ‘us’ as much as it has to do with ‘something’. In order to explain it I have to start from the beginning.”

I sipped at my coffee and prepared to bare my entire story and soul. I took a deep breath, and looked directly at her and started into my story, “It all began about a year ago. I found this bulletin board online where people post their erotic stories. I started out just reading stories, and a few of the people I met online talked me into posting pictures of myself. My first pictures were just lingerie pictures, and after a lot of coaxing from the viewers, I started posting nude pictures. I’d have never thought I could ever do anything like that in my entire life, but the more I did it and the more compliments and appreciation I got, the more addictive it became. I’d only posted a few pictures that ever showed my face, but when I did, I guess that’s when William recognized me online.”

I paused and waited for her reaction, but she was blank, so I continued, “I didn’t know he’d recognized me until a few weeks ago, when he sent me a package. In the package he sent a letter that said he’d recognized me and that he’d keep my secret safe. The package,” I stuttered, “was very strange. It was from his work, and, well… it…”

“It what?” She asked sternly.

“It was…” I stumbled my words, then put my face in my hands and shook my head, “It was…”

“It was WHAT?” She demanded.

“It was cum. I mean sperm,” I blurted, kaçak bahis “from the bank that he works at.”

“No,” she said in disbelief, “you’re lying. How could… why… would he send you sperm? This is bullshit. I read your mail. You told him you loved his package. Needed his package. You’re seeing my husband. You want his cock and beg for it in emails. I’m not going to sit here and listen to these lies. You’re a whore and you’re trying to steal my husband, and I’m not going to sit here and listen to this.”

Sandy lifted herself from the counter and started for the door in anger. I chased after her and grabbed her arm to stop her, “I’m not lying to you. It’s the truth dammit, and I can prove it.”

I pulled her by the arm from the front door up the stairs and into my bathroom. She followed along reluctantly and I didn’t let go of her arm until I pushed the bathroom door open, revealing my counter full of sex toys and two containers on the floor, “You see? Do you see the monster your husband has created?” I said pointing at the toys. I grabbed one of the containers from the floor and banged it on the counter next to the sink. I spun the top off and stood back from the contents and gestured towards it, “I’m not lying. Your husband sent me a bucket of cum from the sperm bank. I didn’t ask for it. I didn’t fuck him for it. I didn’t want it. He did it. And,” I paused “I played with it. I didn’t want to. I wasn’t going to. It just happened. And…” my tears started to flow, ” And, I liked it. I didn’t want to, but I do…”

Sandy never looked at me. My tears rolled over my cheeks and at that moment I didn’t know who I should be mad at; William, Sandy or me? I wanted to turn the clock back and wished I’d never posted a picture or received that first delivery. Sandy never took her eyes off of the bucket, and she spoke without looking at me, “Is this really? I mean all this? All cum… sperm?”

“Yes,” I sighed.

She leaned in towards the bucket and inhaled, “I don’t understand? I mean why? How could…”

“I don’t know why he did it Sandy. You’ll have to ask him that. What I can tell you, again, is that nothing ever happened between us. Nothing. “

Sandy looked up at me for the first time without anger in her face, “I’m sorry Liz. I didn’t know what to think. I mean…”

“It’s ok. I can see why you got the wrong impression,” I said as I leaned in to hug her and whispered in her ear as I squeezed her tight, “Nothing ever happened. I promise you with all my heart. There is nothing going on between me and your husband.”

Our hug seemed to last forever. We cried at first, and just hugged silently until we released our hold. As we pulled apart, I held both her hands in reassurance, “In fact Sandy, after finding our your husbands Screen Name on the website, I went and read his posts on the site. He adores you. I’ve seen women flirt with him online, offer him invitations for cyber sex and even real sex – yet he always respectfully declines. He loves you Sandy. He really does.”

“Then why doesn’t he do things like this for me?” She said pointing at the bucket, “Why doesn’t he want nude pictures of me? I have desires too, you know? I have needs too. I mean, I don’t have sex toys like this,” she said picking up the squirting dildo, ” but it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want one”

Her hand squeezed the ball and a long rope of cum shot from the tip, catching her across the face, neck and the front of her suit jacket. She jumped in surprise and dropped the dildo, letting out a squeal, “Oh god. Shit. Is this…?”

I reached up with my hand and caught a large drip of cum rolling off of her chin. “Don’t worry. It’s safe. Your husband assured me of that. It’s definitely disease free and you’re not going to catch anything.” Subconsciously, I rolled the gob from her chin onto my fingers and straight into my mouth.

“LIZ! Oh my god,” She stammered, “You ate it! Oh my god, you don’t even know… Oh my god. How could you?”

“I week ago I couldn’t, I said as I dipped two fingers into the bucket on the counter and slurped them clean in my mouth, “Now it’s easy – and, you can thank your husband for that.”

Sandy looked at me with disbelief, but not disgust, “Oh my God that is so wrong. What does it taste like?”

“Like your husband I suppose,” I replied, “Some is sweeter than other’s but it’s all pretty much the same. It tastes… sexy.”

“I’ve never tasted him,” she sheepishly admitted.

“Sandy, you mean you’ve been married 15 years and never let him cum in your mouth?” She didn’t reply and just shook her head. “No wonder he’s on the Internet all the time,” I muttered.

“I’m not a prude you know?”

“I didn’t say you were.”

“But you were thinking it,” She continued, “We did it in the car once. In broad daylight.”

I looked at Sandy in her proper business suit. Her deep brunette hair was pulled back tight and her trendy, wire-frame glasses rested across her nose. She was all business, all the time. Her figure was shapely, and her perky, firm, b-size breasts were always at attention. Her slender legs were nearly covered by her uninviting, almost knee-length skirts. “You know,” I said looking at her, “I’ve got an idea. Just wait here. I’ll be right back.”

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