A Vulnerable Moment Pt. 04

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Andrew was caught between his affair with Louise, a young housewife, and Anita, an older woman neighbour who was blackmailing him for her own gratification.

The school holidays were imminent, and Louise wanted to meet him once more. She had no idea Andrew was being blackmailed.

She knew her neighbour, Anita Williams. They had lived opposite each other since they had moved in five years before. Steve and her had discussed the fact that she seemed to always have lots of friends visiting, both men and women. She seemed a very sociable person.

She was, of course, very attractive for a woman in her 50s. Louise had caught Steve late one evening last winter, looking over at Anita’s bedroom window. He admitted to Louise that he’d seen Anita undressing in front of the window without the curtains drawn.

Louise’s disappointment in her husband ‘snooping’ on a neighbour was accentuated by his lack of interest in her. It was probably the lack of intimacy with Steve, that had brought her to be unfaithful with Andrew. He had shown her briefly, the pleasure of lovemaking, and the thrill of enjoying lust.

Andrew was due at 11am, and because this was to be their last meeting until the school holidays were over, Louise planned a special treat for him.

Andrew had parked his car further bahis firmaları down the road as he had done before. He was aware of Anita possibly being at home in the house opposite, but couldn’t see her car, or any sign of her.

He rang the bell at exactly 11am, and when the door opened he saw a vision of absolute sexiness. Louise was dressed (or undressed!) in a black bra, black thong, black suspender belt, black stockings and very high black heels. She opened the door wide, almost daring anyone walking past to see her flaunting herself.

Andrew stepped inside and took her in his arms, before shutting the door.

Already the feel of her body against him, and her perfume in his nostrils, was making him hard. They kissed breathlessly, both of them stumbling into the lounge towards the sofa.

“Fuck me Andrew, please fuck me hard,” Louise said urgently.

Andrew pushed her onto the sofa, ripping the thong from her body, the fabric tearing easily. He hurriedly unbuckled his belt, unzipped himself, and instantly released his cock, before thrusting it hard into her.

Louise’s pussy was already wet, and his cock sank deep inside her.

“God yes Andrew, do me, fuck me.”

Andrew was so aroused by her pleas that he rammed his cock again, and again, into her. He kaçak iddaa became like an animal possessed. The sofa absorbed some of the violence of his thrusting, but Louise met every thrust with her own ample hips.

The sounds of both of them filled the lounge, and almost without warning they both started to cum. With a scream Louise milked every last drop out of Andrew, with him grunting into the cushions of the sofa. As they collapsed in satisfaction, Louise’s phone rang, and they both guiltily knew who it was.

“Hi there Steve, was the train on time?” asked Louise.

“You sound out of breath? Yes the journey was ok thanks.”

“I’ve just run upstairs,” said Louise sheepishly.

Andrew listened to the conversation with his cock gradually withdrawing from Louise’s pussy, as it shrunk back to its normal size. His shirt was wet with perspiration, and his trousers and boxers were round his ankles.

As soon as Louise rang off they both struggled off the sofa, and Andrew got dressed, while Louise went upstairs to put her bathrobe on.

When she came down, they both gazed at each other, knowing that they had both just experienced something quite carnal.

Louise made coffee and they sat in the kitchen and talked.

After a while the subject of Anita came up.

“I kaçak bahis saw you chatting to her when you left last time. I had to go and pick up the kids. Did you stop long.”

Andrew felt guilty replying, “No, she was an old friend of my wife’s. I think she always fancied me a bit!”

“I’m not surprised. But Steve and me reckon she’s a bit of a ‘player’. I bet she swings.”

“Well I’m not sure,” Andrew replied, “it never occurred to me. Maybe you and Steve should explore that scene!”

As soon as he’d said it, he regretted it. Louise’s face dropped and saddened.

“You think I’m a ‘slapper’ don’t you?”

“No, no, no, I didn’t mean that at all. I think you’re wonderful. You’re sexy, you’re clever. I think so much of you.”

She still looked downcast, and Andrew put his arms around her, and kissed her forehead.

She responded, and kissed him properly. She was sad, not only because of what Andrew had said, but also because they were going to be apart for the next few weeks.

They talked for another hour before they had to say their farewells.

Andrew said he would text, and if they had the opportunity they could meet at short notice.

With sadness Andrew left, and he hurried back to his car, hoping that Anita was not anywhere about.

He was to find out that Anita had been out all day, but he didn’t realise that she checked out her CCTV cameras most evenings. In fact, they had been very cleverly hidden.

Anita was about to extend her ‘hold’ over Andrew.

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