A wild night_(2)

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This is my second story. I hope you enjoy. Please feel free to comment.

I had a very rough week and was looking forward to unwinding at a party being hosted by one of my friends on Friday night. Although I was a little tired from work the shower when I got home definitely perked me up and made me feel better.

I got myself a glass of wine, put on music, and started getting ready. Of course the hardest part was figuring out what to wear. It was going to be a group of people that for the most part I didn’t know.

I am Japanese, 5’3”, weigh 105lbs, and I am slim with pert B cup breasts. My hair is long and very black with a blue sheen depending on lighting. It comes down to the base of my spine. I have been told I am very pretty. I swim everyday to stay in shape and because I love it.

After some thought I chose to wear a purple tank top and hip hugging jeans. Underneath I decided on a black underwire bra and matching thong. I left my hair down and put on only light makeup. I decided on platform sandals. They help me pretend I’m tall. Lol.

By the time I was ready to leave I felt a lot better and was really happy to be out of my office attire and heading out to start my weekend. I was not looking for anything or anyone, just hoping to have fun.

The couple hosting the party, Rick and Darlene, are always a lot of fun. They are bright, happy, and have a way of making someone feel very special to them with minimal effort. Darlene was my coworker and was just as upbeat at work. She was, however, always trying to hook me up and that would bother me sometimes as she could get really pushy. Rick didn’t help, always keeping her posted on his single friends and saying how good I would be for them. They always considered me this nice quiet girl who was so family oriented and polite.

In their defence, I am family oriented, I am quiet unless I know who i am speaking with, and I always try to be polite. I find that if I have offended someone it is usually because of a cultural misunderstanding. Some guys interpret my manner as being one of interest in them. Usually if I am interested in a guy he does not pick up on it. I admit I am not easily read and that when dealing with men outside my own culture I sometimes get confused as to what to do.

I took the subway to their place and walked to their condominium from there. It was a warm fall spring evening, quite beautiful. The setting sun still had warmth to it.

As I was walking I noticed a guy was following me. I knew he had noticed me. He didn’t seem to be trying to gain on me. I started to feel paranoid and looked around. I saw a flower shop and slowed down and stopped to look in the window. There were people inside. I stood there looking at them and he walked by. I saw him checking me out as he went by. He didn’t stop, but walked into the variety store next to it. I waited thirty seconds and started walking again. He came out of the store and was putting a piece of gum in his mouth as he walked. He seemed normal enough.

When I turned onto Rick and Darlene’s street he followed. I walked up to their building and when I opened the door and went to the panel and buzzed he entered the lobby. He stood there waiting and I was buzzed inside. He held the door open for me and I just quietly said “Thank you” as I passed by him. As I walked to the elevator I heard banging on the door behind me and turned. I didn’t realize how close this guy was as he turned. He smiled broadly and went to let the other guy in. I had called the elevator and stepped inside and I heard him call out “Please hold the elevator!” I did so and he and the other guy stepped on. They were both well dressed in nice jeans. Both were about six feet tall. The guy who had arrived at the building with me had dark brown hair. His friend had short black hair with some white in it, cut in a military style.

They both said “Thank you so much.” and were smiling at me. I smiled and said “Your welcome. What floor would you like?” They said “21” in stereo and I had already pushed it. I said “Do you know Rick and Darlene?” They laughed and said that was where they were going. The guy I foolishly thought was following me introduced himself as Peter. His slightly taller military friend said his name was Patrick. I shook their offered hands and told them my name, Mariko.

Patrick said “That’s a lovely Japanese name.” I smiled and said “Thank you.” Peter asked what my name means and I told him “Ball or circle, but it is more than that and difficult to express in English.” They both were looking at me to say more but the door opened. They invited me to exit first and we walked down the hall.

Peter asked how I knew Rick and Darlene and I explained I work with Darlene. He looked surprised and said “You work?” I smiled and said “Yes, I just decided I didn’t feel lazy this week” while smiling as we walked. They laughed and Peter said “Seriously, don’t take this the wrong way but I thought you were going to baby sit their kids.” I heard Patrick hit his arm and looked over at them. Peter looked confused and Patrick said “So how long have you been graduated from University?” I said “One year.” Peter looked dumbfounded and said “How old are you?” I replied “22” and he seemed stunned.

We knocked on the door and Darlene opened it and we all said hello. Darlene looked at me and then them and said “Come on in.” She directed Patrick and Peter to the bar and pulled me aside. I said “Is something wrong?” She said “No. Just kind of awkward.” I asked why. She replied well I was going to try and get you to meet these guys. You might like one of them. I laughed and said “They both seem nice. Patrick knew my name was Japanese. Peter thought I was in High School.” and smiled. She was laughing and I said “They are older than me, like late thirties at least.” She said “Thats okay, they are both single, both nice to women, and mature and I’ve heard stuff.” She was smiling playfully and I said “What kind of things have you heard?” She said “They both are good in bed. Patrick’s got a big one and all kinds of stamina and Peter LOVES bahis firmaları to perform oral and has stamina too.” I blushed and said “You are terrible.” She laughed and said “But at least you know you could have a good time.” She was laughing and Rick arrived and handed me a drink.

He immediately said “Stop you plotting woman!” and playfully smacked her ass. I laughed and he said “Seriously, who is she trying to get you with now?” I informed him and he was laughing. I decided to put him on the spot and said “Which one should I go after?” He looked shocked and I said “Please excuse me but I want your advice.” He got serious and turned to watch them both. They were laughing and chatting with some people I did not know. He looked thoughtful and said “They are both good guys. Patrick is in the military and is an officer. He is really loyal and not a player. I know a few of his ex girlfriends and they all speak highly of him. No hard feelings or trash talk. Peter is a chef at a private school here and is pretty private. I know he broke up with a girl last year, but no big loss there.” Darlene chimed in “She was a bitch Rick.” He nodded and said he had not heard anything bad about Peter either. I asked how he knew them and he said “Many moons ago we were Cadets together. We have been friends ever since, about 25 years now. They were both in our wedding party.” Darlene said she had to go, people had arrived. Rick smiled and we walked over to the group.

I thought both men were handsome. Both seemed to be intelligent, funny, and both were interesting to speak with. We ended up socializing like crazy and I dance a few times with both of them. Patrick was definitely more confident and a better dancer. Peter, once he got past his fumbling was a very sincere and passionate speaker. Both guys were great people. I could not decide who I was more attracted to. They both had great eyes. Patrick’s were a piercing green, Peter’s a deep and alluring blue. They were both funny, well spoken, and to be honest attractive. I could also tell they were both interested in me. At one point they walked away together and went onto the patio. They seemed to be having a deep discussion. Toward the end they looked more relaxed and happier. They came back in and got fresh drinks and came over to me. I noticed a change immediately. They were both clearly trying harder to get my attention. This continued until the party was winding down.

It was a little after midnight and Peter suggested going to a bar. Patrick listened but did not say much. I don’t know, maybe it was because I was drinking, but I put an arm around both and said “Lets go.” They looked at each other and burst open laughing and Patrick said “Well I know I can follow that order.” We said our goodbyes and Darlene looked really shocked. Rick was laughing.

When we got on the elevator I kept my arms around each of them and we were all laughing. We got in the cab they had called, with me in the middle. They both sat so that they had body contact with me. I was trying to figure out what I was going to do. I mean… shouldn’t I pick just one guy?

They didn’t seem as rattled as me. Not by far. Peter told the driver where we we headed. Patrick just smiled and said “It’s his City, trust him. He knows all the good places.” Peter settled back and I noticed his left hand on my leg. Patrick leaned in and whispered “Your perfume is amazing” and kissed my ear.

It suddenly dawned on me, because I know Peter saw that, that maybe I didn’t have to choose. Oh my God, were they both trying to take me home? I had never done anything like this and despite my shock I realized I was turned on by the idea. I decided to wait and see what happened.

We got to the bar and drank more and danced more. Both were very affectionate in their dancing with me. During a fast song they were both dancing with me and I ended up between them. I could feel Peter had gotten hard, his cock pressing against my stomach hotly. Patrick had moved lower down and I felt his cock pressing against my ass. I knew then that this night was going to be a new experience. A really hot and wild experience.

We got out of there and into a cab. Patrick had a hotel room booked and it was clear all three of us were headed there. In the cab they took turns kissing me. I felt like a total slut letting this happen in front of the cab driver. I just knew that these guys knew what they were doing because I was so worked up.

We acted normal when we arrived and behaved ourselves as we took the elevator to the lift and walked down the hallway to Patrick’s suite. He opened the door and we all walked inside. I turned to face them. I was very nervous all of a sudden. Patrick made drinks and Peter said “I think I know what is bothering you. We won’t say a word. This is between the three of us.” Patrick handed me a drink and said “We both wanted you. You are simply so gorgeous and so sweet. No one is ever going to hear about this.” I nodded and took a long drink. Peter said “Hey, if this is too much we don’t have to. We want to rock you world, not scare the hell out of you or make you uncomfortable.” Patrick nodded and caressed my shoulder. I looked at each of them and said nothing. I drank my drink in one long pull, looked at them and said “Do you guys always where this many clothes to fuck?” They almost spilled there drinks and started laughing. When I pulled my top off and dropped my bra they stopped laughing.

Peter knelt down and had me sit on the edge of the bed and carefully removed my sandals. Patrick meanwhile kissed me and was caressing my face, one hand slowly lowering to my breasts. He massaged them gently, lightly squeezing my long hard nipples and making me moan into his mouth. He leaned back and said “You are so fucking hot.” I grabbed the back of his head and started kissing him hungrily, my tongue probing his mouth.

Peter had reached up and undone my jeans. I raised my hips and he slowly pulled them down, along with my panties.

I could not believe this. I was naked, in a hotel room with two hot fully dressed older men exploring kaçak iddaa my body. I was hotter than I had ever been in my life.

Patrick was an amazing kisser and his hands were magical on my breasts. When I felt Peter kissing my feet and kissing and caressing his way up my legs I thought I had died and gone to heaven. My body was on fire. I heard Peter say “Her skin is like silk, its so soft.” When his hot mouth and gentle licking tongue reached my pussy, his hands slid under my ass and cupped it. I felt so small in his hands. When he started to eat my soaking pussy I came almost immediately crying out into Patrick’s mouth.

Patrick kissed his way over to my ear and began licking it, working his way down to my shoulder, my neck, and then my chest. When he took one nipple into his hot mouth and began lightly sucking I went crazy. One of his hands was lightly tugging on my other nipple. His other hand had moved up to the back of my neck and I could feel his fingertips on my skin there.

Peter had not slowed down in his oral assault on my hot pussy. He had moved lower and ran his wet tongue over my asshole. The tip gently pushing on it and rimming it. One of his hands moved around and he was fingering my pussy deeply, curling his fingertips to massage my G spot. When I felt his thumb touch my asshole and he moved his lips back to my clit and started lighting licking it and sucking on it I went crazy again. Four strong hands supported my body while I exploded into a body convulsing orgasm. I was in a haze and felt the clouds and the rain and entered bliss.

As I slowly became aware again Patrick was gently kissing me and caressing me. I saw Peter was stripping off his clothes. He had a nice body, he was fit and his cock and balls were shaved. I noticed his cock was actually lovely. It not only looked good, but was clearly as hard as rock and about 5 inches. He kissed my foot and began kissing his way back up my body until he was above me and we were locked in a hot kiss. I could taste my juices on his and wrapped my legs around him. He moved down and kissed me neck and I noticed Patrick had stripped as well. He was also shaved and when I saw his cock I was shocked. I know that what is normal size varies, but his gorgeous cock was circumcised and about 8 inches long and thick. I admit it was an intimidating cock for me.

Patrick moved onto the bed and Peter shifted off of me. Both men then took on of my nipples in their mouths. Their hands all over my pussy and ass exploring me with a knowing manner younger men simply cannot match. I was rapidly getting really hot and they brought me to the brink again. Patrick kissed me and said “Would you like to cum?” I cried out “Please, yes.” and they went after me with a hunger. I was thrown into orgasm and cried out as they kept manipulating my body, playing it like an instrument. As I descended from heaven they were each kissing me lightly and caressing me.

I got bold and decided to make a request. I said “Sit at the end of the bed please beside each other.” They smiled and did as I asked.

I moved to the end of the bed and knelt down before them. I looked up at each of them and raised my hands. I grasped their beautiful white cocks in my hand and began stroking them. They were so hot, soft and yet hard at the same time. I leaned down and licked the precum off each of their cocks and then moved down and tongue worshipped their balls, licking them tenderly. I noticed Peter shook a bit when I licked near his asshole so I moved lower and licked it. He shook and said “Oh my fucking God! I don’t think she is as shy as I thought!” Patrick and I both laughed a bit and I leaned over and did the same to him. He also seemed to really like it and precum flowed from his cock.

I began alternately sucking their cocks as deep as I could. I let go of their shafts and began using my fingertips to tease their balls and their assholes lightly. They seemed to really like this. I kept going. To be honest I know I am a good cocksucker, but these cocks were both amazing to me and I actually felt very lucky to be doing it.

I kept going and knew I wanted to taste the cum of each of them. They were both moaning and I looked up and said “Please cum in my mouth, I want to taste both of you.” They both moaned and as I got more serious they began talking dirty. Peter said “Holy fuck my cock belongs in that hot mouth, you sweet little bitch.” and his hips flew up and he shot a hot load down my throat as he rammed it deep into my mouth. His hands holding on me head. I admit his rough manner and dirty talk was a turn on. I think Patrick noticed.

Patrick took a hold of my hair and wrapped his fists in it, pulled me over to his cock and began fucking my face. When he let me up for air he leaned down and kissed me. Despite his forcefulness I could tell he was checking on me. I licked my lips, spit on his cock, and dove back down on it. I could not get it all the way down and was gagging periodically, but that must have fired him up because he shot a huge load of cum in my mouth screaming out “I’m cumming, I gonna cum in that hot fucking mouth”.

I swallowed his load and knelt there for a second catching my breath. I looked up and saw them look at each other. Peter said “Payback?” Patrick said “Oh hell yeah, lets.”

They grabbed me and Patrick lifted me up onto his shoulders facing him, my legs hanging down his back. He started eating me with a vengeance and I felt Peter’s hands on my ass as he spread my cheeks and plowed his hot tongue in my ass. Needless to say this was one of the hottest things I had ever felt. I came fast and hard, all over Patrick’s face, covering it with my juices.

They lowered me down and both got up and got us drinks. Peter came over and gently helped me sit up and I took a nice long drink. They laid me back in the middle gently caressing me and kissing my lips in turn.

They both leaned up on their elbows looking down at me. Patrick asked “Do you like it rough?” I looked at both of them and said “I have never done this with two men before. But… I do like it kaçak bahis when a man is assertive and knows what he wants. You have both pleased me so much. I want to please you. So please, fuck me anyway you want. Consider my body yours to use.” They both looked shocked and smiled, practically at the same time.

They both kissed me and Patrick said “No little Mariko, we want this to be all about you and you are going to get everything you dreamed of and more.” Peter smiled and they rolled me gently onto my side and then up onto Peter’s body. I straddled him and could feel his hard cock at my pussy lips. He smiled up at me, grabbed a hold of my hips and shoved up into me hard. I cried out and he began fucking up into me like a machine. He was like a blur in the mirror. His hands and strength holding me in place as his hard cock pounded me without remorse. Patrick moved behind me and I could feel him caressing me and then he started lightly spanking my ass. I was so turned on and started cumming, screaming out in orgasm. I tried so hard to be quiet but could not, the sensations were so strong.

Peter suddenly rolled me over and hooked my legs and started fucking the shit out of me. I was bent almost in half and he never let up. I was lost in lust and pleasure and my nails were raking his sides. He cried out and pounded harder, punishing me it felt like. Punishment or not it was fucking hot. I know I came at least twice before he suddenly went rigid and called out “Oh fuck” and shot off into me.

He rolled to the side and suddenly Patrick seized my legs, suddenly jerked me to the end of the bed and flipped me over onto my stomach. He grabbed my hips and pulled my into doggy position. I felt him wrap a hand in my hair and he jerked my head back. He leaned forward over my tiny body, he seemed so big and powerful, and said “Now I am going to fuck the shit out of your tight little pussy.” and he rammed into me. Oh god I thought he was going to come right out of my mouth. His cock seemed so huge. He was pounding into me and gripping my hair. He started spanking my ass and making me feel like I was a bitch in heat getting what she deserved. At that point, I didn’t care. I wanted him to take me. I had never been taken like these two were taking me, and after six months without sex this was what I wanted.

I was shaken back to reality by the sudden feeling of a tongue on my clit. Peter had moved under me and was licking my pussy while Patrick was fucking me like crazy. He shifted and we were in a sixty nine with him under me. I tried to suck his cock but was moving around to much. I just licked it and rubbed my face over it. It was so hot. This whole scene was so hot.

Patrick suddenly stood up and took me with him. I was in the air, his hands on my ass, fucking me up and down on his cock. Peter came over and started slapping my breasts and kissing me.

I came again and again while getting pounded like this. Suddenly they shifted me around. I was now facing Patrick. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he buried his cock back in my pussy and kissed him hungrily. He walked over to the bed and fell back on it, taking me with him. I was straddling him now and he gripped my waist and was fucking up into me. I was lost in a world of lust and bliss and then I felt Peter’s hands on my ass. I realized they were going to fuck me in both my holes and froze.

Patrick looked in my eyes and I could see the question. I leaned forward and licked his lips and then looked over my shoulder at Peter. He moved on his knees behind me and spread my ass cheeks. I felt his cock at the entrance to my ass and got scared. I wrapped myself around Patrick and buried my head in his neck.

Peter slowly moved his cock into my tight little ass. It felt absolutely fucking huge and hurt a bit. Thankfully he had paid so much attention to it earlier. When he was all the way inside he leaned forward and whispered in my ear “You feel like a total slut now.” I whimpered “Yes.” He kissed my neck and they started moving. The second they started my head came up. Patrick kissed me and said “Your amazing… slut” and winked. Then they started going hard. Patrick brought his one hand up and put it around my throat, the other pressed into my breast as he pinched a nipple. Peter had a hand on my ass cheek squeezing it. The other he wrapped in my hair.

I was immobilized and open to them and they took advantage. They fucked me long, hard deep, and with power. I felt so full of hot hard cock. I was lost in hot lust and felt nothing but arousal when I realized what a dirty slut I was acting like. I don’t know how long they pounded at me, how long they tormented me to new heights, used their cocks and hands and mouths to satisfy me.

When they came they gripped me tightly and pounded really hard and froze, their cocks completely inside me. I came all over the place and for the first time in my life ever I squirted.

I collapsed onto Patrick’s chest. Peter fell onto me and rolled off to the side. After a couple of minutes Patrick gently rolled me off them. I passed out, panting, sweaty and satisfied.

When I woke up the sun was up. I was laying naked between these two men. I was on my side curled against Patrick and Peter was spooning me from behind. I replayed the nights events in my mind and was shocked and in awe of them both. I thought I should feel some guilt but didn’t. We all enjoyed ourselves and it is not any place of a person to judge what we did for pleasure between ourselves. We hurt no one.

Patrick must have felt me move as his hand gently stroked my hair. I looked up at him and he said “Good morning” and kissed the top of my head. He gently moved off the bed and helped me up. He let me use the main bathroom in his suite. I started the shower and got in and cleaned myself up.

When I came out I had wrapped myself in a hotel robe and I softly padded to the bedroom. It was empty. When I walked into the living room and dining area they were at the table with breakfast from rooms service. They waited on me hand and foot. We shared a wonderful day wandering the shops and having a lot of fun.

We were eating a late lunch when they smiled at me and asked “Any plans tonight?”

I thought of one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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