A Woman In Need Ch. 02

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Sometime in the middle of the night Allegra woke to find him already hard inside her. She could hear the rain pounding against the windows and the boom of thunder off in the distance; could feel his hard cock throb with an answering pulse deep inside her. She arched her hips, grinding her ass back into him as he spooned her. He chuckled softly in the darkness, and Allegra gave a low groan of frustration.

“Not yet,” Bryce whispered in her ear, flicking his tongue against the delicate shell. “I could stay like this all night,” he told her, running his rough hands over her soft skin. He slid his hands up to her full breasts, swirling the tips of his fingers around her hardening nipples. He moaned as Allegra’s tight pussy contracted around his cock, her muscles rippling up and down the length of his shaft.

Allegra grinned and did it again. She loved hearing him moan. She arched her back, pushing her tits further into his hands. He slid out of her a fraction of an inch, and she moved her hips back and forth, barely riding his cock. He groaned, and his hands tightened on her flesh. She leaned her head back against his chest and swiveled her hips, loving the feeling of his cock touching every casino şirketleri inch of her pussy.

“Tease,” he groaned.

“Me?” she whispered. “I can’t imagine what you’d be talking about.”

Bryce moaned. “Yes, you,” he said. “Do you know what happens to cock teases like you?” he asked her forcefully, pinching her nipples between his fingers.

Allegra’s breath hissed out, her pussy grabbing at his cock as he slid it from within her. “No…” she groaned. “Don’t stop. I want you to fuck me,” she whimpered.

“You do, do you?” he asked.

“Yes. I want you to fuck me now!” she told him, grinding her ass into his hard cock. His hands were playing with her nipples, driving her crazy. He pinched them hard and her pussy throbbed, wanting to feel his hard cock buried in her again.

Bryce grinned, sliding his hands back down to her hips, holding her against his cock. “Is this what you want, Allegra?” he said.

“Yes,” she moaned, bucking back against him.

Bryce took his cock in his hand and slid it between her wet pussy lips, rubbing the head against her throbbing clit. Her hips arched backward, trying to get more of his cock. He rubbed casino firmaları his cock harder against her, and she moaned softly. “You like that, don’t you?” he said, rubbing his cock up and down the length of her slit.

Allegra slid a hand down her body, wrapping her fingers around his cock as it slid against her clit. He thrust into her hand, and she tightened her grip, moving her hand up and down his shaft. She slid her hand and his cock down to the entrance of her pussy and rubbed his head against her, spreading her wet warmth over both of them.

Bryce thrust gently through the circle formed by her fingers and stopped, poised at her opening. She tried to draw him in, her pussy lips fluttering against his cock. With a groan he slid the head of his cock inside her tight pussy. Her pussy grabbed at him, trying to take him deep.

“More,” Allegra demanded. The feel of the head of his cock just inside her was driving her mad. She wrapped her fingers more tightly around him and tried to slide him deeper. His fingers wrapped around her wrist, drawing her hand away. She groaned in frustration. “I want more. I want you to bury your cock in me,” she whispered, leaning her head güvenilir casino back under his chin and flicking her tongue along his throat.

“You do? I’m not sure you’re ready yet,” Bryce said. He slid another inch into her and stopped. The feel of her warm wet pussy wrapped tightly around his dick was killing him. He grabbed her hips in his hands and drove deep, burying his cock in her in one thrust. She bucked against him, riding him as he slid into her tight hot cunt. He drew out and slid deep again, loving the way her pussy milked his cock.

Allegra was going to explode. His cock was pounding her pussy, stretching it wide. She could feel him driving deep into her, withdrawing, then driving deep again. The sensation was incredible. Then he slid a hand from her hip down to her clit, teasing it with the tip of his finger. She lurched forward into his hand and he followed, pinning her between his hand and his cock.

“Yes, baby. Cum for me. I want you to cum all over my hard cock,” Bryce told her, circling her clit with the pad of his thumb as he drove into her. He slid his other hand up to her tits, took a nipple between his fingers, and pinched, hard. He groaned and thrust into her recklessly as her pussy spasmed around his dick, tightening and releasing rhythmically. “Good girl,” he groaned as he slammed into her hard, burying his dick up to his balls. He swelled in her and bit her shoulder as he came, filling her with his hot seed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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