A Young Man’s Awakening

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Author’s note: This story is based on an experience I enjoyed as a young man. The names are changed though I doubt anyone would know who these people are. I hope you enjoy, I did!


Dan arrived in Florida along with a college classmate to work at a resort over winter and take a break from college studies.

With each being easy going guys, the two split a small efficiency apartment in a small Florida town. The building was old, and certainly nothing fancy. In fact, they shared the living room, which doubled as the bedroom area with two single beds. Nothing special, but, once the place was sufficiently sprayed for roaches, the two settled in and began socking away some cash for next semester.

Mike was clearly the better looking of the two and soon found a girl friend. Once the two of them got familiar with each other, Mike stayed many evenings at her house, and Dan came home to an empty apartment.

Thinking of Mike’s success with the ladies, Dan was a bit envious. He considered himself to be average looking at best. He found comfort in an extensive music collection, along with a private stash of skin magazines. If nothing else, he kept his right hand busy. He especially liked the stories of older women who introduced younger men to the pleasures of sex. As luck would have it, not long thereafter he began to notice a middle-aged woman at the grocery store.

Mandy became the face of Dan’s fantasies. He guessed she was around 40, flashing dark eyes, a full head of dark brown hair that fell to he her shoulders. Her lips looked luscious in the ruby red lipstick she often applied that contrasted nicely with her pretty white teeth.

As Dan began to take more notice of her and considered ways of getting to know her, Mandy was just doing her job. In fact, she wasn’t looking to attract the attentions of a young man, but sometimes things just work out that way.

Dan frequently would loiter just enough to make sure Mandy checked his groceries. As he waited he was friendly and quickly fed compliments her way.

“Mandy, that’s a nice blouse you have on today (wish I could see your tits underneath), “you have a very pretty smile,” “those eyes of yours really shine!” He found himself many times leaving her register with a raging hard-on and usually held his grocery bag low.

Often he’d return home, dream of this new woman and stroke himself to a quick somewhat satisfying orgasm. But, it wasn’t enough. He wanted to get to know her, intimately, and see for himself what charms she had hidden beneath her nice clothes.

Picking his favorite short blue shorts and a white golf shirt, he ambled over to the store to see about cashing a check for the upcoming weekend.

“Good morning, Dan, how y’all doin’ today?” Every time she greeted him all Dan heard was that sweet Southern accent. He gave her his usual compliments drawing further smiles and thank-yous.

“So, ya’ got plans tonight?”

“Uh, well not exactly. Y’see, I … well …”

Screwing up his courage, he hemmed and hawed and finally asked her to lunch on Friday afternoon. It wasn’t pretty, but she got the idea.

“Lunch at Luigi’s? Oh, that’s sweet of you and one of my favorites,” Mandy whispered, she wondered what the other checkers must be thinking.

Even as that thought passed through her gray matter, another train of thought arrived as she considered the man she was married to. Hmm, some marriage. Her husband was a workaholic and was on the road a lot in his duties as a traveling salesman. Lately her sex life had dwindled to the point that she began to notice the steady stream of compliments Dan gave her. What was he up to, she pondered.

“Sure, how ’bout I meet you there, say noon?”

“Perfect,” he breathed a sigh of relief, wished her a good afternoon and strode beaming from the store.

Unknown to him, Mandy watched him leave and noted the tight rear end in his short shorts. She liked what she saw but still wasn’t sure what his angle was or what exactly her interest was. Could this be the last chance she’d have to get naked with some young guy and screw his brains out?

Then again, she wondered about her daughter, she knew Wendy turned a lot of heads in town. Perhaps Dan was trying to get to her through her mom? Only, he never mentioned anything about either of her kids, and besides he’s a Yank. He isn’t even from around here and probably doesn’t know she had kids.

All these thoughts competed with her job responsibilities. She was thankful it was a steady day as another customer deposited a load of groceries on the conveyor. Ringing up each item, she managed to file Dan away for now and concentrate on matters at hand.

A couple days later, Dan waited outside Luigi’s and saw Mandy approach in a cream-colored sedan.

“Finally, I get to see what the rest of her body looks like,” he casino şirketleri thought.

Getting out of the car, she smiled and said hello in her sexy Southern drawl. Dan scoped out her legs and body and was pleased by what he saw. She was in a nice wrap-around skirt and a light print blouse with an extra button undone. Not enough to see cleavage, but still it offered a bit more skin. He presented her a rose and a brief hug hello.

She began to wonder about this young man, “Could he be interested in me?”

This would be polar opposites to her near nonexistent husband. 20 years of marriage to the same man and what did she have to show for it? A comfortable existence in a pleasant small town, but all intimacy in their marriage for several years snuffed out. Her husband increasingly was away from home or had too many excuses at night for why he wouldn’t come to bed till late. She wondered what he was doing, thought she knew, but never found any evidence of another woman.

Now, it seemed opportunity was coming her way. She noted an electric spark that twinged into the core of her female anatomy at the thought of it. Her husband’s sex drive had diminished even as her own had increased. Here now was this young man, good looking at that, who seemed to be making a pass at her …

The food was the one thing he’d later forget entirely about. Dan found himself listening to Mandy talk of her family, her dreams, her job. He just sat and gazed at her, drinking in her beauty.

“Excuse me, but what a–r–e you looking at?”

His reply was simple and too the point, “You’re very beautiful.”

This drew a blush from her, “Oh c’mon, I’m guessing you’re somewhere around 25, so that would make me about 15 years older than you. Thanks for the compliment, but I’d hardly say I’m beautiful.”

“That doesn’t really matter, cause I think you’re are, and what’s more, I find looking at you very exciting.”

“Well, thanks Dan, I do appreciate it. Y’know you’re not so bad yourself.” Mandy couldn’t believe her boldness for saying that.

Small talk continued along with some shared compliments each way as they grew a little more comfortable with each other.

Unfortunately, Mandy had to cut the lunch hour short as she needed to get back to work and change into her normal work clothes.

“Dan, how much do I owe you?”

“Nothing, I’ll take care of it, but before you go, I’d like to see you again, that is if you’re interested and we can meet somewhere other than the supermarket?”

“Sure, how ’bout Monday evening. Maybe we could go for a walk and talk a bit. Meet me at Magnolia Park, around 8? I’ll be at the bandstand.”

This time when they hugged, Mandy drew slightly closer to him and edged a thigh between his legs. Enough so to feel the hardness of his cock. This caused a seepage into her panties and a flushing in her cheeks. “Bye, Dan. Thanks for lunch.”

She needed to get out of here before she did something foolish. Though at this point, she felt that was only a matter of time if he kept looking at her with those deep brown eyes of his.

His excitement was real returning home and it was something that had him hard at the briefest thought of the opportunity before him. Discipline was never a strong drive for him and even now he had to practically tie his right hand at his side. (Just a little relief!) The voice inside would implore him. But no, he decided to rest his right hand in case he found a way inside Mandy’s pants.

Another uneventful weekend passed. Though now that he had a woman he was interested in, he looked even less at women his own age.

Monday evening finally arrived, and he practically flew to the park. Surrounded with the scent of orange blossoms riding the pleasant mid-April evening, he spied her from a distance sitting at a park bench. The sight of her caused his cock to swell again, but this time he let it go as it rode up the crease between his right leg and torso. He managed a brief tug to get it in place and avoid cramping his movement.

She looked ravishing in a tight pair of blue jeans and a low cut peach colored blouse. “Hi” was about all he was able to croak out as he drank in the sight of her shapely ass, her long legs and nice chest. “Wow, you really are lookin’ good tonight. Would you mind leading me around, I think it’s going to be too hard to take my eyes off you.”

She blushed again, gave him that sweet smile he’d come to crave. “Let’s walk, okay?”

“Sure! Anything to be with you.”

Mandy felt comfortable in Dan’s presence. Despite the fact she was married and maybe twice his age. She was intrigued about the young man but first wanted to clear something up.

“There’s just one thing I want to get straight. Are you wanting to get to know my daughter?”


“I said are you only being nice to me because casino firmaları you’re hoping to meet my daughter?”

“Mandy, you must be confusing me with someone else. Y’see, I didn’t even know you had a daughter. To be frank, I don’t know a whole lot about you besides you have the sexiest Southern twang, a sweet looking body and a pair of lips I’ve been dreaming about kissing all day.”

Still keeping a bit of distance from him, she examined him trying to figure him out.

“Are you for real?”

“I’m not going anywhere, and yes, I’m for real. I just find older women really attractive and really want to get to know you.”

“Well, I don’t want you to go anywhere, it’s just … no man has expressed an interest in me recently the way you have. It feels nice, but I want to make sure this isn’t some kind of game. I’m too old for that and don’t want to get hurt.”

Dan did the only thing that came to mind. He hoped his instincts were right. He took Mandy in his arms and hugged her close. His hands roamed her back, lightly brushing her blouse getting used to the contours of her skin. Even as he did so he felt himself getting aroused. He didn’t want to scare her, so he backed out slightly to keep from contacting her crotch.

“Mmmm, this feels nice. You’re a great hugger Dan.”

“Thanks, it’s easy when the one you’re hugging is as sweet as you are.”

As they drew apart their faces came into line. But this time Mandy closed the gap and initiated the contact as she grazed his lips with her own feeling another spark of excitement course down through her body.

Dan responded and lightly kissed her back, thrilling to the sensuously soft flesh of her full lips. He then traveled along her jaw line lightly nibbling her skin and as a hand reached behind her neck to play with the wisps of hair and pull her mouth into greater contact with his. Descending lower, he nuzzled her neck sending jolts of energy vibrating through her being, like a swarm of bees. Coming back up, their lips came together as pent up passion mixed with the acceptance that no more questions were needed. Now was the time to enjoy the sexual energy that passed between them.

This was real, and it felt real good. Mandy felt herself melt inside as she hadn’t done in years.

Her vagina felt like liquid fire between her legs; it would have drenched her panties had she worn any. She began to fantasize about Dan’s penis and how it would feel stuffed inside her. The thought made her glow with excitement.

“What’s up?” he asked. “You look like you just won the lottery or something.”

“Oh, you could say that. Don’t worry, I think you’ll find out soon enough …”

As he drew away again, his hands came up to cup her face. He gazed into her eyes and spoke in a raspy voice. “I could go on kissing you all night.”

“And I you,” she responded. “C’mon let’s walk a bit and see where this takes us.”

Although neither shared their thoughts at that moment, they would be surprised how close those thoughts paralleled each others. Dan hoped there was somewhere she would take him so they could get naked, and Mandy hoped he’d invite her back to his place as her husband was at home, one of the few nights he was around lately — lousy timing!

For certainly both had visions of such a coupling, though the manner in how it happened may have differed slightly.

The evening was still except for the occasional chirping of a cricket or the calls of some bird settling down on its roost for the night. The park was quiet and they had much of it to themselves. Their conversation, or lack thereof, mirrored what was going on around them. It was enough just to be close to each other.

Mandy had the presence of mind to lead the two of them to a quiet, secluded corner of the park. She invited him to sit beside her in the grass as twilight gave way to a silent, but sexy southern night.

She drew close to him again and this time she initiated contact kissing him more intensely than before. His hands were free to roam and met no resistance as she opened up to him. She loved the attention of a man, to feel his hands stroking and kneading her breasts, sliding down her stomach and caressing her legs.

“MMmmm, ahh!” She whispered in his ear even as her hand descended from his chest to feel the length and hardness of his member. “Dan, I, uh, mmmmm! Ooo, that feels good, why don’t we get a little more comfortable — I don’t have much time tonight as I have to work in the morning so can you give me a quick, hard fucking?”

She turned away and peeled her blouse off and began to slide her jeans down her legs. Beside her, Dan quickly was out of his clothes concerned that his Yankee farmer tan could be seen a mile away. Turning back together, Dan’s arms encircled her crushing her breasts against his chest. He loved the feel of her naked güvenilir casino body as one hand reached down to cup her ass.While doing this, he moved between her legs. Mandy urged him to thrust his beautiful cock inside her and split her in two.

Dan got the message and began to probe near her mound. He hoped it wasn’t obvious this was his first time, but Mandy didn’t seem concerned as she grasped his member in her hand and led his stallion to her velvety stockade. The feel of her hot, syrupy pussy left him wondering why he ever settled for masturbating. He wasn’t the biggest, but Mandy complimented him on his length and how it nicely filled her up inside.

“Don’t hold back Dan, just fuck me hard and don’t worry. I’m on the pill so please, cum inside me.”

The favored rhythm of men and women bonded by heated sex began as he pounded down into her as she sucked on his invasive tongue. His cock raised up near the opening of her pussy before plunging back down inside her exquisite flesh.

Mandy began to pant and urge him on, though she kept the noise down in case anyone was about this late in the evening. The air was warm enough that the two were soon sweaty and she thrilled even more at his firm body slapping into hers.

Dan began to feel a tingling down low and it felt like his cock was expanding.

“Mandy, I think I’m gonna cum soon …”

“MMM! Yes you are! I can feel you filling me up even more. MMM! AHH! Come for me baby!”

Dan felt that intense rush of a realized orgasm and for a split second he held the torrent back as he cock head was close to the entrance of her vagina. But then he thrust forward hard as the dam broke and his semen released deep inside her body. Oh, the wonder of human sexual experience! His cock continued to contract forcing more of the sticky white cream out of his cock head and into her vagina.

Mandy’s own orgasm triggered on the seismic blast of his first volley as her pussy gripped down on his cock demanding the seed he delivered her birth canal. She received it excitedly, thankful for the drug that prevented pregnancy from taking root inside her. Her legs reached around his back to hug and pull him close to her. It had been way too long for her to be with a man, and in this moment of post-coital bliss it didn’t matter that the man who came inside her wasn’t her husband.

As the tremors of their coupling subsided Mandy was pleasantly surprised to feel him still hard inside her. Ah! The wonder of youth!

She invited Dan to try a different position and introduced him to doggy style. For Dan, it was special as he grasped the creamy white globes of her ass; Mandy meanwhile, loved the impact his cock had in the vicinity of her clitoris. Once again they found themselves moving well together as Mandy relished Dan’s weight atop her pressing her into their turf bed.

Having blown one load, Dan had much more staying power, in fact a little too much for Mandy as she knew it was getting late. After five minutes of hard fucking she asked him to switch positions again. She was surprised (but delighted!) to learn Dan had never had a blow job and invited him to 69 her.

Her head began to bob and twist on his hard meat as she was determined to get him off as quickly as possible and sample his semen. She relished the feel of his soft head bumping the roof of her mouth even as her hand slid up and down its length, slicked up by the secretions from her pussy.

Dan found the taste of her pussy and his semen most enjoyable as his tongue and fingers either dove inside her or joined his lips in playing with her clit again.

Soon Dan felt that rush of orgasm again racing up to him and he announced his orgasm forcefully exhaling as he shot his jism into her waiting mouth. Mandy received most of it in her mouth, though she allowed some to strike her face. As the flow began to subside, she gathered up the luscious semen swallowing some of it, then, releasing his softening cock.

She then journeyed up to his mouth and shared the contents with Dan.

No longer a virgin, Dan found it extremely erotic and frantically Frenched her. They held each other close, stroking skin and talking in hushed voices. It was that special time after sex that could be so enjoyable, especially for Mandy. And though she wanted to stay and soak in all the moment had to offer, tomorrow was another work day. She placed her hand on his chest and said she needed to get going.

They continued to kiss as clothes were gathered. Standing up, Dan felt naughty to be out in this park naked and began to get hard again seeing Mandy just as nude and inviting beside him. But, she was putting her clothes on, round three would have to wait another time.

Mandy thanked him for a fantastic fuck and when he’d walked her to within a couple blocks of her house,she suggested they split up so no one saw them together. They kissed one last time, and she gave him her phone number along with instructions when to call so none of her family would be home.

As he walked home, Dan, still tasting the female aroma of Mandy, began dreaming of their next rendezvous.

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