Aaron’s Apples Ch. 10

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By the time Christmas Day had come and gone the sexual tension at both the Peacher’s and the Berrybush’s had built to extreme levels. Aaron’s and Candy’s parents had done some making out as they saw nothing wrong with a little smooching within the boundaries of their marriages, but even they didn’t let themselves go. So, by the morning of the 26th everyone was ready to fuck the first person that they came across. Candy wasted no time calling Aaron as her Dad was already fucking his Grandmother first thing that morning.

Aaron told her to hurry right over but, by the time she got there Aaron’s Mother was already giving him a blow job. This didn’t slow Candy down however as she tossed off her clothes and began eating Virginia’s pussy. Virginia had already fucked her husband, Fred, early that morning as he had to go to work early. Before Fred Berrybush got home from work early that evening Aaron and John Peacher had each fucked Fred’s wife and all three Peacher women. It was only fair, they thought, that he get first choice for evening fun times. He took Cherry by the hand into her room. All of these trysts were one guy with one or two women.

But, Aaron and Candy were plotting something more dramatic for New Year’s Eve. The next few days passed in passion, although a bit calmer than the 26th had been. Even though Cherry was the only person without a regular mate her libido was being very adequately satisfied by having turns with everyone else. Aaron and Candy had no trouble convincing the families to have New Years together. But, they wondered if plans had been spoiled as it turned out other relatives had to be invited.

They decided to play it cool and just see if they could stir things up. It seemed John Peacher’s sister Libby would be coming through to make her annual family visit with her husband, Peter Peartree. Meanwhile, Fred’s father, Harry Berrybush, was also making his family pilgrimage. A 65 year old widower, Harry enjoyed these visits.

Harry’s only complaint was a bit of loneliness as he had dated some since his wife’s tragic death three years earlier in a car wreck. By any woman’s count he was dashing. Lady friends had called him the Silver Fox. He was still in great physical shape as he ran and worked out every day. But it didn’t seem to help his prospects as most of the women he had been meeting lately were airheads. Oh yes, he liked big boobs and massive asses but unless there were brains with the good looks the sex was no fun.

Peter is a very happy middle-aged man; no mid-life crisis loomed for him. After, all he is married to a very sexy woman who just happens to be crazy about sex. He thought that he must be the only man whose wife wants sex more than her husband does. A fine bonus for Peter was Libby’s incredible looks 48DD boobs and an ample ass. Peter felt lucky that Libby thought he was sexy at 6’1” and 175 pounds casino şirketleri and a perfect six pack.

The night to forget the old year finally came around. Candy knew that she would have some very fond memories of the year past but hoped the New Year could be even better. Part of Candy and Aaron’s plan was to get everyone as drunk as possible and loosen them up early especially the three newcomers to their perversion. As soon as someone finished a drink they found it refilled or replaced. There were also plenty of salty snacks to make folks thirsty and consume even more. Aaron put some slow dance music on.

He had Candy get up and dance with him allowing their hands to caress each other’s backsides including their upper asses. After the first song they pulled the other partiers up one by one until most of them finally took some turns dancing. The young couple both knew that if the three new folks weren’t there clothes would already be coming off. They decided to do what they hoped would be a very erotic dance.

They started out arm in arm as usual but with Aaron not stopping at the top of Candy’s ass with the caressing. Within a few notes Aaron spun Candy around and pulled her hard against him so that her ass crack was flush with his crotch. At first, he just had his hands on her waist as they moved around the room. Gradually his hands slid around her tummy and up to her globes. As they moved he nibbled her neck and mashed her tits while she deliberately and wildly ground up and down and from side to side against his bulging cock. When the dance ended they kissed and Aaron asked Libby to dance and Candy asked Harry.

Libby was shy at first but Aaron was not to be denied as he helped her to her feet. Harry didn’t think a dance with his Grandson’s girlfriend would hurt anything. It wasn’t five beats into the song before Candy was against Harry’s cock and Aaron had pulled Libby against his rod. Candy whispered to Harry, “Just do with me whatever Aaron does with Libby.”

Aaron wasted no time getting closer to Libby’s practically perfect body. He felt his cock already buried through the clothing deep in her ass crack. Libby knew what was coming and decided to let it happen as things couldn’t progress beyond friendly groping in this big of a crowd. Just as this thought ran through her head, sure enough, Aaron latched onto her twin orbs the and mauled the shit out of them. Candy was disappointed in Harry as she had to put his hands on her boobs.

But what Harry lacked in enthusiasm he made up for in performance. Once Harry started he fondled her boobs with style. Candy began her pelvic moves practically fucking Harry through his pants. Libby seeing this gave in and did the same to Aaron. Next, Candy did this obscene dance with Peter and Aaron did it with Cherry. Aaron’s and Candy’s parents could not take it any longer and were casino firmaları now smooching. But, what really turned the tide was when Harry asked Cherry to dance.

Much to everyone’s surprise after dancing less than half a song normally Harry nudged Cherry to spin around and did the same dance of lust with her. Suspecting what Candy was up to Cherry held Harry’s hand and slowly moved it down to her crotch. This provoked Peter and Libby into some heavy petting on the love seat. As Cherry carried it one step further letting the straps of her dress slip off her shoulders revealing her sexy black bra Candy came over and first gave her a little kiss and then gave a kiss to Harry. Aaron walked over to Felicity and passionately kissed her while john unbuttoned her blouse.

A little shocked Peter and Libby realized that it was turning into some kind of orgy. So Peter began passionately caressing Libby’s enormous jugs as he unbuttoned her blouse just as Virginia came over and lifted up her skirt and buried her head in Libby’s lap. Virginia was revved up seeing the wet spot in Libby’s panties and yanked them off. If there was a new pussy in the room Virginia wanted to be the first to eat it so she spread Libby’s legs apart and inhaling deeply the musky scent dove into her swampy depth. Fred immediately came over seeing his wife’s ass in the air pulled up her skirt and ripped off her panties and sank his cock all the way into her tight little pussy. Candy left Harry to Cherry and Pulled John from his entanglement. She gave her dad’s cock a hard squeeze as they found a place on the floor to carry on. This, of course allowed Aaron to have at the woman who had taken his virginity as he tore open her bra. Fred quickly came in Virginia’s cunt; so Virginia turned her attention to the nearly ignored Peter as she quickly unfastened his pants and swallowed his erection whole. For a few seconds Fred seemed lost but recovered and was soon in Libby’s arms. This is not exactly what Candy and Aaron wanted, everyone paired up, but it served the purpose of getting everyone naked.

Before long all ten of them were fucking in every possible position. Aaron took Felicity doggie style while Libby was riding high in the saddle on Fred’s cock. Harry was passionately laying flush against Cherry’s body as he moved in and out of her. Candy had moved most of the snacks aside and was sprawled out on the coffee table as her dad kneeled beside the table and pistoned in and out of her while Virginia was having a blast being taken missionary style by hard fucking Peter. Felicity and Aaron were the first to reach a torrid climax.

Looking around the room Aaron couldn’t help but notice Libby’s boobs bouncing and hurried over and took them in his mouth. Not to be outdone Felicity followed him over and sat on Fred’s face. As each couple came they saw what was going on and promptly güvenilir casino joined in. They were all so into it that no one knew when the New Year arrived. They didn’t slow down until nearly 5:00 in the morning and then slept until noon. None of them seemed to have much of a hangover as they had worked off most of the booze sweating. As the bodies stirred there was some momentary embarrassment but thoughts of the night’s fun soon washed that away.

They got dressed and went to Denny’s for breakfast together. It was then that Cherry and Harry discovered that they only lived four miles apart in St. Louis, about 250 miles from where they were now. Harry asked her if they could go out sometime to which Cherry responded the sooner the better. Nothing much more happened that day as they were all too worn out and that evening Libby and Peter flew back to Chicago.

The rest of Winter Break was less exciting for Aaron and Cherry, after all, their mission was now fully accomplished. A curious side effect was that both sets of parents seemed more in love than they had ever been before. Maybe, it was just a new found lust that they shared that caused the new feelings. Candy and Aaron were already talking about sharing an apartment but knew they had to wait until summer as spring arrangements were already locked in.

When they came home for Spring break Aaron finally popped the question to Candy to everyone’s delight. But, since the vows had not been said all of them still found time to have fun with each other. They decided to get married in two years when they both graduated. Aaron would have to take extra heavy course loads and go summers to accomplish this. He was glad he had Advanced Placement credits or he would not be able to catch up to Candy. Time went by and they both proved to be honors students proving that sex was not the only area in which they excelled. Aaron did catch up to Candy and they graduated together.

While the two lovers were off at school nothing much changed back on the block in Kansas City as the Peachers and Berrybushs got together about once a week and shared spouses and their individual marital love lives were stronger than ever. The only surprise was about six months after the New Years fun Harry and Cherry announced they were moving in together but not in St Louis but they would move to Kansas City just a few miles from the site of their first fuck. They insisted that they would not get married as they didn’t need a piece of paper to fuck whenever they wanted and to share the other wonders of life.

With school over Candy went into high gear planning for her wedding. Aaron was sure that he had found Miss Right and knew the days ahead promised to be wonderful. It was amazing to both of them how great the sex was with each other but also how well they got along in every other part of life. The would be no second thoughts as the day approached. Maybe, there would be some more all in the family sex as the moment approached, but no doubts about this union.

Note: Check out “Candy’s Wedding” for one wild experience as the saga of Candy and Aaron concludes.

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