Accidental Penetrations Ch. 06

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Very important note: I’ve always loved accidental penetration stories even if they’re usually not realistic. And so this is a very lighthearted story. It’s not meant to be an accurate representation of something that could actually happen in real life! On the other hand, around that highly improbable incident, I’ll try to make the story as interesting as I can. If that’s not your cup of tea, find another one of my stories.

Edited by: Pope1944. Thanks!


For the second morning in a row, Dustin woke up very late. If the previous late rising had been caused by booze, Dustin knew very well that this time he had slept late for an entirely different reason. His sister Lily. Oh dear gods in heaven! He had spent a roller coaster of a day with her: good times and laughter, then deep dread about fucking her without her consent, then anguish about how she felt about it and finally… And finally!

Up until last night, Dustin had believed that the porn actresses that seemed ravenous and limitless when it came to sex were just that, actresses. They were faking a sexual pleasure that was just about as realistic as the second and third Rambo movie. But wow had he been wrong. His sister Lily, once she had overcome her qualms about incest, had turned into this amazing creature overfilled with lust and a very creative imagination when it came to sex. After that first time in the evening, Lily woke him up two more times during the night!

As he stood up, Dustin realized that his muscles were stiff, from his neck down to his feet! And his cock as well. When he squeezed his muscles, he felt the same dull pain in his cock. And he laughed. After taking a long shower, his second in about 6 hours, he decided that he would avail himself of the massage therapists at the colony. He had never been last year, nor so far this year because he had been afraid of getting an erection while getting massaged by naked young women.

But now unless they went out of their way to arouse him, which he knew they wouldn’t do, Dustin knew he’d be alright. And if any other girl happened to fall upon his cock today, she would just harmlessly sit on his lap. At around 3pm, after a shower, a massage and a long soak in the hot jacuzzi, Dustin was feeling better. He was now sitting on an Adirondack chair next to one of the smaller lakes on the colony, pretty much alone. And, of course, his mind turned to his twin sister.

To his delight, he’d had to chase Lily away a few times during the day. If he had no idea what would happen between him and Emily, Erica or his mother, Lily had made one thing abundantly clear: they were going to have sex again. Many times. Apparently she had really loved his cock and his performance. Dustin smiled when he felt his cock beginning to stir again. Just a faint spark, but still.

A while later Erica found him and sat next to him. “They’re here!” she said.

“What? Who?”

“Leanna’s family, of course!” she said.

“Oh! Right. Thanks for telling me, I’ll be right there.”

Erica squeezed his thigh, very high and near his cock, before going away. The secret smile they shared got Dustin’s hopes up for a continuation of the intimacy they had accidentally discovered. But as he began walking towards the lodge, he smiled for another reason. Two in fact. Or rather, three. His two cousins, Indiana and Milana, were stunningly beautiful girls. Very different from one another, but very beautiful and sexy.

And, maybe because of his encounter with his mother, Dustin was now thinking of Leanna, his mother’s sister. The two sisters looked somewhat similar, with curvy bodies and deep red hair. But Leanna was taller and leaner than Tessa. That didn’t mean that she looked like a celery. Oh no. It only meant that his mother was extremely curvy. And, not for the first time in his life, Dustin wondered what she looked like naked. Finally, after years of dreaming about the three of them, he would now get to see them naked. Christ, life was good!

As he neared the lodge, Dustin also thought about Leanna’s third daughter Katee. He knew she wouldn’t be here. Wouldn’t have been here even if somebody would pay her a hundred thousand dollars to be here. Dustin shook his head, saddened by the thought as they had been very close when they were young. Still were, in fact, even though their family had moved far away after his aunt’s messy divorce. She had been, by far, his favorite relative and he had spent a lot of time with her as they grew up. From time to time during their adolescence, Dustin had wondered if he wasn’t falling in love with his cousin.

The two of them had kept in touch ever since the divorce three years ago. Telephone, emails and Facetime had done wonders to alleviate their grief at being separated. But as wonderful as those tools were, they couldn’t replace real face to face time spent together. Given that Leanna had decided to move about 10 hours away from Dustin’s family, they didn’t get to see each other very often.

Come to think of it, it had been more than a year, maybe closer to two, since casino oyna they had seen each other. And, sighing, Dustin realized that even Facetime and telephone calls had become rarer. They still wrote to each other about once a month, but Dustin was depressed to realize that they had pretty much drifted apart.

As excited as he was to see her two sisters and their sexy mother, Dustin still missed Katee. He resolved to call her once he got back home and try to find a way to meet her for real. So sad that she wouldn’t be here with her family. He couldn’t imagine Katee being comfortable with nudism. She used to be chubby and pimply all through adolescence, so her body confidence wasn’t very high. Especially since she had been teased about it quite a lot.

She always wore baggy jeans, oversized gym pants, thick sweaters with sports bras, etc… To top it all off, her two front baby teeth had fallen pretty early and so her adult teeth had looked disproportionate in her mouth. The phenomena pretty much vanished as she grew up, but the nasty nicknames had stuck for a long time. “What a fucking bunch of losers teenagers could be…” Dustin thought.

Well, he couldn’t do anything about that time now, and he couldn’t call her right away because of the damned electronics restrictions here. He took a deep breath and prepared to meet three very sexy females naked for the first time. And he wasn’t disappointed.

He saw Leanna first because of her long flaming red hair attracting attention. And he immediately felt a pang of desire low in his belly. “Damn she’s gorgeous!” he thought as his eyes scanned the generous and still proud breasts, the narrow waist and nice flaring hips. Somewhat like his mother, Leanna had the perfect hourglass silhouette that has been making me go crazy for millennia. But seeing her naked, Dustin realized that Leanna’s body, if not her faces and hair, looked a lot like Erica’s. A damn lot! Such sweet genes in this family!

Next to her was the youngest of the three girls, Indiana. She was as much of a redhead as her mother, but whereas Leanna’s hair was slightly curly and full, Indiana’s clung neatly to her head, shoulders and back. She looked like a damned Irish nymph with her very slim frame. She was, by far, the thinnest woman there. Dustin’s own twin sisters were pretty thin, but they had athletic bodies. Yet, despite her thinness, Indiana had very nice, if very small, breasts. Her extremely tiny waist meant that even her subtle hips stood out above her long legs.

Walking out from behind her, Milana resembled his older sister Erica with her long dark hair and curvy body. Her breasts weren’t as big as Erica’s, but the proportions were approximatively the same. Milana had more of her mother’s hips and very slight curve to her belly that made her instantly sexy. But gods was she gorgeous!

Leanna had pretty much a full bush of burning flame, trimmed only to disappear behind a swimsuit. Indiana was shaven flawlessly and Milana had a heart shaped patch of hair above her pussy. “This was only going to enhance this already amazing week!” Dustin thought. “Not only did I get to admire my own close siblings, not only did I get to fuck all of them, but now three more stunning women were being added to the mix!”

Dustin saw that one of the two girls had brought a friend with her, but he couldn’t get a good look at her before the other swarmed him. All he managed to see was that she was rather small and thin but had huge breasts. All the better, especially if she happened to fall on his cock! His smile was hidden in his greetings. Gods! Just kissing their cheeks like they usually did was wonderful when they were naked. Leanna was obviously very comfortable with nudism, Milana a bit less and Indiana a lot less. But they were all smiling and giggling.

Amid all the people trying to talk at the same time, Dustin heard a small voice say “Hello Dustin.”

Shocked, Dustin recognized the voice, a voice he couldn’t ever forget. He turned towards the girl he had thought had been a friend and finally recognized Katee. He recognized her face at least. “Oh my gods!” he gasped and rushed towards her. He stopped himself from hugging her and said “I can’t believe you’re here! And I can’t believe how much you’ve changed!” As she smiled shyly, he added “And promise me that the second you put some clothes on you’ll let me hug you!” She laughed with him, but he could see that she was nervous.

As soon as he was politely able, he grabbed her hand and pulled her away from the rest of the group. Soon, as they were wont to do when younger, they vanished in the forest on one of the natural trails. Once the sounds from the colony disappeared he stopped and turned to look at her. “Katee!”

“Dustin!” she replied, giggling nervously.

“You look amazing!” he said, unable to contain himself.

“Oh, stop flattering me!” she replied coyly.

But he wasn’t. His cousin was absolutely stunning. The chubby kid was now a very lean young woman, the fat having melted from everywhere. Everywhere except her breasts. slot oyna They were disproportionately large for her frame and stood out like bonfires in the night! Her mother’s breasts were probably bigger in the absolute sense, but Katee’s… Gods! He had to wrest his eyes away from them!

“Katee… I’m not flattering you…” he sighed. “Let’s begin with something else. How have you been!”

As they walked, pretty much alone on the trails, they both updated each other on what happened in their lives since they lost touch. She was now in college, living there with a friend but also having met a boyfriend. A first real boyfriend. That had been 3 months ago and Katee said that things were going great with him. “Gods! I’d do my best if my girlfriend had a body like that!” Dustin thought. The rest of her life seemed to be doing very well, especially since she had decided to lose all that extra weight. Healthy dieting and lots of exercice had done the trick. And all the anger and frustration she had kept inside her had fuelled her willpower.

Dustin wanted to reiterate that it had done wonders for her body, but he refrained. After a couple of hours they walked back to the colony and Katee hesitated before coming out of the forest. “I’m so shy!”


“Oh please stop Dustin. Have you seen my mother, or my sisters? Or the women in your own family? I’ll stick out like a sore thumb.”

Dustin couldn’t believe what he was hearing. But instead of trying to convince her, he had another idea. “Listen. You don’t stick out like a sore thumb Katee, believe me. Quite the opposite in fact. You put them to shame!” As she was flushing and asking him to stop lying, he added “I have an idea. Why don’t we get some camping gear from the main office and head out, just you and me, towards the deeper parts of the colony?”

“Deeper parts?” she asked, swatting at a small insect.

Dustin closed his eyes momentarily as the gesture had made her breasts swing. “Yeah. Everything around here is maintained and civilized. Much deeper and higher up the mountain there are a few spots where we can camp in a much more basic manner. What do you say?”

“Just you and me?” she asked, a grin on her face.

Dustin couldn’t believe just how beautiful Katee was when she grinned. “Yeah!”

“That’s an amazing idea!” she said, leaning towards him and opening her arms for a hug. “Oh!” she stopped herself, blushing. “Can’t really do that when were naked, uh?”

“Tell you what.” Dustin said, looking around and making sure that nobody could see them. “I won’t tell anyone if you don’t.”

Dustin saw something in Katee’s eyes for a moment before she said yes, but he couldn’t figure out what it meant. But soon she was nodding and opening her arms again. When Dustin felt her large breasts pressed against his chest and his cock pressed against her lower belly, he moaned. As they hugged, Katee laughed at his moan and said “Boys…”.

Dustin laughed with her and hugged her even harder. “I’ve missed you Katee…”

“Me too.”

Above the raw sexual feelings, Dustin felt tremendous pleasure in this hug and it confirmed that he had, indeed, missed her quite a lot. And the surge of pleasure he had felt when he had first recognized her made him think about exactly what his feelings had been for her. Or, rather, maybe still were. As they eventually pulled apart, he grabbed her hand again and walked towards the others.

If he hadn’t had so much amazing sex in the last few days, he would have had a mighty erection. But either he was now better at controlling it or his body was profoundly satiated from his night with Lily. But that was not a series of memories his mind could explore right now.

As they walked back and tried to find the rest of his family, Dustin could see that most men looked at Katee with barely veiled desire. When she walked, it made her breasts swing and her gait was incredibly erotic. Nobody could resist at least glancing at her, not even the hardcore nudists who had seen naked women all their lives. A couple of hours later, towards the end of the afternoon, Dustin and Katee set off on the main trail towards the more natural camping grounds.

Seeing Katee with a huge backpack connected at her waist only enhanced her sexiness. She couldn’t connect the straps higher up, across her breasts, as her breasts were just too big. Dustin feigned not seeing her trying to. Temporarily unconcerned with her nudity, she had tried moving her breasts left and right, in the process giving him quite a show.

Soon after, they were off and they walked for about thirty minutes until they reached a small lake, the midway point of the trail. Once there they removed their back packs and swam around for a few minutes before sitting on the bank. Covered with water and with her hair all matted down on her body, Katee looked even sexier, if that was possible. Dustin briefly wondered if his feelings for her, deep friendship bordering on love, were influencing his jugement about her sex appeal. But after she bent forward to shift her weight, canlı casino siteleri making her huge breasts swing around, he knew he was not hallucinating: Katee was mindbogglingly sexy.

“Phew! I’m glad to be away from the colony!” she said, her face flushed.

“Why? You’ve only stayed there a couple of hours before we left.” he replied.

“A couple of hours too long. I only manage to convince myself to come because I knew I would see you. But I don’t know how so many ugly people can walk around naked as if it was the most natural thing in the world!”

They both laughed at her accidental joke because being naked is, in fact, the most natural thing in the world. “But who cares about those ugly people? Why do you mind?”

“Dustin. You’re very sweet, but even though I lost weight, I’m still ugly.”

“Oh for crying out loud!” Dustin replied as he stood up. They were alone and he decided that he’d had enough. “Katee, either you’re fishing for compliments, in which case I’ll happily oblige, or you’re completely blind to your own beauty!”

He took a deep breath and began. “I’ve always found you cute despite the cursed pimples we all got at adolescence. And yes you were overweight, but the clothes you chose to wear only worsened the problem. But now… Christ, Katee, you’re absolutely gorgeous! From your beautiful face to your unbelievable breasts to that slim waist, nice hips, the sweet rounded ass I’ve stared at most of the trail and your long legs… And from what little I could see, even your shaven pussy looks good!”

Katee looked at him, stunned. But he wasn’t done. “And your hair, which you have finally let grow oh so very long…” She smiled shyly at him, probably remembering all the times he had encouraged her to do so. “You look like a million bucks Katee. And I’m not the only one who thinks that. Everybody at the colony was looking at you. And no, it wasn’t because you’re ugly, it was because you’re stunningly beautiful. I’ve been trying my very best not to stare at you constantly!”

When he was done, he was breathing a bit faster and his cock was partially erect. He hoped his cousin wouldn’t look down. But she didn’t. Instead, she was staring into his eyes, a look of wonder in her eyes. In the silence that followed, he sat back down next to her, suddenly shy about his outburst. “I’m sor—”

“Shhh.” she cut him off with a finger on his lips. “Thank you Dustin. If you only knew how long I’ve been waiting to hear you say something like this…”

“Really?” he asked, surprised.

“Oh of course, you big dolt!” she said with a grin. “I was half in love with you all throughout our teens!”

“Are you serious?” he asked. “Well, so was I!”

They both laughed about those two secrets and held hands for a while. “Can you do me a favor?” he asked her.


“Even if you feel shy, just act as if you aren’t. When I’m around. You should be proud of your beauty, especially since you worked out so hard.”

Katee stood and shouldered her pack. “Ok. But only if you do me one favor.” As she began walking back to the trail she said “Stop trying not to look at me…”

The rest of the trail was pretty much on flat land, so they made good time. It was strange to be able to look at her body and only smile when she caught him. After choosing a site, they put up their tent and made a small fire to heat up their food. The sun was setting by the time they opened their first beers. They had only brought three each, but it quickly made the mood even more mellow.

They talked some more about their lives. Dustin learned about her boyfriend and Katee learned that he wasn’t with Niemira anymore. A few hours later they managed to get fully up to speed on their lives and Katee was yawning. She was very tired because of the long road trip and the load of stress about nudism. She also thanked him again for helping to make her feel more comfortable about it before getting into the tent.

Dustin remained around the fire for a while yet and spent that time trying to make sense of everything that had happened to him in the past week or so. Including his feeling for Katee. Strangely enough, this last thing was a lot more difficult to figure out. That he desired and wanted to have sex with stunningly sexy females was easy to understand. That those females happened to be his sisters and mother only complicated things for his morality. Not his body.

But his feelings for Katee… Well, that was harder to figure out. Of course he lusted after her. Christ! Even gay guys would probably turn their heads to look at her! But the quasi-romantic feelings that had fuelled his special friendship with her were more troublesome than mere lust. Try as he might, he couldn’t find a solution. There probably wasn’t one.

His mind returned to his memories of Katee’s body. After getting her permission to stare at her, his memory was filled with images of her ass, pussy, legs, breasts, belly and face. Especially her breasts. They were fucking legendary. Soon Dustin was hard and he wondered if he shouldn’t jerk off before going to bed. He could hear Katee breathing loudly, that peculiar pattern of people that were sleeping. After a moment he decided not to do it and he would simply wait for it go go away in his sleeping bag.

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