Adam’s Family Ch. 02

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Author’s Notes:

This story is © Copyright LesLumens. Should this story be found anywhere except with this note attached, it is posted without my permission.

Note that this chapter does contain anal sex, since I’ve learned that some don’t like reading about that. It should be easy enough to see it coming and skip that part, if you wish.

This tale is a follow-up to my four part story “Adam’s Aunt.” I recommend reading it first, but you can certainly just start right here, as this tale is meant to stand alone. As with that tale, this one is built more on lust than love, which is the norm in my other taboo tales. I’ll come back to those romantical type tales eventually, but I’m fighting writer’s block right now, and I needed to write some smut to try to break up that logjam.

This is a seven part story, and all seven were submitted on the same day, so they should come out one a day.

There are a few online conversations in this chapter of the tale, and I’ve used some different means to set them off. Emails are blockquoted to stand out, which unfortunately causes a font size/face bug that I’m told is being worked on. So when you see the text change after an email, it’s the system goofing up, not the author!

When characters are chatting via instant messenger or chat-room, you’ll see the following symbols replacing quotation marks, to help set off the different form of communication. «Online Conversation»


“Somebody is up early,” Christine laughed as she let her nephew in the door. As soon as she closed it behind him, she reached between his legs while kissing him. When their lips parted, she whispered in his ear, “Somebody else is up, too.”

“I want you bad, Aunt Christine.”

“I want you, too. Did you go play with Becky?”

“Yeah. Fuck, it was hot.”

“Guess what?”

“She told me you had a secret.”

“Danbru is her brother.”

“Knew there was a reason I liked him.”

Christine squeezed his cock and purred. “Oh?”

Adam shook his head and laughed. “No. Not going there.”

Christine pouted and let out a disappointed moan. “Well, you would at least share me and Becky with him, wouldn’t you?”


She worked open the button and zipper of his pants as she continued. “Your big cock deep in my ass. His stretching my pussy. Becky sucking my nipples and licking my clit while you both fuck me unconscious.”

“Fuck yeah,” Adam groaned as his aunt stroked his cock. “I’ve never done a girl in the ass before.”

“Mmm. I’ll clean up for you and we’ll do it soon. Right now, I need fucked.”

Using the convenient handle she already held, Christine led her nephew to the bedroom. He kicked off his shoes as soon as they crossed the threshold, and she pulled off her shirt. In short order, they were nude and sharing a hungry kiss.

“Get the camera and the tripod,” Christine purred in his ear after their lips parted.

Adam grinned when he followed her nod to see the requested items in the corner of the room. He sat up the tripod at the foot of the bed, and then fingered his aunt as she mounted the camcorder.

Christine turned and brought his finger to her lips. After she suggestively sucked it clean, she said, “Now lie down on the bed on your back, with your head at this end.”

When Adam did as she requested, Christine adjusted the frame to where she wanted it, and then flipped the display so she could see it from the bed. She straddled his hips and caressed his cock with her wet folds as she made a final adjustment to the cam with the remote. “There we go. Try to stay in position, because I’m not ready for Becky to see our faces just yet. I do want her to see something else, though.”

Christine lifted Adam’s cock, standing it up straight in front of her. Speaking to the camera in a sultry voice, she said, “It might be a while before you can see us together live, so I wanted to give you a little taste.”

She stroked her finger down his shaft, causing Adam to let out a groan as his manhood twitched in anticipation. “It’s gorgeous, isn’t it? It feels even better than it looks. Let me show you.”

Christine rose up higher, centering her sex over her nephew’s erection. She rubbed the tip over her folds, coating it in wetness. No longer able to withstand the tease with satisfaction so near, she angled his swollen head and slipped it between her nether lips.

Adam sucked in a deep breath as his aunt slowly impaled herself on his cock. She let out a long groan that lasted until her labia kissed the base of his shaft. “Mmm — he fills me so full. I love my nephew’s cock.”

Christine rose and fell over his hips with agonizing slowness, letting the base of the mushroom tip peek from between her clinging folds before sinking down upon his thick cock once more. She wanted her niece to have a good look at his cock penetrating her before her desire overwhelmed her — which it quickly did.

A gasping grunt burst from Adam’s casino şirketleri lips as his aunt let loose her controls to quickly drop down, and then bounce back up immediately. Her bottom slapped against his loins with each stroke, joining the sound of his thick cock plunging into her saturated canal.

Christine glanced at the camera’s display and grinned, seeing her breasts bounce in the image. She leaned back, and Adam lifted his knees as if he knew exactly what she wanted. Utilizing his bent legs for support and balance, she continued to take him deep inside her, the new angle giving her clit an extra measure of heated friction.

“Fuck — you feel good,” Adam gasped out.

“So do you.” She paused to wriggle her hips, stirring his cock inside her and letting out a long moan. “I bet you have a lot of cum saved up for me, don’t you?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Mmm — good.” With that, she sat up straight again, to bounce even faster. Her hand slipped between her legs to rub her folds, rolling her clit beneath its protective hood.

“Yeah, come for me, Aunt Chris… Crissy.” He barely summoned up the presence of mind not to use her real name through the fog of pleasure in his head.

Christine moved her fingers faster, just as eager to reach her peak as he was to see it. Her heartrate quickened with her breathing as the first tingling sensation of her climax came to life within her. “Ohh! I’m going to come so hard for him.”

The sound of the headboard tapping the wall joined with the sharp smacks of their bodies colliding. Christine rode him hard, her fingers flashing over her clit, and increasing moans of bliss bubbling up from deep within her. Adam grunted and gasped, the tight squeeze of his aunt’s pussy pushing him closer to the edge as well.

“Oh god!” Christine cried out several times, each exclamation louder than the last. Finally, as she perched on the edge, she squealed, “I’m… Oh god yes, I’m coming!” She gyrated her hips and haltingly rubbed her clit as the initial spasms of ecstasy rocked her, drawing out yelps and gasps.

Adam grabbed her legs and bucked his hips to thrust into her quivering pussy as she spiraled down from her initial peak. She could tell by the strain in his features and his clipped vocalizations that he was close as well. “Do it! Give it to me!” The last word turned into a squeal as another powerful wave of orgasmic energy shot through her.

With a deep, throaty yell, Adam jammed his cock into her depths and filled her full of cum. “Mmm hmm,” Christine moaned as she twitched from the lingering effects of her own climax.

Christine took a minute or so to catch her breath, and then slowly rose up until he slipped free of her. She parted her nether lips and contracted her intimate muscles in waves, forcing his cream from deep inside her to dribble over his shrinking organ. “So much,” she moaned. “I love it when he fills me so full of cum.”

After bringing a few dollops to her lips with delighted moans, Christine waved to the camera, and then slipped from the bed to turn it off. She turned back to her half-dozing nephew and chuckled. “Feel good?”

“Incredible, Aunt Christine.”

She sat down on the bed and dragged her finger up his chest. “I’m not done with you yet, either. I just wanted Becky to see. Let me go get you a washcloth, and then we’ll go skinny dipping until you’re hard again.”

“Think you might be able to get Becky to let us do her for real?”

“You just want to see those big tits bouncing,” Christine pouted.

Adam shrugged and chuckled. “Yeah.”

She laughed and said, “So do I.”


Christine was still riding the high of coaxing three erections from her nephew when she sat down at her computer in the early afternoon. She edited the video, compressed it, and then uploaded it to an anonymous file sharing website. As soon as she checked the download to make sure it worked, she put the url in an email and sent it to her niece. A quick twist of the volume knob ensured that she’d hear the sound effect announcing any new email from most of the house.

After a couple of false alarms, she peeked into her office to see what she’d been waiting on, a reply from her niece.

Mmm TY. Can we talk on the phone? I want to hear your voice.

Wet and tingly,


Christine had paid well to keep her cell anonymous, so she sent the number in a reply. The phone rang in less than a minute. “Hello,” she answered.

“Oh — my — god!” Becky gasped on the other end of the line, and then laughed. “I had to get myself off watching that, and I never do that except on cam or on the phone with Dan.”

“Glad you enjoyed it as much as I did.” Christine paused for a moment and added, “Now, let’s hear about this phone sex with your brother.”

Becky laughed. “We don’t really do it that often, but sometimes I get the best of him when he’s watching me on cam.”


“Incredible. If I could see him, it would be even better.”

“Even casino firmaları better if he was there?”

“I wish,” Becky sighed.

“What’s stopping you?”

“Long story. Right now, it’s just money and school for both of us. We’re barely keeping up, and there’s no way either of us could travel.”

“Just decide on different schools?”

“That long story again. We didn’t have much choice.”

“Want to talk about it? You don’t have to, if you don’t want to, but if you need someone who understands…”

“I guess the story isn’t really that long. Dan and I just sort of discovered each other when we were both going through a breakup. We were both virgins, and that was part of the problem. We were scared of going all the way, and we ended up talking about it. Then one day we were watching a sex scene in some movie, and it just happened. I saw he was hard, and I couldn’t take my eyes off it. We started experimenting, and we both lost our virginity that night.”

“But something happened…”

Becky sighed. “We both felt really ashamed afterwards, and it wasn’t all that good even though we both came. We avoided each other for a couple of weeks after that, and we never talked about it. I guess he was doing the same thing I was the whole time, though — thinking about it. I couldn’t get it out of my head. I woke up from a dream about him one night, and I just snuck into his room. It was unbelievable the second time.”

“You know each other, and I bet you were telling each other what felt good, weren’t you?”

“Yeah. We ended up doing it any time we could after that. We’re lucky that I didn’t get pregnant before I went to the clinic to get on the pill. We weren’t even thinking about that. It wasn’t really love, you know — in love — but it was special, and so much of a turn-on. Then Mom caught us.”

“Oh no…” Christine breathed in sympathy, knowing her religious sister.

“She totally freaked. Mom put me in the car and took me to a hotel for a week. She made me take pregnancy tests even after I got my period. The next thing I know, Mom and Dad are divorced, and Mom’s dragging me to Nevada. She never talked about it, or Dad, or Dan. She acted like our whole life before had just vanished. I hated her.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay,” Becky sighed. “Anyway, he found me by sheer luck on cam a year ago. He says that Dad did the same thing Mom did, but he caught him looking at pictures of Mom and me and crying at least once. We tried to just be brother and sister, but we couldn’t help it. He started coming into chat all the time, and then we started getting each other off on the phone.”

“You can’t help how you feel. Believe me, I know.”

“Holidays were the worst. Mom would go to church, and that’s it. I miss going to see the whole family. It’s been a little better this year, since Dan and I could at least call each other.”

Christine sadly shook her head. She knew her sister, and doubted that she’d ever see her again. She would hide in the church and spend her whole life trying to make up for whatever sin she had committed to have her children do what they had done. Lust took a back seat in her mind and she asked, “Why didn’t you call anybody else?”

“I looked up the numbers, and I even dialed a couple of times, but I was afraid they knew what had happened, and they wouldn’t talk to me. I panicked and hung up as soon as the phone rang.”

Christine could hear the pain in her niece’s voice, and knew she couldn’t have kept her secret any longer if she wanted to. “Becky, there’s something I haven’t told you. This is probably going to be a shock, so you’d better sit down.”

“Okay,” Becky responded, her voice full of confusion and suspicion.

“Dan isn’t the only one who found you on the site.” Christine took a deep breath, trying to prepare for her niece’s reaction. “Adam found you the same way. This is your aunt, Christine.”

Becky gasped, and Christine stiffened, half anticipating a furious response.

“Oh my god! Aunt Christine? Is it really you? I don’t believe it!” The excitement in her voice was anything but a negative reaction.

“None of us had any idea what happened. You Mom and Dad didn’t tell us anything.”

“God, I missed you all so much. I…” She paused, and Christine could almost see her niece’s mouth hanging open. “Then that video…”

“Mmm hmm — Adam,” Christine answered the unspoken question.

“I guess I’m not as much of a freak as I thought, huh?” Becky said with laughter in her voice.

“How would you and Dan like to come see us — and each other?”

“But how? If he misses a day of work or I…”

“Don’t worry about the money. I’ll make sure you can pay for school and your bills — and not just to come spend time with us. College is supposed to be a fun time, not a struggle.”

“You mean it? I mean, it’s a lot of money.”

“Let’s just say I’m doing well for myself. I can afford it, and it’s worth it. Nobody else has to güvenilir casino know anything about how you and Dan feel. You can both visit and nobody will know but me and Adam. We haven’t even told Angie yet, but I’d like to.”

Becky let out a nervous chuckle. “I actually had a dirty dream about Angie before the one about Dan. I’d already seen Angie naked, so I didn’t have to imagine what she looked like.”

“I’m sure she’ll be having dirty dreams about you once she finds out. We’ll have to make sure you both get to see if the real thing is as good. Just tell me where to book the flight from for both of you.”

“I can’t believe this is happening.”

“It is, and I want it to happen fast. What do you think Dan would think of me?”

“I sent him screens from our shows. He said you made him drool.”

“Do you mind sharing him?”

“Not if you’ll share Adam and Angie.”

“What about Dan?”

“I’m sure I can persuade him,” Becky replied in a tone so sensual that her aunt shivered from it.

“Okay, so let’s figure out where to book the flights from, and where to wire you both money — yesterday.”

Becky laughed and started giving her aunt the information she needed.


Adam plopped down in his computer chair and brought up his email before heading to his cousin’s chat. A smile broke out on his face when he found an email from her.

How’s my favorite big-cocked cousin? 🙂 Aunt Christine is flying Dan and me to Florida in two weeks. I can’t wait to suck you… I mean see you lol.

I won’t be on cam tonight, because I’m going to go ahead and start packing. Aunt Christine told me to tell you that she has a special treat for you tomorrow 😉


“Yes,” Adam quietly laughed to avoid his parents hearing him, pumping his arm in a victory salute. Not only was he going to get to go backdoor with his aunt tomorrow, he was also going to get to screw his redheaded cousin in a couple of weeks.

Adam sat back in his chair and folded his arms behind his head. “Life is good,” he sighed, and then chuckled.


Christine flipped through the pictures her niece had sent her one more time, constantly checking the computer clock, willing it to hurry up.

Her nephew Dan wasn’t as muscular as Adam, but he was in good shape. He also had sparse reddish body hair, and the bare skin really turned her on. She flipped to the next picture and lingered, as she had every time she opened it.

Dan was uncut, and easily as thick as Adam, if not quite as long. She thought that the head of his cock was probably a little broader than Adam’s, and that promised some unique feelings. The picture was high-resolution, letting Christine see every vein in his stiff organ, and every little wrinkle in his family jewels — not to mention the drop of pre-cum welling up from the tip.

An email arrived from Angie as Christine waited for the appointed hour, and she laughed as she read what her niece and the blonde’s roommate had written about the pictures of Dan. Christine knew she was going to have to find a way to arrange a meeting there as well.

Adam had just called to let her know what time he planned to make the long drive to her house tomorrow, and she shivered when she thought about taking his big cock in her ass. Soon enough, she hoped Dan’s thick erection would be buried in her pussy while Adam fucked her ass at the same time. She hadn’t had a double penetration since college, and she couldn’t wait to feel two cocks inside her again.

Christine moaned in anticipation as the clock rolled over to the half hour, and checked the cam again as she waited for Dan to accept her request to add him to her contact list. She knew that Becky was talking to him on the phone right now, letting him know about everything and telling him to check his messenger.

The accept dialogue popped up on screen, and Christine moaned again. She immediately typed him a message. «RU still on the phone with Becky?»

«Yeah, but we’re about to hang up. I can’t believe it’s you, Aunt Christine. Can’t wait to talk to you.»

«Just tell me when the phone is free.»

A minute or so later, he messaged her to let her know that Becky had hung up. She slipped on her cellphone headset and dialed the number.


“Hello, Dan. Click the button.” Her screen confirmed that he’d let her send video over messenger a second or two later. She waved to the camera and asked, “You have your flight information and everything?”

“Yeah, Becca sent it all to me. I can’t believe I’m going to get to see her, and all of you again.”

“You’ll get to do more than see,” Christine teased.

“I could barely believe it when Becca told me. We’ve been ashamed to call all these years.”

“Well, it’s not been that long since I admitted how I felt, but I wouldn’t have judged you anyway.” Christine ran her fingers through her dark hair and offered a crooked grin on cam. “So, Becky says that I make you drool.”

Dan laughed, only the slightest hints of nervousness in the sound. “Yeah.”

She let out a little purring moan. “Sorry. I’ve been looking at the pictures of you that Becky sent me, so I’m a little distracted — and very wet.”

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