Adventure Rider Tours Nova Scotia

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Once again, besides doing an adventure ride I had a great sexual adventure. This year I decided to ride my BMW 1200 GSA from the Midwest to Nova Scotia via the Trans-Canada Highway. A friend of mine told me he got laid at every placed he stopped for the night on his ride last summer. I strongly suspected he embellished his adventure especially when I couldn’t even get close to a woman and I went to some of the same bars he went to. I gave up when I couldn’t get lucky in Quebec City and decided to just enjoy the adventure ride to Nova Scotia and the Cabot Trail.

I rode into Sydney at 11:00 PM and found a cozy motel on the outskirts of the city. I dumped my riding gear and rode off to find some place to eat and have a beer. When I stopped at a traffic light another biker stopped next to me so I asked him if he knew a place to get something to eat. He recommended a sports bar just a few blocks away and warned me it was kind of a dump but they have good food and some decent women. I took his advice and decided to give it a try. He was right on at least two out of three things… it was a dump but the food was great. “Some decent women” is where he was wrong but then again it was a Thursday night.

Entering the place I was not sure about leaving my bike in the parking lot and whether it would be there when I exited. The place was pretty large with lots of sports memorabilia on the walls and a couple big screen TV’s on the walls. I decided to take a seat at a table where I could see both the door and a TV that had a news channel on. As my eyes adjusted to the dimly lit bar I noticed there were only a few people sitting at the bar and no one at the tables. A barmaid came over and took my order of a steak and a tall beer… she was pretty lackluster and nearly rude. When she arrived with the beer I commented it looked like it was a slow night. She agreed but said they did most of their business on the weekends and with the lunch crowd. My steak came out about 20 minutes later and I have to say it was good.

The front door opened and an older woman stepped in, checking out the bar and scanning the tables as if looking for someone. She went to the bar and talked to the bartender for a few minutes then just as she was about to leave she walked over to my table. In a slightly alcohol slurred speech she asked if I’d like some company. I replied, “Sure, have a seat…would you like a drink? I’m not sure why I seemed to be attracted to her… she was at least fifteen years older than me and looked a little hard. She had stylish short red hair, brown eyes outlined by heavy eye make-up and bright red lipstick on full lips. She was rather short at maybe five foot and when she remover her jacket I could see she had a figure you don’t normally see on a shorter woman. Her tits were large and round on a petite frame. Frankly, I wondered if her breasts were real or enhanced. She was fully dressed in black with tight jeans and a silky tight blouse with her buttons straining against the button holes. The top three buttons of her blouse were unbuttoned revealing a very deep cleavage.

My gaze and thoughts we noticed when she quite bluntly ask, “Are you going to stare at my knockers or buy me a drink?”

“What would you like?” I asked

“I’d like fucked but for now a coffee brandy on ice” she replied in a matter of fact and serious tone.

I wasn’t sure at casino şirketleri first how to reply… “I’ll give you both if you wish.” She had already had a few drinks and I questioned myself if she was just a tease for a drink or two, then move on or was she as horny as I hoped she was. I wasn’t real keen on taking advantage of a drunken old lady but what the hell… I was horny and there was something passionate about her.

“I need to use the powder room… don’t go anywhere.” She announced and staggered off while I ordered her drink and another beer for me. This was my second beer and my last knowing I was going to have to ride my motorcycle back to the hotel.

When she arrived back to the table, I noticed she had freshened her make-up and lipstick. In a more formal demeanor she introduced herself as Leann and recently widowed. I offered my apologies and feared it would bring on the tears of a drunken woman… Instead, she matter-of-factly said “Don’t be sorry, he was a no good bastard and a lousy fuck!”

She changed seats and moved in close. Her perfume was strong but very sensual as we made small talk and her hand rubbing my inner thigh. She whispered in my ear as her free hand unbuttoned another button on her blouse… “Do you like my knockers dear?”

“I do” with my gaze down her cleavage and my cock stirring. Her hand rubbed further up my leg to feel the head of my cock in my jeans. The bartender, as if on cue, called out “Last Call.”

Shelly got up and downed the last of her drink; she took my hand and led me to the door. Outside the air was cool and a light fog had rolled in. There was only my motorcycle and a big black Mercedes parked next to it in the well lit parking lot. She led me to the back door of the Mercedes, clicked the remote then turned and pulled my head down and kissed me hard. Her tongue pushed her way into my mouth taking my breath away. My hand grabbed her ass and lifted her to her toes and pressed my growing bulge to hot petite body. We kissed for several minutes before she announced “Now let’s see what you have”.

She opened the back door of the luxury Mercedes and climbed in taking a seat on the far side of the soft leather facing me as I climbed in and closed the door behind me. The interior was very roomy and the tinted windows allowed plenty of the outside light in while keeping privacy. She opened the buttons of her blouse one by one then unleashed her bra from a front clasp. “Are these what you’ve been lusting to see, dear?”

“They are and they are beautiful! I can’t wait to suck on them.” I managed, knowing my cock was straining hard to be out of my jeans. Her tits were very nice for an older woman. They were full and sagged slightly but her hard nipples really caught my attention. She had a gold bar-bell nipple ring through each, which seemed to accent the size of each dark nipple.

“Now it’s your turn… let’s see your cock” she demanded. I released my belt and taking her lead I slowly release each button of my fly slowly. I never wear underwear with jeans so when I reached the last button I pulled my nearly hard cock out. She removed a lipstick from her purse and reapplied a fresh coat to her lips. I stroked the long shaft slowly to give her a good look.

“OH MY GOD! You’ve gotta a big one…. It’s beautiful, dear.” She cooed in moaning voice then smacked her lips with the fresh casino firmaları lipstick.

“All the better to fuck you with, my dear.” I mocked her, adding the ‘dear”.

Sliding over to me she tweaked her nipples to make sure they had my attention… needlessly. She took a firm grip on my cock in one hand and with the other she pointed at the tattoo above her left nipple. The tattoo was a carton character of the Disney dog Pluto with a script below it. “Do you like my tattoo… can you read it?” she teased. As I lowered my head to read the script with the real intent to suck on nipple, I read it; “Cock Hound”.

As I sucked her nipple in my mouth she cooed deeply… “I am a cock hound. I love big hard cock.”

I swirled my tongue around her nipple as I sucked on it harder. Both her hands were around my now very hard cock. I released her belt and she briefly released my cock to help remove her jeans. As she did, I switched to her other nipple and sucked greedily. She settled back to the seat facing me on her knees with her thighs apart so I could diddle her clit while sucking her nipples. Her hands returned to my cock and squeezed a coating of pre-cum to her finger tips. Taking her slick fingers she met my fingers at her clit and smoothed the pre-cum over her button.

“Damn you have great hands, dear. But I’m here for your cock and you have one hell of a cock.” She announced in a matter of fact tone. She pushed me back and away from her nipples. She tugged my jeans off and momentarily stared at my cock like a wild animal ready to attack its prey. Lowering her body she took my cock in her hands and ran her cheek up along the inside of my thigh, nudging up along my balls. She cooed lowly “I love your cock.” She licked her lips then slid her tongue along the underside of my shaft to the wet tip. Caressing my balls in one hand she guided the shaft along her lipstick coated lips. My pre-cum gave her lips a sexy glossy coat.

“You are good and if you aren’t careful I’m going to cum, my dear” I moaned

“I’m not going to have it any other way, dear.” She managed as she kissed the head lightly then rubbed the head along her cheeks lovingly. She looked up into my eyes and told me “Watch me… as I make love and suck your cock, dear”. I did as she told though I didn’t need to be told.

She licked around the head and down the shaft as I watched her teasing technique. I knew then this is a woman who really loved a hard cock. She caressed my balls in her hands and kissed each lightly then sucked on each. My fingers combed through her hair and massaged the back of her neck as performed her fabulous oral skills. Sliding her tongue firmly to the underside of my cock she reached the tip and smacked her lips. With her lips closed she sucked the pre-cum out of the slit. With wanton eyes she stared into mine… she was good and knew I wanted her to suck my cock but waited for me to push her head down with my hands. I held the back of her head in my hands and slowly pushed her head down. Her lipstick red lips surrounded my cockhead tightly as I urged her downward slowly. Her wink told me she liked it this way. I slowed my pressure as my cock went deeper afraid she couldn’t take much more. She came back up slowly, never unlocking her eyes to mine. I saw the lipstick coating my cock as her head came up to the tip. She was good and sucked me all the güvenilir casino way up the shaft… pausing again she pursed her lips tightly and I pulled her head downward again… this time her hand gripped the base of my cock tightly. Her head went a little further down my shaft and I moaned as the head of my cock entered her throat. She gagged a little and slide up my shaft a little quicker. She paused to catcher breath, allowing the spittle and pre-cum to drip from her lips. She didn’t wait this time for me to guide her down she went down fast and stopped when she was an inch deep than before. Coming up slowly she paused at the tip teasingly waiting for me. I pushed her head down firmly while she sucked the hard cock further down again and again without gagging… this was something that no woman had ever done before. She came back up then worked on my cockhead, sucking the head in her cheeks and pumping my cock in both of her hands.

“Mmmmmmmm you are good! The best maybe.” I moaned in passion.

“I want your cum… Do me a favor… and fuck my face… I can take it and want it.” She said in a passionate plea.

I adjusted my position and guided her head to my balls where she read my mind and sucked each deeply. I took my hard cock in my hand and rubbed it to her face smearing her makeup then pulled her chin up so I could rub it all over her cheeks and red lips. She moaned deeply and took my cock deep in her mouth not waiting for me she fucked her own face with my cock. My hands gripped her head and forced her up and down my cock in a rhythm she seemed to like. My balls tightened and my hips pulsed upwards as the first wave of cum flooded her bobbing mouth or throat… she continued sucking hard as I forced her head down deeper on my shaft as I shot another wave of cum. Wild with passion I continued to fuck her mouth and she never let go… her hands pumping every last drop of cum in her mouth.

When she released my cock she rubbed it all over her face and neck. She dribbled a dollop of cum in her hand and swallowed the rest. She rubbed cum over her clit and moaned as if she was about to cum.

“Your turn, my dear!” I whispered as I kissed her lips and pushed her on to her back. Her legs spread wide with one foot over the back of the seat and the other daggling to the floor. Taking away her fingers from her cum wet clit, I lowered my mouth to her hairy mound. I licked her button firmly first along one side then the other probing to find the place where she quivered. Finding the spot, I flicked my tongue over it slowly sensing the pulse of her impending orgasm. Her hands gripped her tits and rubbed her nipples… her eyes locked with mine and I sucked her lips deep into my mouth. I slide two fingers in her tight little cunt, surprised of her tightness, and then slowly finger fucked her. My other arm wrapped around her butt and over her muff so my fingers could part her lips and finger her clit so my tongue could focus on her spot.

“Mmmmmmmm damn you are makkkkkinggggg me cum….oooohhh FUCCCCKkkk!” she screamed as I flicked my tongue faster and faster over her spot. The rhythm kept pace with my fingers fucking in and out of her cunt until she heaved up hard. Her hands gripping my hair and pulling me back and forth… off and on her clit as she came hard. Her flood of squirting fluid coated my hand and spread over the leather seat. Her waning sighs and heaving chest told me she was spent and would likely fall deep asleep… boy, was I wrong.

Chapter 2 will have the rest of the story which continued back in my motel room and I found out what her fetish was.

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