After Judo

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After Judo
Sarah and I wanted to get a bit fitter and noticed an ad in the local paper for a beginners judo course at our local sports club. We went along for a try out and decided to join up for a few lessons, I had done some as a teenager and Sarah was really keen to have a go.

The men and women practiced in the same room but on separate matts and I could see Sarah was enjoying herself, talking to one of the women and partnering up with her when they tried out various techniques and moves. The women’s group had six in it and the men’s eight.

I got talking to a guy who turned out to be the husband of the woman Sarah was partnering we did some practice together and got on well he noticed how well our wives were getting on and suggested we have a drink after the session ended.

Before that though the practice ended with a match and Sarah and Amy were the first to fight while we all watched from around the edge of the matt. As they fought I was getting pretty horny and was surprised what a turn on watching her and Amy was. Eventually Sarah got the better of Amy and their match was over. Then Tony and me had a match, he was pretty good and soon had me down and struggling to break his hold. As we fought I thought his cock was hard as it rubbed against me but dismissed it as I struggled to break his hold. Eventually I had güvenilir bahis siteleri to tap and give in. As we bowed I looked at his crotch and he was definitely bulging his trousers, as was I.

We arrived at the pub but it was packed and noisy so at Amy’s suggestion we went back to their house. The drinks flowed and we were getting on really well. The girls seemed to have a private joke going on and eventually Tony said they had to tell us. Amy giggled and said she couldn’t possibly reveal it, Sarah wasn’t so shy “we have both discovered that we get turned on when we do judo”

“SARAH!” Amy screamed “I thought that was our secret”, they were both laughing “mind you” said Amy “looking at the bulges in your trousers you were both having fun as well”.

Tony said he had enjoyed watching them fight and yes, it was a turn on. I agreed and said watching them going at it was really good.

Sarah asked “do you ever watch Ultimate Surrender?” they both looked blank and said no but wanted to know what it was. Sarah explained that it was women wrestling, naked and fingering and snogging each other and that we both liked watching it.

“Fuck that sounds fun” said Amy ” I think we would like that as well. So we showed them a clip on their lap top and watched it with them. Nothing was said as we all watched the action tipobet giriş but Amy smiled at Sarah at the end and just said “wow that has made me even more randy” Sarah told her that we usually end up masturbating as we watch so we had better go as she wanted to get my cock out and play with me.

Amy looked at Tony and said “what about you?”

“Well it’s a shame to break up the fun why don’t we watch another one first and if we want to wank off just do it” Sarah said she was game and I certainly was.

“What masturbate in front of each other?” asked Amy “you are fucking randy aren’t you?”

She said she was up for it and suggested we get comfortable and Tony rigged the lap top up to their tv so we could see better. Sarah and Amy sat next to each other on the sofa and Tony and I had a chair each. The match started and Tony turned the lights out at Amy’s request but we could still see each other from the light from the tv. It wasn’t long before Sarah lifted her skirt and put her hand down her knickers. Amy saw her and followed suit giving a low moan as her fingers found her pussy.

“Fuck I am so wet” she purred.

“Me too” said my horny wife ” I always am watching this”

Tony stood and unbuckled his trousers revealing his erection then stripping off completely. I did the same as the girls slipped their tops tipobet güvenilir mi and skirts off. Tony went and got a bottle of oil. “Do you want some for your cock” I nodded and he passed me the bottle after oiling his impressive cock. The girls were now fingering themselves and exposing their pussy’s. Tony was stroking his shaft and looking across at me “wow it’s been years since I did this with a bloke”

“yeah and me, fucking good though you have a great cock” I told him.

The match had finished and the loser was getting fucked with a huge dildo. “God that is stretching her cunt” said Sarah “I bet she loves that” Amy nodded watching intently.

“ooooh fuck I’m cumming, fuck, fuck” her hand was clamped over her pussy as she wriggled and writhed Sarah encouraged her “go on you fucking randy bitch”

Then as Amy subsided Sarah cried out “me know………oh fuck” she spread her legs and fingered her clit looking straight at me “wank that cock I want you to spunk” I was close and looked at her wet pussy.

“mmmm look at the size of Tony’s cock, lets see you both spunk” With that I shot my load, and Tony followed Amy and Sarah were still stroking their cunts and finger fucking as we shot.

“oh wow you both spunked loads” giggled Amy “but fucking hell what an orgasm”

Sarah agreed “hope you can both get hard again as I don’t think me and Amy are finished yet are we?”

“No definitely not, have you ever rubbed your clit against another cunt Sarah?”

Sarah shook her head “Have you?”

“No but just before I came I really wanted to do it with you……….do you fancy it?”

That’s another story!

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