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“You seem a little flustered, Joanna.”

I could feel him standing there behind me, his lips grazing the top of my ear, his breath hot on my neck. All I wanted to do was let my body sink back against him, to let him know how badly I was aching for his touch between my legs. But we were in public, and I had never let Stephen see the effect he has on me…at least, not consciously.

Stephen is my professor – my graduate research advisor, to be exact. I’ve known him for several years now, and I’ve wanted him since the moment he walked into the classroom. He is a lot older than I am, probably twice my age in his mid-fifties, with a very imposing presence and a sort of mischievous smirk on his face most of the time. I always wonder what is behind that look when he flashes it in my direction. He has a dark, brooding sense of humor, which perfectly matches his dark eyes, and a lovely thick mane of gray hair that makes me want to touch it every time I see it. Throughout the years of working with Stephen, I have fantasized about him in all kinds of naughty contexts, and although he gives off a very sexual vibe, I try not to take it seriously. He is, after all, advising my research for graduate school. I would be a fool to act on the impulses I feel toward him.

But in that moment, in the corner of the little departmental reception we were holding for a visiting professor, I was having trouble acting at all. Stephen had just made a rather lewd joke about one of the girls in the department, a grad student like me, who had responded to him with a deep, self-conscious blush. He looked positively gleeful at the prospect of turning her cheek red, and I couldn’t take my eyes off him as he revealed that naughty smile, feigning innocence at causing her any embarrassment. That was when he turned to me, his dark gaze meeting mine, and said, “now, Joanna, I don’t think I’ve ever made you blush. Why do you think that is?” He moved closer to where I was standing, in the corner of the reception room, noticing the nervous expression on my face. I had no idea how to respond to him without giving it all away – my fantasies about his hands all over my body, about his fingers discovering the wetness between my legs. I took a deep breath and replied coolly, “well maybe you just don’t affect me in that way.”

He held my stare as I tried to stay calm, and then his eyes began to scan my body. I was wearing a fitted white button-down shirt, which was moving with my chest as my breathing quickened and deepened. I could feel the top button at my cleavage pulling a bit, making a small gap for him to notice the thin lace bra beneath. I kept one arm planted at my side, smoothing out the little blue skirt I’d chosen for the event. I did know that Stephen liked me in skirts…over the few years I’d known him, I noticed he always took a peek at my smooth legs in a short skirt or dress. My other hand was holding a wine glass, which I’d refilled a couple of times to calm my nerves. Now the little buzz was kicking in, and my body began to overheat beneath Stephen’s gaze. I didn’t know what to do as he drank my body in…so I slowly sipped on some red wine, and watched him look.

He moved next to me, his arm brushing against the side of my breast casually but deliberately. Smiling in his lighthearted yet amazingly sexy way, Stephen murmured into my ear, “You seem a little flustered, Joanna. Tell me, how do I affect you?”

Something about the way he said my name, about the boldness of his question, made my heart skip a beat. I felt a shudder run through my body, a tingle that tightened my nipples against the rough lace of my bra and stirred an almost overwhelming heat and wetness between my legs. I turned to him, my face inches from his, looked him in the eyes, and before I even had a chance to think, I heard myself whisper back, “Stephen, you affect me in places you can’t see right now.”

As soon as I heard those words escape my lips, my eyes widened. What had I just said? After four years of hiding my fantasies from him, I had just ruined everything with one careless comment, right there in the middle of a departmental reception filled with Stephen’s colleagues, my peers, everyone. I looked up at him, my eyes filled with worry and fear, only to see a very different expression on his face. His smile widened, his eyes narrowed into a sexy and slightly wicked look, and suddenly I felt his hand on me, creeping slowly up the back of my thigh. I gasped, backing further into the corner, trying to ensure that no one would see his fingers disappear under my skirt. Stephen’s gaze moved to my hardening nipples, which were pushing against the fabric of my shirt as I slowly arched my back, exposing my throat and biting my lip softly. His fingers were tracing the lace trim of my white panties, teasing me mercilessly as he carefully stroked my thighs, my ass, but never my aching pussy. His breath was hot on my ear as he leaned in and said lowly, “what about right here?” beşiktaş escort He finally slid his fingers against the moist spot beneath my skirt. “Is this where I affect you, Joanna?”

My eyes were starting to close and my knees wobbled as he touched my pussy. I had never felt such desire in my life, so powerful, like if I didn’t have him that moment I would collapse. I could hardly speak as he began to rub my aching mound through the moist fabric of my panties, so I just opened my eyes weakly and nodded. I knew Stephen was enjoying this moment, taking pleasure in making me agonize in this way. He smiled slowly as he noticed my hips rolling slightly against his fingertips. I didn’t even realize that I had begun to move against him, but the feeling of his hands on my dripping pussy was too good to resist. He raised his voice to a normal tone, backed away from me a bit, and said easily, “why don’t you come up to my office and take a look at that book? I am almost positive I have a copy on my shelf.”

I snapped out of it long enough to realize that I had to answer him, that we were in fact in public, where he had been touching my pussy under my skirt and whispering darkly in my ear. I straightened my spine and smiled calmly, “um, that sounds like a good idea. Let’s go take a look.”

Before he even had a chance to respond, I led the way out of the room, smiling softly and waving goodbye to my colleagues and other professors. I could hear him moving swiftly behind me, his hand on the small of my back as we walked to the elevator of the Political Science building. As he pressed the call button next to the elevator doors, I realized that we were finally alone. But before I even had a chance to turn around, to look him in the face, I felt his hand between my shoulder blades, pushing me forcefully into the wall. Suddenly his chest was flat against my back, and I felt his hard cock pressing against my ass, grinding between my cheeks. He pulled my loose brown curls back hard, and whispered hotly into my ear, “are you ready for me, Joanna? Because you have me very ready for that tight little body of yours.”

He pushed his cock harder against my ass, making me moan softly at the force he was using. I nodded my head weakly as his hands slid up the sides of my legs, under my skirt. My pussy was dripping wet in my panties by this point. God I wanted him so bad. I wanted him to tear my panties to bits and fuck me roughly right there against the wall. I would’ve given him anything he wanted in that moment. Anything. I wanted him to go crazy with me, to be rough and relentless as he took me.

Suddenly we heard the bell for the elevator, and the doors open. Thank god it was empty. Stephen pushed me inside forcefully, spinning me around so he could look in my face. He hit the button for the top floor, where his office was located, and started grinding against my pussy. I began to groan as he finally let me wrap my legs around his waist and rub my dripping cunt against his hard cock. My full breasts were pressed tightly against his chest as he wrapped his arms around my waist and looked me in the eyes. “Mmm…I’ve been waiting for your hot little body for a long time, Joanna. You sure you can handle this?”

I was rolling my hips against his cock, my hands sliding around his neck, into that thick gray hair that I’d always wanted to curl around my fingers. Smiling wickedly at him, I replied, “I’ve been wanting this for longer, I’m sure.” I slid my fingers through his hair, pulling lightly, and moved my lips to his ear, murmuring, “Fuck me, Stephen…please… I want you to fuck me hard.”

With those words, like magic, the elevator opened on the top floor, and we quickly moved down the hallway to his office door. As soon as we walked in, he closed the door, locked it, and slammed me against it. I gasped from shock as he started popping off the buttons from my blouse, his eyes fixed on my breasts as they moved rhythmically up and down. He looked like a hungry animal, tearing at my clothes with his fingers, pulling my shirt off my shoulders, feverishly unhooking my pretty lace bra, and kneading the flesh of my full breasts in his greedy hands. I moaned as he handled me so forcefully, his fingers pinching my nipples gruffly, his mouth still only inches from mine. I pulled him close, my fingers tangled in his thick gray hair, and moaned softly as he covered my mouth with his. It was one of those long, intoxicating kisses, tongues probing each other’s mouths, fingers wandering anywhere they can get away with. He slowly sucked my full lower lip into his mouth, biting gently as his hands moved down from my waist to the tight curve of my ass, squeezing the warm, soft flesh there as soon as they disappeared under my little blue skirt.

It felt so good to have Stephen’s hands sliding under my skirt, cupping and squeezing my ass. His fingers wandered beneath my panties, wet with the juices beylikdüzü escort he found there. I began unbuttoning his shirt, kissing his neck, biting softly, my warm mouth sliding across his firm chest, peppered lightly with charcoal hairs. He looked so good, I almost didn’t know what to do with him. I smiled, and he backed away from me for a moment.

There I was, my breathing a bit shallow, still reeling from his rough kisses, standing against the door of his office. His eyes moved down along the full curve of my breasts, nipples painfully tight, to my bare legs beneath my skirt. I ran my fingers through the dark tousled hair curling around my shoulders, not sure what he would want to do next, a little nervous that he might want to stop. I couldn’t stop, I knew that. And, as I looked at the firm bulge in his pants, I knew he didn’t want to either. He smiled as his eyes met mine again. I bit my lower lip shyly, knowing that he enjoyed making me uneasy.

“I want you to show me how you touch your pussy, Joanna. Lift your skirt for me. Show me that tight little cunt.” Stephen was leering a bit as he spoke, his eyes fixed on mine. I loved the way he was talking to me…the word he was using. Cunt. So vulgar, and yet it was turning me on more than I had ever imagined. I felt so completely ready for him, ready to do anything, ready to show him everything. I wanted to tease him, to make him beg me for it, just like I’d always fantasized. Without saying a word, I carefully lifted my skirt, revealing my white lace panties beneath, tracing the pattern with my fingernails lightly. I slid my fingers beneath the lace, and slowly began to rub my slick pussy, moving my hips with my hand, never taking my eyes off him. God it felt so good to touch myself while I looked at him. So many times during class I would feel that craving between my legs, and now I could finally satisfy it. I slipped my finger inside my pussy and started fucking myself slowly, my eyes never leaving Stephen’s. His eyes were hungry for more, I could see it.

“Turn around, Joanna. Show me that hot ass beneath your skirt.” I slowly began to turn, my back arched slightly, and leaned against the door with one hand, looking back at him over my shoulder. His eyes were fixed on the short hemline of my skirt, and I lifted it slowly. I heard a little groan escape his mouth as I revealed my firm ass for him, my skirt now pulled up to my waist. I heard him unbuckle his pants and looked back to see him undressing, his rock hard cock in his hand, and suddenly he was walking towards me, getting down on his knees.

“I want to taste that hot pussy, Joanna…” he murmured slowly as his fingers hooked into my panties from behind. He sucked the juices off my finger before sliding my panties down my thighs, to my ankles. I felt his hands between my legs spreading them wider, and his fingers gently stroked my pussy. I moaned softly as his fingers skimmed up and down my dripping slit, finding my hard aching clit, pinching it slightly. Then his lips and tongue were on my inner thigh, sliding up slowly, teasing me mercilessly. I thought I was going to collapse right there as his head disappeared beneath my skirt, his mouth inches from my burning cunt. I was almost sick with desire, needing him to suck my clit roughly into his mouth, to slide his tongue across it, to make me cum right there standing against his office door.

I felt his hot breath on my pussy, making me whimper in anticipation. “Mmm… you are so fucking wet, Joanna. Such a bad girl…” Just as he was about to bring his tongue to my aching mound, I felt his hands moving across my ass, squeezing, and then suddenly he smacked me there hard. I groaned as he did it, completely taken by surprise. He spanked me again as he slid his finger deep inside my pussy, and then started fucking me roughly with his finger, spanking me more intensely with his other hand. My moans became louder, my back arched, riding his hand as he slipped another finger inside me, slapping my ass again and again. I was loving every second of this, never wanting him to stop. My cunt on fire, my ass stinging from his hand, I started murmuring, “mmm…fuck me Stephen…. god…. please fuck me…. I can’t take it anymore…”

“Such a bad little slut, Joanna,” he whispered, his mouth moving beneath my skirt. “Look at that dripping wet cunt. You like being spanked by your professor, don’t you…” I nodded my head as his tongue flicked my hard little clit. Slowly he began licking me, sucking on my cunt lips, my clit. His hands were on my ass still, spanking me again and again as I moaned. He was amazing… I could hardly stand up anymore as he sucked my juices into his eager mouth. “Stephen… my god… you’re going to make me cum like this…” His tongue moved faster against my clit, his fingers buried deep inside me, fucking me as I felt the most intense orgasm of my life… I was riding his tongue so beyoğlu escort fast and hard, bucking wildly against his face, cumming all over his mouth. I bit my hand to try to muffle my sounds as my orgasm finally subsided. My knees wobbled as he stood, and I turned to face him, his lips glistening from my pussy juice. I pressed my chest against him hard, sliding out of my skirt so I could feel his cock rub against my bare pussy, and began licking my juices off his lips, kissing him hard and deep. I pushed him down into his desk chair, his cock pointing straight up at me, and smiled.

My eyes were fixed on his as I leaned over him in his chair, winding my fingers through the thick gray hair on the top of his head. My breasts were dangling in his face and he took my nipples into his mouth, biting and sucking hard. I reached down and touched his cock for the first time, feeling it stiffen even more in my soft hand. Stroking him slowly, I whispered in his ear, “I’ve been wanting to fuck you like this for so long, Stephen. To ride your cock while you sit at your desk…right here in your office…” With those words he grasped my waist and pulled me into his lap, my legs straddling him in his chair. I slid up against him, stroking his cock as it rested right at the opening between my legs. I rubbed my clit against the tip, wetting his cock with the hot juices from my cunt. It felt so good to use his cock this way, to grind my hard clit against him. My slick pussy was lubricating his cock in my hand, and he groaned as I stroked him faster. He was getting restless, I could tell… I knew what he wanted. He pulled me close to him, his mouth against my ear, and said harshly, “Fuck me you little slut…ride your professor’s cock like you’ve always wanted to.”

With those words I slowly sat down on his cock, feeling it open my tight cunt, spreading my wet pussy lips, sliding deeper and deeper inside me,. We both moaned as I lowered myself onto him, his hands groping my ass, my back, fingers sliding through my hair. Slowly I started to ride him, looking intently in his wide dark eyes, my nails sliding down his back. I arched my back and let myself linger in the moments when he filled me completely, every inch of his cock buried in my dripping pussy. Then I felt his hands slide down to my ass and spank me hard. His eyes narrowed. The sting from his slap made me so hot, I started fucking him faster, riding his cock hard and deep now. His hands moved to my waist and moved with my body, guiding me to ride him faster. “Mmm that’s right, Joanna. Fuck your professor. Ride my cock, slut…”

I was groaning in his ear as I bounced faster and faster in his lap. Beads of sweat were forming all over my skin, my pussy dripping juice all over his cock and balls. Stephen’s hands were all over me now… squeezing my breasts as they bounced just inches from his face, pulling my hair, spanking my ass as it rose from his lap. His cock felt so good inside me, I felt like I was about to burst. Our thrusts were becoming more and more forceful, his cock slamming into me each time I fell into his lap. I felt another wave of orgasm hit me and buried my fingers in his hair, pulling it as I moaned. My cunt was throbbing now, dripping hot juice all over his cock. I looked him in the eyes, dizzy from cumming so hard in his lap. “I want to taste my pussy on your cock, Stephen,” I murmured, flashing him a naughty smile.

He smiled back, opening his legs so I could sink to my knees on the floor between them. I slid down his body, kissing his chest and stomach, rubbing his wet cock between my full breasts and finally feeling it strain against my lips. I teased his cock with my mouth a little, my pussy juices spreading onto my full lips, now glistening from the moisture. I loved the taste of my pussy on his cock, the taste of sex with Stephen. My tongue wandered to his balls, and I sucked them gently between my lips, teasing him with my tongue before I moved back to his cock. I rolled my tongue around the head, making him flinch slightly in his chair. He looked down at me as I slid my wet lips around the tip of his cock, just barely taking him into my hot mouth. “Mmm you look so fucking hot with my cock in your mouth, Joanna. Take it all the way, slut.”

His hands moved to the back of my head, tangled in my hair, and he guided my lips down the length of his hard cock. I felt him filling my mouth, the sweet taste of my cunt spreading onto my tongue. I moaned lowly as I took his whole cock into my throat, sucking hard as I started moving my lips up and down his shaft. I looked up at the expression on his face while I fucked him with my mouth. He looked so sexy like that, his face twisted in pleasure, leaning back in his chair with his eyes closed the way he does when he’s brooding over something during our meetings. I wanted to make him cum just like that, in his chair, breathing deeply, enjoying my hot mouth as I moved it up and down his cock, sucking deeply, tongue flickering over the tip before I swallowed the length of it again. I moved faster and faster, my wet mouth fucking his cock hard, making him groan deeply. He opened his eyes, looking down at me with complete lust, total abandon, his cock stiffening even more between my full lips. I knew he was ready to cum. I had never wanted it so bad in my life.

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