After the Crowds Go Home

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It was a warm evening; the full moon rode up from the horizon giving the fairgrounds an icy blue hue as the couple walked. The Renaissance Faire was nearing its conclusion: the gates were closed for the last time that season, and all that was left was preparations for departures and last celebrations of community among the players. Mistress Atherby was wearing a loose fitting white blouse, brown skirt and black boots; Brother Adelbert a brown habit with a simple cord around his waist. “Whew, I feel much better out of that damn corset,” she said.

“I hardly understand why women ever wore the things,” he replied. “Except they present the breasts so well.”

“That’s probably why,” she giggled.

“How were your takings this day? Did you came about ahead after all?”

“Fair, fair. I made enough to come back. Yours?”

“It’s been a good fair. Lots of kids mean lots of stories. I can take some time off. Looking forward to a break before we all go to Michigan.”

“I am as well. Have you any plans for the interim?”

“I have some thoughts,” he said, giving her hand a squeeze, “and some hopes for the near future, yea, even this very night.”

They went through the deserted shops, freshly cleared of their wares. In the distance, the sounds of the wrap party wafted their direction: the cast of the Faire were singing and drinking around a huge bonfire. The pair were holding hands as the crossed the huge fairgrounds looking for a secluded spot.

At the top of a little rise was the jousting run, and next to it a huge crane. A set of stocks two levels were there: one for adults and one for children. She giggled and went over: “I don’t know how many pictures I took here; wish I had a quarter for each one.”

“It’s a popular spot. Much more than in the olden days.”

She went over behind it and looked through the holes at him. “What did people do to get here?”

“Usually smaller stuff, stuff that didn’t get you hanged. Sexual indiscretions, petty theft, being a shrew to your husband, those kind of things, I guess. etiler escort It was public humiliation; locked in here, people could throw trash at you, ridicule you, abuse you in different ways. You were also stuck in the rain and whatever the sky dumped on you.”

Putting her head and hands through the holes, she looked at him and smiled: “All kinds of things could happen here.”

He flipped a catch and locked her in place. “Yes, all kinds of things.”

“What kind of things, Brother Adelbert?” Her face was still creased in a smile, and her eyes glowed in the moonlight as she watched him circle around her and consider her from every angle..

“We’ll see, Mistress Atherby, we’ll see.” The wind was in the leaves, and he went around behind her to put his hand on her hip. Stroking it for a few times, he suddenly gave it a healthy slap that reverberated around the immediate area.


“That was one kind of indignity one in the stocks might endure.”

“Tell me more, Brother Adelbert.”

Another slap rang out and another, before he resumed rubbing her apple shaped backside. His hands wandered higher and slipped inside her blouse; her breasts hung down and his hands cupped them and wandered around, milking them a few times while she moaned. “This is another possibility, for the females of course. You see, there’s nothing you can do to prevent someone touching you anyplace they wish.”

“My goodness, that would be inconvenient,” she rasped huskily. “I would hate for anybody to be exposed to this indignity.”

His hands wandered around her torso, then pulled her skirt down, exposing her dimpled cheeks to the moonlight. He pushed up her blouse as far as he could. A single finger began tracing her skin, up and down her spine, around her huge dimples, across the curves, down the valley and out again. A smell hit his nostrils, and he traced her ass cheeks again, burrowing toward the honeypot; she purred and spread her legs slightly.

“I think it’s time fatih escort to demonstrate another problem with this situation,” he observed. He looked and saw a bale of hay at the chess master’s booth. Pulling it over, he put it directly in front of her. “You see, your face is also in one place and people could try to put all kinds of unpleasant and unspeakable things in your mouth.”

“Yes, Brother? Would you show me what kind of things?” He stood on the hay bale in front of her: it was just the right height and distance. Reaching down, he pulled up the hem of his habit, exposing his boxer shorts, which showed a growing bulge within. “My goodness, there is some interest here, Brother Adelbert. What is the levianthan stirring within your habit looking for.”

“Some kind affection, Mistress Atherby. Would it be possible for you to give him some kind affection?”

“It seems I have no choice,” she said. He pulled down his boxers and the serpent stirred in the moonlight, raising its head to her lips. They opened and the serpent entered, where her tongue began its wet dance with the serpent, tracing every curve. His legs trembled, and started thrusting gently as she licked and sucked him to greater and greater rigidity.

The sound of singing drifted across the fairgrounds: it seemed the cast could never tire of singing, however these songs were not for public consumption, being the bawdier representatives of the songs sung of old. He rested his hands on the top of the stocks and she devoured him passionately. Suddenly, he pulled away and she groaned in disappointment. “Now for the ultimate indignity.”

“What would that be, Brother Adelbert?”

“I shall take thee from behind.”

“And there is no way I can stop thee?”

“No.” He went around and began caressing her dimpled hips again, then reached between her eagerly spread legs to find her sodden entryway. The serpent advanced, teasing the folds before finding their way inside.

As he bucked against her ass, he reached fındıkzade escort up and milked her swinging breasts; she bucked back against him as best she could, grunting and yelping. Before long, her long bare body began to shudder and writhe, her hands straining against her constraints, and she raised a loud, animal call from her chest in triumph as she found her place of fulfillment.

They rested against each other for a few moments. “Brother Adelbert, it seems you have some unfinished business.”

“Yes, Mistress Atherby. It seems the leviathan is not yet sated.”

“The leviathan is remarkable. I have never heard of such stamina from any knight of the realm. It is true that those who are closer to Holiness are capable of great miracles.”

“Thanks, my lady. Do you have any suggestions how to satisfy the levianthan?”

“There is an ultimate indignity I’m sure was visited on a criminal in the stocks you have not shown me yet.”

“Oh, what would that be?”

“I speak of the great indignity of having one’s unspeakable portal penetrated by another’s male member.”

“Are you speaking of being buggered?”

“Yes, most explicitly. I am certain that many held here in the stocks as I am were abused in this way, men and women.”

“Well, I hardly know what to say. Whatever my lady wishes.”

He put two fingers into her salty swamp to gather lubrication, then found her pucker above. She gasped as he made entry, and rocked back again his hand as he massaged her tight muscles. Relaxing her grip, he brought the leviathan into position, and withdrawing his hand, slid it down the passage slowly and surely.

“Spank me while you buttfuck me,” she whispered, “spank my lily white ass and turn it red.” The air was filled with the slaps as skin met skin. Faster and faster he thrusted while he turned her skin red; he became an animal lost in rutting until he exploded within her, holding her close as he sent his seed into her bowels.

Releasing her from the stocks, she sagged toward the ground and he gathered her into his arms. The moonlight glowed on her skin as she looked up at him, and she smiled. “My Lord,” she murmured. “Take me where you will. I will go with thee wherever thou goest.” He carried her to his camper in the parking lot, which he called his cell, and the next day she rode with him to his next destination and many after.

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