Afternoon Alone to Play

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Julie was one of my mum’s friend’s and our families had grown up in each other’s houses. Her eldest daughter was my age so we would always be round each other after school and then college. Julie stood about 5, 10 with shoulder length black hair. She wasn’t chubby but had amazing curves. Her natural tits were huge and jiggled as she walked.

She was the subject of a lot of my fantasies in my late teens and early twenties. Summers with her walking round in bikinis and summer dresses playing in my mind as I masturbated. I had rummaged through her drawers on many occasions, finding a lot of sexy underwear even stealing a few thongs to wrap round my cock as I played.

The greatest find of all though was when I had just turned 20, a box filled with sex toys in the under bed drawer. It had all different toys in, bullets up to 10 inch dildos and multiple vibrators. It even had a few anal toys which totally surprised me. I couldn’t believe she had all these, but being divorced I guess she had her own needs.

My heart was racing as I picked each one bahis firmaları out and lined them up on the bed. Turning each vibrator on to see how powerful it was. She had a flesh coloured one which was almost the same size as me. This instantly had my mind racing and my cock hardening. It had a suction cup on the bottom so I imagined her backing up against it, even putting it in her ass after using some of the plugs. I held it down by my crotch to size it up and I was right. Apart from the material it was the same.

The girls had gone out shopping for the afternoon leaving me in the house to watch football. I knew I had at least a few hours which I why I came into Julies bedroom for a nose in the first place. I was horny before this discovery and now I was ready to explode. I quickly stripped and went into the on suite to grab some tissues before I made a mess.

While in there I saw some boy short panties on top of the clothes hamper. Not very sexy, I knew she has so much underwear that there had to be something better in the hamper I could use. kaçak iddaa The rummage was worth it, 3 thongs, a g-string and a bra that matched on of the thongs. I took them back into the bedroom and put them on the bed with the toys.

What I would give to see Julie use these toys or even in the underwear. I wrapped two of the thongs round my cock and began to stroke. I was so hard I swear I could feel my heart beat racing through my cock. Looking at toys wondering which one to use to help me get off. I chose one of the smaller but powerful vibrators to put on the underside of my cock wrapping inside of the thongs to keep it in place.

I was only at it for a few minutes before my orgasm built. The mixed sensations of the vibrations and underwear sending me over the edge. Grabbing the bra I placed one of the massive cups over the head of my cock to catch the cum as I exploded, having to wrap it over so the cum didn’t splash off the cup and spray everywhere. My legs went weak as it subsided and I sat down slumped against the bed.

I looked a state, kaçak bahis sat there with Julie’s underwear all over me. Cum seeping through the thin material. Lucky the two thongs and a bra had managed to contain the majority of the cum so no clean-up was needed. I had knocked some of the toys onto the floor next to me as I sat down. One of the bigger toys had fallen and was currently underneath me between my cheeks, with no energy to move it would have to sit there for a minute while I recovered. My head was spinning.

I regained my composure before getting dressed and replacing all the toys. Trying to put them back in the order they were taken out. Satisfied with that I then returned the underwear to the hamper, rubbing the cum in as much as possible to make it less noticeable (or so I thought). I would never be able to look at Julie without thinking of her using her vast collection of toys. All the fantasies I had made up over the years just blown away in one afternoon. I now made it my mission to see her in the underwear and maybe even using some of the toys. This summer just got interesting.

As luck would have it an opportunity for blackmailing presented itself just a few weeks later when Julie came in drunk after a night out and walked in on me in the shower.

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