AJ Lee, Paige and Nikki Bella

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This is the first story I ever wrote, I put it up on another site as different name. But I though you’d like to check it out it. Give thoughts and leave some love.

If you’re a wrestling fan you’ll understand this story a lot more.

AJ walked into the divas locker room just after her Battleground match with Paige. As she walked in she noticed Paige was facing away from her pulling down her purple wrestling shorts, exposing her huge pale white ass just covered by a very small red thong . “Hey Paige.” but Paige didn’t say anything. AJ said “Hey Paige.” again and still nothing. AJ was about to walk over there and smack Paige but then she noticed Paige had her headphones on. AJ looked at Paige’s ass again and then she felt a tingle down below.

AJ was about to turn around and start getting ready for her shower but just before she did Paige pulled down her red thong. As Paige bent over AJ got a great view of Paige’s tight brown anus and her pink pussy lips. Not a trace of hair anywhere. Then AJ felt that tingle again but this time it was much stronger. Paige started to take off her purple top and AJ could feel herself getting wet AJ unbuttoned her jean shorts and pulled them down along with her pink underwear then she rammed two of her fingers in her tight pink pussy. She started fingering herself slowly and she was getting wetter by the second. She started fingering herself faster and faster and she knew it wasn’t enough to get her off. She threw her shirt and bra off and as she was about to cup her tits and pinch her nips Paige started to turn around and AJ started to freak out. She grabbed a towel and started walking towards the shower. Paige started walking towards the shower as well.

Paige finally noticed AJ and said “Hey AJ I had fun in our match tonight.”AJ gave Paige a devilish smile. AJ started walking slower so Paige would walk in front of her so she could see that huge pale white ass again. Paige walked in the shower and within a few seconds she turned on the shower. Steam was starting to build up in the shower, AJ watched as Paige turned around and AJ finally got a great view of Paige’s perky tits and hairless pussy. AJ looked up and noticed Paige had caught her staring and they locked eyes until Paige turned around and stepped under the water. Paige’s wet ass looks beautiful AJ thought to herself. AJ just couldn’t help it. She walked up behind Paige and grabbed her huge pale white ass. Paige yelled “AJ WHAT ARE YOU DOING??!!” AJ didn’t say anything she just kept groping Paige’s ass. Then all of a sudden AJ pushed Paige against the wall and she slammed her pelvis into Paige’s ass. AJ whispered to Paige “I’m gonna make you my pale white bitch.” Paige swallowed hard. AJ started to grind her pubic mound into Paige’s ass.

AJ could feel herself getting wetter and wetter by the second. Paige tried to hold in a moan but she just couldn’t. Paige moaned softly. AJ heard it and she knew it was time bahis firmaları for the next step. She rubbed her hand down Paige’s ass and in between her legs until she found her slit. Paige felt AJ’s hand getting closer to her pussy. Before Paige could say anything AJ slammed 2 fingers into Paige’s tight pink hot wet hairless pussy. Paige moaned loudly and she could feel her knees trembling. AJ kept fingering Paige’s pussy. Paige didn’t care if AJ forced her into this she wanted it. She started moaning loudly. AJ got onto her knees behind Paige. AJ then parted Paige’s beautiful ass and she now had a front row view of Paige’s anus and pussy from behind.

AJ stuck her tongue out and started licking Paige’s anus. Paige’s anus tasted like heaven with a dash of honey. While she was still fingering Paige’s pussy with one hand she was now playing with Paige’s hard little clit. Once Paige felt AJ’s soft little hand on her clit she almost lost it, she screamed out in pleasure. AJ kept licking and fingering Paige’s asshole and pussy. Before AJ knew it Paige was pressing her ass into her face wanting much more.
AJ ran out of the shower to get a toy from her bag, Paige was confused but within seconds AJ was back with a big pink dildo it was at least 12inches long. Paige gasped at the size of it. AJ got behind Paige and started to cup one of Paige’s perky pale tits. Then Paige felt that huge monster dildo going inside her pussy. She couldn’t handle it she was gonna cum. Paige yelled “AJ, I”M CUMMING, I”M CUMMING!!!!”. AJ took that as a sign to slam more of it in, she slammed at least 8inches in Paige’s pussy all at once. Paige almost fell to the ground in pleasure but she squirted her sweet Pussy juices all over the dildo. Paige was breathing heavily and sweating.’Paige turned around and said “AJ it’s your turn.” Paige being taller and stronger than AJ she pushed her to the shower floor with ease. AJ still had the dildo in her hand.

AJ landed on her belly, with her ass in the air. Paige got behind AJ and slapped her perfectly tan little ass. She started to grind into AJ’s ass and there was no warm up here. Paige was thrusting full force into AJ’s ass Paige started to kiss AJ’s neck and nibbled on her ear while still humping her. Paige thought it felt magnificent. AJ was moaning very loudly! Paige slid down AJ and parted her little ass cheeks. She was hit with a strong musky scent of wet latina pussy. Paige looked at AJ’s pink hairless pussy in awe. Paige started to lick her tangy tasting pussy. Paige’s tongue was now lost in a wet warm water park. Also Paige started to finger AJ’s asshole. AJ yelled “NOT MY ASS, IT HURTS!!!” Paige said “Too bad” and she slammed two fingers deep into AJ’s ass.

AJ screamed in pain, Paige was licking AJ’s pussy while fingering her asshole faster and faster. Paige herd AJ starting to cry so she started to wiggle her fingers inside her ass. That always makes me cum Paige thought to herself so kaçak iddaa it might work on AJ. AJ couldn’t believe she felt it coming but then Paige just stopped. AJ was confused and angry. Paige said “She heard the locker room door open.” “Who’s in the shower, hello anyone there? It’s me Nikki.” Paige said ” It’s me Paige and AJ.” Nikki said oh hey guys, Me and John have a date tonight. So I’m gonna take a short shower.” AJ and Paige could barley see anymore because of the steam but AJ was still very horny and she needed to get off. AJ whispered in Paige’s ear “Make me cum you pale white bitch.” Paige wanted to but she didn’t wanna get caught by Nikki. Then a idea came to Paige’s mind. Paige whispered to AJ, “Let’s see if she wants to join in.” AJ grinned and said “Hey Nikki come on get in.” Nikki said, “One second I can’t get this dress off the zipper is stuck in the back.” AJ took this as a chance to get Nikki into it, AJ pushed Paige off of her, stood up and handed Paige the pink dildo and walked out of the shower fully nude, Paige got a great view of AJ’s tan ass just begging to be fucked. Nikki gasped as she saw AJ walking towards her fully nude. She looked at her hairless cunt first and then she looked her small perky tits. She turned away fast but her face was red and she could feel her panties getting wet.

Once AJ was behind Nikki she cupped Nikki’s thick ass softly and she ran her hands up and down Nikki’s back while Paige walked out of the shower and she started using that huge dildo on her tight pink pussy. Nikki heard this smacking sound and she turned her head and saw Paige cupping her pale tit and fucking herself with a pink dildo. AJ pulled the zipper down full force and the dress ripped, AJ could see the top of Nikki’s ass crack and her yellow panties. AJ shoved one of her hands in the back of Nikki’s panties and she shoved her other hand down the front of Nikki’s dress and cupped one of Nikki’s huge tan and perky tits. Nikki’s tit melted in AJ’s little hand and her nips were hard like little rocks.

Nikki moaned loudly, AJ started to finger fuck Nikki’s warm and very tight pussy from behind and she could feel there was hair down there. AJ pinched Nikki’s hard nips. And Nikki was soaking wet and she wanted to be fucked. Paige walked over to her bag and pulled out a strapon and she put the pink dildo on top of her bag. AJ and Nikki both saw it, it was about 7inches long and red. AJ kept fingering Nikki’s pussy and she kept playing with Nikki’s tit. Paige walked behind AJ and picked her up and slammed her on the ground. AJ was facedown with her ass in the air. AJ said “Not so rough.” Paige said “Shut up you dumb pussy teasing bitch. I’m gonna fuck that perfect little ass of yours.” Nikki stripped her clothes off and Paige noticed Nikki had a huge bush and she also had huge tits. At least D cups if not E cups. They were huge! Nikki sat down and started fingering her pussy and pinching her nips. AJ was scared, kaçak bahis she was about to get ass fucked for the first time. Paige placed the strapon at AJ’s anus entrance and Paige started working it back and forth. Applying more and more pressure. Before AJ knew it at least 2 inches was in her perfect little ass. AJ was crying in pain. But she knew that she brought this onto herself.

About 5inches were in and then Paige said “Here goes.” she slammed the last 2 inches in and AJ screamed in pain . AJ could feel herc ass blood running down her thighs. Paige started to go in and out, AJ couldn’t believe it but she started to like it. Paige started to slam in and out faster and faster and faster and Nikki was sitting there fingering herself at full force. Paige took the strapon out and slammed it all in at once. AJ was moaning non stop and she finally felt it, wave after wave of pleasure swept over her body. She was shaking in pleasure as her pussy juices came flooding out of her pussy. Paige pulled out and said “Who’s next?”

But Nikki had another idea she got up and pushed Paige on her back and sat on Paige’s face. Paige’s got a face full of furry pink wet pussy. Paige was soaking wet. Paige smelled Nikki’s musky scent, Paige stuck her tongue out and started to lick Nikki’s hairy fruity tasting pussy. AJ was laying there trying to catch her breath. Blood still dripping out of her ass and she was covered in sweat and pussy juice. She looked over and saw Paige giving Nikki a good time. AJ looked at Nikki’s ass it was huge way bigger than her ass or Paige’s ass. AJ had to have it! AJ got up still feeling the pleasure of that ass fucking .

Her pink dildo was on top of Paige’s bag. She walked over and picked it up and the she walked over to Nikki and Paige. AJ said “Nikki get into doggy style position.” Nikki did it and Nikki now had her tits in Paige’s face. Paige was now sucking on those huge fluffy tits. AJ looked at Nikki’s asshole and she needed it more than Cm Punk needs ice cream bars. She got up behind Nikki and she was about to shove her face in Nikki’s ass but she noticed Paige was still wearing that strapon. AJ said “Fuck it!” And she impaled her pussy on the 7incher she moaned in pleasure. She took all 7inches at once, AJ took the pink dildo and rammed into Paige’s pussy. Paige screamed in pain and pleasure. AJ kept going up and down up and down on the strapon and she kept moving the dildo in and out of Paige’s pussy. Then AJ slammed her face into Nikki’s ass. She licked and sucked Nikki’s musky smelling and flowery tasting anus. AJ used her free hand to stick 4 fingers into Nikki’s hairy tight pleasure trove. Paige said “I’M CUMMING! HOLY SHIT! FASTER AJ FASTER !!!” AJ slammed the huge dildo in and out and she felt Paige shaking in pleasure and Nikki without warning cummed in AJ’s face and she collapsed on top of Paige. AJ licked up Nikki’s juices on her face with her tongue and AJ went up and down on Paige’s strapon a few more times. Until she cummed buckets of sweet pussy juices.

AJ collapsed on top of Nikki.

AJ whispered, “Let’s do it again.”

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