All for Mr. Redman Chapter 9

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*** You will find this easier to read, and more enjoyable, if you take the time to read the other chapters first

Thank you to all those who have written to me about this, commented, and voted. I really do appreciate it very much.

There is not a lot of sex in this Chapter, it is located in just after the middle portion. Please do not be too hard on me as for this story to continue to be true I had to admit everything and you may not like me after. I have never claimed to be a perfect person. I am not hiding anything… simply trying to fill in an important section in our lives.

Please remember that English is not my first language. Thank you for your patience.***

All for Mr. Redman Chapter 9

I left Peter’s house feeling more turmoil inside me than I ever thought possible. When I reached the corner to get the subway I was having trouble breathing and had to lean against a building. My heart really hurt, my chest was actually hurting.

Jessica… the name of the woman who came to the door and shattered my perfect world with the news that Peter had a son. A son who was with her at the door. I could feel the blood pounding in my ears and leaned over for a moment. I actually thought I was going to throw up.

Finally, I stood and made my way to the subway station. It was that moment when I realized I didn’t have anyplace to go. I did not bother getting an apartment at the end of second year because Peter and I moved in together.

The idea of going to my parents was too crushing to even contemplate. How would I ever explain this to them? That my beloved Peter had a son with another woman.

Was he being honest with me? She did not say anything to make me decide one way or another. I knew that the handsome little boy was his. There was no doubt of it. I could see the man I loved in his eyes.

How did she not tell him? Did he actually know or suspect? When the hell was the last time he saw her and how did this happen? I had a hundred questions flying around in my mind and no idea where to go with them. I was not really ready to process anything.

I was possibly homeless, standing on a street corner in yoga pants and an athletic top, wearing my cross trainers. Changing before I left didn’t cross my mind.

Deciding that maybe walking would help I just started to wander. I had no real idea where I was going, I just walked. I didn’t really notice people. The world had taken on a grey shade and was muted to my senses. I guess that’s why I was not paying attention to anything and that was how I met James.

I was crossing a street in a daze not paying attention. I was shocked back to reality by two things. A loud car horn and a body slamming into mine. By the time I was fully aware I was on the opposite sidewalk and a man was releasing his hold on me. He had basically charged at me and grabbed me and moved me out of the path of a car that would have wiped me out.

The driver yelled “You stupid Chinese Bitch!!!!” at the top of his lungs and drove off.

My rescuer yelled “Fuck you!” back at him.

He kept one hand on my upper arm and stepped back looking in my eyes “Are you okay? That as close.”

I looked at him and said “No.”

“Are you hurt?” he was looking me over from head to toe “Did I hurt you?”

My brain kicked in and I said “So sorry, no I am not hurt. I will be fine.”

Looking at him he was about 40 years old. Had very kind light blue eyes, was clean shaven and had what can best be described as a kind face. He was about 5’9” tall, about 170lbs and seemed pretty fit. He was wearing black pants and a blue collared dress shirt.

I saw in his eyes that he saw me looking him over and a smile came to his face. “I guess I should at least tell you my name, I’m James.”

“Thank you for saving me James. It was very brave. My name is Sachiko.”

“Sachiko? Really… so your Japanese and your name means Blossom.” he said with a gentle smile.

“How did… do you speak Japanese?” I asked. I was genuinely surprised.

He laughed and said “No, I wish. I have a friend… one of my best friends, who was in love with a girl named Sachiko years ago. She was from Japan, really nice girl. She was here for school. He still talks about her periodically. She made a big impression on him. I learned from her what her name means.”

I nodded and smiled. He tilted his head looking at me and said “I don’t mean to be insensitive, but are you sure you’re okay?”

Looking down at the ground I said “Yes… I am fine.”

He said “I don’t think you are okay. You just walked through traffic like you had a death wish, what happened?”

I looked up at him and knew he could see I was not well composed, something that is deeply embarrassing to me. Honestly I did not know what to do, I was on autopilot and unable to form a response.

Seeing compassion in his eyes I blurted out what happened and he just listened very calmly as I did it. I was standing in the street pouring out my soul to a man who just saved my life. When I was done talking he said gently “You are fine.”

“I do not think so.” I said emotionally.

“No, you are F.I.N.E. It means Fucked up, Insecure, Neurotic, and Emotional. F.I.N.E.” He said gently while smiling.

I laughed while wiping my eyes and nodded.

“Come on, you need to talk and I have time to listen.” he gestured for me to walk with him. I have no idea why he was being so kind, not at that point. He lead me down the street into a comfortable restaurant and we got a booth. When the waitress came she said “Hi James, JD and Coke?” he nodded and asked for a menu and asked me what I would like to drink. “May I please have a draft Keith’s?”
The waitress smiled and said “Of course you can!” and went to get our drinks. Peter ordered a taster platter and we sat there in silence for a few minutes.

What the hell was I doing here? I don’t even know this guy. Yes he saved me and I should at least buy him lunch as a thank you… but why was I sharing so much.

James sat and listened as I poured out everything about Peter and I. I didn’t hold anything back and even talked about our sex life. I talked about his parents, my parents, living with him… everything.

By the time I got to the part where James met me we were each on our third drink. He nodded and said “Simple… my opinion is he did not know abut the child. He would have reacted to him and not looked surprised when she brought him up. He didn’t know… she got pregnant, you said yourself he said she bailed on him. She never told him. There are only two questions. First, why is she telling him now? Second, are you going to go back to the man you love who just had a big bomb dropped on him too? Now, don’t think I am being critical… but don’t you think he needs you now more than ever?”

I sat there stunned. Granted I had consumed three pints of beer and that makes me slow on the uptake to begin with, but he was so right. I knew in my heart that Peter did not know about the child. I also knew I loved him and love can be a demanding thing. Peter had always stood by me.

“James, this is not he got a pet… this is so big, this is a child. What if she wants him back? What if she is trying to work her way back into Peter’s life because she cannot raised the child alone anymore. Why the hell is she there? I’m not trying to sound weak or selfish, but a child is a huge responsibility and I was first in his heart… but any woman who gets involved with a man with a child must realize that the child is everything to him.. child comes first… you cannot be unfair about that, you have to accept the child’s importance.”

James nodded and ordered us another drink. I had a tequila shooter with mine. What can I say, getting drunk was starting to look like a good idea. Also, it is more culturally acceptable for me to spill my guts under the influence. It’s a way that excuses someone from having to pay attention to all social custom and status. It allows one to speak their mind and not be taken as offensive. It also allows others to excuse or forgive behaviour… it was too much Sake. It is an old custom in my culture and a necessary one. It suited me just fine here.

So… I got drunk. James and I talked about my situation and then I started asking him a lot of questions about himself, very direct ones. He lived alone in a bachelor apartment east of Younge and Dundas. He works as a chef at a private school, is divorced, his last girlfriend was great sober but a nightmare whenever she touched any alcohol. He was not dating anyone now. He usually dated women under the age of thirty, he had no children… and was sure of it.

James made me laugh and forget what I was facing. It was good because I needed to release the hurricane of energy the situation had caused.

We eventually left that bar and took the subway to the downtown. James wanted to take me to a nice restaurant that specialized in Spring Rolls, but lets just say I was a little bit drunk. So we went to a chicken wing place nearby instead. I love BBQ chicken wings and ate those with the dill sauce dip. Of course we had more to drink.

All through this James did not flirt with me. I felt like I was out with a best friend and he slipped into that role so easily.

At around 6pm I called Peter. He did not answer. I texted him and got no answer. I called bot the house phone and his cell phone and got no answer. This upset me because I started to think that Jessica had taken him away from me. On a whim I called his parents. Probably not the smartest move I ever made. They were not home thank God. Just to be sure my stupidity was complete I called his sister. Thankfully she did not answer. What the hell would I have said to them? I was a bit drunk… not thinking straight… and maybe Peter was not answering me because he did not want to deal with me.

James stood back and watched all this patiently. He knew I was kind of flipping out a bit.

Giving up I asked James if he wanted to go someplace else. He just smiled and walked beside me and we went to a bar with a patio not far away. We sat down and ordered drinks. James excused himself to go the the washroom. I was sitting there minding my own business, deep in thought actually, when a guy sat down across from me.

I looked up and it was a young guy dressed like an escapee from a low budget rap video. Make that a background extra in a low budget rap video. He looked at me and said “You make a man want to thank the heavens for letting an Angel like you come to Earth.” with a sly smile and leaning forward on the table.

Keeping a very calm face I said “That seat is taken.”

“Whats a fine and divine girl like you doing with him. You are too sweet to waste yourself on something sour. Why don’t you come with me and I will rock you baby.” he said in a way he probably thought was smooth. I found it arrogant and absolutely stupid coming from a guy who had to be the biggest poser I had ever seen.

“Sorry, I am not interested. Please leave me alone.” I said very calmly. Inside I was starting to get pissed off and was thinking kicking his ass might be the ultimate cathartic exercise after the day I had. In fact, that option was becoming really appealing. I think it showed in my eyes.

“Damn bitch, don’t have to get all frosty on me, just trying to show you how a good time with a real man would be.” He said all cocky. The Streets bahis firmaları thing really didn’t work on this guy. I was betting he lived with his parents in Richmond Hill.

“Good idea. When I see a real man I will be sure to spend time with him.” I said in a mocking voice.

The best part was that the people at the tables around us had seen him sit and heard the last few comments and started to laugh. Low End Rapper decided it was time to leave. He didn’t say a word, just walked away. An African Canadian nearby yelled at him “Yo, hate to tell you… but your white!”

James came back and said “What the hell was that all about?”

I filled him in and we ended up laughing our asses off. Our waitress bought me a drink for the real man comment. About an hour later I was obsessed with talking to Peter again and decided not to wait and called him.

A female voice… Jessica answered “Hello?”

“Can I speak to Peter please?” I said as calmly as I could.

“He is busy right now playing with his son. The son I gave him. I suggest you just arrange to pack your shit and get out. We need the space.” and she hung up. I called back three more times and no one answered.

I started shaking and James said “What happened?”

“He… she… I’m supposed to arrange to pack my things.” And I started to cry. James came around the table and put his arm around me and, looking around, brought me into the bar and over to a private booth.

“Who did you speak to?” he asked softly.

“Jessica, she answered his cell phone.” I said trying not to sob.

“So, you didn’t even get to talk to Peter. What exactly did she say?” he asked. I told him and he said “That bitch has his phone. She is keeping him from speaking to you. Don’t give up, but he needs to know you are trying to reach him. Why don’t we get a cab and I can go with you. I will stay out of the way and just be there in case okay?”

I looked up at him and said “Why are you helping me so much? Listening to all my bull shit. I am a stranger and you have done so much for me.”

He smiled his gentle smile and said “Because I would hope that if I was in as much pain as you someone would help me. You probably the sweetest and most interesting woman I have met in a long time. I can’t for an instant believe he is breaking up with someone like you, and I am not going to stand idly by why that bitch ruins what you have with him. Besides, if I was an overactive 16 year old, and Japanese, you could have been my daughter.” That made me laugh.

Somehow James had paid the bill and we left and got a cab. We took it to Peter’s and James waited on the sidewalk as I used my key to open the door. The condo was in darkness and quiet. I looked around and there was no note. I walked into the bedroom and saw my bag sitting outside the closet on the floor. It was empty, but was sitting there.

I started to cry. Why was this happening? Would I never get the chance to say how I felt? Why and how could Peter be so cruel. He never treated anyone like this. I fell to my knees by the bag crying. I’m not sure how long I was doing this before I heard “Sachiko”. James was calling to me from the front door.

I got up and grabbed a change of clothes and some other things. James came in when I asked him to. We walked around the apartment. Three people had eaten dinner. Three glasses still on the coffee table. Worse was the fact the message light was not blinking on the phone from when I called earlier. He must have listened to it. His cell was not there. Nothing to say where he went or when he would come back.

I wrote him a note and at a suggestion from James I placed it inside his shaving kit, where only he would find it.

I didn’t want to stay there because I did not know what was happening. Going to my parents was still a problem. Amanda was not back yet and for some reason I just could not bring myself to call Barbara.

Finally I decided to stay in a hotel and told James that. We left together and I locked the door. We walked back to the subway and took it downtown. Lots of hotels to choose from. Choice was not an issue, vacancies were, and I could not secure a room.

James finally said “Look, you can sleep at my place. I will take the couch. I promise, no funny business.” I accepted his invitation and went with him. He lived a couple of blocks east of Younge Street and south of Dundas Street. His building was not that impressive, but his apartment was clean and had a comfortable feel to it.

He invited me to sit on the couch and got us some drinks and seated himself in the arm chair across from me. Nothing about this guy suggested he was going to try anything. I’m not sure why, maybe the feeling of rejection and a beating to my self esteem, but I started to wish he would.

Instead we drank and chatted about the situation. He was trying to keep me calm and told me that if I did not hear anything by morning I should call Peter’s sister and fill her in.

It was getting pretty late, about 2am, and we decided to sleep. James was as good as his word and I went into the bedroom. I stripped down to my panties and put on a “Hello Kitty” t-shirt. Childish, but one of my favourites for sleeping. I laid down on the bed and turned out the light. Despite drinking and having a really long day i could not sleep. I tossed and turned. I tried calling Peter a few times and the phone went right to voice mail. I left messages on the house phone begging him to call me. Nothing was making me feel better.

Around 4:30am I gave up laying there trying to sleep and got up. I found some books on the dresser and tried reading. I even tried reading The Zombie Survival Guide, an instruction manual on how to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Around 5am I got up and went to get some water. The layout meant going right past James as he was sleeping. I looked down at him as I crept by. He had left the bathroom light on so I could see where I was going if I got up. In the kitchen I got a big glass of water and stood there drinking it quietly as I watched him sleep. Feelings of loneliness and rejection were running through me. The only man I had ever truly loved did not even care enough to call me. I know I told him I would call him and I did. He had chosen not to speak to me. I had never heard of Jessica and that worried me. I thought back to all the times we had spent together, my insecurities the first night. Was I just being stupid? Or, of more concern, was I being stupid by clinging to a belief in something that was already over Peter’s mind. Was it over?

I finished the water while I was thinking this. Putting the glass down, I crossed my arms hugging myself while I looked at James. I made a decision that was so out of character for me to that point. If someone had said I was going to do this the day before I would have said the whole situation was impossible and laughed at them.

Slowly I walked over to James and knelt down next to him. I gently placed a hand on his and said his name quietly until I saw his eyes open.

He sat upright quickly and looked at me and said “Are you okay?” with a voice full of honest concern. His eyes showed he was worried abut me.

I simply said “No, I’m really not” and I stood up pulling on his hand. He got up and said “Do you need a drink?”

“No.” I said simply and lead him into the bedroom.

He stopped dead at the entrance and pulled back on my hand lightly. “Sachiko, what are you doing?” he said softly but with a hint of worry.

“James, I can’t sleep. I don’t want to be alone right now. Please….” I trailed off.

He stood there and shook his head and said “No… your not thinking clearly. You don’t know what is happening and your making a mistake, a big one. Don’t do this… in the morning you will understand, even if you don’t right now. I can’t do this.”

“Stop thinking so much” was all I said before I kissed him. I slid my arms around his neck and kissed him with everything I had inside me. Rejection was not something I could handle, anymore than being alone at that moment. When I felt his mouth open and his arms wrap around me I just surrendered to the comfort of a wonderful man holding me and kissing me.

I slowly moved backward until we had covered the short distance to the bed and pulled him down with me. James stopped kissing me for a moment looking down at me. He looked like he was going to stop so I grabbed him and locked my mouth to his passionately, while wrapping my legs around his waist.

He resisted for a moment and then gave in and moved me up the bed while kissing me. When he began to kiss my neck and I felt his hands exploring my chest over my top I moaned under him. He sat up and tugged on the bottom of my shirt, pulling it off. I was not wearing a bra and he leaned in and began sucking on and kissing my nipples. I put my hands on his head as he did this, arching my back and offering my breasts to him.

Kissing his way lower he gently pushed me back and continued to explore with his lips until he was kissing me above my panties. He gently pulled them down while kissing and licking each area of my skin that was exposed. Finally he pulled my panties right off and laid on his stomach kissing my thighs and caressing my legs, gradually kissing my inner thighs and making his way to my wet pussy.

His loving licks and kisses, when they reached my pussy, were electrifying. In our passion I forgot everything as he was worshiping my little pussy with his mouth. Writhing under his oral loving I felt an orgasm building and when it hit I moaned out his name as I flooded his mouth and ground my pussy hard on it. I grabbed his head with my hands and held him there as he sucked up everything I had to offer. He didn’t stop and when I relaxed he started over again, slowly building me up and eating me until I had cum on his face at least four times. He obviously loved eating pussy and it showed in his amazing technique.

Finally I had to push on his head and beg him to stop. He ran his hands up my legs and pushed on them causing me to bend at the knee and they rose higher in the air. This movement left raised my ass upwards and exposed my tight ass to his oral loving. He tongue and licked my ass for what seemed like forever, moving a hand down to tease my clit. This forced me to cum again hard and he moved up fast to drink my squirting juices.

As I lay there breathing hard he slid up the bed and kissed me again. I wrapped my body around him and he kissed and held me. We kept kissing passionately when he rolled us over pulling me on top of him. Moving my arms from his shoulders I raised up and began kissing my way down his body until I reached his hard cock. It was beautiful, with an upward curve. I stroked it lightly and then began licking his balls as I positioned my body between his legs. I never stopped moving my hand on him and began sucking his balls into my mouth, licking them and kissing them. He was moaning at this point so I removed my hand from his shaft and began licking and kissing my way up it. Once I reached the top I tasted his sweet precum and slid his hard hot cock into my mouth.

His hands came to my head and he wrapped them in my hair and began thrusting up into my mouth. I opened my throat to him and deep throated his cock. He cried out “Holy shit” and began to fuck my face. I loved it and used my tongue to lick him and swirl around his head and shaft and he did this.

Within kaçak iddaa a couple of minutes he arched his back and groaned out as he shot his hot cum into my mouth. His pleasure must have been very great, because his hips flew off the bed and as I kept sucking him he was saying “Oh God” as his head thrashed from side to side and he released my hair, his fists hitting the mattress and then covering his head with his arms as he continued to thrash. I eased up and allowed him to relax. His body still shuddering I watched him come down from the heaven I had sent him to.

I kissed my way back up his body, even though he jumped when he first felt my lips on his stomach. When I reached his neck I bit it lightly and then kissed his mouth. His hands came up to my face and he cupped it as our tongues dueled hotly.

James reached down between us and was dragging the head of his still hard cock along my pussy lips. He seated it at my entrance and looked at me and abruptly stopped. He asked me to sit up for a second and he put a condom on. Seeing him do that I realized what I was doing. I started to have doubts, but decided I wanted this man who had been so sweet and kind and had never expected this type of reward.

Once he was properly sheathed he pulled me back over him so I was straddling his body and lined up his cock. He slowly fed it into my hungry pussy and I leaned back and moaned with his full entry. I rotated my hips and buried his full length inside me.

“Holy shit you are so fucking tight” he said as I started to ride him, raising myself up and down and rotating my hips on him. He put his hands on my breasts and I leaned into them for support, crushing my tits into his hands. He spread his fingers allowing my nipples between then, and began pinching them.

I was riding him and his cock and hands felt so good that in no time I came all over him, soaking his cock, balls, and thighs with my hot pussy juices. As I came down from my orgasmic high James rolled us over and positioned me on all fours, waiting to be fucked like a bitch in heat.

He slid his very satisfying cock back into my pussy. One of his hands took hold of my hair, the other my hip. He pulled my head back as he started thrusting his cock deep inside me. He was fucking me with alternating deep thrusts, varying speed, and basically demonstrating that this man knew how to fuck a woman in a way she would never forget. I came all over his cock and he released my hair pushing on my back until my chest was forced down onto the bed. He never let up and kept fucking my tight little cunt sending thrilling waves of pleasure through my whole body.

When he smacked my ass I cried out and thrust back at him. Taking the hint he began spanking my ass and pounding me harder. I was screaming into the mattress, loving the way he was fucking me. I could not believe how well he was nailing my little pussy.

When he stopped spanking me and I felt his thumb teasing my asshole I went crazy ans started to orgasm. He buried his thumb in my ass as he pounded my pussy through another fantastic orgasm.

As I was coming down from it he pulled me upright and said hotly in my ear “Do you want me to fuck your ass?”

“Oh God yes, fuck me in the ass, please yes.” I panted out.

He pulled his soaking wet cock from my pussy and lined it up with my asshole. He pushed me back down and said “Spread your ass for me.”

I reached back with my hands and grabbed my firm ass cheeks, spreading them wide so he could invade my ass.

“You’re so fucking hot, every inch of you is perfect. I’ve never seen such a pretty ass before” he said practically growling the words out. He pushed forward, and his cock made it’s way into my tight little Japanese ass. I moaned loudly as his cock head slid through my tight ring and drove into the depths of my ass.

He reached around with one hand to play with my pussy and used the other to hold me down. When he started fucking me in earnest, with his hand teasing my pussy and clit, I screamed out “fuck it, fuck my ass… use it.” and he did. He pounded my ass until I was screaming and cumming all over his hand, spraying his thighs with my hot cunt juice as he kept pounding me. I felt his grip tighten and he moved both his hands to my waist as he railed my ass like his life depended on it. With a roar he slammed into me a final time and shot his hot load.

I collapsed flat as his grip on my waist relaxed and he fell forward laying on my back, his panting nearly drowning out my own. He slowly withdrew from my ass and rolled to the side. I turned toward him and put my arm over his chest. After a few minutes he got up and went to the bathroom to get rid of the condom and clean up.

When he came back to bed I curled up against him. He had a worried expression and turned to me and said “Please… I hope you don’t end up hating me for this in the morning. I tried to say no, but I’m weak and you are so beautiful. I really didn’t want to do this because I know you will regret it.”

Looking at him I said “I don’t regret it. I made a decision. I thought about it before I woke you. I won’t regret this at all… you are an amazing lover and you made me feel like I was desirable again.”

“Sachiko, you are very very desirable. Any man would love to be here right now. I don’t know why you decided an average guy 20 years older than you was worth it, but I’m really glad you did. I should feel horrible, guilty, something… because I think I took advantage of you. I just can’t seem to feel anything other than wanting to shout Thank You God for this.”

I kissed him and cuddled up. I did finally fall asleep, but my last thought was “Peter where are you?”

I woke up around 11am. I looked at James sleeping soundly beside me and gently disengaged from him. Amazingly I found I did not feel guilty. Last night was something I needed and if Peter had just called me back, answered the phone or left a note it would never have happened.

I grabbed my cell phone. No calls, no texts, nothing.

Walking into the bathroom I closed the door and used the phone to call the house, Peter’s cell, and send him another text. There was no answer. I left messages again pleading with him to call me.

Deciding to shower I got myself cleaned up. When I came out James had made breakfast and was drinking a coffee. I was wrapped only in a towel and he walked over and handed me one. As I sipped it he watched me carefully.

I looked up at him and smiled. He seemed relieved and I said “No regrets.”

James said it was his turn to shower. I sat and ate the breakfast he had prepared while he was showering. When I was done I went into the bedroom and got dressed. I had no idea where I ws going to go, but I knew I would have to do something.

When I came out James was already dressed. He smiled at me and said “So, what’s the plan?”

I told him of the calls I had already made and asked for his advice. He replied “I think your best option is his Sister. If not her, call Barbara, is that her name? She can probably tell you who Jessica is.”

I had not thought of that, but then again we had been drinking quite a bit.

After pondering it I phoned Barbara. She brightened right up when she realized who it was.

“Sachiko! Oh my God it is good to hear your voice. Do you guys want to do brunch? I will take you out, my treat.”

I hesitated and she said “Sachiko, what’s wrong?”

Unable to hold it in I told her all about the previous day and James, excluding the sex.

“That fucking bitch!” she yelled “She ripped his heart out when we were in High School and apparently she is not done. Oh that fucking bitch! She has control of his phone. Fuck. Where are you?”

“Um, James what’s your address?” He told me and I repeated it to her.

“Wait, you are still there? That’s the guy who saved you from the car right?” she asked.

“Yes. I am still here at his place. We just finished breakfast and he was trying to help me figure out how to get a hold of Peter.” I said.

“Wait Sachiko. I have to ask you, although I know the answer, given everything that has happened and the shit storm the Bitch will cause… do you still want to be with Peter?”

“Yes I do. I am not walking away without a fight.” I said firmly.

“That’s my Girl. Don’t take any of her shit when you see her. I am coming to get you. Stay put and we will find him, don’t you worry. I’m going to smack that bitch… Oh fuck I hate her!”

We said goodbye and I hung up.

“She is coming to get you I assume?” James asked.

“Yes, she will be here in about thirty minutes.” I said softly.

He looked sheepish and said “Well I am happy for you. I am sure she will know where to find him.” he even managed a smile.

“Yes, she is very determined.” I said.

“Sachiko I… will I ever see you again?” he asked.

I looked at him and walked over to him taking his hands in mine. “One way or another yes. You saved my life, literally. Your a wonderful guy, a real friend. I can’t believe everything you did for me yesterday. Last night was… James you are an incredible lover. Oh my God I can’t believe your single. You have a wonderful heart, your good looking and so kind, and you fuck like a porn star. You should write a manual on how to eat pussy!” I said laughing finally.

He smiled at me and said “I’m glad. I think you are supposed to be my friend and in my life. Everything happens for a reason, and I mean as a friend. I’m not looking for sex, which by the way you should have a warning label for.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Your blowjobs are the stuff of legend girl. Believe me, you are no slouch in bed. You’re fucking amazing.” he said with a smile. “Let me ask you something… and be honest.”

“Okay.” I said.

“Are you going to tell Peter about this?” he said staring into my eyes.

“If he deserves to know, yes. If it’s important. I won’t say anything if he has chosen her over me. If that’s the case he has lost all right to know anything about me ever again.”

“Fair enough.”

We chatted until Barbara buzzed and I gave him a hug before I left. He handed me his number and I gave him mine.

When I got outside she was standing next to her Mercedes looking very serious. I got in the car and she hugged me tight. “No matter what happens today Sachiko I am never going to stop being your friend. If you need a place to stay look no further. Why didn’t you call me yesterday?”

“I did not want to put you in a bad situation and was not sure how it was going to go. I really thought he would call.” I replied.

She kissed my forehead and sat back to start the car. The first place we went was Peter’s. He was not there. She called his cell and left a very direct message “Fucking call me back.”

We drove over to his parents and when I saw his car there I pointed and got excited. “Sachiko, calm down for a second and be patient. Just breath. I don’t know why he is not answering his calls. Just wait.”

She parked a few houses down and got out of the car. She walked over to Peter’s car and looked inside. I saw her shaking her head. She took out her cell phone and called me.

“That bitches stuff is in the car. She is here with him. Wait there, I will keep her busy so he can talk to you. That dirty bitch is not fucking with you and getting away with it.” I barely had time to say anything before she hung up.

I kaçak bahis watched her walk to the door. She was out of sight for about a minute and I saw Peter run out of the house onto the sidewalk. He looked up the street and saw me in the car. He broke into a sprint running toward me waving his arms in case I did not see him.

Getting out of the car I barely got the door closed before he scooped me up in a giant hug and started kissing me. I wrapped my arms around him kissing him back and he stopped and just held me. We stayed like that for about a minute and he let me down and took hold of my upper arms staring into my eyes.

“What the hell? Why didn’t you call me? I have been worried sick… and you took some of your stuff from the house. What is going on.” he asked earnestly.

“What the hell happened to you!” I yelled at him “I left messages for you on your cell and home phone. I texted your cell and you never called me. Just because I don’t call you don’t call at all! Are your fucking hands broken?” I was angry, probably at the wrong person but I was still angry.

“You… but I didn’t get any messages… or anything.” he said defensively.

“Did you check your phone? Where is it? Did you check the house phone before you fucked off with Jessica? I know she is here. Her stuff is in your car! What the hell do you parents think? If you want me to fuck off and get out of your life then man up and say so!”

“What!? No… I love you… I thought you…” and he went silent. I could see he was thinking. “Come on.” he said.

I was still very angry and now I knew who had caused all this pain and confusion, that bitch Jessica.

We walked into his parents house and he left me standing at the door as he ran upstairs. I could here Barbara blasting someone in the basement. That must be where Jessica is. I was about to start that way when Peter’s mother came into the entry.

She just looked at me and smiled and hugged me tightly. “Please tell me this can all be fixed. We want you in our family, please don’t leave him. I know you didn’t call because you were probably upset but he didn’t know about Matthew, he really didn’t. None of us did.”

I hugged her and felt a lot of affection for this sweet woman. She also just made a number of things clear to me, and also made it obvious that Jessica had concealed my calls.

“Mrs. Redman, this is a lot to deal with, but your son is worth it.” I said. She kissed my cheeks and we both turned as Peter came bounding down the stairs. He looked really angry and had his cell phone in his hand.

“Jessica! Come up here! Now!” he yelled from the kitchen.

When she came upstairs she saw me and if looks could kill I would have been dead. She would have too because that’s pretty much how I was looking at her.

“Why the hell was my phone in your purse?” Peter demanded.

“I didn’t want you to loose it.” she said calmly.

“Really? Then why when I was complaining about having lost it did you not say anything? Why is it that Sachiko’s contact has been deleted? Tell me that.. and why the fuck did you silence it but not turn it off? Was it so you could delete her texts and calls? Well guess what… you couldn’t delete her voice messages and I heard them all. She left six fucking messages and you fucking knew it!” He was really angry.

“Peter, calm down.” his mother said calmly and made a head movement.

Matthew was standing there watching this with a look of shock and fear on his face.

“Do me a favour and watch your language in front of our son.” Jessica said in an arrogant manner.

I could not stay silent “But for your son you manipulative witch I would tell you exactly what you are. If you ever try and come between Peter and I again there is going to be a reckoning and you will not like it.” I said coldly.

“Well you better get used to it. I’m not going anywhere for awhile and you also better learn to respect my son. I don’t know why Peter is with such a stupid little girl, I had hoped he would find a woman I could at least respect, but I guess he likes them young.. and Asian.” she said coldly.

Peter’s voice was like ice “Jessica, the only thing stopping me from doing what I should do is the fact I know why you showed up. I am warning you though… either speak to her respectfully or you will find out exactly what her definition of a reckoning is.”

Jessica glared at me and said to Peter “Poor little boat girl really has you head spinning huh? Sweety, why don’t you go back to Vietnam or wherever you came from.”

Three things happened at that point. Peter jumped between us facing me, his mother moved out of the way to her new grandson, and Barbara yelled “Shut up you racist bitch!”

I stood my ground and stared at her. She was not tired, she was sick and it was probably serious. That would prompt her appearance. She needs someone to look after her son.

Peter was looking at me and said simply “Don’t… please”

I said “I won’t if she learns to act civilized.”

Peter turned to face her and said in a very level voice “Jessica, Matthew does not need to hear or see you talking to anyone like that. You better get used to the fact that Sachiko is the one who will see him graduate and is going to be helping him when your gone. You might want to make her a friend for Matthew’s sake, mine, and because she can be the greatest friend you will ever have. I want you to apologize right now. That’s what decent people do.”

Jessica looked at me and I saw her eyes crack. That comment had hit home and told me this woman was dying. I saw a single tear roll down her cheek. “I’m sorry… I just… I don’t want to be alone… Matthew needs him…” and she started to cry.

Peter looked at me and I admit, despite what she said, and knowing the awful future ahead of her I felt bad for her. I nodded at him and said to her “I didn’t know… you are suffering, I can see that.”

Looking at me Peter hugged her. I saw Barbara was quiet, but still clearly did not trust this woman. I decided that was a good choice.

We sat down together and I learned the truth. Jessica was dying. She had an aggressive form of leukemia and had about four months left. Her various treatments and all other measures had failed. To further complicate things she also had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She was going to die before her 31st birthday.

Over the rest of the day we all talked at length. She was not able to take care of Matthew on a day to day basis and had enlisted her parents help, however they were not in good health themselves. Her only real option was to contact Peter, having decided that maybe Matthew should get to know his father. Perhaps even stay with him if Peter was willing. When we got to that point and Jessica asked him point blank if he would take care of their son I was shocked by what Peter did.

Peter turned and looked at me. “Well, you have heard everything. What do you think?”

I nearly fell over. “Peter, Matthew is your son. He needs you and even though this is all so new and shocking… I am sure that he could not be in any better place. He belongs with you.” I said with conviction. I saw Jessica had a look of almost relief in her eyes.

Peter said “I agree, but what about you? If this seems like a huge leap into unfamiliar territory to me… you are in my life. I have to know if you want this as well.”

Looking at Peter I reached over and took his hand and said “I am with you, I love you and I promise I will do everything I can. I know this is not a simple sleepover, I get that. But I am willing if you are willing to have me.”

Peter smiled and kissed me lightly.

I looked at Mr. And Mrs. Redman and I thought they were going to cry they looked so happy. Jessica seemed okay with it, but was reserving showing enthusiasm. Barbara hummed the opening of “Here Comes The Bride.” and everyone started to laugh, except Peter. He was gazing at me intently.

Mrs. Redman decided that she should start fixing Sunday dinner. Jessica said she was really tired, as she was leaving the room she looked at me and made a hand gesture for me to follow her.

I did so and went into the guest room with her wondering what she was going to say.

“Look, I guess you are not just some chick. He loves you, more than anyone. Do me a favour… if he asked you to marry him please say yes. I can admit when I’m wrong. I tried to drive you off, but you don’t quit. I like that. I am jealous of the time you will have with them both. Part of me wanted to get him to marry me before I… well, you know. I’m sorry about what I said. I would blame it on the meds, or the pain, or the fact I can never sleep comfortably, but in reality I am a bitch. That’s why I bailed on him before. See, I didn’t know I was pregnant and thought I was better than him. It was not until about six weeks later I found out I was carrying Matthew. I went to my Grandparents and lived with them until he was born and never told Peter, or anyone else about who Matthew’s dad was. I just wanted to tell you all that myself.”

I looked at her and said “You do not deserve any of this, no one does. I am terribly sorry this is happening to you. If anything good comes from it… it is simply this… Peter and Matthew will now get to know each other.”

Jessica stared at me and said “You really are sorry I am dying.”

“Yes I am, it is wrong and too soon for a mother to leave her son.” I said.

Jessica nodded and said “Okay, I need to rest. Get out of here before I hug you or something” she said with a smile. I left and closed the door softly.

When I got back downstairs I asked Peter to come outside with me. We went onto the back patio and I said “Are you sure you want me?”

“God yes… I’m planning to make sure you know it.” he said.

“You may not want me after I tell you this… I will understand and offer no excuses.” I then confessed to what had happened with James the day before pinning all the blame on me. Peter was shocked and quiet for a couple of minutes. He walked away while I stood patiently waiting for whatever he decided. I knew what I had just put at risk by telling him, but he deserved to know.

Peter came back and said “Its impossible for me to be mad at you. I slept with Jessica last night, we didn’t have sex because of her health. Honestly though, I think if she could have done it we would have ended up doing it. I felt so lost without you, I thought you were gone and I..”

I cut him off by kissing him with all the love that now exploded from my heart. We kissed and hugged and kissed some more. I was smiling at him and said “You know what is really funny?” Peter shook his head “I think you would like James… he is a really nice and honest guy. I caused everything, not him. He tried not to, but I made it happen.”

Peter laughed and said “Well that’s a new one. He saved your life… Jesus… do we owe him dinner or something?”

“Dinner would be a good thing.” I said smiling up at him.

That’s when we heard a very quiet boy’s voice say from the edge of the patio “Are you going to be my new Mom?”

My eyes flew wide and I turned to look at Matthew who looked kind of shy. I smiled and said “Well, we all need to chat. Your Mother, your Daddy and I… and you.”

He nodded and walked over and held out his hand “I’m Matthew”

I smiled warmly at him and said “I’m Sachiko. It is a pleasure to meet you Matthew.”

Matthew smiled and said “I like your name, it’s fun to say.”

Peter smiled and said “We are not in Kansas anymore”

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