Allison Goes To School

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ED Note: Michael, the cheating 40-something lothario and Allison, the incredibly oral heroine of our story, had just reunited after a lengthy separation. The first order of business was another great cock-sucking episode (see: The Return Of The Oral Bank Teller), and now the devilish diva was about to take their relationship to yet another lascivious level. You might want to catch up on the history of these two after you meet them in this, the current installment of the ongoing series: The Oral Bank Teller.)

Exhausted after the 45-minute blowjob, Michael’s freshly showered skin began to bead with perspiration. He leaned against the bathroom doorway, staring in disbelief at his ever-playful girlfriend and instinctively reached for his limp cock. The little cum-queen had been a very busy young lady, he thought to himself, as he surveyed the hotel room. Not only had she straightened out, packed her bags, and neatly laid his clothes on the bed; but she had managed to tidy herself up and had actually done a complete makeover. She looked very different from the girl he left a few minutes ago. This was well planned, he noted, wondering what the hell she was up to. Intrigued, amused and aroused by her adventurous nature, he absent-mindedly played with his dick as his eyes took her in.

Allison’s cascading, elegantly curly red hair was now pulled back into a cute, bouncy ponytail. She had removed all traces of makeup from her pretty face— including the scarlet lip gloss smeared with the cum he had recently deposited on her lips. Michael worshipped those lips— those cock-sucking flesh-pillows he loved to plow his dick into. They were now matte-soft and blushing deep coral pink. They seemed to whisper, “fuck my mouth” to him from across the room. Her delicate earlobes, he noticed, were devoid of their usual gold or diamond enhancements—allowing her emerald green eyes to dominate her face and sparkle noticeably, absent the glittery competition. Her flawless skin, sans makeup and jewelry, made her appear younger, unspoiled, almost china doll cute. The girl was always gorgeous no matter what she wore or how she was made up, he reminded himself: slim, athletic body well toned and evenly tanned; wide shoulders and tiny waist perfectly proportioned to her tight sassy ass and firm, gravity-defying 34C tits. She had a model’s body, except that she was barely five foot tall. The effect of cosmetic subtraction on Allison face wasn’t plain-Jane—not at all— but a stunning enhancement of her underlying natural beauty. When she looked like this, the 25 year-old beauty could pass for 17.

But Michael had seen her makeup-less before. The big surprise—and what really made him sweat—were the clothes. Allison always dressed expensively, stylishly, but in a consciously conservative way so as not to attract unnecessary attention. She liked to choose her men discreetly. What she was wearing when he stepped into the room was nothing short of outrageous! It appeared to be a school uniform: a sexy-short red jumper over a lacy-collared white blouse. Below the tight waist, a pleated skirt clung to her slim girlish hips before swishing out and ending a good six inches above her knees, exposing a generous amount of deliciously firm thigh. There was a school insignia embroidered on one of the shoulder straps—a little gold shield identifying Saint Something-or-Other Catholic High School. It drew the eyes to the uplifted curves of her perfect orange-sized breasts. It was an adorable and authentic looking outfit, he decided— polished off with a string tie, shiny black patent leather shoes and white lacy-topped ankle socks. The socks actually had little pink hearts on them, a minor detail he noted with a smile. To top it off with devilish style, she wore a red beret—with an identical school emblem—rakishly tilted to the side. The fresh-faced look and the outrageous outfit succeeded in transforming the sex-crazed bank teller into a sexy, budding little nymph. She looked like a virgin on a mission, and precocious as hell.

He stood there, speechless. Allison posed seductively from the other side of the bed— smiling, hands on hips, head cocked to the side. Her cat-like grin drew his attention to her sexy mouth—a source of indescribable pleasure Michael knew intimately. Allison’s mouth was odd but invitingly shaped-slightly more round than elliptical, with exquisite arches in her upper lip that formed a near perfect heart when she puckered up to kiss the head of a dick. Without gloss or artificial color, her sexy mouth appeared soft and supple, manufactured in heaven just for oral sex. She stared into his eyes with her lips parted suggestively like a 17 year-old begging for a kiss. He couldn’t believe this was the same girl he had mercilessly throat-fucked just fifteen minutes ago—the metamorphosis from woman to woman-child was that complete. He felt his cock push against the towel around his waist as his eyes beheld the perfect angel-whore.

She broke into a mischievous laugh, enjoying his confusion, as atalar escort bayan she threw him his clothes and began to gather her things. She had just spent almost an hour on her knees sucking Michael off, yet she was animated and full of energy, and impatient for him to get dressed and go out. She giggled as she spoke in a sweet, little girl voice.

“C’mon, professor, I want to show you a really fun game I learned from Robert. I think you’ll like it. C’mon, hurry up and get dressed.”

“What’s with the professor shit?” Michael asked.

“You’re the teacher and I’m the student”, she replied matter-of-factly with a sly grin.

“OK”, he said. “I get that, the outfit and all. But where the hell are we going?”

“I don’t know, yet”

“What do you mean, you don’t know?” He replied, totally confused now.

She paused for a second, holding her elbow and tapping a tiny finger against her chin like a patient pedagogue deep in thought, and explained.

“Ok…you like watching me suck you off, right?” It was a rhetorical question because the two of them were voyeuristic sluts and they both knew it. Watching was almost as much fun as the sex itself.

“How would you like to watch me suck someone elses dick…a perfect stranger… in this outfit?” she continued. The question took the naked, sweating Michael by surprise and he didn’t reply right away.

“Well, uh…I’m not …hmm…I don’t know, Allison. A perfect stranger? I’m…ah…not possessive…you know that…but…well…I’m not sure how I’d react to you doing another guy in front of me,” he answered honestly.

“Ok. Try this,” she said. “Take a good, long look at me.”

She pirouetted slowly, pursed her pouty lips, and allowed him to inspect her, top to bottom. She was a sexy sight, he had to agree. Looking into his eyes, she lowered hers demurely and blew him a flirtatious kiss. Then she slowly sank to her knees, placed her hands obediently in her lap, and looked up at him.

“Now close your eyes and picture me giving a nice, long, hands-free blowjob.”

Michael did as asked. Visualizing a gorgeous, tight-bodied teenager on her knees earnestly feeding on a blood engorged cock like only Allison could, he imagined smooth young lips hungrily gliding up and down a thick wet shaft, baby-soft ponytail swaying happily in rhythm with a sweetly bobbing head. The taboo of adolescent sex held a dark, but thrilling attraction. It was every older guys fantasy. He realized Allison was offering him the opportunity to indulge this most forbidden, unmentionable desire through an act of a simple, innocent, decidedly adult role-playing game. His dick immediately sprang to full attention. That was all he needed to know.

“Fuck it,” he said. “I’m game. Lets go!”

“Great. It’ll be fun, I promise,” she assured him as she threw him the keys to her Lexus. “Just remember. Once we leave this room, you’re the professor and I’m your teenage student. You have to stay totally in character to get the most out of this. Be a strict teacher, now, cause I’m a very-she emphasized the word very obedient girl. Ok?”

“Students should speak only when spoken to!” He took a shot at playing the disciplinarian. It fit. This was going to be fun.

“Exactly. I love you, Michael!” she replied cheerfully. “Err…sorry, sir. I’ll be a good little girl from here on out. I promise.”

She walked a step or two behind him as they headed out the door to the elevator. During the crowded ride down she didn’t say a word; but Michael could see every male eye straining to check her out. He laughed to himself. She was the teenage nymph every guy dreamed of meeting on the Internet. And she was all his.

Once they were on the road she reached over and began fondling his cock, as she always did when they were alone in a car. Allison had a non-stop erotic focus. Every moment was potentially sexual for her. She laid out the game plan. “From here on out you have to absolutely stay in character. Just look at me…it wont be hard,” she added with a giggle. She was right. He still couldn’t believe how young she looked.

“Ok, I’m with you so far. But where are we going?” Michael wanted to know.

“Pick a place,” she replied. “Ooh, here’s a good one…right up ahead there,” she chirped before he had a chance to think about it. She pointed to a Comfort Inn coming up on the right. Michael swung into the parking lot and found a spot. As they exited the car and walked toward the entrance she told him to relax, be himself, and follow her lead.

“Ooh, professor, are we gonna get a room here?” Allison began the charade, literally skipping with glee and holding Michael’s hand.

“Uuh, yes, honey. I think so.” Michael replied, feeling a little silly, but getting the hang of it.

“Gee, I hope we can find a cute guy to help me with my lessons,” she wondered out loud.

“Your lessons?” He wasn’t sure what she meant.

“You know, silly. My lessons,” ataşehir escort bayan she repeated. He was still confused; but when she started licking her lips at him he began to get the picture.

“Oh, just lets go in,” she said impatiently. “Trust me, professor. You’ll figure it out.”

The well-dressed professor and the pretty little student walked into the lobby and right up to the young man behind the main desk. He was good-looking: blonde hair, nice build, maybe six-two. He couldn’t have been more than twenty, twenty-one. Allison held Michael’s hand and crossed her ankles demurely as he struck up a conversation with the handsome desk clerk.

“Well, good afternoon, young man, how are you?” Michael began.

“Just fine, sir,” the boy replied politely. “Can I help you?”

“Is the manager in?”

“Uh, yes, sir. Uh, I’m the manager…at the moment.” He was talking to Michael but his attention was focused on the pretty young thing by his side. She flirted right back at him and crossed and uncrossed her legs a couple of times as she shifted her weight nervously from side to side.

“My parents own this place. Their on vacation, so I’m in charge,” he announced proudly, all the while eyeing Allison’s sexy body. She looked right back at him and sprung the trap.

“Ooh, I bet you’re a really smart guy, running this whole place and all. That’s really cool,” she said to him. As she spoke she squeezed Michaels hand tightly. He took that to be a signal that the young manager would do just nicely for their little game. He took it from there.

“Very admirable, son. Your parents must be very proud of you,” He complimented. “What’s your name?”

“Richard, sir,” he replied. “I think their proud of me, yes, sir.”

“Well, that’s nice to see in this day and age, you know, Richard. Good children are a parents’ greatest asset, I always say. Take my student Allison here. She’s a perfect young lady. Pretty, too, wouldn’t you say?”

“Oh, most definitely, sir. Very pretty.” He was staring at her, trying to be polite, but his mouth was watering.

“She’s very smart, too, Richard. Aren’t you, dear?” Michael turned to the hot looking teen.

“Yes, sir, I try to study very hard all the time and learn all my lessons like a good girl,” she offered back.

“Yes, you do, sweetie. That’s why you do so well in school.”

“Why thank you, sir.” There was more than a hint of sensuality in her reply, but she was looking at Richard. “And I love doing my lessons.”

“Which reminds me. You know, Richard, we could use your help with something.”

“Yes, sir. Anything I can do. I’d be happy to help you. Do you need a room?” he asked.

“Well, yes we do, son; but there’s something else.”

“Anything, sir”, the kid replied, his eyes still on the girl.

“Well, you see”, Michael continued, “Allison and I have been on the road for a few days now. She’ competing in the state spelling bee championship and, well, to be truthful I haven’t had time to keep up with her education, what with travel arrangements and papers to grade. She’s behind in a couple of really important lessons, actually. She’s been studying so hard lately, I’d hate for her to fall behind. Maybe you can help us.”

“What’s the subject, sir?” he asked innocently. “I’m pretty good at Math and English.”

“Nothing like that, Richard, thank you. Thats my job. You see, the subject is…Sex,” Michael spoke matter-of-factly, looking him straight in the eye.

“Excuse me.” He wasn’t sure he heard right.

“Sex, Richard. In addition to her academics, Allison here is studying the wonderful art of sex, specifically oral sex,” he told him point blank. “Would you be able to help with her next lesson?”

The kid was dumbfounded. He heard Michael loud and clear but still didn’t quite believe it. Staring at the young girl, though, he quickly figured out that she wasn’t licking her lips because they were chapped.

“What do you say, Richard, wouldn’t you like this beautiful young girl here to perform oral sex on you?” Michael asked rhetorically. “Why don’t you get someone to cover the desk and we can go back there in the office and talk some more about it.”

The kid was speechless, but he quickly picked up the phone and got his post covered. He ushered them politely into the back, his eyes glued to the curves of the foxy teenager.

Once he closed the door the lecher in Michael took over and he improvised a speech on the spot.

“You see, Richard, a lovely young girl like Allison here has a very bright and lucrative future. She’s not from a rich family, son, but she has the opportunity to someday be a very rich woman… if she marries well. To accomplish that she has to have some very important feminine qualities: beauty and intelligence for one, which she obviously has, and skills, Richard…womanly skills… if you know what I mean. A woman needs to be able to keep her man happy. That’s easier avcılar escort said than done and competition for the right man is fierce. So, you see, I’ve been training young Allison here in the fine art of oral sex. She’s an attentive and willing pupil, I assure you. Someday this young lady is going to be the greatest fellatrix the world has ever known.”

Richard was still in shock. “Yes, sir…if you say so, sir. I guess.”

“Trust me, son. I know what I’m talking about. Why don’t you just take off your pants, and in a few minutes you’ll know exactly what I mean.”

This time the young hotel manager didn’t hesitate. He dropped his pants and underwear in about three seconds. His cock was already hard from looking at Allison and it sprung right to attention. It was huge, a good ten inches long and very thick. Michael heard the girl take in a quick breath.

“Verrry nice!” Michael complimented, as he turned to the young girl, who was intently staring at the boys cock. He removed her hat. “Honey, you can assume the position,”

Allison stepped up very close to Richard, looked him in the eyes, and sank to her knees.

“Good girl,” Michael praised as he wheeled a nearby desk chair over and sat close to the two of them: Richard with his back to the office wall and the sexy teenager kneeling submissively between his legs, her hands resting in her lap. Waiting patiently for instructions, the young girl looked up innocently at the raging cock just above her face. Michael noticed her palms pressing tightly into her inner thighs and he knew her little pussy was beginning to juice up. She was such a slut for cock. He thought he would tease her a little.

“Stroke your cock Richard. Make it nice and hard for her. She likes to suck it when its real hard, don’t you, darling?”

“Yes, sir, I do.”

“He has a nice cock, doesn’t he? A perfect specimen.”

“Mmm, yes, its so big”

“Don’t worry, sweetie, it’s just what you need.”

“Ooh, professor, look…look at the tip…there’s white stuff leaking out of it!” she interrupted, excited that the boy cock was already making pre-cum.

“That’s good, Allison…that’s a very good sign. Your making him hot. I’d say he wants you to suck it very badly. Isn’t that right, Richard?

“Damn, you bet I do. Is she gonna let me come in her mouth, sir? Jesus, she’s so pretty.”

“We’ll see, son. We’ll see. Don’t be so anxious. She’s young and we have to be patient with her. Why don’t you let her taste some of that and see if she likes it?”

“Fuck, yea,” the young man blurted, as he tilted his cock toward the mouth of the kneeling girl.

Allison obediently met the tip of the now throbbing dick with parted lips. Richard milked it for her and a couple of globs of thick white fuck-juice dropped into her lovely open mouth. As the stream of seminal fluid slid down her tongue and into her throat, she swallowed contentedly and smiled.

“Mmmm, I like it. It tastes a little salty but it’s nice and warm in my tummy.”

“There now, that’s a good girl. It’s a good feeling, isn’t it darling…that warm feeling in your tummy? Remember now, if you suck a mans cock well he’ll always give you that. That’s your reward, honey…for being a good little girl.”

“I wont forget, sir.”

“Do you want some more?” Michael asked.

“Mmm, hmm!” she nodded enthusiastically. Richard stood there, mouth open, cock in hand, but not quite believing what was happening.

Michael looked at the kid. “What do you think, Richard? You want to cum in this pretty little girl’s mouth?”

“Jesus Christ, Yes…sir!” He snapped out of his disbelief.

Allison was ready. You could tell by the way she was fidgeting and rubbing her knees together. Her ponytail was swaying in anticipation.

“Start licking it, sweetie.” Michael instructed, to begin the lesson.

He told the kid to let go of his cock. “Let her do the work,” he said sternly. “She has to learn.”

With her head tilted back, Richard’s cock dangled well above the teenagers face. She was so petite she had to arch her back, pull her heels in and sit up straight to reach it. She obediently extended her little pink tongue to the base of the shaft and began carefully licking the huge penis in long open-mouthed strokes. It felt like steel wrapped in silk against her tongue and smelled like musk. She licked it carefully, making sure to get it all, like a kid eating a melting ice cream cone, and pretty soon Richard’s cock began to glisten with a smooth coating of saliva. He closed his eyes and sunk back into the wall as he experienced the excruciating pleasure of Allison’s talented mouth for the first time.

You could hear faint sounds of satisfaction coming from deep within the girl’s diaphragm as she orally bathed the boy’s prick. Michael caught her watching him out of the corner of her eye, obviously enjoying the taste of the cock, but also looking for signs of approval from him. He reached down and rubbed his own dick, which was beginning to get hard, to let her know he was enjoying the show. Her eyes twinkled and her lips arced into a knowing smile. She relaxed, and obediently resumed her tongue-work.

Continuing to lap contentedly along the underside of the huge penis, she reached the cleft beneath the huge mushroom head, and then paused. “Is this the spot, professor?” she asked studiously.

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